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11 Inspirational Wall Decals That Will Keep You Motivated

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Looking for inspirational wall decals to keep you motivated in the New Year? Here is a variety of ideas for the different rooms in your home.

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Inspirational Wall Decals

A great way to stay motivated is to add inspiration throughout your home. Many books suggest putting post-it notes with your mantra or goals you are trying to achieve. An even better way would be to add a vinyl decal in your home for that constant reminder.

The above inhale-exhale vinyl wall decal was used in an Airbnb bedroom design but it could just as easily be used in an at-home yoga studio. There are so many ideas to choose from when it comes to this wall decor.

I hope this post will inspire you to add a reminder to your home that will motivate you to achieve your goals.

This post is all about Inspirational Wall Decals for your home.

wall decals
inhale exhale wall decal

Inspirational Wall Decals

Best For At Home Yoga Studio: Inhale Exhale Art

Love the constant reminder to take a deep breath.

Best For Home Gym: GYM open 24/7 NO EXCUSES!

Great reminder as you work out that you have more in you. Keep pushing!

Best Living Room: Crazy Family Wall Decal 

Every family has a little crazy in them so why not celebrate it?

Best For Bedroom: Dream Until Your Dreams Come True

Because if you can dream it you can do it!

Best For Nursery Girl: Beautiful girl you can do amazing things decal

Perfect inspiration for every little girl.

Best For Bathroom: Bathroom Rules Wall Decal Sticker

Sometimes we all need that little reminder in the bathroom.

Best for Kitchen: Eat Well Stay Awhile Laugh Always

Welcome your guests to your kitchen with this fun vinyl decal.

Best For Laundry Room: Self Serve Laundry Room Decal

Let your family know the laundry room is self-service with this fun wall decal.

Best For Glam Office: GIRL BOSS #GIRLBOSS

Be a Girl Boss so little girls have a role model to look up to!

Best Quote: Custom Wall Decal Quote

The best quote is the one that speaks to you. Have an original quote or mantra made just for you!

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1. Inhale Exhale Art

This inhale-exhale is the perfect inspirational wall decal to add to your bedroom or at-home yoga studio. It will be a constant reminder to take a deep breath and know it will all be ok!

2. GYM open 24/7 NO EXCUSES!

wall decals for gym

One of the best wall decals for gym spaces. This will remind you that your at-home gym is ALWAYS open so there is no excuse to not work out. Once you make the shift to exercising for the health benefits and NOT what other people think of you you will stick to it. Remember it’s 80% what you eat and only 20% working out. Make the mindset shift and I promise you will stay consistent.

3. Crazy Family Wall Decal 

wall decals for living room

Celebrate the craziness of your family with this reminder that it’s ok to be the unicorn in the field of horses!

4. Dream Until Your Dreams Come True

You know that saying Dreams don’t work unless you do. Put the work in every day and all your dreams will come true!

5. Beautiful girl you can do amazing things decal


Little girls should know they can do and be anything they choose!

6. Bathroom Rules Wall Decal Sticker

Perfect reminder especially for the smaller members of your family.

7. Self Serve Laundry Room Decal


Love this one for the laundry room! Your family will get the point that it is self serve!



Perfect to keep you motivated to hustle and be a girl boss.

9. Custom Wall Decal Quote

Create your own mantra or motivation to achieve all your goals.

10. A Perfect Marriage is Just Two Imperfect People Love Wall Decal

This is so true! Marriage is so much work but the rewards are even greater. Put the work in and you’ll have a partner for life!

11. Nobody Cares WORK HARDER Wall Decal


Have you ever heard to saying the nobody cares about you they only care about themselves? It may not seem true but if you listen to the words and conversations very closely you will see this statement is true! Keep your head down, tell no one what you are working on, and DO THE WORK. That is the key to success. Hard work and Determination. Worry about yourself and take one step closer to your dreams each day.

Hope this post gave you inspiration so you can stay motivated this year.

Have a great day full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

xo Nicole

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