Kelly Hoppen Design Living Room Inspiration (Shop The Look)

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Looking for Kelly Hoppen design inspiration for your living room? Check out my favorite products that’ll look like you hired her.

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If you love neutral contemporary design Kelly Hoppen is one to follow. Her style is timeless and classic but will feel anything but boring.

She’s known for combining the look of East beautifully meets West. The palette is neutral with colors such as black, white, ivory, beige, grey, and TAUPE!

Those familiar with her work know Kelly Hoppen loves to use taupe. The color is a combination of pale brown-gray with either warm or cool undertones.

The base of neutral colors in combination with taupe creates living spaces that are welcoming and inviting. The mature color is great for adding a simplistic but elevated look to your interior design.

That said if you’re looking to makeover your living room this design will help you do just that. The neutral colors and gold accents will create a sophisticated timeless design.

This post is all about the Kelly Hoppen design inspiration.

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kelly hoppen design living room with curved coffee table and round area rug

What design style does Kelly Hoppen use?

Kelly Hoppen uses a neutral color palette that’s timeless and soothing. Her designs include a combination of ivory, beige, grey, taupe, and black.

The neutral tones are accented with metallics of gold or silver. She combines clean lines, sculptural unique furniture, and loads of texture.

She’s known for her signature style that mixes elements of East meets West.

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What is Kelly Hoppen known for?

Kelly Hoppen is known for simple but elevated spaces that are balanced and serene. For over 40 years she has designed for celebrities and high-income clients all over the world.

She has written over nine books, is a TV personality, and has won many awards. Add her bespoke style is available on her website, books, social media, and products.

Kelly Hoppen Interiors Shop The Look

kelly hoppen design living room with curved coffee table and round area rug

All The Design Details

This design was inspired by the below image from Instagram. It’s a great example of the neutral spaces Kelly Hoppen is known for creating.

It has a neutral color palette with ivory, beige, grey, and black. Even though there’s no “color” there are layers of texture, metallics, and pattern.

The beautiful curved sectional sofa is grounded by the round area rug and radial design. It has low-profile furniture that’s super warm and inviting.

1. Curved Sectional Sofa

curved statement couch

At the center of this Kelly Hoppen design inspiration is this statement sectional sofa. At 176″W x 45″D it’s large so you’ll want to measure first.

It’s perfect to add drama and style to your living room makeover. Float it in the center of an open floor plan for a dramatic look.

The curved back will define the area and help guide the traffic flow of your room. It has a sinuous wire spring seat construction for comfort and durability.

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Living Room Shopping Tips

No matter which furniture you’re shopping for it’s important to always start with a floor plan of your space. I know I sound like a broken record but the floor plan will help you avoid costly mistakes.

This design is meant to inspire your next project BUT I can’t stress enough how important it is to MEASURE before you order. Every space is going to be different so it’s important to make sure each piece works well in your home.

Download your FREE how-to-measure guide today!

2. Round Area Rug

kelly hoppen design inspired round abstract area rug

To ground this design and define the seating area a 12′ round area rug was used. It’ll give you a similar look to the inspiration image for a fraction of the price.

Pairing a round rug with a curved sofa will make your space stand out. It’s not a common look so it’s sure to attract many onlookers.

The neutral ivory and gray hues are great to pair with this modern minimalist design. It has a subtle striated pattern that will blend right in.

It’s not easy to find large affordable round rugs but this one is fabulous. The durable rug is made from synthetic fibers that are stain-resistant and made for high-traffic areas.

If you have kids or pets this rug is awesome. If you don’t have space for the round area rug there are also square and rectangular sizes available too.

3. Round Nesting Coffee Table

Round Nesting Coffee Table

There’s so much to love about this unique coffee table. It has an original design that’s functional and stylish.

If you’re looking for a creative storage solution for your living space this is for you. The mixed-material coffee table combines metal, wood, and marble for a modern look.

The table has a lift top with storage and a rotatable lower table with two drawers. Store your books, work supplies, or blankets out of site with this clever design.

Contrasting colors are great for adding interest and balance to your interior design. At almost 55″ long this coffee table will add plenty of surface space in front of the large curved sofa.

4. Black Marble Side Tables

black marble side tables

These black marble side tables will add a dramatic vibe at the side of the sofa. They’re also perfect to put down your cocktail or book of the moment.

It has an hourglass pedestal base with a faux marble finish. The beauty of the pair is you can keep them together or spread them out depending on your needs.

In this design, black is spread throughout for interest and contrast against the lighter tones. It’s the perfect balance of yin and yang energy.

5. Boucle Accent Chair

kelly hoppen design inspired  armless boucle accent chair

Armless accent chairs will make a space feel open and expansive. The low profile, modern curves, and soft boucle texture will add interest but not a lot of mass.

For this design, a pair was added opposite the sectional sofa for extra seating. The arrangement will encourage long hours of conversations with friends and family.

At just over $500 a chair, the price will work with most budgets while giving you a designer look. The chic cozy chairs are fashion-forward and will create a relaxed luxurious vibe in your room.

6. Small Marble Side Table

black marble side table

This chic accent table comes in black, white, or antique marble but in this design the black is fabulous. It’s great for adding an elevated look and fits right between the pair of accent chairs.

The marble top and orb base are at opposite ends of the iron post. It ties back to the other black elements in the design while adding contrast to the lighter elements.

7. Bouclé Ottoman

kelly hoppen design inspired boucle ottoman with gold frame

The pair of boucle ottomans are awesome for additional seating in this Kelly Hoppen design. It has a modern silhouette upholstered in loopy material for texture and softness.

There’s a contrasting gold frame that adds to the unique style. The rounded curves of the plump cushion will be a comfortable spot to sit or put your feet up.

This popular ottoman is available in ivory or black boucle. In the end, I decided on ivory but either colorway would look awesome in this room.

8. White Shade Medium Chandelier

white shade chandelier

By now you know lighting is the jewelry of a room and adds that finished touch to complete a space. This unique chandelier has a plaster white shade and bronze details for a sophisticated look.

It’s very similar to the one from the Kelly Hoppen living room inspiration. If you prefer to add more gold elements in your space there’s also a version available with that finish.

9. Floor Lamp

black floor lamp

Another designer by the same first name I love is Kelly Wearstler. So it’s only fitting that a piece from her lighting collection is included here.

The great thing about high-end designers who expand into furniture or decor is you can afford to add their design style to your home.

Without these pieces, you’d probably never be able to invite them into your home. This floor lamp has a sleek silhouette with modern lines.

If you’re looking for a timeless floor lamp to stand the test of time this one is for you. It’s the perfect contrast behind the ivory sofa and will add ambiance to the space.

10. Electric Fireplace

realistic electric fireplace wall mount

A wall-mount electric fireplace is great for adding warmth and atmosphere to your design. This one has realistic flames that flicker behind the brilliant bed of glass.

It has a multi-color flame but works without heat making it fabulous no matter the weather. Hang it on your wall, choose from one of the multiple heat settings, and enjoy!

This modern electric fireplace will add beauty and convenience to your living space. It’ll also be the talk of the party and make your friends jelly. Haha, Just saying!

Sidenote: This fireplace can NOT be recessed into the wall.

11. Round Mirror

round organic mirror

Kelly Hoppen designs with organic elements that add movement, texture, and interest. This chic mirror has an imperfect round shape that’ll create a focal point on any blank wall.

It’s available in black (shown) or brass perfect for any modern contemporary home. Either one will add style and elegance to your interior design.

12. Abstract Artwork

black and white modern contemporary art

Artwork will add personality and interest to any space. For this design, I chose an abstract piece that’s full of texture and movement.

Depending on your space it can be hung vertically or horizontally. The giclee artwork is printed on canvas and embellished by hand with glossy white paint.

The texture, depth, and color of this original piece will bring any wall to life. Choose from four sizes and frame finishes when placing your order.

13. Gray Vase Set

best black vase home decor

If you’ve ever been in a space that feels incomplete chances are the accessories are missing. The trick is finding the balance of just the right amount to finish the look.

This set of contemporary vases is great for a coffee table, console table, or bookshelf. The stylish modern home decor has an oval bottom with long narrow necks that’ll make an impact in any space.

The neutral light gray finish would look lovely combined with the gold knot below The small vase is 8″ D x 16″ H and the large is 10″ D x 20″ H size.

Display them as a pair or separate them in your living room to spread the love throughout. They’re great for both small and large spaces.

14. Metal Knot

gold metal knot

This gold sculptural knot can be used alone or with the set of vases above. It has a metallic textured finish that will add interest and a finishing touch.

It has a glossy sheen and organic shape for a luxe touch. Add this piece to your coffee table or bookshelf for a finished look.

It’s all in the details when it comes to design. Incorporating the gold elements throughout adds movement and flow to this Kelly Hoppen inspired living room.

15. Suede Pillow

suede lumbar pillow

Who knew Banana Republic had pillows?! I found this out while searching for gold velvet lumbar pillows.

This suede pillow has a luxe vibe that’ll add softness and warmth to the curved couch or boucle accent chairs. The decorative pillows have suede on both sides so they can be flipped as needed.

Again spreading gold accents throughout your design will create flow and balance. Another quality Kelly Hoppen is known for.

And that’s a wrap, my friends.

I hope this Kelly Hoppen design inspires you to bring beauty and style into your modern home.

This post is all about the Kelly Hoppen design inspiration.

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