Cloud Sectional Dupe Living Room Inspiration (Shop The Look)

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Looking for the best cloud sectional dupe to update your home? This living room design inspiration has everything you need to shop the look.

Oh, how we LOVE the Restoration Hardware Cloud sectional sofa. Everything except the cost that is!

The price is super high! Like over $18,000 for the five-piece sectional. Even if you’re a member the total will be about 14K!

For most people, this is quite an investment. So the average person scours the internet to find the perfect cloud sectional dupe.

I’m happy to say there are many options available. And they’re similar if not almost identical. One of my favorite cloud sectional dupes is from Wayfair which is highlighted in the featured design.

At the moment it would cost you just over 10K which is a huge saving! For this post, I’m sharing a living room design with the white cloud sectional dupe and the alternatives.

Depending on where you are budget-wise will determine the best one for you. Check out all the resources and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

This post is all about cloud sectional dupe living room design inspiration.

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cloud sectional dupe living room with lips artwork, fur chairs, and coffee table

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What couch is a dupe of the cloud sectional?

There is more than one sofa that’s similar to the cloud couch. In the roundup below the Wayfair, cloud sofa is featured but there are other styles available.

The best affordable cloud sofa dupes are:

  1. Modular Corner Sectional from Wayfair (featured)
  2. Wells Reversible Sectional from Anthropologie
  3. Shelter Sofa from West Elm
  4. Cloud Modular Sectional from 1stopbedrooms
  5. Lotus Deep Sofa from Crate & Barrel
  6. Linen Reversible Sofa from Wayfair
  7. Slipcovered Sofa by Leanne Ford from Crate & Barrel
  8. Harmony Modular Sectional from West Elm
  9. Hampton Sectional from West Elm
  10. Rita Sectional Sofa from Lulu and Georgia

These are my favorite options for the white cloud sectional sofa. They’re all in one spot to save you time. This way you don’t have to search all over the web to find the perfect one.

How much is a cloud sectional?

The original cloud sectional sofa can cost as much as $18,000 since each modular section is over $3000 each. Depending on the size of the cloud sofa dupe it’ll cost anywhere from $2000 to $10000.

Who made the original cloud couch?

The original cloud couch was created by London designer Timothy Oulton. He was on a mission to build the ultimate sofa.
His design included three modular components: a corner, an armless sofa, and an ottoman. The concept of the sofa design is each modular could be purchased in multiples based on the individual space.
Another feature of the cloud sofa is the feather cushion seats that give it the ultimate comfort. It has a simple modern design that is open and inviting which is why there are so many knockoffs.

What couch does Kylie Jenner have?

The cloud couch Kylie Jenner has is naturally the original from Restoration Hardware. It’s part of the Cloud Sofa series in white.

This design concept was inspired by her living room design in the image below. Everything from the neutral color palette to the Lips artwork on the wall.

The featured design has all the resources you need to recreate the look of Kylie Jenner’s living room. This way you’ll have more time to sit back, relax, and entertain in style.

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Shop The Look | Kylie Jenner Sofa Inspiration

cloud sectional dupe sofa, beige curtains, lips artwork with sconce, neutral are rug and fur chair

1. White Cloud Sectional // 2. Round Coffee Table // 3. Natural Side Table // 4. Fur Butterfly Chair // 5. Shagreen Sideboard // 6. Versace Lips Painting // 7. Clear Pendant Light // 8. Gold Sconce // 9. Linen Pinch Pleat Curtain  // 11. Silver Grey Viscose Rug // 13. Fur Pillow // 14. Black and White Striped Vase // 15. Metal Ring Sculpture // 18. Faux Fur Throw

Cloud Couch Dupe Design Details

Here you will find all the details you need to know to shop the look of this design inspiration for your home.

1. Cloud Sectional Dupe

white wayfair cloud modular sectional sofa

In this design, the cloud sectional sofa is the star of the show! It’s my favorite dupe of the expensive Restoration Hardware cloud modular pit sectional.

The Sunset Trading Cloud Puff modular sofa is truly as comfortable as it looks. Just close your eyes and imagine you are floating on a cloud. You’ll enjoy a feeling of total relaxation in your home, loft, or apartment.

This RH cloud couch is by far the most comfortable sectional there is. The contemporary low frame makes this sleek sectional sofa ideal for bringing your open living spaces together.

It has feather pillow-top seating supported by inner springs making it as cozy as a bed.

At about $10000 this cloud sofa dupe is awesome for those who want the look of the RH sofa but for way less. This oversized sectional sofa is ridiculously comfortable too!

The individual modular sections can be purchased separately so you can customize the design. Just be sure to measure and check that the configuration you choose fits your space.

At the time of this post, there are six available at Wayfair so they may sell out. I’ve seen it on sale for less so be sure to watch the price on this one.

2. Round Coffee Table

arhaus round coffee table with gold base and marble top

Love the details of this modern coffee table. It’s the perfect contrast to the white cloud sofa. The round coffee table has a mixed metal design of hand-finished pine and white marble.

Around the base, there is a reeded oak texture that adds interest and style. This coffee table elevates the look of this design.

If you choose to use the cloud dupe ottoman as the coffee table you can skip a separate one. Just add a tray on top so you have a flat surface to place your drink.

3. Natural Side Table

natural side table

Obsessed with this modern side table silhouette! It has a shapely hourglass pedestal base that’s sure to make a statement in your home.

The faux marble finish has an organic feel that’ll add a touch of sophistication to your interior design. This side table is perfect for creating a designer look in your modern contemporary home.

It combines the perfect blend of neutral tones from grey to ivory and beige. If you have the space and budget add a pair for a dramatic look.

Enter the code INSPIREDDESIGNTALK15 for 15% off your Lulu and Georgia order! Happy shopping!

4. Fur Butterfly Chair

cloud sectional dupe fur butterfly chair

Kylie Jenner has a pair of luxe fur butterfly chairs in her living room design. In keeping with the same vibe, I sourced a similar style for you to add to your home.

The simple style and classic design are awesome to chill out after a long day of work. It has a lightweight design that’s easy to move as needed.

I mean bring it outside to chill with the neighbors and you’ll be the coolest mom on the block. Just saying!

5. Shagreen Sideboard

shagreen sideboard with four doors and gold base

There are many reasons to add a sideboard to your living room design. They’re great for storing games, electronics, decor, and more!

Another reason is to create a moment or focal point in your living space. In this design, there’s the artwork with two sconces on either side above the chic modern sideboard.

Adding home decor to the sideboard finishes the look and makes a statement. Just be careful not to add too many accessories.

We don’t want to have a tchotchke look. Less is more my friends. You know what they say “keep it simple stupid”.

This console table is made of wood with shagreen leather inserts and brass accents. The modern tailored design will elevate any space it’s in.

6. Versace Lips Painting

cloud sectional dupe versace artwork with dripping pink lips

Okay, so I’m OBSESSED with this lip Versace artwork! I’m super happy anytime I can combine my love of fashion with interior design.

In the inspiration image, Kylie Jenner has a similar lip artwork on a black background. While I couldn’t find that exact one this one is pretty close.

It has a similar vibe that will make a statement in any room it’s in. If you are interested in the options I passed on check them out below.

This look is trending because there are so many to choose from. It just depends on the vibe you are after and the accent colors you want to bring into your design.

My favorite way to create a color palette is with artwork that has neutrals and pop colors. It’s a great way to make a statement in your interior design.

If you have a neutral design adding colorful artwork will create a focal point and draw the eye in. In the future, you can add pillows or home decor in an accent color for an updated look.

7. Clear Pendant Light

clear pendant light

An oversized pendant light in the corner of a room will add atmosphere and ambiance. Just add it to a dimmer switch so you can control the brightness in your living space.

This modern pendant has clear glass with a brass finish that’ll add a touch of glam to your home.

8. Gold Sconce

gold sconce

Anytime you can add a sconce to your design you should do so. It’ll help set the mood and add interest to your space.

They can be added next to your artwork, above the fireplace, on an empty wall, and more! I added this glass and brass sconce above the sideboard to make a statement and highlight the cool artwork.

9. Linen Pinch Pleat Curtain

cloud sectional dupe linen pinched pleat curtain

For this design, I went with similar pinch pleat curtains to the ones in Kylie’s living room. So here is the thing about ready-made curtains… the width is usually 50″ wide.

This means if you have wide windows you’ll have to double up the curtains or hack them. In my sitting room, I combined (sewed) two panels to save the cost of custom draperies.

living room with grasscloth- wallpaper and navy velvet sofa

I did this because, in theory, I wanted to be able to close my drapes for privacy. If you have shades on your windows you can just add decorative panels at the sides.

You can do that if you don’t plan to close the panels too. Before you order decide on the function of your curtain panels so you know how many you need.

I recommend ordering all at one because dye lots are a thing. If you order more at a later date and the lot is different the color can be off.

Protip: Hang your curtain panels as high as possible to draw the eye up and add height to your room. Also, extend the rod past the window 6-8″ so your panels stack at the sides leaving the window opening as wide as possible.

The featured neutral oatmeal linen curtains have a cotton lining and elevated look that will add sophistication to any room. It’s available in four lengths and seven colors.

Living Room Budget Worksheet

One thing I’ve always struggled with is keeping track of all the budget, furniture, costs, store links, delivery, etc. for a room design. I’m a visual learner so seeing the big picture on a spreadsheet is always super helpful.

11. Silver Grey Viscose Rug

handknotted silver grey viscose rug

A neutral rug will add a classic timeless look to a living space. It’s the perfect backdrop no matter the color palette you go with.

The CB2 hand-knotted rug is woven from a mix of wool and rayon threads. It has a plush pile that’ll feel amazing under your feet.

This rug has a silver-gray base with soft white lines that create a subtle abstract crocodile pattern. If you’re looking for a modern take on the classic animal print area rug this one is for you.

Choose between five sizes when placing your order. There is a mocha colorway available for another space in your home.

13. Fur Pillow

grey modern living room fur pillow

Pair the velvet pillow above with this 16″ fur pillow for warmth and texture. The contrasting fabrics against the flat white cloud sectional will add interest and comfort.

For this design, you don’t need a ton of pillows. No need to go crazy just a pair of each will do!

14. Black and White Striped Vase

black and white striped vase

Another way to add interest to your interior design is with accessories. They’re the finishing touch that completes a space.

If you’ve ever been in a room that looks unfinished chances are it’s lacking accessories. This vase adds interest and pattern.

It’s handcrafted in a small Tuscan village from raw clay. The black glaze is applied to create the organic stripes. After the vase is fired a patina in brown tones is added for an antique look.

15. Metal Ring Sculpture

metal ring sculptures

Make a statement in your home with a pair of ring sculptures. Made of cast aluminum each piece is a work of art.

The large size is 17″ while the smaller is almost 12″. They’ll make a great addition to your sideboard or console table.

18. Faux Fur Throw

fur blanket

Keep warm and cozy on a cool day with this faux fur throw. It’ll add to the comfortable laid vibe of your cloud sectional dupe.

The pleated texture and soft pile will take your design to the next level.

And that’s a wrap, my friends!

I hope this Kylie Jenner living room inspiration gives you ideas to create a modern home you love!!

This post is all about cloud sectional dupe living room design inspiration.

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