70s Furniture Design | 20 Resources That’ll Make Your Living Room Look Fabulous

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Looking for ways to add 70s furniture and home decor in your living room? Check out this design that’ll look fabulous in your home.

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70s Furniture

A popular decade currently trending in fashion and home decor is the 70s. You may have noticed details, fabrics, styles, and silhouettes from this time period.

During the ’70s there were many advances in the design of chairs and modular office furniture. Ergonomic designs became all the rage as designers experimented with high-tech materials, steel and plastics.

Scandinavian teak and pine were popular woods that added warmth and a natural vibe. Bold patterns and prints were also trendy.

Then there are the fabrics of the 70s such as velvet, corduroy, and polyester. These retro fabrics are going strong in today’s furniture as well.

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate 70s furniture and home decor in your interior design this post is for you!

This post is all about 70s furniture design ideas.

70s furniture living room with black leather sofa and travertine coffee tables

The featured design was based on the iconic sofa style from the early 70s. The Soriana Sofa by Afra and Tobia Scarpa for Cassina is a beautiful and comfortable work of art.

You may have seen influencers on Instagram posting images of the original vintage sofa that goes for $27,000+. However, the black leather Soriana Sofa replica above can be yours for less than $2700!

70s Furniture Design Inspiration

The first step to designing a space you love is to pull three images that inspire you. The inspiration images for this living room have an earthy zen vibe with organic shapes, wood tones, and a neutral color palette.

Furniture and home decor of the 70s was a mix of style and function. Many pieces looked like works of art that added personality and made a statement.

The purpose of the inspiration images is to create the look and feel or vibe you are after. Elements from each of these spaces were pulled to create the 70’s living room design.

There are two options for the rug and artwork because I had trouble choosing between the two. The neutral rug has a more natural vibe while the checkerboard rug is bold.

Depending on the look you are after either will be an awesome update for your living room design.

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70s furniture living room with black leather sofa and travertine coffee tables

70s Furniture Style Shopping Tips

Once you have your inspiration the next step is to measure and do a floor plan. The purpose of this is so you know what size furniture and home decor will fit in your space.

You can go back after and tweak the measurements when selecting the actual pieces but this will give you a map to follow.

Create 1-2 options of possible layouts and then begin the sourcing process. As you find the furniture and decor that speak to you the floor plan will come in handy.

There is nothing worse than ordering furniture only to find out after it’s delivered that it doesn’t work. Avoid this common mistake by creating a floor plan first.

Here is a FREE download to help you measure your space.

Once you have your measurements you’ll be able to order your furniture with confidence. This video will help you create a floor plan based on the measurements of your space.

Living Room 70s Furniture Interior Design

70s furniture living room with black leather sofa and travertine coffee tables

1. Soriana Sofa // 2. Hand-Tufted Rug // 3. Black Marble Double Floor Lamp // 4. Flush Mount Light // 5. Natural Curtain Panel // 6. Matte Black Curtain Rod // 7. Indoor Outdoor Stool // 8. Travertine Cocktail Tables // 9. Leather Armchair // 10. End Table // 11. Wood Side Table // 12. Sereno Chair // 13. Gleaming Primrose Mirror // 14. Female Bust Statue // 15. Travertine Pedestal Table // 16. Antoni Wood Bowl // 17. Large Stoneware Sculpture // 18. Black Hand Thrown Vase // 19. Victoria Black Vase // 20. Overhand Knot

70s Furniture Resources

70s furniture living room with black leather sofa and travertine coffee tables
Updated Living Room Design

Now that you have your inspiration and floor plan you can get started! This design has a neutral color palette so the sofa was the first piece sourced.

If I was designing with colors, I would use a rug or piece of artwork as the jumping-off point. Head to Sitting Room Design With Navy Sofa And Colorful Artwork You’ll Be Obsessed With for more details.

1. Soriana Sofa

70s furniture black leather lo profile sofa

As I mentioned above the black Soriano sofa is the star of the show. This was actually the piece the influencer I follow was sourcing.

Naturally, she was looking for a more affordable version of the antique style that is still in vogue today. Clearly, I was “influenced” by the post and decided to create this 70s furniture design for anyone interested.

I’ve also been obsessed with the sculptural furniture and decor of this decade. That said I did a quick search for affordable sofa options and found this one for under $3000!

The retro-inspired replica of the Soriano armless sofa has soft pleats with gathered sides and back. It’s supported by a sculptural polished chrome system that adds to the unique design.

The tufted back is like a work of art that’s comfortable and stylish. This showstopper sofa is fabulous for this design.

You can choose from multiple fabrics and colors if the black leather sofa is not for you. No matter which you order this three-seater sofa will make a statement in your interior design.

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2. Retro 70s Inspired Rug

Either of these rug styles would look awesome in this living room design. I went back and forth and in the end, decided to share both.

The hand-tufted wool area rug has a natural vibe with an interesting geometric pattern. It has a muted color palette that complements this 70s design perfectly. It’s made by hand by skilled Indian artisans and will be the focal point of any room it’s in.

This rug is an elevated update to the classic shag rug of the 70s. The subtle zen-like design has a laid-back vibe great for blending in with the neutral palette. Available in nine sizes there’s one no matter the dimensions of your living space.

The next Lulu and Georgia rug on the other hand has a bold two-toned checkerboard pattern that’s perfect for making a statement. It has a black and white monochromatic retro design and plush pile.

Made of 100% wool there may be some shedding but it’ll lessen with regular vacuuming. The edges are finished with a 3″ fringe in white.

The checkerboard rug is available in six sizes. If you’re looking for contrast against the coffee table and chairs this rug is for you.

How can I get a discount on Lulu and Georgia?

Glad you asked! As a blog reader, you’ll save 15% at checkout with the discount code INSPIREDDESIGNTALK15. The savings will help you shop guilt free and design the home of your dreams!

You can thank me later AFTER your Lulu and Georgia furniture is delivered to your home. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again sharing is caring, my friends!

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3. Black Marble Double Floor Lamp

black marble double floor lamp

Another feature of the retro 70s period was cool metal lamps that look like pieces of sculpture. This upward-facing floor lamp has an edgy silhouette in a matte black finish.

It’s great for task lighting since you can swivel the bent arm shade in the direction you need light. The white ivory leather cording and polished black marble base finish the stylish look.

4. Flush Mount Light

flush mount dark bronze light

This simple flush mount light works with the minimalist design style currently trending. The simple design and curvy silhouette will add a modern twist to any ceiling.

For this design, the 70s furniture was the star of the show so the lighting is understated. Enter the code INSPIREDDESIGNTALK15 for 15% off your Lulu and Georgia order! Happy shopping!

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5. Natural Curtain Panel

natural curtain panel

Sticking with the neutral color palette I chose these natural hemp curtain panels. Made in Portugal they’re durable and lightweight with a flowy design. They’ll hold their shape and get softer over time.

Hemp fabric will resist mold and ultraviolet light allowing it to softly filter into the room. These panels are great for adding soft texture and movement to your interior design.

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6. Matte Black Curtain Rod

black curtain rod

For contrast and interest, I chose these black stainless steel curtain rods. The simple design and black color tie back to the rest of the living room elements.

The rod is adjustable and available in multiple sizes to fit your needs.

7. Indoor Outdoor Stool

70s furniture bench

A popular material in the 70s furniture design was teak wood. This stool is made from solid teak and has an organic texture that ties back to the vibe of this design.

It has a rustic style that’ll add character and interest. The round top and tapered legs have a timeless profile and earthy feel.

At 17″ high it’ll look fabulous with the low-profile furniture. Add this stool next to the Sorianna sofa or accent chairs for a place to put down your drink or favorite book.

The stools are great for extra seating when friends are over as well.

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8. Travertine Cocktail Tables

travertine cocktail tables

Sticking with the neutral earthy vibe I chose these travertine coffee tables. They are inspired by 1970s Italian modern design and have an architectural silhouette.

The fluted details on the base and the variation in the natural travertine add to the vintage vibe. If you are looking to make a statement these nesting tables will contrast against the checkerboard rug.

For a more subtle look, they’ll blend in with the natural jute rug. Again either is fabulous just depends on the look and feel you are after.

If your space is smaller you don’t need all three. Each size is sold separately so order the amount and size that fits your space best.

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9. Leather Armchair

leather armchair with metal frame

Can you believe this modern leather chair is from Pottery Barn? I originally found it on another site but it was sold out.

To my surprise, it came up on Pottery Barn when I googled it. I think I still associate them with a more traditional timeless style but they also have some modern contemporary furniture pieces as well.

The simple details of this accent chair go a long way. It’s designed to have a luxurious look but be super comfortable. It has an iron frame that’s wrapped in soft leather with saddle-inspired buckles.

You’ll sink right in the attached leather cushions and never want to get up. If you have the space a pair of these top-grain leather chairs would look fabulous with the black Sorianna couch!

10. Wood Accent Stool

solid wood accent table

Made of natural teak this end table fits in great with the 70s furniture of this design. The natural texture and rustic vibe are awesome for adding warmth and dimension.

At 15-16″ high this end table will work well with the low-profile sofa and chairs. It’s shown next to the sofa but would be nice with the accent chairs too.

Add one wherever you need a place to put your drink down or want to display organic home decor.

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11. Wood Side Table

70s furniture stool

This super cute side table provides just the right amount of modern style and rustic refinement. The teak wood material gives this accent table support and durability.

Add this side table next to the leather sofa or the accent chairs for interest and dimension. Enter the code INSPIREDDESIGNTALK15 for 15% off your Lulu and Georgia order! Happy shopping!

12. Sereno Chair

boucle sereno chair

The Sereno chair is based on the iconic ground-hugging french design from the 70s. It has a slouchy curvy look that’ll add sophistication to your space.

In the featured design, there’s a pair with a teak stool in between. The tonal and textural ivory bouclé fabric is great to contrast the black elements in the room.

A pair will make a statement on either rug option and are great for extra seating. The cozy chair features a pillow-like construction, a wide channel ergonomic design, and a loungy but supportive shape.

The walnut plinth base adds warmth and interest to the design.

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13. Gleaming Primrose Mirror

anthropologie black floor lamp

Mirrors are great for creating interest and making a space appear larger. The ornate details of this Anthropologie Primrose mirror will add a vintage touch to the ’70s-inspired living room.

Add it on a wall that needs a little extra something to bring the space to life.

14. Female Bust Statue

black female bust

This female bust statue is a twist on the classic decor. Made of black resin it’ll add style and personality to your home decor.

Pair her with the travertine pedestal table below in a corner to create a moment. It’s sure to be a conversation starter with friends.

15. Travertine Pedestal Table

travertine pedestal table

As mentioned above this travertine pedestal table is great for a corner or blank wall. Add contrast and make a statement with the black bust statue.

A vase with decorative branches will look fabulous as well.

16. Antoni Wood Bowl

wood planter

In the featured design, I showed this wood bowl paired with greenery inside. It’s great for adding a subtle pop of color to the neutral design.

A color that was popular in the ’70s was avocado green so this look fits perfectly.

17. Large Stoneware Sculpture

modern home decor with ivory sculpture and black base

Organic shapes were a thing in 70s design so this H&M sculpture is awesome. Made of stoneware it has an irregular silhouette and asymmetric hole through the center.

The contrast cube-shaped wooden base adds interest and balance to the piece.

18. Black Hand Thrown Vase

black tall vase

To tie back to the black elements in this design I added this handcrafted clay vase. Made by artists in Chulucanas City in Northern Peru the modern design is finished in a matte black glaze.

Add your favorite wood tree branches to complete the look.

19. Victoria Black Vase

black vase

This smaller vase would look great with the vase above and the natural knot. In the featured design, the vases add contrast to the travertine coffee tables.

The terracotta vase has a black glaze, round curves, and an angled lip. It’s perfect for adding an organic feel to this neutral zen design.

20. Overhand Knot

70s furniture accessories overhand knot

Add this simple knot accessory in front of the two black vases for interest. It also follows the rule of threes which says that things arranged in odd numbers are more appealing, memorable, and effective than even-numbered groupings. 

That said, create moments of odd number grouping in your living space for a design that’s the talk of the party. This home decor staple will be in style for many years to come.

20. 70’s Inspired Artwork

Both these modern abstract artwork designs are from Lulu and Georgia. Either one would look awesome but again I had trouble choosing.

I do love them with the rugs they’re paired with in the design images above. The rectangle Sculpture | & || Prints are large 35″W X 65″L. When combined as a set the measurement is 70″W X 130″ L.

That said make sure the size works for your space. I have it shown above the sofa but typically the center of the artwork would be at eye level.

As a general rule that would be about 60″- 62″ from the center of the artwork to the floor. The placement also depends on how tall your ceilings are.

@inspireddesigntalk center of artwork should be 60” up from the floor at eye level. #interiordesigntips #artwork #diyhomedecor #fyp #apartmentdecor ♬ Try Something New – Alex Arias & Alexander Julius Wright

If you’re looking to create a focal point these will add a bold modern look to your living space. The angular geometric shapes and the two-tone pattern add a minimalist feel.

The second modern art Shapes 1 Print is shown as four pieces with a black frame. There are multiple sizes and frame finishes but the black goes perfectly with the feature design.

This artwork is great for creating a graphic pop with the neutral rug of the second design. Again depending on the space, you are working with a set of three is also a possible layout idea.

That’s a wrap!! I hope this 70s inspired design gave you inspiration and ideas to create your happy place.

Enjoy and Have fun!!

Have an amazing day full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

xo Nicole

This post is all about 70s furniture design ideas.

People Ask:

What was furniture made of in the 70s?

Popular materials of 70s furniture were high-tech materials, steel, plastics, teak, and pine wood. There were also shag rugs, textured walls, and lacquered furniture many of which are making a comeback.

Fabrics included velvet, corduroy, and polyester.

What were some popular colors in the 1970s?

Aside from the neutrals in this design other colors from the 70s were harvest gold, avocado green, orange, ruby red, earthy brown, and turquoise.

What is 70’s interior design?

The style of the 70s interior design was rich colors of nature, wicker furniture, macrame, the use of geometric shapes and patterns, organic sculptural silhouettes, and open floor plan spaces.

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