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26 Best Bathroom Mirrors That’ll Make Your Space Look More On Trend

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Looking for the best bathroom mirrors in 2023? Check out my favorites that are sure to make your space look more on trend!

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Best Bathroom Mirrors

A great way to update your bathroom is to change out your bathroom mirror. There are so many awesome options to choose from in this category.

Depending on your space you can go round, rectangular, oval, arched, or hexagon to name a few. If you are sourcing for a new or reno project then you can really have fun!

Instead of the classic round or rectangle mirror styles add one of the unique fun silhouettes from this roundup. Any one of these is sure to add personality and make a statement in your bathroom.

Why be ordinary when you can be a unicorn?!

This post is all about the best bathroom mirrors of 2023.

best bathroom mirrors in modern white bathroom with gold accents

Bathroom Mirror Style Tips

Here are the things to consider when sourcing your bathroom mirror.

  1. Size
  2. Shape
  3. Material
  4. Style
  5. Lighting
  6. Color
  7. Budget

1. Vanity Mirror Size

The size of your vanity will help determine what size mirror you need. It’s important to find a bathroom mirror that is an appropriate width for your vanity because a mirror that is not scaled or proportioned to the vanity will look off-balanced. 

The most common way to determine your mirror size is to choose a mirror that is 1-2 inches shorter than the width of the countertop of your bathroom vanity

Pro Tip #1 Choose a mirror that is 1-2 inches shorter than the width of the countertop of your bathroom vanity. 

Here are some examples of popular bathroom vanity sizes and what size single mirror you should source.

  • 24-inch vanity – 22” to 23” Mirrors
  • 30-inch vanity – 28” to 29” Mirrors
  • 36-inch vanity – 34” to 35” Mirrors
  • 48-inch vanity – 46” to 47” Mirrors
  • 60-inch vanity – 58” to 59” Mirrors
  • 72-inch vanity – 70” to 71” Mirrors

Pro Tip #2 Hang the mirror 5 in. to 10 in. above the sink and at eye level which is usually 60″ from the floor.

When considering mirror height, it’s a good idea to use your eye level (or the average eye level of those using the mirror) as a guide. Position the mirror so the center of the glass is in line with that eye level.

For instance, if the average eye level of the people in your family is around five feet, then the mirror should be hung so the center is five feet from the floor.

2. Bathroom Mirror Shape

As mentioned above you have a lot of options when choosing the shape of your mirror. Bathroom mirrors usually come in round/circular shapes, square/rectangular shapes, and irregular, geometric shapes.

Keep in mind the other elements you have in your bathroom. For example, if your sconces are round a rectangular or longer mirror will look nice. If you have rectangular sconces like the feature image then a round mirror is the perfect complement. To create interest and flow you should vary your shapes.

Finding the right shape for your bathroom mirror is a huge contributing factor that will massively affect the overall style of your bathroom.

long mirror helps to lengthen the overall look of a bathroom as it stretches out the eye along its length.

Round mirrors add a touch of softness to your bathroom as they blend seamlessly without disrupting its existing flow.

Frameless mirrors are great space savers. They’re unique and modern. They also tend to be cheaper so that can be great for those working with strict budgets.

rounded rectangle, dome-shaped mirror, pill-shaped mirror, or popsicle-shaped mirror adds a quirky touch to your bathroom. 

Irregularly shaped mirrors offer visual interest and a decorative element.

Lastly, an asymmetrical mirror will bring a contemporary touch and feel to your bathroom.

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3. Material

There are many different types of materials you can add to your bathroom design. For a sophisticated look, add a brushed metal wall mirror. This style will have a contemporary vibe that will complement various designs and styles.

The beauty of this style of mirror is the brushed metal will match the mirrored glass creating a contemporary look.

Whether you opt for wood, glass, aluminum, bronze, copper, acrylic, or stone, you can choose a frame that matches or enhances your existing color palette and materials.

4. Best Bathroom Mirrors Style

Keep in mind what kind of aesthetic you’re going for in your bathroom redesign. Not every mirror you find is going to work for every bathroom space.

If your room is more traditional, find something larger that might call to mind the timeless tradition you like.

A frameless mirror with a bunch of cool technical features is great for modern styles. If your style is contemporary maybe you’ll want something unusually shaped.

Whatever you choose will tie your room together and be the focal point of your day-to-day life. Mirrors may seem like simple things, but they can be tricky to choose.

5. Lighting

A mirror equipped with light-emitting diodes (LED) is one of the best perceivable ways to get a realistic reflection of an image. Not only does this type of mirror provide a realistic reflection, but it also adds light to the room.

Unlike other types of lighted bathroom mirrors, LED-lit mirrors are proven to conserve electricity and produce a pure white light–perfect for shaving and applying makeup.

If you choose to add an overhead fixture or side sconces this will also affect the mirror you choose. Framing your mirror with sconces can add a touch of timeless style to your bathroom. Smaller spaces work great with lighted sconces and small mirrors. Find light features that match your room’s all-over style.

The recommendation is to choose a mirror that is 60 to 70 percent of the width of your bathroom vanity. This gives your sconces plenty of room to frame your mirror.

6. Best Bathroom Mirrors Color

Consider the other finishes in your bathroom when choosing between the best bathroom mirrors. If you have stainless faucets you may want a mirror in the same finish.

To create a statement you’ll want to contrast the finish with maybe black, wood, or gold. Don’t be afraid to mix metals which is a trend that is still going strong in 2023!

When choosing the color for your mirror do also look at your wall color. If you have a busy wallpaper keep your mirror simple to not detract from the wallpaper design.

Remember to consider the “star of the show”. You are going to want to keep other elements simple to create a focal point in the room. If you choose a vintage elaborate mirror let that be the star and keep the other lines simple.

7. Budget

Lastly, we need to discuss the budget. If you don’t have one then choose what works best from the above considerations.

For those who need to keep the cost down choose the mirror you love and then stalk the internet for a more affordable option. Most times you can find something just as pretty within your budget.

On average you can expect to pay the following:

  • $50-$100 low end
  • $200-$500 mid price
  • $500-$2000 high end

Size, quality, materials, and tech features all play a role when it comes to the cost so keep this in mind when sourcing.

Modern Vanity Mirror Q&A’s

Is any mirror OK for a bathroom?

Bathroom mirrors should be made with tempered glass to prevent injuries. This glass will break into small rounded pieces if broken.

Tempered glass is recommended to meet safety standards under federal, state, and local building codes. It’s strong, won’t fog, and can withstand changes in heat and humidity.

If you’re looking at decorative mirrors for your bathroom know that they’re typically not safe and may not last as long. A mirror that says not suitable for bathroom use or not listed damp would be best for a powder room instead.

Bathrooms with a shower tend to be humid and have steam that over time can damage a decorative mirror. That said go for a moisture resistance mirror in your next full bath project.

What is the current trend in bathroom mirrors?

LED, tilt, and statement mirrors are all trending for the bathroom. When choosing your bathroom mirror you should consider the size of your vanity, your finishes, and the vibe you are after.

Metals that are currently trending are brass, black, and chrome which is a classic. Organic shapes, geo forms, and frameless mirrors are also very popular.

How high should a mirror be above a bathroom vanity?

The bathroom mirror should be 5 in. to 10 in. above the sink and at eye level which is usually 60″ from the floor. Have a partner hold the mirror where it will be placed so you can stand back and look at it from a distance.

This will help you determine if you need to adjust the mirror up or down slightly. Once you are happy with the placement hang your mirror and voila!

Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

best bathroom mirrors roundup at multiple price points and styles

1. Round Mirror // 2. Gold Wall Mirror // 3. Round Pivot Mirror  // 4. Montara Mirror // 5. Art Deco Bathroom Mirror // 6. Mirror with Marble Shelf // 7. Curved Light Up Vanity Mirror // 8. Oblong Wall Mirror  // 9. Seamless Shelf Mirror // 10. Lucite and Brass Arched Mirror // 11. Rounded Rectangle Mirror // 12. Pivot Wall Mirror // 13. Round Hanging Mirror // 14. Arched Framed Mirror // 15. Champagne Rectangular Wall Mirror // 16. Back-Lit LED Mirror // 17. Oval LED Mirror // 18. Octagon Mirror // 19. Gleaming Primrose Round Mirror

Best Place To Shop For Bathroom Mirrors

Be sure to click through the link if you like the bathroom mirrors shown in this roundup. Many of the styles are available in multiple finishes so there’s definitely something for everyone. Some even come in multiple sizes!

1. Round Bathroom Mirror

best bathroom mirror with gold organic frame

If you are looking for unique mirrors for bathrooms this one is for you! Add the organic mirror to your bathroom design to make a bold and chic statement. The imperfectly round shape mirror will add a natural element.

This stylish mirror is available in brass or black so choose the one that best fits your decor.

2. Modern Round Bathroom Mirror

round bathroom mirror with gold trim

For those looking for a simple clean-lined vanity mirror, this one is for you. It has a midcentury modern design that can be hung in one of four directions.

It’s also bathroom safe making it a great choice for the modern home.

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3. Gold Round Pivot Mirror

round pivot mirror with gold trim

A pivoting bathroom mirror will provide both functionality and beauty. This modern mirror has a simple timeless design that’ll stand the test of time.

Choose between four finishes when placing your order including the aged brass shown above.

4. Montara Rattan Mirror

best bathroom mirror in nautical style with white wood and natural rattan trim

If coastal is more your vibe then this rattan mirror is the perfect option. The double framing detail adds an updated twist to the standard mirror.

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5. Art Deco Bathroom Mirror

art deco bathroom mirror with gold trim

Art deco is trending in everything from home decor to furniture. This is a modern twist on the popular design trend that’ll make a beautiful addition to any bathroom, entryway, or bedroom.

The handpainted iron mirror is bathroom rated making it a safe choice for your home.

6. Mirror with Marble Shelf

black frame mirror with marble shelf

There’s so much to love about this arched bathroom mirror. It has a unique design with a floating marble shelf below for extra storage.

It’s bathroom safe but also perfect for a powder room or entryway. The striking black frame is great for adding contrast to lighter walls.

This mirror is sure to create a focal point in any space it’s in.

7. Curved Light Up Vanity Mirror

LED curved light up vanity mirror

The sophisticated design of this curved light-up mirror silhouette is perfect for checking yourself as you get ready. You’ll love the way the LED light strip illuminates your face.

This is a great statement mirror in any style of home.

8. Oblong Wall Mirror

oval gold mirror with gold trim

If you are bored of the classic round or rectangular shaped mirror then this one is for you! The handmade oblong mirror is made to resist corrosion so no worries about hanging this beauty in your bathroom.

It comes in four finishes so there’s definitely one you’ll love!!

9. Bathroom Mirror With Shelf

seamless shelf mirror with gold trim

This trendy mirror features an updated design with a rounded top and shelf detail. It’s a great option for smaller bathrooms that need a little extra storage space.

10. Arched Bathroom Mirror

arched bathroom mirror with gold trim

If you are looking for a statement mirror look no further. This one has a contemporary aesthetic, lucite frame, and champagne-finished brass accents.

The bathroom-rated mirror is perfect for over your vanity or any other space in your home. It’s sure to be a conversation starter!

11. Rounded Rectangle Mirror

rounded rectangle mirror with gold bracket

Loving the simple clean lines of this modern mirror. It features rounded edges with metal accents. It’s a fabulous choice for adding a subtle but elegant touch to your bathroom design.

This bathroom mirror is timeless and sure to last for many years to come. If gold is not your jam check out one of the other four finishes and sizes.

12. Rectangle Pivot Bathroom Mirror

pivot bathroom mirror with gold trim

No matter the angle you need this tilting mirror has you covered. A great option to update your bathroom or powder room.

This stylish mirror is available in six different finishes. No matter your style there’s one that’ll work perfectly with your design.

13. Round Hanging Mirror

round hanging mirror with leather strap

Add style and dimension to your home with this bathroom vanity mirror from Pottery Barn. It has a clean nautical design, an oil-rubbed bronze finish, and a leather hanging strap for added interest.

This round vanity mirror is part of the Frances collection on Pottery Barn so you can totally coordinate your fixtures easily. If you are pressed for time this will help you simplify the design process.

14. Arched Framed Mirror

arched framed mirror with gold trim

For anyone looking for a classic timeless update to the rectangular mirror, this one is for you. Available in three finishes there’s one for every style of home.

15. Champagne Rectangle Wall Mirror

champagne rectangle wall mirror

Love the ornate details of this brutalist-inspired rectangular bath mirror from CB2. The frame is heated, molded, and sand-casted to create the peaks and valleys of the organic edge.

It has a nickel-plated finish with a subtle champagne shimmer that’ll add a sophisticated look to your bathroom design. Hang this bathroom safe mirror vertically or horizontally depending on the look you’re after.

16. Small Back-Lit LED Mirror

best bathroom mirrors with LED lighting

LED mirrors are perfect for modern bathroom spaces. This mirror features a clean and versatile design that’ll elevate your bathroom. It can be hung vertically or horizontally.

The LED frame is located inside the mirror surface and is controlled by a rocker switch. If you are looking to update a dated bathroom this mirror is perfect for you.

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17. Octagon Mirror For Bathroom

best bathroom mirrors in oval shape with gold trim

This oval mirror is set inside a rim of stainless steel with adjustable LEDs on the inner edge. The many benefits of this LED mirror include:

  • less energy usage
  • color temperature is adjustable
  • damp-listed for bathroom use

It’s the perfect lighting for applying makeup, shaving, grooming, and more! Not to mention the modern design will look awesome in your contemporary bathroom design.

18. Gold Octagon Mirror

octagon floating frame mirror

Make a bold statement in your bathroom with this gold octagon mirror from West Elm. It’ll add a timeless touch of glamour that’s fabulous for updating the look of your design.

This modern mirror is bathroom rated making it perfect for either a full bath, half, or power room. You’ll totally elevate the look of your space with this beauty.

19. Small Bathroom Mirror

primrose round mirror with gold ornamental frame

Saved the best for last in my opinion. I have been obsessed with this stylish bathroom vanity wall mirror for quite some time.

It has a timeless look that’ll last for years to come. This will be a mirror you take with you if you move. It’s that special.

The beautiful scroll detail of this vintage-inspired round mirror is sure to be a conversation starter. Great for the bathroom, hallway, or bedroom design.

Powder Room Bathroom Mirrors

The following decorative bathroom mirrors are best for powder rooms since they’re NOT bathroom-rated. If you decide to use one in your full bath remember that they may not stand up to the steam and moisture.

This roundup of mirrors is full of texture, style, and dimension. They’re great for adding a focal point to any space they’re in.

best bathroom mirrors roundup

20. Portrait Mirror // 21. Bone Inlay Mirror // 22. Marble & Brass Wall Mirror // 23. Emma Mirror // 24. Pinched Roped Round Mirror // 25. Hoop Mirror 26. Soleil Mirror // 27. Vintage Style Vanity Mirror

20. Unique Bathroom Mirrors

portrait mirror with gold frame

Looking for a fun way to add personality and a touch of glam to your bathroom? This minimalist portrait mirror will do just that!

The polyresin mirror is handmade so each one is unique and will have variations in the finish.

21. Gold Hexagon Mirror

black and white hexagon bone inlay mirror

Love the art deco vibe of this bone-inlay hexagon-shaped powder room mirror. The geometric angles and graphic stripe frame add a touch of style and originality to the design.

Each bone tile is hand carved, polished, and carefully arranged to create the finished product. If you’re looking to make a statement in your bathroom, bedroom, or foyer this mirror is for you.

22. Marble and Brass Wall Mirror

rectangle marble and brass mirror

Update your modern bathroom with this trendy vanity mirror that features marble and brass. This one is sure to be a focal point in your space.

The mixed materials add that wow factor we’re all looking to add to our interior design.

23. Emma Vanity Mirror For Powder Room

Anthro mirror dupe best bathroom mirror with gold frame

This stunning bathroom mirror is stylish and elegant. It features a vintage brass design with a swirling motif that’ll add a touch of glam to your powder room.

24. Unique Modern Bathroom Mirror

best bathroom mirrors with black and gold trim

Update your powder room with this unique design from Lumens. This stunning thing of beauty looks like a piece of art but functions as a mirror.

The pinched roped round mirror is handcrafted with organic and artful elements. A pattern of bowties is created from the hand-wrapped natural rope on the outer rings.

This round vanity mirror is sure to be a conversation starter.

25. Bronze Hoop Mirror

best bathroom mirror with gold trim

This timeless mirror is sure to be in style for years to come. It has a nautical-inspired vibe that’ll work well in the eclectic or contemporary home.

Available in black, bronze, or carbon there’s one that will look awesome with your decor.

26. Soleil Scallop Edged Circular Mirror

best bathroom mirror with scallop edge

The scallop edge of this circular antique silver mirror is the perfect update to the classic round silhouette. It’s sure to make a fabulous addition to your home.

27. Vintage Vanity Mirror

brass vanity mirror with gold trim

If you love the Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror then you’ll love this one too. The World Market version is a third the price of the Lulu and Georgia and Anthropologie Mirror.

If you are on a tighter budget it’s an awesome choice to add style and a touch of glam.

The vintage-inspired floral detail is a great update to the traditional arched mirror. This one will make a statement in your powder room bathroom makeover for sure!

I hope this was helpful and gave you ideas and inspiration on how to add style to your bathroom design.

Happy decorating and have an inspired day full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

xo Nicole

This post is all about the best bathroom mirrors.

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