9 Neutral Wall Art Styles That’ll Upgrade Your Living Room Makeover

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Looking for neutral wall art to upgrade your living room? Check out this space for inspiration to makeover your home in style.

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Neutral Wall Art

If you’ve been thinking of a fall refresh but you’re sure where to begin this post is for you. A great place to start when designing any space is with the artwork.

Neutral wall art is currently trending and there are so many styles to choose from. They come in different sizes, designs, and techniques.

The artwork in this roundup is full of interest, movement, and texture making them perfect for neutral living rooms. They’re great for creating elevated and inviting spaces to get your zen on after a long day of work.

Inspiration for the featured image came from Kelly Hoppen and Cheryl Eisen of IMG. They’re two of my favorite designers with impeccable taste and style.

Both are known for neutral spaces that are far from ordinary. Check out this round-up for modern neutral artwork that’ll totally update your home.

This post is all about neutral wall art.

neutral wall art with grey velvet bench, gold drink table and fur rug

Neutral Wall Art For Living Room

The neutral wall art from Leftbank was the jumping-off point for this living room design. Its oversized scale and dramatic lines help make a statement in this design.

Mixed metals and textures add interest to the neutral color palette. The grey velvet bench, oversized artwork, drink table, and fur rug all helped create a moment in the empty corner of this living room.

I LOVE how this sitting area turned out!

Below is another view of the neutral artwork and the impact it has on this space. It beautifully combines the white, black, grey, and gold color palette.

living room with classic gray walls and gray chaise sofa

Best Neutral Wall Art Prints

The artwork in the featured room is custom from a designer trade vendor. Since that’s not an option for most I pulled together my favorite pieces in a similar vibe.

These wall art options have a neutral color story and modern contemporary style. Many are from Z Gallerie which carries other artwork from Leftbank art.

Personally, I LOVE black, white, and gold artwork. I did also see a lot of tonal-neutral art if that’s more your jam. Below are some of my favorites.

neutral wall art roundup with black, white, grey and gold

1. Jungle Cat Diptych 2 // 2. Intangible Neutral Wall Art // 3. Motion Lines Tapestry // 4. Sliced Vortex I // 5. Sliced Vortex II  // 6. Neutral Swirl Series // 7. Zenith Diptych // 8. Ciao Bella // 9. Waking Up 3

Modern Artwork Resources

1. Contemporary Neutral Art Jungle Cat Diptych 2

black white and gold neutral wall art in jungle pattern

This abstract artwork has an animal-inspired pattern that’ll add interest to any neutral space. It’s printed on paper with hand-applied texture and gold leaf embellishments.

The oversized prints are displayed in a gold shadowbox frame and are pedestal mounted. Hang the prints vertically or horizontally.

At 16.5″w x 41.5″h this artwork will make a statement in any space it’s in!

2. Intangible Neutral Wall Art

abstract black white and gold neutral wall art

If you only have the room and budget for one piece of art this one is for you. The neutral abstract artwork is great for creating a focal point and adding movement.

It has a giclee print on canvas with hand-applied gold embellishments displayed in a gold floater frame. At 61.5″w x 41.5″h this modern art is sure to be a conversation starter.

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3. Motion Lines Tapestry Abstract Neutral Wall Art

black and white neutral wall art

Add movement and style to any living space with the addition of this canvas artwork. The black and white design will work beautifully in any neutral living room design.

It has a pine wood frame that’ll add warmth and grounding. This piece is 40″h x 60″w making it perfect for making an impact in any room.

4. Sliced Vortex I  

black white and gold neutral wall art

5. Sliced Vortex II

black white and gold neutral wall art

The prints are sold separately and have a similar vibe as the original Leftbank art. Add a chic modern vibe to your interior design with these limited-edition giclee prints on archival paper.

Each frame is 26.5″w x 31.5″h making the pair awesome for small and large spaces. They’re on sale right for just under $225 each so order ASAP to add them to your design.

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6. Neutral Art Print Swirl Design

white wall art with swirls

The textured white-on-white color palette of this hand-painted design is perfect for the contemporary modern home. It has a neural monochromatic pattern that’s full of interest and style.

The movement of the design creates fluidity while the contrasting black frame makes the artwork stand out. Part of the Thom Filicia Home Collection these pieces embody his timeless design style.

7. Zenith Diptych

modern contemporary art in black white and gold

Love the vibe of this modern abstract artwork from Z Gallerie. It’s printed on paper with hand-applied black paint and gold leafing.

Each piece is displayed under glass in a black shadowbox frame. The artwork can be hung vertically and horizontally.

At 16.5″w x 41.5″h, they’re the perfect size for making an impact in your living room. Hang the set on an empty wall that’s in need of a little love and attention.

This set is probably the closest to the featured image artwork. They’re sure to make an impact on any space they’re in.

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8. Black and Gold Artwork Ciao Bella

black and gold neutral wall art with ciao bella

Add style, personality, and fun to any room in your home with this Ciao Bella artwork! It’s printed on paper and has gold leaf embellishments.

This artwork features a matte black frame under reverse silk-screened glass. The size is 40″w x 30″h and delivery will take 2-4 weeks.

Place your order ASAP so you have it in time for the holiday entertaining season. At just under $375 on sale, it’s a great investment piece for those just starting out.

9. Waking Up 3 Large Neutral Wall Art

black and white neutral wall art

For those who don’t love gold (crazy I know) this black and white print is another great option. The hand-applied glossy black paint is printed on canvas.

There is a second print Waking Up 4 from the collection if you’re interested in a pair. At 25.5″w x 73.5″h this artwork will make a statement in your living room, foyer, hallway, and more!

Original Modern Wall Art

neutral wall art with grey velvet bench, gold drink table and fur rug

All the artwork in our Living Room is from Leftbank Art which is a “to the trade” vendor that I have access to as an Interior Designer. High Fashion Home has similar artwork which is sold as two separate pieces.

The original art has a Glass Coat Epoxy and Crystal finish with a Poly Gold Float Frame. 

If you need help hanging your art I shared some tips in the One Room Challenge.

If you’re interested in an art quote click the link below. Depending on your location and the shipping costs it may be more cost-effective to buy from High Fashion Home.

Neutral Wall Artwork Inspiration

These two prints are also custom from Leftbank Art. They’re in a similar color scheme and help add personality and style to the room.

Even though each print has its own look the colors, technique, and frame tie them all together. That’s the beauty of design you can get creative as long as elements in the space stay consistent.

bernhart cosway chair with peace sign artwork

Get The Look

neutral living room makeover roundup

1. Dark Synapse Artwork // 2. Sputnik Chandelier // 3. Parker Wall Sconce // 4. Curtain Rod Set // 5. Gray Border Drapes // 6. Ebony and Ivory Pillow // 7. Banded Velvet Pillow // 8. Charly Right-Facing Sectional Sofa // 9. Giza Side Table  // 10. White Marble Coffee Table // 11. Metal Loop Objects // 12. Faux Cowhide Area Rug // 13. Cosway Barrel Chair // 14. Maisie Side Table // 15. Leah Singh Nicole Pillow Cover // 16. Rosa White Table // 17. Shale Striations Rug // 18. Sueded Metallic Gold Pillow // 19. Onyx Velvet Pillow  // 20. Shag Throw Pillow // 21. Diamond Tufted Velvet Ottoman // 22. Jax Grey Velvet Bench // 23. Faux Sheepskin Rug // 24. Faceted Drink Table // 25. Decorative Book Set

Paint Colors

My favorite paint vendor is Benjamin Moore and I have used their paint throughout my entire house.

For anyone interested in the Neutral Living Room paint colors here they are:

Walls: Benjamin Moore Classic Gray OC-23

Accent Wall: Benjamin Moore Obsidian

Trim: Benjamin Moore Simply White OC-117

Budget Worksheet

If you’re wondering what your makeover will cost you DOWNLOAD the FREE Living Room Budget Worksheet.

The products in this room are from a mix of vendors because it makes the space more interesting.

It creates an original look that’s unique.

Personally, I do NOT like when a space looks like you purchased the showroom collection.

What’s the fun in that?

I hope you enjoy all the resources but let me know if you need any help.

Have a great day full of Unicorns and Rainbows!

xo Nicole

***If you are doing a makeover download your FREE pdf How To Measure Guide to help you get started***

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