Amber Lewis x Loloi Collection Rugs, Pillows, And Artwork

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Did you hear about the latest Amber Lewis x Loloi collaboration? Check out this collection of rugs, pillows, and artwork ideas to update your home!

So who is Amber Lewis? (in case you have been living under a rock)

Amber Lewis is a super talented, creative Interior Designer and founder of the blog, All Sorts Of. She has a huge following on Instagram and clients from around the world.

She’s also my design bestie and mentor in my head. Hey, a girl can dream!

Amber is known for her white-wall, laid-back California aesthetic and eclectic design approach. Loloi just launched a fabulous collection of rugs, pillows, throws, and artwork with Amber Lewis Interiors.

The collection with Loloi dropped just in time for HPMKT (Oct. 16-20) where designers will drool over the pieces in person. They are available for purchase to the trade through the website.

Consumers can shop the collection at Rugs Direct, Wayfair, Amber Interiors Shoppe site, Amazon, and other retailers around the nation.

For an overview of my favorite pieces from the collaboration check out the resources below. Let me know if you have a favorite from the collection.

This post is all about the Amber Lewis x Loloi collaboration.

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amber lewis x loloi rugs, pillows, and artwork

Amber Lewis x Loloi Collection

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The featured image above shows a few of my favorite pieces. By now you know I skew on the modern contemporary side of interior design.

This collection has something for every design style from California eclectic, modern, contemporary, traditional, and transitional to name a few. The prices are affordable but there are some higher-priced rugs in the collections as well.

As you can see they’re interchangeable and many combinations can be put together depending on the vibe of your home.

Sidenote: Amber Lewis also has a collaboration with Anthropologie and wrote a coffee table book full of her design secrets.

Made for Living Book

Best Amber Lewis x Loloi Ideas

These are the “best of” or top picks from the Amber Lewis x Loloi collaboration (in my opinion):

Best Rug: Gwyneth – GWY-03 Area Rug

This rug is perfect for modern contemporary spaces. The neutral design is the perfect backdrop to go with most color palettes.

Best Pillow: Diego Pillow – PAL-0008

There are so many pillows I love from the Amber Lewis x Loloi collection. If I had to pick just one it would be the neutral lumbar pillow that would be awesome layered in front of a square pillow of solo on an accent chair.

Best Artwork: Granite Wall Art – Basalt

I have many favorites in the artwork category but this abstract piece really speaks to me. Artwork is very subjective but there are many styles to choose from in this collection.

Best Throw: Cardiff Throw – TAL-0002

Sticking with the neutral color theme I chose the gray throw that would look awesome draped over your living room couch.

The above space features many of the pieces from the Amber Lewis collection. It has a laid-back vibe, full of texture, organic earth tones, and patterns.

The earthy color palette has a calming “look and feel” that is perfect to level up your interior design.

Shoppe Amber Interiors Rugs

amber lewis x loloi roundup of rugs

1. Gwyneth – GWY-03 Area Rug // 2. Modern Gwyneth – GWY-01 Area Rug // 3. Gwyneth – GWY-02 Area Rug // 4. Mulholland – MUL-03 Area Rug // 5. Georgie – GER-02 Area Rug // 6. Mulholland – MUL-03 Area Rug // 7. Billie – BIL-05 Area Rug // 8. Zuma – ZUM-01 Area Rug // 9. Zuma – ZUM-03 Area Rug // 10. Ojai – OJA-01 Area Rug // 11. Mulholland – MUL-01 Area Rug // 12. Collins – COI-02 Area Rug

The rug resources above are just a few of the pieces from the collaboration. There are many others that have a more traditional and transitional design vibe. If you love the vintage rug and distressed look Amber has that covered too.

In total, there are seven rug collections. Below are the names and features of each.

The Rug Collections


  • organic lines
  • neutral tonal hues
  • soft color palette and pile
  • relaxed and refined look
  • GoodWeave- Certified, ensuring commitment to ethical production and the support of weavers’ communities


  • laid-back California aesthetic,
  • expertly hand-knotted wool and cotton by skilled artisans in India
  • soft but textured pile with a slight variation of tones that make each piece unique
  • GoodWeave- Certified


  • hand-knotted of wool and cotton by skilled artisans in India
  • varying knotting techniques interwoven to create a unique textural pattern
  • versatile neutral palette
  • GoodWeave- Certified


  • Stain-resistant
  • fade-resistant
  • long-lasting
  • soft pile in a serene grey, blue, and ivory palette
  • Okeo-Tex® label


  • richly saturated colors
  • distressed pattern
  • look of a well-worn antique rug at a remarkable value
  • variations in color
  • no two pieces are exactly alike
  • printed patterns
  • cross-woven texture
  • soft and malleable feel
  • Okeo-Tex® label means rug’s materials don’t contain harmful substances


  • inspired by vintage rugs
  • printed construction
  • incredible durability
  • stunning color saturation
  • no shedding
  • Okeo-Tex® label


  • meticulously designed
  • showcases refinement in its subtlety
  • hand-loomed by artisans in India
  • tiny rivulets in each piece bring a textural, layered look
  • GoodWeave-Certified

Favorite Amber Lewis x Loloi Rugs

1. Gwyneth – GWY-03 Area Rug

amber lewis x loloi rug in baise with geometric lines

5. Georgie – GER-02 Area Rug

amber lewis x loloi rug in an abstract pattern

11. Mulholland – MUL-01 Area Rug

amber lewis x loloi rug in bark and natural abstract pattern

There are so many awesome styles to choose from but for me, these are my top three. The first rug would look fabulous in any neutral living room design.

The middle rug is perfect for any living space. I would love to see it in a nursery up to a tween bedroom.

I also LOVE the look of the last modern rug which is great for adding a moody vibe to your dining room or living room. It’s perfect for the black-and-white color schemes that are all over Pinterest and Instagram right now.

Amber Lewis Pillows

amber lewis x loloi roundup of neutral pillows

1. Carmel Pillow – PAL-0003 // 2. Belmont Pillow – PAL-0006 // 3. Diego Pillow – PAL-0008 // 4. Larkspur Pillow – PAL-0014 // 5. Montara Pillow – PAL-0012 // 6. Pacifica Pillow – PAL-0015 // 7. Blythe Pillow – PAL-0009 // 8. Marin Pillow – PAL-0002 // 9. Bernadino Pillow – PAL-0011 // 10. Palomar Pillow – PAL-0007 // 11. Onofre Pillow – PAL-0010 // 12. Redwood Pillow – PAL-0016 // 13. Mateo Pillow – PAL-0001 // 14. Cypress Pillow – PAL-0005 // 15. Madera Pillow – PAL-0004 // 16. Humboldt Pillow – PAL-0013

I think I pulled every pillow from the collection in the above round-up board. This was another category I had trouble picking my favorites, so I just pulled them all. You’re welcome!

The pillows are cotton-based and hand-crafted in India. They come in a range of sizes including 18″x18″, 13″x21″, and 22″x22″.

Similar to the rest of the collection, the pillows have Amber’s laid-back style: open, relaxed, and lived-in. 

Favorite Amber Lewis x Loloi Pillows

3. Diego Pillow – PAL-0008

neutral lumbar pillow

4. Larkspur Pillow – PAL-0014

neutral pillow

9. Bernadino Pillow – PAL-0011

neutral lumbar pillow

These three pillows would look awesome in any style of home. They have that cool, neutral vibe that Amber Lewis is known for.

Pair these together or with any other combination of pillows from the collection for an original look.

There is also a throw collection that’ll add a luxurious look to your living space.

Loloi x Amber Lewis Artwork

amber lewis x loloi roundup of neutral artwork

1. Rigby Wall Art – Rigby // 2. Violet Wall Art – Violet // 3. Pebble Wall Art – Pebble // 4. Poppy Wall Art – Poppy // 5. Cassia Wall Art – Cassia // 6. Delphine Wall Art – Delphine // 7. Alastair Wall Art – Alastair // 8. Granite Wall Art – Granite // 9. Basalt Wall Art – Basalt // 10. Salina Wall Art – Salina // 11. Palermo Wall Art – Palermo // 12. Palma Wall Art – Palma

The artwork in the Loloi x Amber Lewis collection features beautifully fresh textile designs that come in a range of framed sizes, including 26” x 26” and 36” x 25”.

The colors tie back to the rugs and pillows so you can create a personalized look in your interior design. I LOVE so many of the wall art designs but picked my top three in this category as well.

Favorite Amber Lewis x Loloi Artwork

7. Alastair Wall Art – Alastair

abstract artwork with black and blue

6. Delphine Wall Art – Delphine

natural artwork with peach and creme botanical

9. Basalt Wall Art – Basalt

modern abstract artwork in black and blue

The abstract artwork designs would look awesome in any modern contemporary style home. I love the center botanical for a little girl’s room or bathroom.

There are many other possible spaces to use these three styles but those are my thoughts at first glance.

I hope you enjoyed this overview as much as I loved creating it. My goal is to give you ideas and inspiration to design your modern home!

This post is all about the Amber Lewis x Loloi collaboration.

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