ready to POP! DIY Baby Shower Favor Printables

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Looking for ready to POP! baby shower favor ideas you can DIY yourself? Check out these 3 designs that you and the mother-to-be will love!

If you’re looking for fun ideas for your next baby shower party this is for you. This easy-to-make baby shower favor features a ready to POP! printable that’ll be the talk of the party!

It’s great for anyone who loves a simple DIY project that’s sure to make a big impact. Not to mention the supplies are super affordable so it won’t impact your party budget.

There are three versions of this popular baby shower favor. The one you choose will depend on your location, time of year, and baby-to-be.

See below for the three designs and instructions on how to recreate you ready to POP! baby shower favors.

This post is all about ready to POP! baby shower favors.

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ready to POP! Baby Shower Favors


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1. Snowflake // 2. Heart // 3. Rainbow

Since March I have been selling my baby shower printables on Etsy. These are images from a client that used the design.

Here are a few reviews that were posted on the Etsy Shop as well.

If you are a DIYer at heart and love creating then this baby shower favor is for you!

Especially if you are throwing an at-home, drive-by, or even restaurant-style baby shower.

So much has changed since the Big C and what used to be “normal” is no longer the case.

This includes those large over the top baby shower gatherings.

People are now hosting smaller intimate parties which I LOVE.

You can find a ton of Pinterest-worthy baby shower ideas online.

Candy/ Desert Bar

I created an Etsy Shop with the design files from the at-home baby shower we threw my cousin Melissa.

I even had a request for a ready to POP download with a snowflake instead of the heart.

I had been thinking of ways to update this design for some time so I jumped on that request.

Below is the snowflake ready to POP! baby shower printable design!

I photoshopped the snowflakes in for a visual of what it will look like.

Best Baby Shower Printables:

1. Snowflake • ready to POP!

In addition to the pink colorway request, I also added blue, silver, and gold.

This way it works for a baby girl, boy, or gender-neutral baby shower.

Here is an image of the colorways.

2. Original • ready to POP!


This is by far the most popular ready to POP baby shower favor printable on my Etsy shop.

A large amount of Pinterest traffic to this pin is what gave me the idea to share the digital files with others.

To make it more valuable I added three additional colorways.

The original design was pink but I added three additional colorways.

Ready to POP! has been the Super Star of the bunch for sure!

3. Rainbow • ready to POP!


This is the newest addition to the collection of baby shower printables. There are multiple colorways available in this design as well.

The three options include:

  • Boho pastels
  • Bright
  • Neutral

Since all three are included you can mix and match if you prefer as well. This goes for the other designs too. If the mom-to-be wants to be surprised mixing the favors is a great way to add to the suspense.


How To Make Your “ready to POP”:

I hope these files are helpful when planning your next Baby Shower!

This post is all about ready to POP! baby shower favors.

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