Modern Coastal Decor Ideas (Shop The Look) Living Room Design

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Looking for modern coastal decor and furniture ideas to update your home? This design inspiration has everything you need to shop the look.

Now that summer is coming to an end you may be feeling a little depressed. Even though the summer is almost over it doesn’t mean you can’t have that beach vibe in your home all year long.

When you think of beach decor, rattan, and wicker may come to mind. However in this modern coastal design that’s not the case!

As you will see from the below resources this is anything but your traditional coastal decor. It has a modern contemporary vibe that will level up your interior design.

Whether you are looking to update a few pieces or completely makeover your living room this design will give you ideas and inspiration. Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below.

This post is all about modern coastal decor ideas for your living room design.

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Modern Coastal Decor Living Room

The design above is a visual of how to recreate this look. The color palette is a reminder of the sandy beach and blue ocean sky.

It mixes textures like linen, fur, velvet, and bamboo for interest and dimension. The silver metal and glass details add a touch of glam and sophistication.

Before I share all the modern coastal decor resources I must remind you to always start off with a floor plan of your space.

It is super important to eliminate returns. For detailed instructions on how to get started download your FREE measure guide below.

After you have the measurements of your space you can then move on to the concept and design stage.

I’ve done the work of creating a concept board with links to resources for this design to make your life easier.

You can recreate the look as is or use a few of the home decor items to update your current living room situation. Either way, this design will have you dreaming of the beach all year long!


The above perspective drawing of the living room design was tweaked to resemble the featured image. I wanted to show both versions as a reminder that as you go through the process you may make changes.

This is all part of how interior design comes together. Just because you planned on one concept doesn’t mean it’s set in stone. You have a creative license to make whatever changes speak to you as you design your space.

Now let’s get into all the fabulous modern coastal decor resources from this living room design.

Modern Coastal Decor Design Inspiration


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Shop The Look Details

Here you will find all the details you need to know when shopping for modern coastal decor ideas for your living room design.

1. Charly Interior Define Sectional


The original Interior Define sectional has been discontinued but Charly has the same vibe. In my neutral living room design, I have the chaise sofa version of this Charly sectional.

It is super comfy and my husband can be found on it every day. In this design, the sofa is a high-performance sectional.

Since the color is light I do recommend high-performance fabric especially if you have pets and little children. Heck if you have teenagers I highly recommend a performance fabric sofa as well!

We all know the sectional sofa is an investment piece that will not be replaced any time soon. That said it’s usually an extra couple hundred bucks for high-performance fabric. Don’t skimp on this my friends or you will be sorry!

Also, you can order a swatch of the fabric from Interior Define before you make your purchase which is always a good idea. That way you can look at all the elements together as a whole before you commit to the largest piece.

2. Wood Side Table


3. Blue Glass Vase


The featured image doesn’t have a side table because the space was tight. If you have more room in your living room the tropical hardwood side table from Anthropologie will give you that beachy vibe.

The color of this side table reminds me of shades of beach sand with its natural element and texture. Add the cute blue glass vase on top with your favorite flower or decor to complete the look.

Coffee Table & Accessories

4. Grey Wood Coffee Table


When choosing your coffee table make sure you have a minimum of 18″ from the sofa to the table. This grey wood coffee table is a reminder of the driftwood you will find at the beach during the summer.

The silver metal and clean lines give it a modern look and feel. You can never have too much storage, especially in a small space. The bottom shelf is perfect to hold magazines and books so there’s room on top for drinks.

5. Alabaster Bowl


6. Mexican Glass Balls

Many people struggle with their coffee table decor and the space winds up being a catch-all. If this sounds like you here is some inspiration to get that finished designer look in your living room.

The trick is to layer texture, color, and scale with your coffee table home decor. For this design, the Mexican glass balls were layered in the oyster alabaster bowl.

The play of smooth and organic materials adds interest to the composition. The colored balls also add contrast to the white bowl.

7. Taper Candle Holder

8. ColorStak Books

On the other side of the coffee table are three of the Colorstak books from West Elm. They have different color books which are great if you are looking for a complete set.

If you like to create your book stack you can always check Goodwill for inexpensive options.

On top of the stack of books is a tapered candle holder which adds height to the design. The white candle holder stands out and makes a statement against the colored book stack.

Sitting Chair & Side Table

Create a moment in an empty corner of your room by creating a seating space. This is a great area for reading a book or relaxing in silence.

If you have the space next to the sofa you can also add a pair of chairs with a small end table in between for extra seating.

The look of a matching sofa and loveseat will date your space but the pair of chairs will update your interior design.

9. Blue Club Chair


10. Silver End Table


For this design, we added a blue accent chair which was pulled from the contemporary artwork. Since it is less expensive to change out the chair this is where the color was introduced.

The homeowner of this space was also interested in a blue sofa however she decided on the neutral sectional instead.

That was a better choice because, with a neutral sofa, you can change the art, pillows, accessories, and chair for a completely new look.

To add a touch of glam and sophistication the side table was painted silver but the above is a resource for a similar style.

Since this space is smaller the side table does double duty both next to the chair and sectional sofa. If you have a smaller space consider adding a drink table or C table. Either style table can be placed in front of the sofa instead of at the side.

11. Hurricane Candle Holder


12. Grey Beach Stones


13. Blue Ombre Candle


Keeping with the beach theme a clear glass hurricane candle holder was paired with a blue candle and grey beach stones. The ombre candle has the feeling of blue ocean water and it smells great too!

If you are close to the beach you can collect your stones. For those not near a beach, you can purchase the stones from Crate and Barrel to create that beachy vibe.

It’s the little touches and details that will bring the look and feel together.

Console Table & Coastal Decor

This space is used as a living room where the family enjoys watching TV together. To elevate the look and take the attention off the TV it was mounted on the wall.

A mirrored glass console table was added underneath to bring in that modern glam vibe.


14. Mirrored Console Table 


15. Velvet Ottoman

Velvet Ottoman

Since we needed to maximize the seating options we went with an open bottom console table. This allowed space for two ottomans to be placed underneath for extra seating.

In keeping with the palette of the beach, the ottomans are in a sandy tone with a trellis pattern for interest. The silver base ties perfectly with the other silver metal touches in the living room.

Remember to repeat your colors at least 3 times in your space to create rhythm of repetition. We always want to add those design principles for a balanced look and feel.

PRO TIP: Repeat your accent color in three places within your interior space to follow the design principle Rythm by Repetition.


16. Faux Coral Decorative Object

Faux Coral Decorative Object

17. Reactive Ceramic Vase


18. Blue Ceramic Vase


The decor on the console table is another place where people tend to get stuck. If you leave this space empty your room will lack the finishing touch that makes a space feel complete.

To add height and interest two reactive vases were used in different shapes to create a focal point. On the opposite side are three books from the curated book stack with a coral sculpture on top.

Again the contrast of the white coral decor makes a statement on top of the colored book set. This is another accessory that accentuates the beachy vibe we were after.

Modern Coastal Decor Window Treatments

For me, the window treatments are the dressing of the room. They help add height and drama. In this case, they create a focal point and make a statement since they are in the pale blue linen color.

19. Blue Linen Curtain


20. Mid Century Curtain Rod


21. Bamboo Roman Shades

Bamboo Roman Shades

When installing the window treatments always remember to mount them as high up to the ceiling as possible. I like to come down about 4″. This will draw your eye up and create height in your interior design.

You may be tempted to level your rod but depending on your ceiling line I have found it better to just measure down 4″ from the ceiling.

PRO TIP: Mount you curtains as high up as poosible to add height and drama in your interior design.


Just check that this looks correct by standing back and looking at the placement before mounting. This way you can make adjustments if needed.

The sourced mid-century modern curtain rods from West Elm are modern and sleek. At the same time, they tie back to the wood and silver metal elements in the space.

Again by repeating the colors and materials, you will create movement in your design. Your eye will naturally flow from one area to the next as it notices similar elements repeated throughout the space.

To add additional privacy and texture the bamboo Roman shades were added to the design. Again bringing in that beach element with the white bamboo material.

Must-Have Modern Coastal Decor

22. Natural Wool Rug


23. Contemporary Artwork


24. Glass Round Chandelier

Glass Round Chandelier

In keeping with the neutral base of this design the area rug is made of natural wool but has texture for interest.

Remember any time you design with neutrals you will want to add pattern, tones of color, and texture. If everything was all the same color and flat it would be boring and uninviting. Your design would also feel OFF.

The color palette here was pulled from the contemporary wall art sourced above. It mixes the neutral tones of the sandy beach with the blues of the ocean.

The featured living room art canvas was inspired by the sourced artwork from Z Gallerie. To keep the costs down the homeowner purchased an inexpensive canvas from Homegoods with a silver frame.

She then recreated the look and vibe of the above painting which turned out awesome. If you’re creative you could do something similar which would save you several hundred dollars.

If that’s not your jam jump on the Z Gallerie artwork because it’s on sale and you can save about $150 right now!!

I always say the lighting is the jewelry of your interior design and this chandelier doesn’t disappoint. I love pretty lighting and there are so many different styles to choose from.

You can go with the capiz light fixture for a beach-inspired vibe but this one is more modern glam. The organic capiz shells have a feeling of movement like the ocean waves.

Coastal Decor Pillows

25. Faux Fur Pillow


26. Antelope Cut Velvet Pillow


27. Linen Lumbar Pillow


Pillows are another must-have especially when you need a place for those pop colors. You can use pillows to create a color palette if your artwork is more neutral as well.

The above pillows pull together all the colors of this design from the sandy beach to the pale blue. The fur pillow adds texture, interest, and a touch of glam.

The antelope pillow adds pattern and a more modern vibe. Similarly, the linen lumbar pillow layers more texture, dimension, and color to this coastal living room design.

When it comes to pillows there is an abundance of options that it’s so hard to narrow down. I love the selection of this design.

Another tip when adding pillows to your living space is to go for separate pillow covers if possible.

When it comes to pillow inserts the general recommendation is to use inserts that are 2″ larger all around than your finished pillow size.  


This will allow you to keep the fills and change the accent color with the season or if you get bored. For example, you could use navy blue as the accent color in this design for a completely different vibe.

28. Luxe Dyed Faux Fur Throw Blanket


Saved the best for last!!

This lux dyed faux fur blanket is GORGEOUS!! It pulls together all the blues of the design and is ridiculously cozy. This blanket will not only keep you warm but it will make a statement in your modern coastal decor living room design as well!

That’s a wrap, my friends, on this beautiful and inspiring living room design. I hope this gives you ideas to create your very own beach sanctuary in your modern home.

This post is all about modern coastal decor ideas for your living room design.

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