How To Apply Vinyl Decals Like A Pro In 9 Easy Steps

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Looking for tips and tricks for how to apply vinyl decals in your home? Learn how to install this artwork in 9 easy steps!

A great way to add inspiration or the vibe to a space is by adding a vinyl decal. For our Airbnb design, I installed an inhale | exhale vinyl print I purchased from Etsy.

It sets the intention of the space and is a constant reminder for our guests to remember to breathe.

When I had the cheer hair bow business I used my silhouette machine to design vinyl decals. However, for this project, I purchased the large decal because it saved time and money.

I’m all about working smarter, not harder these days.

It would have been time-consuming to design the wall decal, buy the material, cut the vinyl, weed the artwork, and prepare it myself.

For a little over $40, I was able to purchase the decal, wait for it to arrive, and then simply install it.

If you are wondering how hard it will be to install your vinyl decal this post is for you.

This post is all about how to apply vinyl decals.

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How To Apply Vinyl Decals in 9 Steps

  1. Clean the wall
  2. Unroll and prepare the decal
  3. Determine the placement
  4. Peel off the backing paper
  5. Apply decal to the wall
  6. Remove the application tape
  7. Press sticker to the wall
  8. Smooth over the entire decal
  9. Enjoy the finished product

Learn How To Apply A Decal In Your Home

Now let’s discuss the details of each of these steps.

1. Clean the wall

First clean your wall for any dust or debris and ensure it’s dry.

Pro Tip: Allow at least 2 weeks after your wall is painted for the paint to fully dry.

2. Unroll and prepare the decal

Next, unroll the vinyl wall decal sheet and lay it flat on a hard surface.

Use a credit card or vinyl scraper and firmly press down over the entire graphic. This will adhere the vinyl sticker to the clear application tape.

Vinyl Scraper

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Vinyl Scraper

3. Determine the placement

Using blue tape and a level tape the vinyl decal to the wall where you would like it to go.

how to apply vinyl decals in bedroom

4. Peel off the backing paper

After you know where the wall decal will be placed peel away half of the backing paper. Since this is a large decal I peeled the backing paper away a little at a time.

how to apply vinyl decals in bedroom

5. Apply the decal to the wall

I cut back half of the backing paper and smoothed the decal on the wall using a credit card

The vinyl sticker should remain on clear application tape.

I followed the same technique to apply the other half of the decal to the wall.

peeling back the decal paper

6. Press the sticker on the wall

Use a plastic card to smooth the graphic to the wall once both sides of the backing paper have been removed.

You want the vinyl to adhere to the wall and will need to smooth out any bubbles.

installing vinyl decal over a bed

7. Remove the application tape

Remove the application tape after the decal is on the wall and all bubbles have been smoothed out.

Start at the corner and slowly peel away the application tape

Remove the application tape by slowly peeling it off starting from the corner at an angle.

8. Smooth over the entire decal

Use a soft cloth to press the entire sticker onto the surface.

inhale exhale vinyl decal over the bed with grey and gold pillows

9. Enjoy the finished product

Finally, it’s time to enjoy the finished product! I love how the decal in our Airbnb bedroom came out.

It has held up beautifully over the past two years.

I believe adding inspiration helps create the vibe and energy of your space.

bedroom with inhale exhale vinyl decal over the bed

More Ideas For Your Home

Here are some decal ideas to apply in other spaces.

They are the perfect artwork to add to a yoga space, bedroom, laundry room, nursery, or any other area of your home.


Inspiring Wall Decor Spaces

To give you a visual of other spaces with vinyl wall decor check these out.

Add the decal in your living room over a console piece.

Provide daily motivation by adding a decal to your office space.

This is a great way to display your company’s core values. Just get a custom vinyl decal made up.

My daughter hears this a lot now that she is going to college at Hawai’i Pacific University.

This is a fun bedroom design idea for your home.

I hope this post was helpful and gave you some inspiration for your next interior design project.

This post is all about how to apply vinyl decals.

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