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15 Best Peel And Stick Tile Styles That’ll Transform Your Home In 2023

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Looking for the best peel and stick tile to update your home this year? Check out these designs that are trendy and fun!

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Peel and Stick Tile

If you are looking to update your backsplash or floor tile but don’t have a large budget you may be interested in peel and stick tiles.

There are so many cool and trendy designs available in this category.

You can use these tiles as a quick fix to a problem area or add a decorative element to your home. They can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, or basement to name a few. The possibilities are endless!

They’re perfect to update rental spaces since they can be removed when your leave. Peel and stick tiles are an affordable way to change the look and feel without breaking the bank.

When I was researching tile options for our bathroom makeover I noticed all the pretty fun designs. Check them out below and let me know which tiles are your FAV!

This post is all about the best peel and stick tile designs.

best peel and stick tile with white fireplace mantel

Best Peel and Stick Tile Top Picks

Best Overall: Peel & Stick Subway Tile from Wayfair

This herringbone white subway tile is the perfect classic to update your home.

Best Subway: Peel and Stick Vinyl Subway Backsplash Tile from Home Depot

You can’t go wrong with subway tile. It is always the classic and timeless option.

Best Design: Tile Sticker Kitchen, bath, floor, wall Waterproof & Removable from Etsy

What a fun design to update your bathroom or fireplace surround.

Best for Floor: Peel and Stick Floor Tiles from Home Depot

This one reminds me of the one we put in our new bathroom project. So fun and love the gray addition in the black and white classic design.

Best for Backsplash: Hexagon Marble Farmhouse Peel and Stick Backsplash from Etsy

This is the perfect neutral that is interesting and timeless. Love the white and grey marble look of this peel and stick hex pattern tile.

Best for Fireplace: Retro Astra Peel and Stick Tile from Etsy

This is the mocked-up tile in the feature image which is a modern contemporary update for your home.


Are peel and stick tiles any good?

Peel and stick tiles are fabulous when you are looking to save time and money. They’re great for rental spaces, Airbnbs, or short-term solutions.

If you are looking to make a statement but not break the bank check out all the awesome styles and patterns below.

How long do peel and stick tiles last?

How long your peel and stick tiles last will depend on many factors like usage, location, and quality.

In high-traffic areas, they may only last up to five years. In low-traffic spaces, they can last up to 20 years depending on the quality and installation.

Be sure to review the product information on the peel and stick tiles you are installing for more details.

Can peel and stick tile get wet?

Yes! Many of the peel and stick tiles from this roundup are in fact waterproof which is awesome for kitchens and bathrooms.

They are made from multi-layer vinyl that’s water and moisture resistant. This means they’re great for humid environments like the shower area.

Can I put peel and stick over tile?

Yes, peel and stick tiles can typically go over tile if the surface is smooth, clean, has no dents, and is dry. Depending on the depth of the grout lines you may need to spackle and sand to prep the tile. Again read the instructions that come with your tiles.

Can you put peel and stick backsplash behind stove?

Yes! You can totally put a peel and stick tile backsplash behind your stove. They’re heat resistant making them a great way to update a dated kitchen.

Just make sure to confirm the tile you select is in fact fireproof. Whether you only put them behind the stove for a statement or the entire backsplash it’s sure to be a conversation starter.

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Best Peel and Stick Tiles

best peel and stick tile patterns and colors

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven // twelve // thirteen // fourteen // fifteen

1. Subway Tiles Peel and Stick Backsplash

White peel and stick subway tiles are a timeless look that’s perfect for any style of home. For a classic look go for the white grout, grey will be modern, while the black is more farmhouse.

Whatever your style this tile is a great way to update your look. In total there are nine colorways to choose from so I’m confident you’ll find one you love!

2. Marble Stick On Subway Tile

best peel and stick tile marble tile

This peel and stick tile has the look of Carrera marble. It’s a fabulous option to update a fireplace, kitchen backsplash, or bathroom

No matter the space this tile will add clean lines and sophistication. Friends and family are sure to be impressed!

3. Vinyl Subway Backsplash Tile in White

white stick on tiles with gray grout

Love the look of this classic peel and stick tile from Home Depot. It can be installed over existing panels or smooth surfaces.

The tiles are resistant to heat and humidity so they’re a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms. They’re also easy to install making them a great DIY weekend project for you and your spouse.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

4. Peel and Stick Floor Tiles

best peel and stick tile black, white, grey hexagon pattern

Level up the look of your home with the addition of this classic black and white hexagon print option. It’s the perfect look for modern contemporary spaces.

Just remember to measure twice and cut once when installing this pretty peel and stick floor tile.

5. Hexagon Marble Backsplash Peel And Stick

best peel and stick tile hexagon pattern

Create a focal point in your kitchen with this stick-on hexagon marble tile. The small scale packs a big punch in this design.

Brighten up a dingy space with the addition of this modern peel and stick tile.

6. Peel And Stick Mosaic Tile

best peel and stick tile black hexagon pattern

Add contrast and dimension to your living space with this black hexagon pattern. Upgrade the look of your all-white kitchen with this as your new backsplash.

If metallics are more your jam you can get a similar version in gold, bronze, nickel, or pewter tile to really make a statement.

7. Metal Peel And Stick Mosaic Tile

black chevron pattern tiles

This black mosaic herringbone pattern is great for modern contemporary spaces. The clean line and dark color will add contrast and interest to any space it’s in.

Make a statement on your kitchen backsplash or bathroom walls with this stunning tile. Choose from black or gray when placing your order.

8. Best Stick On Tiles For Backsplash

white chevron pattern tiles

If you live in an apartment this removable tile is perfect for you. Upgrade the look of your dated living space with this classic white subway tile.

If you decide to move just take it down and your landlord will have no idea it was ever there. The classic design is also perfect for updating an Airbnb space that’s in need of a little TLC.

9. Removable Peel n Stick Tile

best peel and stick tile black and white

Love this bold black and white floor tile design. The flat vinyl stickers have the look of three-dimensional tile but at a fraction of the price.

Add this product over flat and smooth surfaces for a completely different look. They’re great for adding interest and pattern to your wall and floor.

This tile is also waterproof so you can even add it to your shower or behind the kitchen sink. It’s removable which makes it a great choice for renters too!

10. Retro Peel and Stick Vinyl Tile Flooring

For a retro vibe, this affordable peel and stick tile is awesome! The high-quality vinyl tiles are great for a kitchen, bathroom, den, and more.

Each tile is 12×12″ and there are 20 tiles per box which will cover 20 square feet. This style comes in 16 color and pattern options depending on the vibe you’re after.

11. Peel And Stick Floor Tiles

stick on tiles

This is one of my favorites of the roundup! The modern peel and stick tile has a grey and white crisscross design that’ll make a statement in your home.

Update the look of your bedroom, kitchen, dining room, or living room with this trendy option.

12. Etsy Peel And Stick Tile

stick on tiles

Add this stick-on tile anywhere you are looking to create a focal point. Whether behind the stove (shown), as a backsplash, on the floor, or fireplace this tile will make a fabulous addition to your home.

13. Peel & Stick Floor Tiles

Love the design of this black and white geometric floral peel and stick floor tile for a kitchen or bathroom. We added a similar look in our bathroom and it looks amazing.

bathroom remodel ideas on a budget with black and white hexagon pattern
bathroom remodel ideas on a budget with black and white hexagon pattern

We have the real deal but if you are in an apartment or dorm room this tile will totally transform the vibe of your space. Just peel it off when it’s time to move out and voila no one will know it was ever there!

14. Wayfair Peel And Stick Tile

black and white stick on tiles

Make a statement in your kitchen with this black and white peel and stick tile. Whether on the floor or backsplash, it’ll totally upgrade the look of your design.

It’s easy to clean, cut, and remove when you are done with the look. This design is sure to be a conversation starter.

15. Best Peel And Stick Tile For Fireplace

stick on tiles with white fireplace mantel

Last up is this fun design from Etsy. The bold pattern is awesome to update any space that needs a little love. Add it to your fireplace, kitchen, or bathroom to transform the look of your design.

As you can probably tell I’m very much into the black and white color story these days. There are different looks and patterns so no matter your style there’s one for you.

16. Peel and Stick Vinyl Tile Flooring

best peel and stick tile in black, white, and grey

If you’re after a contemporary look that has pattern and interest this tile is for you. It’s an affordable option that has the look of a real ceramic for a fraction of the price.

This modern peel and stick tile will make a statement in any space it’s in.

When you’re installing the peel and stick tile it’s important to remember they work best over smooth surfaces. Also when you put them down the adhesive is strong so make sure you measure twice, cut once, and take your time.

This DIY project is one that is NOT meant to be rushed.

In my research, I have read if you stick the tile slightly crooked and want to reposition it, it’s difficult to fix. It may also damage the surface you’re tiling over.

So again this is a project that you should not rush or drink wine while doing.

In case that’s your jam. No judgments here. Just save the wine or cocktail for after the DIY job is complete.

That can be your reward for a job well done!

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Peel and Stick Inspiration

Fireplace Surround

Bathroom Floor Vinyl Tile

Bathroom Accent Wall

Peel and Stick Tiles For Kitchen Backsplash

Laundry Room Floor

So many ideas I know!

I hope this post gave you some ideas and inspiration for your next project.

Have an amazing day full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

xo Nicole

This post is all about the best peel and stick tile designs.

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