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Neutral Living Room Makeover That Looks Way More Expensive Than It Actually Is

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Are you looking for neutral living room makeover ideas that look expensive? Check out this design that will level up your home this year.

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Neutral Living Room Makeover

Do you love all the neutral living room spaces you see on Pinterest and Instagram but have no idea how to recreate the look?

So many people are scared that if they only use neutral colors in their space it will look boring. Let me tell you that is so far from the truth. A neutral color palette with colors such as white, ivory, gray, black, and taupe can look beautiful if it’s done right.

The trick is to layer in textures, patterns, and different materials to make it interesting. The end result of a neutral color scheme will be a zen vibe that is calming and relaxing. There is nothing better than coming home to a space that is inviting and tranquil.

It is also the perfect backdrop to add a pop color that can easily be changed out when you get tired of the look. Keeping the core of your design timeless allows you to layer in trends without dating your space.

If you need help getting this look in your home you are in the right place.

This post is all about a neutral living room makeover you can easily recreate in your home.


Neutral Living Room Makeover Ideas

So you may recognize the space above from the MY HOME link on the website. The goal was to create an elevated and inviting space so we could relax after a long day of work. It was inspired by Kelly Hoppen and Cheryl Eisen of IMG. They are two of my favorite designers.

The color palette is neutral but we used mixed metals and textures to add interest.

To create an inviting moment, we added a bench under the artwork with a drink table.

I LOVE how this area turned out!

I’m just a little obsessed with the drink tables from West Elm because they are super cute!

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Neutral Living Room Artwork


All the artwork in the Living Room is from Leftbank Art which is a “to the trade” vendor. You can find similar artwork from High Fashion Home. Just be aware it is sold as two separate pieces NOT a set.

The original art has a Glass Coat Epoxy and Crystal finish with a Poly Gold Float Frame. 

When designing a neutral space the artwork can either also have a neutral or a pop color. In this design, the colors are white, gray, black, and metallic gold foil. The gold helps to make the artwork stand out and adds movement. If this art was all flat it would not have the same impact.

Artwork tends to be super subjective since there are so many different styles to choose from. Personally, I love contemporary modern art that is either abstract or feminine. I also love the nostalgic black and white images of models, actors, and fashion icons.

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Cosway Chairs


Another way to make your neutral space interesting is by adding unique furniture. Whether it’s the sofa, cool tables, or stylish chairs it will add personality to your space.

The accent chairs above are from Bernhardt in a creme high-performance velvet. They are so special because they feature a silver textured design that is so sexy and cool. I totally fell in love with them after I saw them used in an IMG space.

The pillows on the chairs are custom-made by me. You can find out how to DIY your own by heading here How to Make a Banded Pillow a la Kelly Hoppen.

Side Note: Be careful with the black fabric you choose for your pillows. Mine totally left an imprint on the creme chairs so I’ve since moved them to the sofa in the sitting room.

That super cute table in between the two chairs is from Kravet another to the trade vendor. You can find a table similar in this post The Ultimate Contemporary Sofa Side Table Guide.

The peace sign artwork in the design is by Kelli Ellis and the abstract circle are both from Leftbank. Both of these add personality and movement. Again the colors of the art tie back to the neutral color palette of the design.

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Get The Look


1. Dark Synapse Artwork // 2. Sputnik Chandelier // 3. Parker Wall Sconce // 4. Curtain Rod Set // 5. Gray Border Drapes // 6. Ebony and Ivory Pillow // 7. Banded Velvet Pillow // 8. Charly Right-Facing Sectional Sofa // 9. Giza Side Table  // 10. White Marble Coffee Table // 11. Metal Loop Objects // 12. Faux Cowhide Area Rug // 13. Cosway Barrel Chair // 14. Maisie Side Table // 15. Leah Singh Nicole Pillow Cover // 16. Rosa White Table // 17. Shale Striations Rug // 18. Sueded Metallic Gold Pillow // 19. Onyx Velvet Pillow  // 20. Shag Throw Pillow // 21. Diamond Tufted Velvet Ottoman // 22. Jax Grey Velvet Bench // 23. Faux Sheepskin Rug // 24. Faceted Drink Table // 25. Decorative Book Set

If you’re looking to create a similar look to the feature image the above concept board has everything you need to get started. The pieces I pulled together are from a variety of retailers so you can recreate the designer look in your home.

Whether you purchase a few pieces or all you’ll get an elevated neutral living room makeover that looks super expensive. That’s not to say this is a budget design because it’s not but it is less than a designer room would cost you.

How To Design Your Neutral Living Room Makeover

Neutral Furniture

When I worked at the furniture store as a design consultant I quickly realized most people start their makeover with the sofa. They literally did not notice anything else as they walked through the showroom.

That said this is where we’ll start as well.

When it comes to choosing a sofa there are many things to consider. Since the sofa or couch is considered a “blind” item, meaning one cannot see inside, you need to read the product description.

Typically there are two types of frames when it comes to choosing a sofa. There are coil springs or sinuous wire. Let me quickly break down the difference between each.

How To Choose A Sofa

Coil Springs which is also known as 8-way hand tie is the best quality construction.

The springs are attached tightly to a woven webbing of rubber and metal, jute linen, or synthetic. The webbing is stretched across and then attached to the bottom of the frame. This serves as the base for the springs which are then tied together in at least 8 places per spring.

Your higher-end better quality sofas will have this type of frame. These are the sofas that last for years and can be reupholstered when you get tired of the current fabric.

The Sinuous Wire frame is when a single wire is bent in a continuously curved zigzag and attached to the frame. This is often used in chair backs or furniture with thin profiles since it takes up less space than traditional coil springs.

Sinuous wire is the most common type of frame you will find. While it is not the top of the line it is durable and made to last. Your budget is also going to determine the type of frame you go with since coil frames are more expensive.

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Callahan Sectional Sofa From Lulu and Georgia


The Callahan sectional sofa in the concept board is an example of the sinuous wireframe. It has a classic and timeless design that is sure to last for years.

The short wooden legs are removable which is great if your space is tight with narrow angles. The cushions are down-filled so the sofa is super comfy and plush.

Keep in mind you will need to fluff your cushions from time to time since they are down-filled.

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Neutral Accent Furniture

After you choose your sofa which is usually the largest piece in your room it’s time to select the accent pieces.

These pieces should have a bit of personality if you want a unique space that feels special. This can be a cool side table, coffee table, or accent chair.

The Cosway chair is just that. This super stylish chair will be a focal point whether you have one or a pair. As you can see from the different angles she is stunning.


The barrel chair features a brushed metal frame that has a textured wood grain pattern. This is a custom item so you can choose from a variety of colors and materials. I even saw this chair at HPMKT done in fur which is super cool.


Neutral Side Tables

Aside from the accent chair, the side and coffee tables you choose are another way to show your personality. The concept board above shows the Giza side table (9) which has a beautiful sculptural design that features a unique double pyramid detail. It is the perfect balance of form and function.


The Maisie side table (14) shown is another stunning piece. It combines a sculptural metal base with a smooth marble top that is modern and sophisticated. She is sure to make a statement in your space and is in line with the neutral color palette.

This is also the perfect example of mixing high and low price points in a design. The side table comes in at under $100 but packs a ton of style and personality for the price.

marble side table

Then there is the Andra coffee table (10) which is sure to be a focal point. The sleek iron x-base design and light mango wood top are the perfect mix of materials for the contemporary home.


Lastly is the super cute and stylish Faceted drink table (24) from West Elm which I personally LOVE.

I have this exact one in my living room and have to say it is fabulous! It’s especially great for any area where you are tight on space and a larger table won’t work.

drink table ideas

Once you have the main pieces and the accent pieces you can then begin to layer in the rug, pillows, artwork, and accessories. As you go you want to make sure you are adding different textures, patterns, and materials to create interest.

Neutral Living Room Makeover Paint Colors

Another factor to consider in any space is your paint colors. When choosing the colors for your room you will want to look at the color on painted boards in your space.

Doing this will allow you to see how the color looks at different times of the day. Depending on the lighting you have in your space a color will look different from in the paint store.

This is a super important step that should not be skipped.

My favorite paint vendor is Benjamin Moore and I have used their paint throughout my entire house.

For anyone interested in the Neutral Living Room paint colors here they are:

Walls: Benjamin Moore Classic Gray OC-23

Accent Wall: Benjamin Moore Obsidian

Trim: Benjamin Moore Simply White OC-117

Budget Worksheet

If you are wondering what a typical neutral living room makeover design will cost you download this handy budget calculator.

Planning out all the items you are shopping for ahead of time will keep you focused as you shop.

The products in this room are from a mix of vendors because it makes the space more interesting. It creates an original look that is unique.

Personally, I do NOT like when a space looks like you purchased the showroom collection.

What’s the fun in that?

I hope this post gave you ideas and inspiration on how you can create a beautiful neutral living room makeover.

Have a great night full of Unicorns and Rainbows!

xo Nicole

***If you are doing a makeover download your FREE pdf How To Measure Guide to help you get started***

Your thoughts?

If you made it this far please leave a comment below.

Let me know… Which piece is your favorite from this space?

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