Eny Lee Parker Furniture Collection 2024 (Shop The Look)

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Looking to make your home look cool? Check out this Eny Lee Parker design that’s perfect for anyone bored with their living room!

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Eny Lee Parker has a new furniture collection with Lulu and Georgia that’s fabulous! It features a neutral color palette with gold metallics and organic shapes.

It’s the perfect balance of style and function. The line has core pieces that can be used as the foundation to update your living room design.

There’s a modular sofa that’s large and in charge. Boucle fabric is clearly still trending and can be found in chair, bench, and ottoman silhouettes.

If you’re designing a dining room she has a table and chairs that’ll take your space to the next level. She also designed a line of dinnerware for all your entertaining needs.

Aside from the neutral colors of ivory, tan, rust, and navy she also has pieces in soft blue linen. The calming palette has a timeless vibe that’ll be in style for many years to come.

This post is all about Eny Lee Parker furniture.

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eny lee parker living room with modular sectional with boucle ottoman

Eny Lee Parker Living Room (Shop The Look)

This modern contemporary design includes my favorite pieces from the collection along with other Lulu and Georgia furniture to complete the look. It’s awesome to use as a jumping-off point or inspiration for your next home project.

Who is Eny Lee Parker?

Eny Lee Parker is a New York based designer of objects, furniture, and lighting. Her main medium is clay and she uses a slow intentional process to create her contemporary designs.

The style of her collection has a sense of nostalgia with a futuristic vibe. There’s a lighthearted and playful feeling in the unique sculptural shapes.

eny lee parker living room with modular sectional with boucle ottoman

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Eny Lee Parker Furniture And Lighting Details

Here you will find all the details you need to know to shop the look of this design inspiration for your home.

1. Velvet Corner Sectional Sofa

eny lee parker velvet corner sectional sofa

The sofa is the largest piece in a living room design so it’s perfect to express your personality and style. This modular sectional sofa from Eny Lee Parker has clean lines, bolster cushions with removable ties, and a flexible design.

Use the layout above or create an original one to fit the needs of your room. This stylish sofa is available in 3 velvet colorways plus ivory linen.

The made-to-order style will ship in 10-12 weeks so order ASAP if you have a tight deadline. Just remember good design takes time. Don’t rush the process!

Good design takes time!

xo nicole

How can I get a discount on Eny Lee Parker For Lulu and Georgia?

Glad you asked! As a blog reader, you’ll save 15% at checkout with the discount code INSPIREDDESIGNTALK15. The savings will help you shop guilt-free and design the home of your dreams!

You can thank me later AFTER your Lulu and Georgia furniture is delivered to your home. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again sharing is caring, my friends!

2. Boucle Bench

eny lee parker boucle bench

This boucle bench can be used as extra seating or a coffee table as in the featured design. It has a simple silhouette with curvy lines for added style.

The sophisticated bench is available in an ivory boucle or blue linen if you want to be the unicorn in the field of horses. Sculptural furniture is still going strong and this artist bench is great to update your living room or contemporary bedroom.

Design Shopping Tips

No matter which furniture you’re shopping for it’s important to always start with a floor plan of your space. I know I sound like a broken record but the floor plan will help you avoid costly mistakes.

Download your FREE how-to-measure guide today!

Once you have your measurements you’ll be able to order your furniture with confidence. This video will help you create a floor plan based on the measurements of your space.

3. Gold Linear Chandelier

gold linear chandelier

Lighting will add a finishing touch and be the jewelry of your interior design. This linear chandelier is perfect for creating a focal point.

It’s available in brass or white depending on your preference. The dramatic chandelier is damp-rated and has an adjustable height.

Add this modern lighting to your living room, bedroom, or dining room. It’s sure to be the talk of the party in any space it’s in.

4. Glass Sconce

eny lee parker glass sconce

Make a statement with this glass sconce on either side of your artwork or a blank wall. The organic shape has layers of glass forms for depth and texture.

This beautiful sconce is damp-rated making it perfect for your bathroom or covered outdoor patio as well as interior spaces.

5. Boucle Barrel Chair

eny lee parker boucle barrel chair

Think of a pair of accent chairs as the update to the loveseat sofa you may be familiar with. Gone are the days of the matchy-matchy living room furniture set.

This boucle accent chair from Eny Lee Parker has a sculptural silhouette, chic tufting, and overstuffed lines. If you’re looking to add comfort and warmth to your living room this chair is calling your name!

6. Ottoman With Wood Base

ottoman with wood bas

Add extra seating and originality to your living room with a pair of boucle ottomans. The dramatic sculptural shape has a contrasting wood base that adds to the unique design.

Its silhouette is inspired by bojagi which is a traditional wrapping cloth in Korean culture. I’m a big fan of adding poufs or ottomans to your living room design.

They look stylish and add a touch of sophistication. Not to mention they’re perfect for extra seating and can be moved as needed with ease.

7. Wood Bar Cabinet

wood bar cabinet

Bar cabinets are great for making a statement and creating a focal point. This one from Eny Lee Parker has a stylish profile with similar curved lines to the other pieces in the collection.

It’s made of natural oak grain and has a reversible wine shelf on the inside to hold your collection of bottles. Even if you’ve given up drinking (like me) this lovely bar cabinet will provide plenty of storage for your beverage of choice.

15. Ribbed Organic Vase

plant with vase

Adding greenery to your interior design will bring the earthy feel of the outdoors in. This piece is available in two sizes and can be added as a pair or individually.

The neutral vase has ribbed detailing and organic lines that complement the look of any design style. Just add your favorite florals or botanicals to complete the look and add a moment in any living space.

Lulu And Georgia Furniture + Decor

The Eny Lee Parker furniture and decor above are fabulous to update any boring living room. For a completed look check out the supporting pieces below from Lulu & Georgia.

There are some additional styles you’ll want to include such as a side table, area rug, and wall art. Balance and texture are super helpful in creating a completed design.

Enter the code INSPIREDDESIGNTALK15 for 15% off your Lulu and Georgia order! Happy shopping!

8. Kelly Wearstler Wallpaper

kelly wearster wallpaper

Wallpaper on an accent wall or an entire room is awesome for incorporating texture, pattern, and style. Kelly Wearster is one of my favorite designers but for the majority of us, there are only a few ways to afford her pieces.

Aside from lighting, fabric, and pillows the only other affordable option is her wallpaper. This design has a neutral color palette and dynamic geometric pattern that’ll set your space apart from the masses.

The popular pattern is available in beige or gray. I highly recommend checking with your installer to determine the number of rolls you’ll need.

Also, be sure to check that the dye lot is the same when ordering wallpaper. There will be a number on the rolls which should be the same for all.

9. Chunky Knit Throw

chunky knit throw

Cozy up on movie night with this chunky knit throw. It has a textured weave with braided tassels that’ll add a hygge vibe to your living room design.

At 90″W x 60″L it’s the perfect size for yourself or to cuddle with a little one. The inviting throw is available in white, midnight, or blush.

10. Textured White Artwork

textured white artwork

Normally I’d say that artwork is great to use as a jumping-off point especially when there’s color. However, this piece can be used to add texture and dimension to your interior design.

The subtle strokes, balanced lines, and understated design are perfect to complement this neutral living room. It’s also great to hang with the Kelly Wearstler wallpaper.

Since it has a tonal monochromatic color palette it won’t compete with the bold wallpaper pattern. At 72″W x 32″L it’ll make a statement on any blank wall.

11. Ombre Area Rug

neutral ombre area rug

The subtle ombre pattern of this neutral rug will define your sitting area while adding interest. It hand loomed with a low pile that’ll be super comfy underfoot.

It’s great for high-traffic areas and can be used in both indoor spaces or out. The neutral rug will blend in with the sectional while making the ivory boucle pieces stand out.

Choose between seven sizes when placing your order online. There’s sure to be one perfect for any size of living space.

12. Organic Side Table

organic side table

Another way to add personality to your living room design is with a unique side table. This one has a rich organic style that’s awesome for minimalist designs.

It visually looks like a piece of art but will stand out next to the tan velvet sectional. Although this piece is not a part of the Eny Lee Parker collection it blends in seamlessly.

13. Sculptural Wood Side Table

eny lee parker wood side table

Similarly, this mango wood side table has a sculptural silhouette with an eye-catching design. The playful style is handmade by artisans and has an organic vibe.

It’s fabulous next to or between the ivory boucle chairs. However, it would look just as good styled next to the velvet sectional.

So many options on how you can add this cool side table to your life. Just saying!

14. Organic Gold Mirror

eny lee parker gold organic mirror

Organic shapes are a theme in this design so naturally, this gold mirror fits in perfectly. The chic silhouette has free-flowing curves that’ll create a moment in any living space.

Add the small or large version to your living room, bedroom, or foyer. It’s sure to attract many admirers and be a conversation starter.

I hope this Eny Lee Parker design inspiration brings you joy and helps you design a modern home you love!

This post is all about Eny Lee Parker furniture design inspiration.

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