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In Stock Furniture Living Room Design Inspiration (Shop The Look)

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Looking for in stock furniture for your living room? Check out this design inspiration that has everything you need to shop the look!

There are currently A LOT of supply chain issues in the home design field. Custom furniture that used to take 30 days now takes 4-6 months!

If you don’t have the time (or patience) to wait in stock furniture and home decor are the way to go. Rather than design an individual sofa or chair just design your overall space instead.

It’ll be more fun and so much less stressful. You may be thinking I don’t want my space to look like a furniture showroom. Trust me it won’t!

The secret is to curate your design from a variety of retailers. You can start the process by pulling inspiration from Pinterest or you can use the design below full of ready-to-ship items.

It’s up to you but starting from the modern living room concept below is way easier. Just saying!

That said check out the resources and let me know your thoughts!

This post is all about in-stock furniture living room inspiration.

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in stock furniture living room with white sofa, wood coffee table and leather accent chair

In Stock Furniture And Home Decor Inspiration

This living room design features a neutral color palette that’s full of texture, pattern, and materials. There are layers of neutral colors that will add warmth and depth to your home.

The jumping-off point was the abstract artwork that’ll make a statement in any space it’s in. The chandelier and wall sconce are fabulous for general and accent lighting.

All the in-stock furniture items are ready to ship. If you just moved in a didn’t realize how far out custom furniture delivery is this design is for you.

The beauty of designing with neutrals is it’s very easy to update the vibe by changing out the accent colors. Add a bold pop of color in at least three places and you’ll have an updated look.

Beware even in-stock furniture and home decor can still be delayed. Place your order, put it out to the universe, and know that it’ll be delivered exactly when the time is right.

Shop The Look

in stock furniture living room with white sofa, wood coffee table and leather accent chair

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase, I might make a small commission at no extra charge to you. Please read my full disclosure here. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

1. Abstract Painting // 2. Deep Track-Arm Sofa // 3. Leather Honeycomb Pillow Cover // 4. Kelly Wearstler Pillow Cover // 5. Embroidered Lumbar Pillow // 6. Kelly Wearstler Chandelier // 7. Yale Wall Sconce // 8. Round Side Table // 9. Wood Coffee Table // 10. Buddha with Beads // 11. Modern Area Rug // 12. Wood Leather Chair // 13. Drink Table // 14. Zuri Outdoor Stool // 15. Modern Bar Cart

1. Abstract Painting

abstract artwork in neutral colors

The jumping-off point for this living room design was this abstract oil painting from Etsy. It’s handmade and available in multiple sizes.

Use kraft paper cut to the size of the artwork and hang it on your wall for a visual to choose the best size for your living space.

Each piece of artwork is handmade so there will be subtle differences from the original. The timeline for this beautiful art is about a month which qualifies as in stock (these days).

2. Deep Track-Arm In Stock Sofa

in stock furniture olefin sofa

Your sofa should arrive at the same time as the artwork above. It has a 4+ week expected delivery when you order the quartz textured weave colorway.

The heathered warp and boucle fabric give the basketweave pattern its tone variations. It’s upholstered in 100% olefin which is easy to care for and made to last for many years to come.

At just under $1600 this affordable sofa is a great choice for any living room design. Go for the neutral palette in this concept or add a pop of color if that’s more your thing.

The deep track arm sofa is available in two depths and three sizes. If you have more time you can choose one of the custom fabric or color options.

For this living room design, the in-stock couch option is shown above.

3. Leather Honeycomb Pillow Cover

leather pillow cover

Add a luxe look to your living room with this leather and linen Arhaus pillow cover. The leather honeycomb pattern and rich color will add interest and texture to any living space.

It’s available in dark brown, navy, or tan (shown). Pair the 20″ pillow with a 22″ pillow behind it for layers of texture and dimension.

The tan color was the perfect pop to tie back to the accent chair and artwork. It also brings in additional texture, pattern, and dimension to the design.

4. Kelly Wearstler Pillow Cover

kelly wearstler abstract pillows for couch

Love this fabulous pillow cover for this neutral living room design! It has shades of brown and pink for an organic vibe.

The Kelly Wearstler District Fabric print is perfect for adding a sophisticated look to any space it’s in. Choose the size that works best with your interior design when placing your order.

5. Embroidered Lumbar Pillow

embroidered neutral pillow

I added this pillow to the accent chair but it could have gone on the neutral sofa in front of the leather-textured pillow as well.

The affordable lumbar pillow costs just under $30 but it’ll make a big statement. It has an earth-tone pattern, ivory ground, and canvas backing.

Pillows are a fun and inexpensive way to add style and personality to your interior design.

6. Kelly Wearstler Chandelier

kelly wearstler visual comfort chandelier

Create a focal point in your home with the addition of this Kelly Wearstler modern chandelier. The tubular metal arms and cylindrical glass shades have a minimalist vibe great for the modern home.

This stylish chandelier features a luxe finish, a round canopy, and an adjustable rod. It’s the perfect option for contemporary living or dining areas.

Adding layers of general, accent, and task lighting to your living space will create an atmosphere and mood. Not to mention it saves on your electric bill when you put them on a dimmer switch!

7. Yale Wall Sconce

arteriors sconce

You’ll create a dramatic look in your living space with the addition of the Yale wall sconce. It features rows of thin brass chains draped over the frame with long lengths that give a tassel effect. 

Light will bounce off the mirrored backplate adding mood and ambiance to your room. Lighting is said to be the jewelry of a room and this sconce is like a fabulous pair of earrings.

8. Round Side Table

white and marble side table

Add an industrial vibe to your living room design with the addition of this concrete and steel side table. It has brass accents at the sides for a touch of sophistication and glam.

For those looking to make a statement in their living space, this sofa side table is for you. Each piece is finished by hand by artisans in Vietnam.

The light and airy silhouette is perfect for both small and large spaces.

9. Wood Coffee Table

in stock furniture wood coffee table

Love the high-contrast colors and swirling grain of this spalted wood rectangle coffee table. The organic characteristics are developed from the decay process the timber wood has undergone.

This coffee table sits on top of a recessed base of oxidized iron for a modern vibe. Choose between two sizes and three color options when placing your order.

No matter your style or living space there is a version of this wood coffee table for you!

10. Buddha with Beads

buddha with beads statue home decor

Yes, another design with the Buddha. You may be noticing a trend. I have a thing for the Buddha. If you are a meditator like me you’ll have an appreciation for the serene expression of this meditating Buddha.

Add good vibes and positive energy to your living room with the addition of the seated Buddha with beads.

Made of cast stone in a natural finish this piece is sure to inspire internal wisdom for many years to come. The strand of prayer beads and tassel complete the look.

11. Modern Area Rug

in stock area rug

The best-seller Oasis rug is the perfect choice for this neutral living room. Area rugs are great for defining a space, adding texture, warmth, and pattern to any design.

This ivory and sand rug is available to ship in 10-14 business days. It’s handwoven with a plush and soft hand feel. The contrasting pile height and the ornate pattern will elevate any space this modern area rug is in.

12. Wood Leather Chair

in stock furniture accent chair

The in-stock color of this accent chair is camel leather which is the perfect complement to this neutral earthy living room. If you have the space add a pair with a cute drink table between.

For those with smaller spaces create a moment in a corner of your room with your leather chair, accent table, and floor lamp behind. It will quickly become your favorite spot to relax and unwind.

This chair has mid-century modern lines made with ash wood and rich full-grain, full-aniline-dyed leather. It has streamlined arms, a cantilevered seat, and a vertical slat back for style and comfort.

No matter the placement this accent chair will make a statement in your living room design. At 28″ wide by 33″ deep this leather accent chair is a great option for smaller spaces as well.

13. Drink Table

marble side table

Mixed materials give this marble accent table a clean, contemporary look. It’s the perfect height for a drink or vase. The contrasting marble base and gold top turn this slim table into a modern work of art.

Please don’t forget to use a coaster to protect the gold top from all those sweaty drinks. That’ll help maintain your table so it lasts for many years to come.

14. Zuri Outdoor Stool

in stock furniture stool

The aged teak wood stool is perfect for candles, cocktails, or planters. It’s also great for extra seating when you have family and friends over for a visit.

Due to the natural material, there will be slight variations in the look of each stool. This stool can be used in indoor or outdoor spaces which is awesome!

15. Modern Bar Cart

bar cart cabinet

Last up in this living room design is this two-tiered bar cart from Crate & Barrel. It’s part of their collaboration with the leather goods company Frye.

The bar cart has leather and gold accents with acacia wood shelves. It’s great to use as a bar or coffee cart depending on your needs.

It would also make for a fabulous printing station for your home office if you need a cool option for that as well.

This bar cart will elevate the look of any space it’s in not to mention it’ll provide a much-needed storage solution. It’s the perfect balance of style and function wrapped up in one.

I hope this in-stock furniture and home decor living room design inspires you to design your modern home!

This post is all about in-stock furniture living room inspiration.

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