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Looking for a stylish grey modern living room design to update your home? Check out all the awesome resources and SHOP THE LOOK right now!

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Have you been loving all the grey modern living room ideas online but don’t know where to start? Creating your interior design from scratch can be an overwhelming process.

Many people start with the couch and focus on that until they find the perfect one. After the sofa, they move onto the coffee table and then work piece by piece to complete their design.

There is nothing wrong with this process but what tends to happen is the living room design looks incomplete. Something missing is usually the finishing touches that create the wow factor.

If you are looking to make a statement in your home this concept board will inspire you to get started. It features a complete look that will give you ideas on where to start.

You can always tweak the design and make it your own but at least this will give you a jumping-off point to start the process.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

This post is all about grey modern living room design ideas.

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Grey Modern Living Room Design

Before we get into the resources from this design I want to remind you to measure your space. You need a floor plan of exactly what pieces will fit in your design.

The scale of furniture can be deceiving so you’ll want to check measurements before you purchase. This goes for accessories as well.

The accessories that are shown all work well together but check the height and width of these as well. They’re not all to scale and are meant to give ideas and inspiration.

Now let’s get into the story behind this design concept.

Shop The Look Design Inspiration

This design features a neutral color palette that’s the perfect backdrop for the colorful artwork. It’s the focal point of the living room design and draws the eye in.

Designing with a neutral color palette is great because you can pull color out from the artwork to add to your room. For example, adding pink or yellow pillows and accessories will give this space a completely different vibe.


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1. Contemporary Art // 2. Modern Tufted Sofa // 3. Cream Boucle Lounge // 4. Modern Side Table // 5. Sheepskin Ottoman // 6. Bar Cabinet // 7. Martini Side Table // 8. Pedestal Drink Table // 9. Round Marble Brass Coffee Table // 10. Abstract Rug // 11. Silver Metallic Hide // 12. Black Modern Pillows // 13. Mongolian Pillow Covers // 14. Leather Black Pillow // 15. Colorblock Curtain Panel // 16. Black Curtain Rod // 17. Liaison Wall Sconce

1. Contemporary Art

Grey Modern Living Room Artwork

Image by Z Gallerie

When starting a design project for any space, find a piece that will be your jumping-off point. In this design, the first item pulled was this artwork from ZGallerie.

I wanted a statement piece that would bring in a pop of color and create a focal point. The color palette of this design is neutral with grey, ivory, and black. The touches of gold throughout add warmth and interest.

The printed canvas artwork was created using hand-applied embellishments and a textural finish. You can hang this piece horizontally as shown or vertically depending on your design.

This custom modern artwork features bold brushstrokes and an impressive mix of colors. If you want to infuse more color into your design add pillows to the sofa and chair in colors from the print.

Pro Tip: Repeat your accent color in a minimum of three places to add flow and balance to your living room design.

xo Nicole

For this concept board the grey in the artwork ties back to the furniture. Not pulling any color into the decor makes a bold impact which is the look I was after here.

2. Modern Tufted Sofa

Modern Living Room Furniture

Image by Wayfair

The couch is where most people start with their interior design. Since it’s the largest piece in the living room it makes sense.

Once you have an idea of the sofa you want next pull the other pieces together. This will give you an idea of how the completed design will look. It will also help create a “look and feel” in your space.

This modern tufted sofa is unique in that it features a track arm with a tufted back and nailheads. Most often you will see this style of couch with rolled arms which gives it a more glam or transitional look. Depending on the fabric of course.

The Wayfair grey tufted couch comes with the toss pillows shown. You can use them as is or cover them with your favorite pillow covers.

If you are looking for grey couch living room ideas this tufted sofa is for you!

3. Cream Boucle Chair

Image by CB2

5. Sheepskin Ottoman

Image by CB2

In case you missed the memo boucle furniture is trending in everything from sofas, chairs, ottomans, pillows, and more! The fabric is not only comfortable but it will help add texture to your design as well.

The oversized boucle chair from CB2 features an FSC ®-certified wood frame and solid bleached oak legs. This chair will make a fabulous addition as a pair or solo. Don’t forget to add a cute drink table to complete your look.

Sheepskin is a similar fabric that is also trending in home furnishing and decor. This ottoman is sure to make a statement in your living space.

Add a single sheepskin ottoman in front of the boucle chair or a pair for extra seating in your design.

4. Modern Side Table

Image by West Elm

7. Martini Side Table

Image by CB2

Either of these modern side tables can be added next to the sofa or accent chair in your design. The West Elm side table features clean lines, a geometric shape, and intricate hand-cut ridges.

I LOVE the look of this martini side table. It’s the perfect piece to add to your contemporary living room design. The table was inspired by the silhouette and visual balance of a martini glass.

This accent table is sure to make a statement in your living room design. The round gunmetal top contrasts against the white marble base for a seamless look.

8. Pedestal Drink Table

Image by West Elm

9. Marble Brass Coffee Table

Image by CB2

Another obsession of mine is by far the drink table. You can never have too many of these in your home and they are fabulous when entertaining.

This solid marble brass-finished table is the perfect height to hold a cocktail or vase. Its slim footprint makes it ideal for small spaces or between two accent chairs.

Keeping with the marble and gold look of this design I chose the CB2 coffee table for a touch of glam. It features a low profile, marble top, and brass base. At 12″ off the floor it will fit beautifully with any design style.

Available in six colorways there is one here for your living room design.

6. Bar Cabinet

Image by West Elm

Add a touch of Hollywood glamour to your living space with this bar cabinet. It will perfectly store all of your bar accessories and cocktails out of sight.

The top offers ample space for serving and entertaining guests when you have company over. Inspired by the Art Deco design style the curved frame and bronze legs will make a statement in your home.

This bar cabinet has a built-in wine glass rack that will hold 18 standard-sized glasses. There are two adjustable shelves and the wine rack will hold 8 bottles.

It may look like a small piece but the storage solutions are fabulous in this modern bar cabinet.

10. Abstract Rug

Image by Overstock

11. Silver Metallic Hide

Image by Arhaus

One of the places you can save money in your budget is the area rug. If you have little ones or pets it’s especially a good idea since there may be accidents.

We recently replaced our area rug in the living room after our elderly dog had an accident. I have to say the quality and style of this area rug are up to par.

The grey and ivory abstract design fits in beautifully with this neutral living room design.

Because I love to mix high and low price points in all my designs here is something for those without a budget. Ha! Joke, everyone has some type of budget.

But seriously this silver metallic hide rug is on sale right now for just over 1K. It’s an investment piece that can be layered in your living room or added to your bedroom.

For a glam touch, add it to your home office and you’ll be motivated to stay productive. It features a metallic splatter paint treatment that will add interest to any space.

12. Black Modern Pillows

Image by CB2

13. Mongolian Pillow Covers

Image by West Elm

14. Leather Black Pillow

Image by CB2

Pillows are a great way to create a color palette if you don’t have artwork or a rug to use as a jumping-off point. For this design, I chose two black pillows that have pattern and texture.

To add contrast and dimension the Mongolian pillows were added which tie back to the vibe of the ottoman. Always repeat elements in your design for flow and balance.

The beauty of pillow covers is you can quickly update the look of your space by changing them out. In this design, you can change them later for a pop color, pulled from the artwork, for an updated look.

Pro Tip: Use down pillows fills 2″ larger than your pillow covers as a general rule for a choppable pillow look.

xo Nicole

15. Colorblock Curtain Panel

Image by Target

16. Black Curtain Rod

Image by CB2

When hanging your drapery panels create drama and height by placing the rod as high as possible. I like to come down about 4″ from the ceiling in my designs.

Placing the rod close to the ceiling line will draw the eye up and give the illusion of height. Sticking with the neutral color palette, I chose the ivory curtain panels from Target.

They feature a color block border in gray that would look awesome with this design. The modern black rod will add contrast and is an update to the gold rods I normally source.

We know I love my gold!

Modern Living Room Lighting

17. Liaison Wall Sconce

Image by Lumens

Don’t forget the jewelry in the room! That’s the lighting in case you forgot.

Depending on your space sconces are great to add as accent lighting. Install them next to artwork as shown or next to a mirror. These stunning gold wall sconces by Kelly Wearstler feature a cylindrical body made of crackle glass that houses two vintage Edison lamps (not included).

I specked this sconce for a client’s NYC condo and it looked fabulous. We added a pair of bronze modern sconces to both sides of the living room wall art. It added extra lighting and highlighted the artwork.

This stunning wall sconce is available in a total of three finishes. So if gold is not your jam go for the bronze or polished nickel.

Modern Living Room Decor


18. Volcanic Vase // 19. Metal Loop Object // 20. Ceramic White Floor Vase // 21. Porcupine Decorative Object // 22. Grecian Bust Candle // 23. Metal Sphere Decorative Object // 24. Modern ColorStak Books // 25. Stone Taper Candle Holder // 26. Bar Tool Set // 27. Barware Accessories

Last up are the accessories to complete the look and feel of your grey modern living room design. These are meant to give ideas and inspiration on how you can pair them together to finish your living space.

Any of the pieces can be moved around and rearranged to create multiple looks. That’s what I do in my home anytime I get bored of the look.

The black accessories are awesome to add drama and contrast to this design. Adding touches of gold helps warm up the space and adds shine as well.

When it comes to accessories add books, vases, decorative candles, sculptures, and bar accessories for interest. The trick is to include home decor that is of different sizes, materials, and textures for added dimension.

Accessories are also awesome for adding personality and style to your home.

Refer to the image above for inspiration on how to pair up your home decor. The possibilities are endless when it comes to adding accessories to finish the look of your design.

And that’s a wrap, my friends! Another Living Room Design in the books to inspire your next interior design project.

This post is all about grey modern living room design ideas.

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