12 Affordable Curtains That’ll Look Way More Expensive

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Looking for the best affordable curtains for your home? Check out my favorites that’ll look like you paid way more!

Adding affordable curtains to your living space will do more than just elevate the look. They’ll also provide warmth, privacy, and light control.

Drapery panels come in various materials, colors, textures, and patterns. They add a finished look and designer touch.

Despite what you may think ready-to-order drapes do not have to cost a fortune. Many retailers have super affordable styles that’ll give you a custom look without the high price tag.

If you have large windows there are ways you can DIY a designer look as well. The bottom line lose the paper-ready shades and add a pair of affordable drapery panels instead.

This post is all about the best affordable curtains.

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neutral color living room affordable curtains

What is a reasonable price for affordable curtains?

A reasonable price for curtains is anywhere from $50 to $100 per panel on average. Depending on the width of the panel and your window you may need to double up for added fullness.

Designer custom-made curtains can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500. It all depends on the fabric and trim you choose.

That said ready-made curtain panels are the way to go if you’re looking to save. You can always have them altered by a local seamstress which will still cost less than custom.

How can I save money on curtains?

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The best way to save money on curtains is to measure before you order and watch for sales. Many retailers offer promotions during the major holidays if you don’t need them right away.

This is the best way to order at a discount especially if you need a lot of panels. You can also check for clearance or discontinued styles.

The only problem with this is by the time the curtains are discounted there is usually a limited amount left. Quite often there will be a mix of sizes and they’re usually final sales and no returns.

Buying ready-made curtains and tweaking the design is another way to save money. One of the major differences with custom is the width and length will fit your windows exactly.

To get a similar look you can double up and connect the curtain panels. You can also puddle longer lengths on the floor, have them hemmed, or use iron on heat and bond as a quick fix.

Are Ikea curtains worth it?

Ikea curtains are worth it especially when you’re on a budget. A pair of Lenda curtains will cost between $30 and $45 depending on the length you need.

They come in long lengths that can be hemmed or tailored to fit your space perfectly. The natural fiber panels are also available in multiple colors.

They’re 70 % cotton and 30 % viscose/rayon but have the look and feel of real linen. If you’ve been shopping for longer-length curtains then you know this price is fabulous.

How can I make my IKEA curtains look expensive?

An easy way to make IKEA curtains look expensive is to change the top treatment from exposed tabs to hidden back. For the Airbnb bedroom below I purchased a pair of LENDA curtains.

Ikea LENDA curtains

The curtain rod was mounted high and close to the ceiling to elevate the look. A grey grosgrain ribbon border was added to the sides for interest and contrast.

affordable ikea curtain hack bedroom with two beds and white duvet

You can get a similar pair from Overstock if you’re not interested in the DIY project. The original pair was from Pottery Barn but they no longer carry them.

They do have many other styles that’ll add personality to any living space. Many are so detailed and decorative that they give the illusion of a tailored dress.

There are curtains with smocking, pleats, fringe, pompoms, embroidery, light-up, and more. Patterns include tie-dye, ombre, and printed. Decorative details include ruffles, macrame, tassels, and eyelets.

Affordable Modern Curtains (Pin It For Later)

affordable curtains collage

Here you will find all the details you need to know to shop for affordable curtains for your home.

1. Blackout Color Block Curtain

best affordable border curtains

Elevate the look of any room with this color-block blackout curtain. It’s perfect for adding interest and style to neutral spaces.

The affordable curtains from Target are available for just under $40 for the 84″ length. There are three lengths available in the gray colorway.

If your windows are the classic length there are three other colorways to choose from. A few are already sold out so be sure to order ASAP.

neutral color living room accent wall

The neutral living room above has a similar version to the Target curtains. They’re mounted close to the ceiling which exaggerates the height even more.

ProTip: Hang your drapery panels as high up as possible to add height to your living space. We recommend placing your curtain rod 6-12″ above the molding. To make your windows appear larger and maximize natural light the rod should extent 8-12″ past the window frame.

2. Cotton Velvet Curtain

black velvet window curtain panel

Black velvet curtain panels will add a dramatic element to your living room, bedroom, home office, and more! The luxe velvet material is rich in texture and beauty.

The below black and white living room design illustrates the impact they can have in a space. They’re great for adding both contrast and sophistication.

living room design with black and white home decor

When hanging your panels remember they should be hung as high as possible to draw the eye up. This will create the illusion of height in your space.

If you’re looking to reduce sound and darken your room these affordable curtain panels will help do that as well. There’s also the added benefit of conserving energy since they’ll keep a room warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

3. Flax Linen Curtain

best affordable pink curtains

Flax linen is a popular fabric for curtain panels which is fabulous for adding privacy and softness. They’re often used in bedroom and living room designs.

The affordable curtains have a luxe lived-in look that’s perfect for creating a timeless design. For those who like to update during the different seasons, use linen drapes in the summer and velvet curtains in the winter.

This style has a dual top treatment which is another way to change up the look. Choose between pleated or bunched depending on the look you’re after.

When deciding on the length you can have the panels sweep the floor or puddle 3-6 inches. They can also be hung with rings instead of the pocket panel style.

It’s best to have these affordable curtains cleaned by a professional. It’ll help maintain their beauty and prevent unwanted shrinking.

4. Best Amazon Curtains Velvet

Amazon Curtains Velvet

These affordable velvet curtains are great for elevating the look in any room. They’re on sale right now for just under $50 which is an amazing price.

The popular design is available in multiple colorways and sizes. This set is perfect for anyone just starting out or on a budget.

You can style the drapes on rings, a rod pocket, or with the tabs for a ripple effect. The panels are lined and backed with a smooth off-white fabric that’ll provide light control and privacy.

5. Basketweave Window Curtain Panel

natural curtain panel

These natural hemp curtain panels are the perfect complement to any neutral design. The lightweight, durable drapes will hold their shape and get softer over time.

Hemp fabric will resist mold and ultraviolet light allowing it to softly filter into the room. These panels are great for adding soft texture and movement to your interior design.

70s furniture living room with black leather sofa and travertine coffee tables

The above visual will give you inspiration on how you can style the neutral curtains in your space. They’ll give a classic timeless vibe that will be on trend for many years to come.

6. Velvet Curtain

best velvet curtain

If you love velvet curtains but want an updated look this style is for you. The pin dot pattern will add drama and interest to take your design to the next level.

There are ten neutral and fashionable colors to choose from in the updated curtain fabric. No matter the height of your walls one of the four lengths is sure to fit perfectly.

7. Contrast Border Cotton Curtains

Contrast Border Cotton Curtains

Level up your bedroom, living room, or any other room with these sophisticated drapery panels. The black contrast edging against the white curtains will add a touch of drama and luxury.

You can choose between three top treatments when styling the panels. They can be hung with rings, tabs for a ripple effect, or rod pockets for a shirred design.

amazon bedroom decor with green bed, modern wallpaper, and abstract rug

This Airbnb bedroom design is the perfect example of how these panels will elevate a room. They’ll create a focal point and command attention.

8. Faux Silk Curtains

faux silver drapery panel affordable curtains

Add a luxurious look to your living room, bedroom, and more with these fabulous curtain panels. The soft faux dupioni silk material is fabulous for adding texture and dimension to your design.

They can be hung from a rod pocket for a gathered look or the back tabs for a refined vibe. The popular panels are available in multiple lengths and colors so there’s sure to be one perfect for you.

sitting room with abstract area rug, navy velvet sofa, pink ottomans, and black bar cabinet

In the above sitting room design, the windows are covered with luxe silver window treatments. The sheen from the fabric adds contrast against the matte classic grey walls.

The lucite rods add a glamtastic touch and take the design to the next level. Love the brass end caps that tie back the gold details in this sitting room design.

9. Linen Pinch Pleat Curtain

linen pinched pleat affordable curtains

For a classic refined look, these pinch-pleat curtains are perfect. The soft linen material has a cotton lining for extra fullness and warmth.

There are natural yarn-dyed fibers that give the panels an organic vibe. Aside from the beautiful design, the curtains are fair trade certified. This helps empower workers by providing fair and safe labor conditions.

cloud sectional dupe in living room with lip artwork

The above design was inspired by Kylie Jenner’s living room. It features a neutral color palette that’s the perfect backdrop for the bold pop of color of the wall art.

An important thing to remember about ready-made curtains is the width is usually 50″ wide. This means if you have wide windows you’ll have to double up the curtains or hack them.

In my sitting room, I combined (sewed) two panels to save the cost of custom drapes. If you don’t plan to close the panels you can do that too.

Before you order decide how you want your curtain panels to function. This will help you determine how many you need.

I recommend ordering all at one because dye lots are a thing. If you order more at a later date and the lot is different the color can be off.

10. Black Semi Sheer Curtains

Black Semi Sheer Curtains

This semi-sheer curtain panel set is light filtering while offering privacy protection. If you have larger windows you can hang them in pairs to provide more fullness and coverage.

There are nine colors available in multiple sizes. At just under $30 for the set, they’re awesome for dorm rooms, apartment living, Airbnb spaces, and more!

11. Linen And Velvet Curtains

ivory linen and rust velvet affordable curtains

Elevate any room in your home with this modern twist to the classic linen drapery panels you’ve come to love. The upper portion is made of textured linen while the bottom band is a luxurious high-sheen velvet.

They’re great for adding a touch of color and sophistication to any living space. Choose from three sizes when placing your order online.

mid century modern inspiration leather sofa, eames chairs and glass with wood coffee table

The above mid-century modern living room design is a visual of how these stylish drapery panels can help tie a room together. This concept is great to use as a jumping-off point when creating your design.

12. Worn Velvet Curtain

restoration hardware dupe bedroom velvet affordable curtains

Velvet curtains are fabulous for adding a luxurious sophisticated look to your living room or bedroom design. These West Elm window panels are available unlined or with blackout lining in multiple lengths.

The worn plush velvet fabric gives these panels a vintage feel that’ll elevate the look of any room they’re in.

At under just $300 for the set of two, it’s a saving compared to designer drapery panels. Order the swoop blackout curtain rod from West Elm to complete the look.

restoration hardware bedroom with upholstered bed, leather chair, and neutral rug

The above design is a Restoration Hardware-inspired bedroom. It has an elevated look and feel with a neutral color palette.

There are layers of texture and pattern that add interest to the stunning design. If you’re in the market for a bedroom makeover click the link above for all the details.

When You Know Better You Do Better

What kind of curtains are in style now?

Popular curtain styles for modern contemporary homes are panels made in velvet, faux silk, sheer, and linen. Combinations of materials with border hems are also trending and give a room a custom elevated look.
With sustainability being top of mind organic cotton, bamboo, and recycled fabrics have become popular as well. Aside from being better for the environment, the natural materials are great for adding an organic vibe to your interior design.

Do curtains make a room look bigger or smaller?

A designer trick to make a room look tall and expansive is to hang your drapery panels as close to the ceiling. At a minimum come down 4″ if you want to give the illusion of height.
If your ceilings are low this is a great tip to draw the eye up and make your walls appear taller. You should avoid short curtains and horizontal stripes which will make a space appear smaller.

I hope these affordable curtains inspire you to design a modern home you love!

This post is all about the best affordable curtains.

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