DIY Black Swan Halloween Costume From Amazon You Can Copy

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Looking for an easy DIY Black Swan Halloween costume from Amazon? Check out this simple project you can pull together quickly!

Now that in-person Halloween parties are back it’s time to pull that costume together. You may be limited on time or planning but either way, this costume will be perfect.

One of the best places to shop for your DIY costume is Amazon! If you are a prime member like me shipping is generally 1-2 days which is awesome!

For anyone looking to pull their costume together last minute, this is a super easy DIY Halloween costume. There is even an easy robber costume for your male partner if needed.

These Halloween costume ideas are in keeping with the black and white color story that is trending in home decor. Not that that may matter to you but neutral pieces are easier to find when time is limited.

This post is all about How to a DIY Black Swan Halloween costume.

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black swan halloween costume

Easy DIY Black Swan Halloween Costume

One of my favorite DIY costumes to date is the Black Swan which was super quick and easy to create. Below is a side-by-side of the inspiration image and the DIY Halloween costume I created.

natalie portman movie
Natalie Portman Black Swan
black swan halloween costume
My Black Swan Costume

The hardest part was the makeup but I included the YouTube tutorial for you to follow. The first step in the process is to order all the resources from Amazon to recreate this costume yourself.

halloween costume collage

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1. Black Crystal Tiara // 2. Feather Shrug Shawl // 3. Shapewear Body Briefer // 4. Bustier Crop Top // 5. Yoga Shorts // 6. Nike Performance Shorts // 7. Tutu Bubble Skirt // 8. Layered Tulle Tutu Skirt // 9. Ballet Shoes // 10. False Eyelashes // 11. White Eyeliner // 12. Mac Lipstick // 13. White Cream-to-Powder Foundation // 14. Black Gel Eyeliner // 15. Black Liquid Eyeliner // 16. Opaque Tights

When my friend Karla suggested I be the Black Swan for a Halloween Party I fell in love with the idea.

Naturally, I googled and YouTubed “How To” DIY my Halloween costume.

I found a makeup tutorial online and also a YouTube video.

How To Make A Black Swan Costume:

1. Black Crystal Tiara

Black Crystal Tiara

There are many key pieces to the Black Swan Halloween costume. One of the most important pieces is the Black Swan tiara which is a signature piece of the design.

Make sure you have a black rhinestone crown so you get the full effect of this sleek Halloween costume idea.

2. Feather Shrug Shawl

Feather Shrug Shawl

There are two ways to approach the feathers at the bust of the corset. You can either give the illusion of the look by wearing this feather shrug shawl.

The other option would be to get creative and sew the shawl pieces at the top of the corset.

For the costume, I created you can see I attached feather trim at the top edge. If you don’t have sewing skills don’t worry because it was done by hand so you can do it!

Below is a close-up of how that came out.

black corset with fur trim

3. Shapewear Body Briefer

Shapewear Body Briefer

For the bustier top, there are also two options here. You can go for the full-body shapewear or the crop top bustier.

Either one will get the same effect it just depends on whether you want full coverage or a more sexy vibe.

4. Bustier Crop Top

Bustier Crop Top

Here is the more sexy bustier crop top for those after that look. The bustier top I made was technically a crop top but with the tutus and shorts, I did have full coverage.

The great part of this costume is the bustier is very flattering and slimming.

5. Yoga Shorts

Yoga Shorts

Depending on whether you want to invest in your shorts or not there are two options. The yoga shorts are less expensive than the Nike shorts below. If you are wearing them once go for these.

I like to wear spandex shorts under dresses and skirts. Either one will do the job of giving you the coverage you are after.

6. Nike Performance Shorts

Nike Performance Shorts

Our family is a fan of Nike pros which can be a bit pricey. The game shorts above are in between the price of the yoga shorts and Nike pros.

7. Black Swan Tutu Bubble Skirt

Black Swan Tutu Bubble Skirt

This tutu is longer than the layered tulle tutu skirt below. In the costume, I designed I wore two different tutus which is why it looks so full.

If you need tutu’s in other colorways there are so many to choose from in this style.

8. Layered Tulle Tutu Skirt

Layered Tulle Tutu Skirt

This is a shorter Black Swan tutu style so I would wear the spandex shorts underneath. This is a must-have for the black swan costume to be authentic so make sure you have a tutu in your design!

9. Ballet Shoes

Ballet Shoes

In the movie, the Black Swan has ballet shoes on so these flats will help recreate that look. Remember it’s all about the illusion and vibe of the costume not being exact.

One bonus to this costume is your feet won’t hurt during the long night of dancing with these bad boys.

10. False Eyelashes

False Eyelashes

Fake eyelashes are another must to recreate the look of the black swan Halloween costume. Get the lash adhesive so your lashes don’t fall off during the party.

11. White Eyeliner

White Eyeliner

The white eyeliner is used to add the whisk lines to your eyelids. Be sure to watch the YouTube tutorial for helpful tips.

12. Mac Lipstick

Mac Lipstick

Red lipstick is part of the vibe of the black swan costume. Make sure you complete the look with this red Mac lipstick!

13. White Cream-to-Powder Foundation

White Cream to Powder Foundation

You’ll need to make your face white to get the full effect. This goth white cream to powder foundation will do the trick.

If you have sensitive skin like me just wash it off as soon as you get home from the party!

14. Black Gel Eyeliner

Black Gel Eyeliner

You’ll need black gel eyeliner to recreate to eye makeup look. Don’t be nervous just check out the black swan makeup video linked below.

15. Black Liquid Eyeliner

Black Liquid Eyeliner

You may have your own version of this black liquid liner which can be used. If not the link above will help you complete the look.

16. Opaque Tights

Opaque Tights

Even though the tights are semi-opaque I still wore black shorts over them. Personally, I feel more confident knowing I’m fully covered.

Black Swan Makeup Tutorial:

Here is the black swan makeup tutorial I mentioned above. I watched this the night of the party and was fine recreating the look.

You can practice but it is probably not necessary at all.

Below are both sides of the way my makeup came out. As you can see I was able to get the vibe of the costume.

halloween costume makeup
halloween costume makeup

I tried to follow the movie cover as much as possible. If you have a friend it would be helpful if they applied your makeup for you. I did not have that luxury so I did the black swan makeup myself.

Black Swan movie

Not bad considering I just went for it without a practice run. I put my hair in a bun and threw on the black tiara with ballet flats to complete the look.

Honestly, the hardest was the makeup and that was pretty easy.

Here’s a picture of my husband and me during the Halloween Party.

black swan and robber halloween costume

Bonus Robber Halloween Costume:

robber costume with hat and money bag

1. Money Bag // 2. Newsboy Hat // 3. Skull Cap // 4. Zorro Mask // 5. Striped Crewneck // 6. Black Pant

If you need a super easy Halloween costume for men this is it. My husband was a robber which is so easy to recreate. If you have a pair of black pants that is one less item you will need to purchase.

robber halloween costume

Robber Costume DIY

1. Money Bag

Money Bag

2. Newsboy Hat

Newsboy Hat

3. Skull Cap

Skull Cap

You will only need 5 items to recreate the look of this fun Halloween costume for men. The only prop you will need is the loot money bag.

For the robber costume hat, you can choose between the newsboy or skull options. Either one will give you that classic robber vibe.

4. Zorro Mask 

Zorro Mask

5. Striped Crewneck

Striped Crewneck

6. Black Pant

Black Pant

The Zorro mask is a must-have for an authentic Halloween robber costume. The last two components are the stripe black and white top and the black pants. If you already own the pants just use what you have.

That’s all you need. Super simple right?!

That’s a wrap on this quick DIY Halloween costume post. I hope this gave you ideas and inspiration for your next Halloween party.

This post is all about How to a DIY Black Swan Halloween costume.

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