14 Bathroom Medicine Cabinets For Small Spaces

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Looking for the best bathroom medicine cabinets? Check out these options that are stylish and the perfect storage solution for small spaces!

If you have been looking for a way to add more storage to your small bathroom this is for you! Medicine cabinets have not always been a designer favorite but from a practical standpoint, they are awesome!

While many people do not like the look of old-school medicine cabinets they can be great for adding extra storage in small spaces.

Medicine cabinets today are super stylish and there are many options to choose from. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, finishes, and price points.

No matter your style or budget there is one perfect for your bathroom design. The pretty ones can be costly but have no fear I’m here to help you with your sourcing journey.

Check out all the modern medicine cabinets below to update your bathroom design.

This post is all about the best bathroom medicine cabinets.

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gold trim bathroom medicine cabinet with white vanity

Best Bathroom Medicine Cabinets

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Best Wood: Mirrored Wood Bath Cabinet

Love the details and beauty of this wood medicine cabinet.

Best Overall: Rectangular Recessed Medicine Cabinet

This vanity mirror can be recessed or wall-mounted so it’s an awesome choice.

Best Budget: Wall Mount Medicine Cabinet

A budget-friendly version of the gold frame vanity mirror above but for a third of the price.

Best LED Lighted: Frameless Medicine Cabinet with LED Lighting

This pick is best for low-light bathrooms because it provides the perfect amount of light for detail-oriented tasks like shaving or makeup.

Best Anti-Fog: Fog Free Medicine Cabinet

The fog-resistant glass doesn’t require heating to keep the mirror clear through showers.

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bathroom medicine cabinet collage

1. Brass Inlay Bathroom Medicine Cabinets

wood bathroom cabinet with mirror brass inlay accents

If you’re looking for a unique medicine cabinet this one is for you. It’s by far one of the prettiest styles available. It’ll add a touch of elegance and grandiosity with its brass inlay accents and stylish design.

Three interior shelves for your toiletries will give your bathroom more storage. This handcrafted medicine cabinet mirror is perfect for adding warmth and interest.

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2. Recessed Brass Medicine Cabinet

bathroom medicine cabinet with gold trim

This vanity medicine cabinet is an updated take on the classic style with its rounded edges and slim design. It’s available in four finishes so you may have trouble choosing just one.

In our small bathroom design, we went with the gold medicine cabinet which looks fabulous.

We purchased the larger cabinet that measures 21″ wide x 4.75″ deep x 34″ high. There is also a smaller size if you are tight on space.

3. LED Medicine Cabinet

led bathroom medicine cabinet with gold trim

There’s so much to love about this LED surface mount mirror. It has three adjustable shelves that are made of tempered glass and a double-sided mirror door with soft-close hinges.

On the inside, there are a standard electrical outlet and USB ports to plug in all your electronics. The touchless sensor makes turning the light on and off a breeze. Simply wave your hand underneath and voila!

4. Arched Metal Framed Medicine Cabinet

arched bathroom medicine cabinet with gold trim

Another unique modern medicine cabinet with its arched top and simple design. This one can be mounted on your wall or within a cutout space.

Three adjustable shelves are hidden behind the mirror to keep your small bathroom super organized and neat.

This is the perfect solution to update your dated bathroom interior design because it will add a ton of originality.

5. Infinity Brass Medicine Cabinet

bathroom medicine cabinet with gold trim

Love this contemporary medicine cabinet that features three glass shelves for storing everyday bathroom essentials. The large medicine cabinet offers plenty of storage for small spaces but it’s super stylish too.

This mirror features an aluminum frame that is protected to resist corrosion and lasts for many years. Choose from one of the four available colorways to work with your bathroom design.

6. West Elm Seamless Triple Medicine Cabinet

triple bathroom medicine cabinets with gold trim

Update your contemporary bathroom space with this seamless triple medicine cabinet with gold trim. This mirror will look fabulous with your black and gold home decor.

The overall size is 34″H by 60″W making it a great addition to larger spaces. It’s perfect to hang over double-wide bath vanities and can be wall-mounted or recessed within your wall.

Three adjustable shelves will give you plenty of storage space for all your bathroom essentials. The rounded edges, clean lines, and simple design will add a touch of sophistication to any modern contemporary bathroom space.

At just under $1,300 this large medicine cabinet will be worth the investment. It’ll be your favorite spot to check yourself and “put your face on”.

7. Wall Mount Mirror Medicine Cabinet

bathroom medicine cabinet with gold trim and curved edges

There is so much goodness in this gold bathroom mirror cabinet. It is by far one of the best cheap medicine cabinets you’ll find.

The design and style are very similar to the Pottery Barn medicine cabinet above but at a third of the price. It’s even available in gold and black if that is more your jam!

This inexpensive bathroom mirror is durable and the sturdy construction will last for years. There are two adjustable shelves to store and organize all your bathroom essentials.

The wall-mounted medicine cabinet measures 17″ width x 5.94″ depth x 27″ high.

I’m crushing on this budget-friendly storage solution.

8. Mirrored Recessed Medicine Cabinet 

recessed bathroom medicine cabinet curved edges

If you’re looking for affordable medicine cabinets on a tight timeline this one is for you. Available from Home Depot this modern medicine cabinet will complement your bathroom design.

This cabinet features mirrors on the back of the door and the interior back of the cabinet. There are two adjustable tempered glass shelves for storing all your bathroom essentials.

Made of a durable aluminum construction this cabinet is rust and rot-resistant perfect for years of use.

9. Frameless Mirror with LED Lighting

frameless medicine cabinet with led lighting

For anyone looking for trendy bathroom medicine cabinet ideas, you’ll love this one.

The modern medicine cabinet design features 3D LED color temperature lights. Depending on your needs there is a cool light, warm light, and a combination of cool and warm mixed.

This is the best led lighted medicine cabinet. There is a digital clock, defogger, touch screen button, dimmer, and an electrical outlet with USB.

You’ll be able to recess or surface mount this bad boy depending on the look you are after.

10. Recessed Medicine Cabinet

recessed medicine cabinet with mirror frame

Pottery Barn has awesome options in the bathroom medicine cabinets with mirrors category. This stylish medicine cabinet features a wide beveled frame and a beautiful finish.

No matter your design style this bathroom mirror will level up your interior design.

11. Mirrored Bath Cabinet at Anthropologie

mirror bath cabinet with open shelf and gold trim

Available in two finishes this unique medicine cabinet is perfect to update your contemporary aesthetic.

You’ll have plenty of storage on the inside with the three shelves. The bottom exposed shelf is perfect for displaying bathroom essentials you use more often.

You’ll love this medicine cabinet because it will add a pretty storage solution to your small bath design.

12. Mid Century Modern Mirror

white frame mirror medicine cabinet

Love the simple design of this mid-century medicine cabinet. You may have trouble deciding because she’s available in two awesome finishes.

Choose between the wood medicine cabinet or the white as shown above. Either contemporary medicine cabinet will look fabulous to update your bathroom.

The mirror comes complete with two adjustable shelves, can be open left or right, and wall-mounted or recessed within the wall.

13. Fog Free Medicine Cabinet

fog free medicine cabinet mirror

No need to worry about taking a steam shower because this mirror features fog-free technology that will provide a clear reflection.

The framed white mirror can be recessed or surface mounted so you have plenty of options depending on your space.

This is an affordable medicine cabinet so if you are on a budget you’ll love this modern design.

14. Palmer Medicine Cabinet

white frame on mirror cabinet

Another awesome bathroom mirror medicine cabinet you’ll love because of all the options. You can choose between six finishes, custom mounting, hinge side, and door panel style.

So no matter the look you are after you’ll be able to create a medicine cabinet perfect for your bathroom interior design.

As you can see medicine cabinets have come a long way. I personally prefer the look of a recessed medicine cabinet but if that’s not an option the wall mount will provide extra storage as well.

I always like to give all the options no matter the price point because everyone has different needs. Depending on your style and budget I’m sure there was one here that’s perfect for you!

When You Know Better You Do Better

What is a medicine cabinet?

A medicine cabinet is typically found in small bathroom spaces that need storage solutions. It’s usually located above the bathroom sink and has shelves perfect for storing everyday products.
They vary in size, finish, and style but will make a big impact on your interior design. Most can be wall mounted or recessed depending on the specifications and installer.

What can I put instead of the medicine cabinet?

You can store bathroom products both small and large inside your medicine cabinet. They usually have three shelves that can be adjusted depending on the size and height of your products.
The obvious favorites for inside a medicine cabinet include makeup, dental, and eye essentials. It’s also the perfect spot to store your vitamins and other medication so it’s top of mind.

I hope these stylish medicine cabinets gave you ideas and inspiration for your next bathroom project.

This post is all about the best bathroom medicine cabinets.

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