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13 Trendy Throw Pillows That’ll Totally Upgrade The Vibe Of Any Space In Your Home

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Looking for trendy throw pillows to upgrade your home? Check out my favorites that’ll totally change the vibe of your living space!

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Trendy Throw Pillows

The best way to create the look and feel in any space is to start with a color palette. There are many ways to pull a color scheme for your design.

Personally, I love to pull colors from artwork, an area rug, or prints and patterns. Pillows are also great to use as the jumping-off point for your design.

Start with a fun vibrant pattern and then pull out solids to complement the print. A color palette can be created with neutrals and pop colors or even metallics.

In general, it’s best to start with 3 neutrals and then add 2 pop colors. This formula will create a timeless design that can be updated in the future with new pop colors.

For the purpose of this post, I’ve pulled trendy throw pillows that are neutral and colorful!

The neutral pillows have a unique shape and texture that’ll make a statement in your space. A colorful pillow is fabulous to mix with solids to add personality and fun to your design.

The look you are after will determine which direction you go. To get started head to Pinterest and choose THREE images that have the vibe you are after.

Once you determine what you want your space to feel like you can create your color palette. For inspiration and ideas check out the trendy throw pillows below.

This post is all about the trendy throw pillows.

blue trendy throw pillows

What pillows are trending?

Neutral pillows with unique shapes, textures, and patterns are definitely trending. They’re great for adding dimension and interest to your interior design.

Layering your pillows is not only fabulous for comfort but they’ll make a statement as well. Another trend in pillow designs is mixed materials.

You can find fabrics such as linen, velvet, or leather used in combination with one pillow style. Abstract prints and patterns are also trending which are awesome to use as a jumping-off point.

Pillow designs with embellishments, tassels, and embroidery are all the rage these days. They’ll totally take your design to the next level and have friends admiring their beauty.

What is the most popular size throw pillow?

The most popular size pillows for sofas are 18″x18″ and 20″x20″. This is a general guide for the average couch or sofa.

If you have a large or deep seat sofa then 22″x22″ up to 26″ x 26″ will be more proportionate. The size of the pillows on this 110″ chaise sectional sofa is 26″x26″ mixed with 20″x20″ for reference.

grey chaise sectional sofas with linen and abstract pillow
black and white pillows sizing

To add interest and dimension mix the sizes of your pillow. For example, layer a 20″x20″ in front of a 22″x22″ throw pillow to highlight the beauty of both styles.

woman sitting on living room blue sofa with marble coffee table

Depending on the pattern using the same size pillows may get lost and there’ll be no focal point. If this is the look you are after then great but personally I like to create layers.

How do I find the perfect throw pillow?

There are many ways to find the perfect throw pillow. The classic way would be to head out to HomeGoods, Target, Magnolia Home, or anywhere pillows are on display.

Grab the ones your eye is drawn to and create a color palette right there in the store. You can also walk the showroom floor for ideas but everyone is doing that and we want to be the unicorn in the field of horses!

The other way to start is to find three images of the vibe you are after in your design. This will inspire you as you search online for pillows at your favorite sites.

Do a brain dump of all the pillows you like. Next, pull your favorites on a Canva board for a visual of the layout. Once you have the layout and design you like to mix up the sizes and then place your order!

Where to buy Trendy Throw Pillows?

Here are my favorite places to shop for trendy throw pillows:

The pillows below are from these awesome retailers.

Best Trendy Throw Pillows Of 2023

Here are the best trendy throw pillows of 2023:

Best Overall: Knot Ball Rose Pillow | Amazon

This pillow is awesome for adding style and interest to any space it’s in.

Best Budget: Multicolor Throw Pillow | World Market

At just under $15 this embroidered pillow is a great value and affordable option.

Best Splurge: Abstract Throw Pillow | The Citizenry

For those with unlimited funds, this abstract throw pillow is perfect to pull your color scheme!

Best Round: Velvet Sphere Pillow | CB2

Level up the look of your interior design with this velvet sphere throw pillow.

Best Design: Landscape Pillow Cover | West Elm

If you are looking for a pillow to use as a jumping-off point this one is for you!

Best Colors: Multi Pom Pom Pillow | Overstock

Add personality and make a statement in your interior design with this fun colorful pop-pom throw pillow.

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Sofa Shopping Tips For Trendy Throw Pillows

You may already have your sofa, but I’m sharing this information just in case you don’t. Anytime you shop for new furniture it’s super important to measure and create a floor plan.

This will become your road map and will also help avoid returns. By knowing the pieces you need to purchase you’ll be more intentional when shopping.

Download your FREE how-to-measure guide below!

The video below will help you create a floor plan for your living space. Once your measurements are in it’ll be easy to tweak the design throughout the process.

Modern Trendy Throw Pillows

trendy throw pillows with fringe, pompoms, and embroidery

1. Abstract Throw Pillow // 2. Multicolor Throw Pillow // 3. Landscape Pillow Cover // 4. Velvet Round Pillow // 5. Fringe Throw Pillow // 6. Multi Pom Pom Pillow // 7. Sprout Pillow // 8. Ebb & Flow Pillow // 9. Woven Silk Pillow // 10. Knot Ball Rose Pillow // 11. Black Round Fur Pillow // 12. Velvet Sphere Pillow // 13. Knot Ball Pillow

Trendy Throw Pillows Resources

1. Abstract Throw Pillow

abstract pillow in neutral colors

There’s so much to love about this pillow from The Citizenry! It’s perfect to add to a neutral living room design or use to create the vibe of your room.

Use grey and beige as the neutral foundation and then layer in rust and gold as the accents. If gold is not your jam silver works too!

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2. Affordable Multicolor Throw Pillow

trendy throw pillows with braided pattern

Add texture, pattern, and dimension to any living space with the addition of this trendy throw pillow. It’s available in a warm (shown) or cool color scheme depending on the look you are after.

The fun fringe and braided lines have a geometric pattern for an organic modern vibe. Pair this will a neutral solid or a pop color from the pattern.

3. Landscape Pillow Cover

neutral landscape pillow

This colorful trendy pillow is perfect to use as a jumping-off point in any living space. Combine it with a solid or textured neutral for an elevated vibe.

The sustainably-sourced cotton pillow has a handcrafted embroidery landscape design. It’ll make a stunning accent to your sofa or bed.

Choose between the cool (shown) or the warm color scheme when placing your order.

4. Velvet Round Pillow

round pillow with shirring pattern

This fun pillow is great to layer in front of any square pillow. It will add texture and style to your design. There are eight colors available so no matter the look and feel you are after there is one for you.

The unexpected design has a pleated texture with a covered velvet button in the center. Add a few of these decorative throw pillows in different areas throughout your home.

As far as I’m concerned you can never have too many pretty pillows! Just saying. : ))

Enter the code INSPIREDDESIGNTALK15 for 15% off your Lulu and Georgia order! Happy shopping!

5. Round Throw Pillow

trendy throw fringe pillow

Add a fun accent to your boho modern living room with this square fringe pillow. At just under $50 the affordable pillow is full of personality and style.

The slub cotton accent pillow is available in five colorways depending on the vibe you’re after. This one is great for dorm rooms too!

6. Multi Pom Pom Pillow

pom pom design throw pillow

How freaking cute is this trendy throw pillow! The pop pom design is full of color, style, and texture. This is another fabulous option for a dorm room!

You can do a neutral design and then add this pillow for fun and personality. The beautiful thing is you can keep changing the look season after season.

Just choose a new pop color to incorporate into your design for a new look. The possibilities are endless with this one!

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7. Sprout Pillow

trendy throw pillows with pompom

This pillow will add a sophisticated modern vibe to any boring room. The pattern was globally inspired and is hand painted.

It has soft textural touches, hand-embroidered patterns, and fun details for an interesting design. The geometric motif and playful poms will take your living space to the next level.

Due to the handcrafted nature of this pillow, each one will vary slightly. This just means you’ll have a custom design made just for you. Allow 4-6 weeks for your original design to be made.

8. Ebb & Flow Pillow

grey and ivory ebb flow pillow stack

The ebb & flow pillow from West Elm has a stacked geometric design inspired by the sweet moments in life. It has a neutral color palette that is perfect to layer with other neutral or pop colors.

Being from NY I loved learning that this pillow is made in the USA. Claudia Pearson designs it in Brooklyn, NY with production (sewing and screenprint) in Mineola, NY.

It’s always nice to support local small businesses especially those created by women.

9. Woven Silk Pillow

abstract pattern trendy throw pillows

Elevate the look of your living space with this exotic natural silk decorative pillow. The intricate combination of color, sheen, and texture will make a statement in any space it’s in.

Choose between three colorways when placing your order. This one is sure to be a conversation starter!

10. Knot Ball Rose Pillow

You can literally choose between THIRTY colorways in this fun pillow. It’s great to add style, dimension, and personality to any space in your home!

Order a few if you can’t decide what color to choose. I mean it’s not like they’ll go to waste! HaHa

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11. Black Round Fur Pillow

black fur round pillow

Upgrade the look of your living space by adding this unique round faux fur pillow. It has a luxe soft look that’s perfect for your sofa, accent chair, or bed.

It comes complete with a pillow fill so no need to order a separate one. At 16″ this pillow will look awesome in front of a square pillow on your sofa or bed.

There are also ivory or brown options available if you need a fun pillow for another room of your home.

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12. Velvet Sphere Pillow

trendy ball pillow

Made of velvet this ball sphere pillow will look fabulous in any modern home. A fun way to add texture, interest, and style to your design.

13. Knot Ball Pillow

Last but not least is this super affordable throw pillow from Amazon. The fun knot design is sure to make a statement in any space it’s in.

There are four colorways available in this pillow silhouette. Friends and family will definitely want the link for this bad boy! Sharing is caring. : ))

I hope these trendy throw pillows inspire you to design a home you love! Happy designing, my friends!

Have an amazing day full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

xo Nicole

This post is all about trendy throw pillows.

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