Walmart Living Room Furniture Design Inspiration (Shop The Look)

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Looking for Walmart living room furniture resources to update your home? You’ll be shocked by this stylish and affordable design!

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If you’re in the market for affordable but stylish furniture to update your living space this is for you. I recreated a designer living room using furniture and decor that’s ALL from Walmart!

Crazy right?!

The resources are both sophisticated and elevated making them perfect for anyone just starting out. Many people don’t realize but there’s usually a dupe for most high-priced items.

In the fashion industry, we call these lower-priced versions “knock-offs” because they’re just that. Fast fashion manufacturers are known to recreate a version of anything that’s trending at a lower price point.

This is great for those on a budget but not so good for high-end companies trying to make a profit. On the other hand, the customers buying the cheaper versions would probably never buy the high-end original.

Whether you’re on a budget or can afford to mix and match check out the resources to recreate this designer look in your home.

This post is all about Walmart living room furniture.

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walmart living room furniture collage
***Not all elements are to scale. Please check all furniture and home decor measurements before ordering.***

Walmart Living Room Mood Board

Below is a side-by-side visual of both the high-end and low-end designs. When I showed this to my husband he picked the Walmart version as the high end that’s how similar they are.

He literally couldn’t tell which was more expensive. This is awesome for anyone on a budget. It’s also fabulous if you want to splurge on a few investment pieces but save on others.

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Living Room Dupe

walmart neutral living room with boucle sofa

Designer Living Room

neutral living room with boucle sofa

I promise if you mix and match high and low no one will be the wiser. Your friends and family will be shocked when they hear your designer space was curated at Walmart!

Here’s another visual of how the individual pieces from each design compare. The first image is entirely from Walmart.

In the second image, there are products from Arhaus, Z Gallerie, Lumens, Anthropologie, Wayfair, Rugs USA, CB2, West Elm, and Woven Nook.

I know it’s quite a list!

Shop The Look

walmart neutral living room with boucle sofa
neutral living room with boucle sofa

This just goes to show you that there’s usually an affordable version to recreate that designer look you’re going for. You just need to get creative and find the resources to make it happen.

One more thing to remember about Walmart products. You might not realize this but many times the quality is just as good if not better than the higher-priced goods.

The reason Walmart’s living room furniture and decor are affordable is that they buy in volume. This concept applies across the board.

Usually, the more you buy the better the price. That’s just the way retail works.

Living Room Price Comparison

Here is the cost breakdown per room and how much the Walmart living room furniture will save you.

  1. Chandelier $98.99
  2. Wall Art $82.29
  3. Ceramic Vase $29.95
  4. Wall Sconce (2) $120
  5. Vintage Mirror 31.5″x23.6″ $139.99
  6. Boucle Sofa 85″ $989.83
  7. Accent Chair $248
  8. Area Rug 8’x10′ $315
  9. Side Table (2) $320
  10. Drink Table $77
  11. Coffee Table $358
  12. Neutral Pillow Covers 18″ (2) $98
  13. Round Black Pillow (2) $102
  14. Quotes Wall Art $165
  15. Ottoman (2) $236

Affordable Total: $3381

  1. Chandelier $999 (on sale)
  2. Wall Art $374 (on sale)
  3. Ceramic Vase $175
  4. Wall Sconce (2) $2800
  5. Vintage Mirror 3′ $548
  6. Boucle Sofa 85″ $3,299
  7. Accent Chair $799
  8. Area Rug 8’x11′ $260
  9. Side Table (2) $924
  10. Drink Table $99 (on sale)
  11. Coffee Table $2499
  12. Neutral Pillow Covers 22″ (2) $100
  13. Round Black Pillow (2) $110
  14. Quotes Wall Art $209 (on sale)
  15. Ottoman (2) $1628

High-End Total: $14,823

In total, you’ll save $11442 if you shop this Walmart living room furniture design! That’s a huge saving, my friends.

If you’re more of a high-end shopper but like a bargain, you can mix in a few affordable pieces to save. The bottom line you have options and can get this designer look no matter your budget.

Either way is sure to measure and do a floor plan first.

Furniture Shopping Tips

The only way to know exactly what will fit and look best in your space is with a floor plan.

It’ll also help you avoid returns if something is too big or small. If you’ve ever walked in a space and it felt off chances are it did not start with a floor plan or “road map” of the space.

Avoid this costly mistake by downloading your FREE how-to-measure guide today!

This video will help you put your measurements into a FREE floor plan program. The beauty of having your layout computerized is you can tweak the placement and size of furniture very easily.

Gone are the days of creating a floor plan by hand on graph paper. This online resource will simplify your life and the design process.

Walmart Furniture Ideas 2024

walmart neutral living room with boucle sofa

1. Modern Gold Chandelier // 2. Figure Wall Art // 3. Gold and White Ceramic Vase // 4. Gold Wall Sconce // 5. Ornate Vintage Mirror // 6. Boucle Sofa // 7. Black Boucle Accent Chair // 8. Ivory Black Modern Rug // 9. Black Side Table // 10. Small Gold Drink Table // 11. Rectangular Marble Coffee Table // 12. Stripe Throw Pillow Cover // 13. Round Black Pillow // 14. Quotes Wall Art // 15. Boucle Ottoman

All The Walmart Living Room Furniture Details

Here you will find all the details you need to know to shop the look of this design inspiration for your home.

1. Modern Gold Chandelier

modern gold chandelier

A chandelier is a great way to make a statement in your contemporary living room design. It’s quite often referred to as the jewelry of a room.

This modern gold chandelier has an elevated design that’ll command attention. It has a gold brass body with glass bulbs for a sophisticated vibe.

Add this chandelier to your living room design or any space where you want to make a statement. There’s an $800 savings between this style and the designer Arhaus chandelier.

2. Figure Wall Art

figure wall art with gold frame

The scale of this artwork (18×24) is smaller than the high-end version (27.25″w x 35.5″h) but it’ll make a similar impact. Either option features a minimalist design and a linear feminine silhouette.

This artwork will look great over your sofa with a pair of sconces on either side. It would also look awesome over a console table, bench, or bed.

Create a focal point in your living room, college dorm, or hallway with the addition of this neutral black-and-white art. You’ll save $322 between this set and the designer Z Gallerie artwork.

3. Gold and White Ceramic Vase

white and gold vase

Add style and personality to any space with this super cute face vase. At $45 this gold and white ceramic vase is an affordable way to accessorize any room.

It’s 8″ high and great for displaying your favorite greenery. This vase will save you $130 compared to the designer Jonathan Adler’s face vase.

4. Gold Wall Sconce

gold wall sconce

Adding wall sconces is a great way to set the mood and add atmosphere to your interior design. This sconce is not an exact dupe of the designer Visual Comfort version but it has a similar vibe.

A pair next to the artwork from this design will expand the visual composition and make a greater impact. Another selling feature is you’ll save a whopping $2208 compared to the high-end option.

The modern sconce features a textured marble material and brass base that’ll elevate the look of any space it’s in.

5. Ornate Vintage Mirror

ornate gold mirror

If you’re obsessed with the gleaming primrose mirror from Anthropologie then you’ll love this dupe! You’ll see a saving of $358 off the original and the size is very similar.

This mirror is 30″x34″ while the designer vintage mirror is 39.25″H, 39″. Either one would look fabulous over a fireplace mantel, console table, or blank wall needing a little love.

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6. Boucle Sofa

boucle sofa with curved back

Update your living room design with this affordable boucle sofa from Walmart. The savings between this one and the Anthropologie sofa is $2599 which is amazing.

They both have a similar vibe and mid-century design that’ll make a statement in your interior design. There is only a difference of about 5″ in length so either will provide plenty of space for relaxing in style.

7. Black Boucle Accent Chair

black boucle accent chair with gold legs

Elevate the look of your living room with this black boucle accent chair. It has a contemporary design, low profile, and gold metal base.

There’s only one shown in this design but if you have the space add a pair! It’ll make an impact on your living room especially if you add a cute accent table between.

Gone are the days of the sofa loveseat combo so this armless accent chair is perfect for extra seating and an updated look.

There’s only a savings of $49 between this style and the Wayfair boucle chair in the high-end design. That said either one will look fabulous in your modern contemporary living room design.

8. Ivory Black Modern Rug

walmart living room furniture rug

This black and ivory rug is great for defining your seating area and bringing warmth to a space. It has a modern lattice design that’s perfect for adding texture, pattern, and interest.

This rug costs a bit more than the Rugs USA option from the designer room since it’s currently on sale. Either style would make a statement in your living room.

Side note there are also two other colorways available in this modern abstract area rug. For high-traffic spaces check out the charcoal ivory rug that’ll be a bit more forgiving.

9. Black Side Table

black side table

Make a statement in your living room design with this modern accent table. It features a unique twisted silhouette that’ll add interest and personality to your Walmart living room furniture.

The versatile accent table can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces. It has a footrest that doubles as storage and it’s stackable too.

This trendy accent table is sure to be a conversation starter. Not to mention it’ll save you $868 compared to the CB2 high gloss side table in the high-end design.

10. Small Gold Drink Table

gold drink table

By now you must know I have a thing for drink tables and this one from Walmart is full of style! The small cocktail table has a gold shaft and 9″ round top.

Add glam and sophistication to your living room with the addition of this accent table. It’s perfect for in front of the boucle couch or at the side of the accent chair.

There is only a $20 saving between this style and the West Elm pedestal drink table. Either style is great to elevate the look of your living room design.

11. Rectangular Marble Coffee Table

black marble coffee table with gold base walmart living room furniture

This black marble with gold coffee table provides the right amount of contrast to the light boucle sofa and area rug. It has a sleek modern silhouette, rounded corners, and a smooth polished design.

The open metal gold base gives off an airy vibe that’s great for smaller spaces. At just under $260 it’s a super affordable coffee table for anyone on a tight budget.

It’ll also save you $489 compared to the designer CB2 marble coffee table. Just add your favorite coffee table books to complete the look.

12. Boho Throw Pillow Cover

stripe throw pillow cover with fringe

You’ll add texture and pattern to this modern design with the addition of this neutral pillow cover. It has a modern boho vibe, geometric lines, and tassels for extra interest.

The size is 18″ square compared to the 22″ pillows in the high-end design. There’s only a price difference of $5 so either one will be affordable.

Aside from this design, these neutral pillow covers are great for your bedroom, dorm room, office, and more!

13. Round Black Pillow

black round pillow

Obsessed with this round faux sheepskin pillow ball from Walmart. It’s perfect for adding style and personality to your living room design.

It’s available as a set of two and each pillow ball is 10″ round. There’s only an $8 price difference between this and the CB2 round pillow so either will make a great addition to your home.

14. Quotes Wall Art

Quotes Wall Art

Love a fun quote art and this one is perfect for anyone chasing their dreams. It’s available in six sizes but the 20″x30″ is the closest to the high-end design.

There’s a savings of $44 between this art and the Z Gallerie bold affirmation. Either piece is sure to be a conversation starter with friends and family.

Add this modern artwork to your living room, bedroom, college dorm, or office. Anywhere you’re looking to make a statement in your home.

15. Boucle Ottoman

boucle ottoman

The difference between the Walmart living room furniture ottoman and the Wayfair high-end accent stool is $650! This is one area where you could see huge savings.

This option doesn’t have the gold band but it does have the same vibe. The Walmart ottoman is awesome for smaller spaces where you need more storage ideas.

At 17″ this piece is not only stylish but it’s multi-purpose too. It’ll add texture, pattern, and extra seating for guests.

If you prefer the look of the higher-end version, check out the Beige Velvet Round Storage Ottoman with Gold Chrome Base. It has the same storage functionality but in velvet with a gold band.

Any of these options will add luxury and originality to your designer living room makeover.

That’s a wrap, my friends!!

I hope these Walmart living room furniture ideas inspire you to design a home you love!

This post is all about Walmart living room furniture.

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