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Best Flower Beds In Front Of House Ideas (That’ll Seriously Upgrade Your Home)

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Looking for the best flower beds in front of house ideas? Check out our favorite flowers that are sure to upgrade your home!

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Best Flower Beds In Front Of House

It’s that time of year again to get the front of the house all pretty for the summer months. Every year my husband takes pride in the flower beds in front of the house. He plans the color scheme and lays out his design.

His process is similar to how I design interior spaces.

For the past few years, his flower of choice has been New Guinea Impatiens. This year he also added in Yellow Calibrachoa plants which are very pretty as well.

Adding flowers to the front of the house is another way to add style and personality to your home. There is something about colorful flowers that put a smile on my face.

If you are looking to add flowers to your home keep scrolling for ideas and inspiration that will help you get started.

This post is all about the best flower beds in front of house ideas.


Popular Garden Flowers

As I mentioned above the past couple of years the flower bed design has included New Guinea Impatiens. There are many colors to choose from and they are in full bloom by the end of the summer. They are really pretty flowers and definitely make a statement.

When in full bloom the New Guinea Impatiens will have admirers asking what type of flowers they are. They are pretty when you first plant them too but they make a huge impact by the end of the summer.

New Guinea Impatiens

  • Plant Type- Annual
  • Grows- 12-18″ tall, 6-9″ wide
  • Sun Exposure- Full, Partial
  • Soil Type- Moist but well-drained
  • Bloom Time- Spring, Summer up to the first frost
  • Colors- Orange, Pink, Red, White, Purple

The color scheme for the front of the house is pink (which looks like neon coral), red, white, and light lavender. Then the yellow flower is mixed in as well.

This was the shot from the nursery.


Here is a shot of the tags of the flowers and the color names. As I mentioned above the “pink” looks like a neon coral to me which is so pretty.

When my husband sent the shot from the nursery I said yes! I asked if he could add yellow so it will be like a colorful rainbow. He did a great job selecting the colors.


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How long do New Guinea Impatiens last?

New Guinea Impatiens are long-lasting. They bloom in the spring and stay bright until the first frost. They can be planted as potted live plants or started from seeds as early as 8-10 weeks before the last frost.

The flowers can grow up to 2 feet and have a spread of 2 feet. Most gardeners grow these flowers as an annual plant transferring them from the pot to the garden. As long as they are getting enough sun and water they will bloom continuously.

The flowers should be planted in the sun or partial sun spaced 10-12″ apart.

Morning sun and afternoon shade provide the best amount of light to promote blooming. If your area gets more than eight hours of sunlight a day blooming will be reduced.

Flower Bed Design Shopping List

When it comes to designing your flower bed you should first decide on your color palette of the season. Next you’ll want to purchase all your flowers and potting soils. This way you’ll have everything you need on site to start.

Here is the list of what we used for the flower beds in front of our house:


This year we did not add any other flowers aside from the list above.

Potting Soils & Plant Food

Peat Moss

This is an all-natural, organic soil conditioner perfect for growing lush plants, flowers, & vegetables. 

  • Perfect for organic growing
  • Maximizes water retention
  • Suited for indoor and outdoor horticultural applications 

Hi Yield Super Phosphate

An inexpensive and effective source of Phosphorous that plants and bulbs need to produce healthy roots, stems, and blooms. Helps to produce healthy roots, stems, and blooms.

Plant Food

This helps to provide the needed soil acidity for your plants to reach their full potential.

Professional Potting Mix with organic fertilizer and wetting agent

Organic potting mix contains a rich blend of only the finest natural ingredients and can be used for all indoor and outdoor potted plants.

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Home Flower Garden Design Steps

The steps to create a beautiful flower garden at home are the following:

  1. Decide on a color palette
  2. Purchase flowers and potting soils
  3. Lay the flowers out where they will be planted
  4. Dig the hole the flower will go in
  5. Place peat moss in the hole
  6. Sprinkle the Super Phosphate next
  7. Remove flower from the pot
  8. Plant the flower in the hole
  9. Fill the dirt back in the hole
  10. Pat the dirt down
  11. Water the Flowers
  12. Enjoy the beautiful flowers also summer long!

The images above show all the colors of the beautiful flowers to be planted. There is white, red, pink, light lavender and yellow.


Here is my husband placing the pots where they will be planted in a repeating pattern. He kept saying this year he was going to skip the flower garden but in the end, he just couldn’t do without it.

He went with a tight budget and almost stuck to it. It really is the little things that bring joy to life. A gorgeous flower garden in the front of the house to enjoy all summer long is one of those things.

He went through the process of digging the holes, adding peat moss and super phosphate. The flowers were spaced about 10-12″ apart. When they are in full bloom they will grow in width and height.

This year I’m looking forward to seeing the rainbow of colors in the front flower bed. Usually, he rotates three colors so having five is going to look fabulous!

I can’t wait to see it in full bloom. Don’t worry I’ll share a photo at the end of the summer so you can see how pretty it becomes.

The Finished Flower Garden

Above is a gallery of the finished flower beds in front of the house after he was finished. The last step was to water the flowers. They looked so pretty!

In total, he bought 60 individual flower pots which came in trays of 10. He did have about 8 leftovers so he planted those in the back of the house but more spaced out. Those will bloom and look super cute as well.

As always he did an amazing job and really took the time to create the beautiful end result.

He’s available for hire if you are interested… Just kidding! HA

Home Flower Garden Essentials

When it comes to the gardening supplies you can go basic like my husband or fancy. I mean he didn’t even use gloves. If you go fancy check out all the trendy flower garden essentials available online.

Who says you can’t plant in style?


1. Garden Gloves | 2. Canvas Garden Apron | 3. Gardener Tote Bag | 4. Gardening Gift Set | 5. Watering Can | 6. Ultimate Garden Tool Set | 7. Gardening Folding Seat | 8. Steel Blade | 9. Essential Gardening Tools | 10. Lattice Palm Hat | 11. Pruning Shears | 12. Pink Sloggers | 13. Garden Cart | 14. Pink Soil Knife | 15. Plant Sprayer Mister | 16. Garden Storage

For more videos of the process check out this one from last year. He had helpers in this one and we had flower pots in the front of the house that still need to be replaced.

I hope this gave you ideas and inspiration to create your own home flower garden this spring.

Have an amazing day full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

xo Nicole

This post is all about the best flower beds in front of house ideas.

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