How To Decorate A Floating Shelf Around Your TV

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This post is all about how to decorate a floating shelf around your TV and create a look and feel in your space.

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How To Decorate A Floating Shelf Around Your TV

If you have been following along with the blog you will remember the Neutral Bachelor Pad Bedroom I shared.

That post was the first phase of the project and my son had just purchased the art for over his bed from Etsy.


Here is the updated room picture with the artwork.

It looks so good!


Quimes sent over a wide shot that shows the wall that will be the focus of this post.

Here is a shot facing the TV wall.

He currently has a piece that was temporary from Ikea.

It was super cheap and meant to hold him over until he was ready for the next phase.

The other wall that we need to design is this one.

He is going to see if he can move the surfboard to another area but for now, it is in his room.

Not only has he been surfing regularly since moving to Santa Monica, CA but he has also taken up Salsa dancing!

That one I’m actually a bit jelly of because I love Salsa dancing.

The plan for this wall is a Foldaway Floating Desk and gallery art wall.

He will probably design his own but I like this site on Etsy for digital downloads.

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Here is the image of the two walls in Photoshop from a wider angle.


Tips to Decorate A Floating Shelf Around Your TV

1. Choose the Shelf

The first thing you will need to decide when designing is the style, length, and color of the floating shelf.

For this space, we used a longer self with a short one above in a light finish to tie back to the lamps and accessories used in the room.

The shelves are available for purchase on Etsy but my son plans to make his own.

2. Decide on a Color Palette

For this space, we pulled the colors from the room mixing white, black, and natural woods.

We added greenery for a pop of color which ties back to the plant in the corner.

The bookends have a pop of green which happens to be Quimes’ favorite color.

I also love the bookends with the city scene which are another option.

3. Vary the Scale

You are going to want to mix in items of different sizes to add interest.

The tall black totem vase was added to carry the eyes up and balance off the black tv and artwork.

Then we added a smaller knot sculpture to add texture and interest also in black.

Quimes has always been a reader and has plenty of books to display.

We mixed in a frame, boxes, and candles in various heights on the shelves.

4. Keep it Simple Stupid

This is a line we always use in design.

Sometimes less is more so as you accessorize your space make sure to take a step back and edit out what is not needed.

My strategy when accessorizing is to purchase everything I like as long as it’s returnable and then play with the pieces in real-time.

Sometimes what we design on the computer looks off balance in person so remember it’s ok to change your mind from the original plan.

I have been designing on the computer for so long this is where my brain needs to start.

Then I work it out in person after I have the visual plan.

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5. Be Creative

Adding pieces that make a statement is always more interesting than what you would typically find in any space.

As you can see from the image we used pattern, texture, and scale to add interest.

Use unique pieces that speak to you and do not look like what everyone else has.

6. Make it Personal

Add items that are interesting to you.

Since Quimes moved to Cali from NYC the city skyline candle design is a perfect choice.

Adding books that you read also adds personality.

If you want a consistent color palette you can always wrap the books or turn the book covers inside out to the white side.

Also, add a pop of your favorite color which we did here in the greenery and bookends.

7. Have Fun!

Remember that design is subjective and your space should make you happy!

There is NOT one way to design your floating shelf around a TV.

The beauty of the design process is you can always change it up if you get tired after a while.

So don’t take it too seriously and be ok with making a mistake.

It’s through our many “failures” or life lessons that we actually learn and grow.


So design like no one is watching because it’s your space and it needs to function for you!

That’s a wrap on the How To Decorate A Floating Shelf Around Your TV post!

Let me know if you have a favorite item in the comments below

Have a great day full of Unicorns and Rainbows!

xo Nicole

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