12 Best Modern Floor Mirror Styles For Any Living Space

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Looking for modern floor mirror styles to update your home? Check out my favorites that’ll make you smile every time you walk by!

Modern floor mirror styles are great for so many reasons. They make a space appear larger, add style, and are awesome for checking out your outfit.

Full-length mirrors are available in a variety of sizes, materials, and finishes. You can choose between silver, gold, wood, cane, bone inlay, and more!

The best floor mirror for your space will depend on the look and feel you’re after. How much you have to spend also matters as well.

This is one area you don’t need to worry about since there are low and hi price floor-length mirrors to choose from. If you’re looking for a fun way to add style and personality to your home check out the resources below!

This post is all about modern floor mirror styles.

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Anthropologie modern floor mirror in living room with faux tree

What is a good size for a modern floor mirror?

A good size for a floor-length mirror is between 5 & 6 feet. This is the average but not the rule. Floor mirrors can be found anywhere between 48″ up to 84″ tall.

The scale and style of the furniture in the room will also determine the one you choose. For example in a contemporary glam living room, the ornate gleaming primrose mirror would look fabulous.

In an Art Deco living room design, a mirror in the same style would be perfect. The bottom line is you should look at the furniture and home decor to make sure they all work well together.

How do you hang a floor-length mirror?

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Your floor-length mirror should be placed where you can see your entire body. This will depend on the height of the mirror but usually 6″ to 9″ off the floor will work.

In the below glam bedroom, the mirror is 67″ tall and it’s placed 6″ off the floor. No matter where you stand you can see your full outfit which is the goal.


Depending on the weight and brackets you can use molly screws or heavy-duty picture hangers. I personally prefer the latter because they’re easy to install and remove.

Either of these options has been great for hanging mirrors, pictures, and artwork in my home.

Is a floor mirror worth it?

Yes! A floor mirror is definitely worth the investment. It’ll upgrade the look of your living space and its functionality too. It’s especially great for influencers who need a spot to take the daily outfit look to post on LTK.

How do I choose a floor mirror for my living room?

When choosing a floor mirror for your living room you should consider the ceiling height, room, and the vibe you’re after. If the purpose is to make a space appear larger the bigger the better.

When you’re adding it for style and personality the design should work well with the look of your living space. You won’t want an ornate mirror in a modern space with clean lines.

Another factor to consider is the scale of the mirror. If everything is oversized a small mirror will look out of place.

Best Full-Length Mirrors

modern floor mirror collage

1. Oval Standing Floor Mirror

black oval floor mirror

If you’re looking for a statement mirror this one is for you! It has an oval pill-shaped silhouette, a black frame, and a wood base.

The sleek simple design is perfect to lean against the wall in any room. This mirror is sure to be a conversation starter.

2. Wavy Full-Length Mirror

Wavy Full Length Mirror

Obsessed with this wavy mirror from Amazon and you will be too. It’s a super affordable dupe to the floor mirror below at just under $200.

The height is perfect for seeing your entire outfit and will make any space feel more expansive. It has an irregular wavy design that’ll add much-needed style and personality to your home.

Lean it against the wall or hang it vertically with the hooks on the back. This timeless mirror will have many admirers and is perfect for modern spaces.

2b. Wavy Wood Floor Mirror

wood wavy floor mirror

At just under $1500 this is the designer floor mirror of the one shown above. It has a similar look with the main difference being the price tag.

This style is made of solid wood ash and mirrored glass. The stepped frame is finished in white and has an oil finish.

Either style would look fabulous in an entryway, bedroom, or living room design. Just depends on whether you prefer a timeless investment piece or one you won’t feel guilty changing out later.

3. Bone Inlay CB2 Full Length Mirror

bone inlay floor mirror

Lean this floor mirror up against your living room wall to create a focal point and moment in your home. The CB2 mirror was inspired by African murals.

It has thin brass bands with a mosaic of ivory and grey bone. This mirror is sure to upgrade any space it’s in.

4. Adelaide Arch Floor Mirror

anthropologie gold mirror

This simple floor-length gold mirror is from none other than Anthropologie. Add a feminine vibe to your space with this classic twist on the arched mirror.

This is a fabulous silhouette to add to your bedroom, boudoir, or powder room. You’ll definitely make a statement with this stunning beauty.

5. Modern Floor Mirror For Bedroom

cb2 art deco mirrors

Add this art deco-inspired statement mirror to your living room for drama and interest. The mirror is meant to lean against the wall and visually open up any space it’s in.

This CB2 vintage-inspired mirror has simple lines, curved corners, a jeweled crown, and a brass lacquered iron frame. It’s perfect for the modern, contemporary, or glam style of home.

6. Selene Gold Floor Mirror

gold modern floor mirror

This is a cleaner version of that Anthropologie floor mirror we all love so much. Only this one is a third of the price.

The oversized design is perfect for leaning against the wall and will make a stunning focal point in your living room.

There are multiple sizes available in this gold mirror from Urban Outfitters. If you are looking for clean lines and a simple silhouette this bad boy is for you.

7. Gleaming Primrose Mirror

anthropologie black floor lamp

Mirrors are great for creating interest and making a space appear larger. The ornate details of this Anthropologie Primrose mirror will add a vintage touch to a 70s-inspired living room.

Add it to a wall that needs a little extra something to bring the space to life. The ornate mirror is available in 3′, 5′, 6′ Floor, and 7′ Large.

There are also four finishes to choose from if gold is not your jam. The finishes are gold, silver, antique black, and verdegris. Each one is stunning so no matter the look you are after there is one perfect for your home.

Not every finish comes in four sizes so click the link to see your options. The prices range from $550-$1600. This list is approximate prices since they are subject to change.

  • 3′ is around $550
  • 5′ just under $900
  • 6′ Floor is a little over $1000
  • 7′ Floor is around $1600

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8. Gold Floor Mirror

gold floor mirror

This gold mirror is a simpler take on the Art Deco style. It features a gold-finish frame with an architectural arch and cutout corners.

The perfect finishing touch for making a statement in your luxe bedroom or bohemian dining room.

9. Silver Floor Mirror

silver ornate mirrors

You can only get this mirror in the silver finish shown above. It’s similar to the Anthropologie style but has more of a vintage old-world vibe.

10. Carved Wood Floor Mirror

leanne ford crate and barrel

No matter your style this ornamented floor mirror from Leanne Ford will look fabulous in your home. Whether in the living room, entryway, or bedroom this mirror is the perfect mix of modern and traditional.

The black hand-carved mango wood mirror features a rounded frame with intricate scrollwork at the top. Tilt the mirror against your wall for a vintage vibe.

Not to mention it’ll be your favorite place to style your outfit before a day out on the town.

11. Floor Mirror in Gold

modern floor mirror

Arhaus definitely got the memo that this luxe mirror is a best seller. There are seven pieces available in their version of the gleaming primrose mirror.

They have a gold finish or silver and multiple sizes in the Amelie mirror collection. Click the link for all the fabulous details on this beauty.

12. Gold Arch Floor Mirror

gold modern floor mirror

This large floor mirror leans against the wall to create an illusion of depth and space in your room. It features curved corners along the top edge and tubular metal construction.

Choose from the gold or black colorway in one of the three sizes. You’ll make a statement on a budget with any one of these gold mirror options.

I hope these modern floor-length mirror resources inspire you to design a modern home you love!

This post is all about modern floor mirror styles.

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