Living Room Budget Calculator That’ll Save You Money

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Looking for an idea of how much that new Living Room will cost you? Grab the Living Room Budget Calculator Worksheet to help you start planning today!

So you’re ready to start your living room design project but have no idea how much it will cost.

Don’t worry you’re not alone!

What I’ve found is that most people focus on one piece at a time.

If they’re doing a Living Room makeover the first thing they will think is….OK, I need to paint my room and then pick a sofa.

What you don’t realize is that you should plan out your room first. Especially the main pieces like your sofa, chairs, rug, tables, artwork, color scheme, and overall look and feel.

The artwork or rug is a great jumping-off point to start your room design. It makes it super easy to create the color palette of your living room design.

All this should be planned out BEFORE you pick the paint color.

The reason is that there are hundreds of paint colors but fewer fabric colors.

Choosing the paint color first will lock you into the undertone of your paint. For example, if you pick a paint color with a yellow or blue undertone it might NOT work best with your overall design.

If you choose the paint color after you have planned your color the process will be much easier.

This post is all about the living room budget calculator worksheet.

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Living Room Budget Calculator Inspiration

In the below Target post, I shared a handy Living Room Budget Calculator | Price Guideline and Budget Worksheet to help with your next project.

Included is a list of items you may want to have in your room design at three different price points.

In the future, I’ll do favorite vendors for Budget, Mid Range and High-End price points so be on the lookout for that.

Not every item is needed but I wanted to list the possibilities so you could decide whether or not you’d like a bar cabinet for example.

Living Room Budget Calculator Price Guideline Sheet

There is a worksheet for the Living Room items as well as a blank worksheet if you are working in a different room right now.

Remember it’s always best to plan out as many of the larger pieces as possible to create the Look and Feel of your space.

Interior Design Process

These thirteen design tips will help you plan out your living room.

1. Create a Floor Plan

2. Pull Inspiration Images

3. Make Your Dream List

4. Set A Budget

5. Start Sourcing Items

6. Pull Your Color Palette From A Rug, Artwork, or Pillows

7. Look At The Design As A Whole

8. Make Sure To Repeat Elements Within The Design

9. Find The Best Price For Final Selections

10. Order Your Products

11. Patiently Wait For Your Items To Arrive

12. Put Your Room Together

13. Enjoy!

How To Design A Modern Living Room

Here are the steps I take when designing any space.

Step 1

Create a Pinterest brain dump board. This is where you will save your inspiration images from Step 2 and the products you like.

As you source online save the images at the same time. Otherwise, you may not remember where you got the image from.

Don’t worry if you like a lot of products because you will narrow it down later.

Also, do not look at the prices yet. Just save furniture and home decor you like.

This is meant to be the inspiration for the look and feel you are after. Just dream right now.

Step 2

Start to narrow down your saved images.

Choose no more than 3 images from Pinterest or online that will be your inspiration.

Step 3

Choose a jumping-off piece (artwork, fabric, pillow print, or a rug).

Use Canva or Google Slides to create a concept board. Add this image to your board.

Step 4

Establish your color palette choose neutrals (white, black, ivory, gray, etc) and 1-2 pop colors if you’d like. Your pop color can also be a metal such as gold.

Save these colors to your Canva board as well.

Step 5

Choose your main statement furniture piece (the largest piece of furniture, your sofa in this case)

Add this to the Canva Board.

Step 6 

Choose accent furniture (side tables, coffee tables, accent chairs, etc)

Save these to the Canva board as well.

Step 7 

Choose pillows, rugs, accessories, lighting, etc

You know the drill save these to the Canva Concept Board.

Step 8

Measure your space and create a floor plan. Use a free room planner tool online.

Free How To Measure Download

Don’t forget to measure and create your floor plan. Grab the handy download to get started today.

Step 9

Once you have the “look and feel” concept board and your floor plan complete this will be the road map to follow for your room design.

Whether you are sourcing online or out and about, you will know the furniture, home decor, and size you need

This takes out the guesswork and reduces the number of returns you will have.

After the steps from above are complete you may need to tweak the products you selected based on price or size.

As you work through the floor plan process you will add the sizes from the pieces you sourced. If anything doesn’t fit you’ll need to find an alternative.

Target Living Room Budget Calculator Design


This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase, I might make a small commission at no extra charge to you. Please read my full disclosure here. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

1. Small Seagrass Light Pendant // 2. Brass Figurine Gold // 3. Gino Turned Drum Accent Table // 4. Guilford Sofa // 5. Artificial Rubber Leaf Tree // 6. Leonia Round Marble Drink Table // 7. Stripes Poly Filled Pillow // 8. Wood Drum Cocktail Table // 9. Decorative Wooden Bead Garland Natural // 10. Lumbar Woven Textured // 11. Square Velvet Embroidered Pillow // 12. Vintage Persian Rug // 13. Throw Blanket Pink // 14. Brass Leg Ottoman // 15. Console Table with Woven Rattan // 16. Cane Back Accent Chair // 17. Decorative Round Rattan Basket // 18. Gold Mirror // 19. Treetops Peel & Stick Wallpaper

The above breakdown is an example of how much your living room design may cost you. This is just a guideline for a more affordable living room design.

The more high-end you go on your furniture pieces the more the design will cost. The sky is the limit, my friends!

That’s it for today’s quickie post.

I hope this was helpful and inspiring as you go through your interior design journey.

This post is all about the living room budget calculator worksheet.

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