Neutral Bachelor Pad Bedroom Ideas (Shop The Look)

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Looking for masculine bachelor pad bedroom ideas to update your new interior space? Check out this guest-worthy furniture and home decor your girlfriend will love too!

Finding the perfect bachelor pad decor may feel overwhelming at first but trust me you can do it! You may be alone for the first time and you are looking to express your personality.

Along with that, you may be looking to impress your lady friend by creating an inviting space. The ultimate reason would be you just want a space that makes you feel good about yourself!

Whatever the reason the best way to start the process is to choose three images from Pinterest that inspire you. Once you have an idea of the look and feel you are after the rest of the design will fall into place.

To help you get started I’ve pulled together a bachelor pad bedroom idea that your girlfriend (or significant other) will love too!

As I show you the bachelor pad ideas, I’ll also give you some tips to keep in mind as you go through the process.

OK, Let’s get started, shall we?!

This post is all about bachelor pad bedroom ideas.

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bachelor pad bedroom with white bedding, a grey throw, and brown accent chair

Bachelor Pad Bedroom Ideas

The above inspirational design was inspired by the Cali Vibe that is trending all over Instagram. It features a neutral color palette with a green pop in the greenery and bookends.

The artwork is by far the star of the show in this bachelor pad bedroom design. It is available in one piece as shown or 3 separate pieces as well.

To create an impact in this bachelor pad design we went with the larger one-piece version. It set the tone for the look and feel of the design.

bachelor pad bedroom collage

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Bedroom Essentials List:

Here you will find all the details you need to know when shopping for your bachelor pad bedroom furniture and decor.

1. King of Street Art Print

graffitti artwork with crown bachelor pad bedroom

When it comes to men’s apartment decor I have found it best to start with a neutral base and then layer in texture and color. Since most men are not about colorful spaces this approach will allow you to add color later if you want a change.

Starting a design with a jumping-off point such as the above graffiti artwork gives you colors to pull into your design. This art was so popular it was actually sold out but it’s back in stock.

The fun print is the perfect bachelor pad wall art because it has an edge with the torn paper and a cool vibe with the graffiti. This piece looks even better in person than the image online.

2. Wood & Resin Coasters

wood coasters with coffee cup

To protect your bachelor pad furniture you will want to have coasters spread throughout your space. Whether you are after a masculine living room or bedroom design you need to protect the surface of your furniture.

There is nothing more annoying than a ring mark from a sweaty drink that doesn’t go away. To avoid this from happening add these cool wood and resin coasters to your bachelor pad decor.

3. Tripod Floor Lamp 

wood tripod lamp with white shade bachelor pad bedroom

In any space, it is important to incorporate general, task, and accent lighting. This tripod floor lamp will make a great addition to your modern bachelor pad.

It is perfect to add in the corner of your bachelor bedroom with an accent chair and a small table. Creating sitting moments in your bachelor room will give you multiple spaces to relax.

The clean lines and interesting silhouette of this floor lamp are sure to make a statement in your bachelor bedroom. The wood tones will bring in a natural element and zen vibe as well.

4. Faux Fur Chinchilla Throw

grey throw blanket

When designing your neutral room you will be inspired by many bachelor pad ideas. The key is to narrow all those ideas down and get focused.

Since this design incorporated neutral bachelor pad decor adding texture and scale was important to create an interesting space. This faux fur blanket does just that. It’s also perfect to snuggle up with on cooler nights.

Some bachelor room ideas on how to display your blanket would be draped across the foot of the bed or over the arm of your accent chair. Either one will add interest and warmth to your modern bachelor pad.

Bedroom Pillows

5. Faux Leather Decorative Pillow Brown

brown faux leather lumbar pillow

While you may think no bachelor is making his bed with all those pillows… Let me tell you he will! Maybe not EVERY DAY but when he has visitors or guests over you can be sure he does.

That said pillows are another great way to layer texture, materials, and color into your bachelor pad design. To achieve the look you can’t just have one which is why this design features three.

The faux leather long lumbar pillow is perfect for placing in the front of your choppable grey stripe pillows below. It’s also awesome to lean against while binge-watching Netflix and relaxing in bed.

6. Stripe Designer Pillow Cover

grey striped pillow

The grey stripe designer pillow cover above is perfect to layer behind the leather lumbar pillow. When it comes to bachelor pad accessories it’s great when they are neutral and versatile.

If you ever wanted to change the vibe of your bachelor pad bedroom these modern pillows could totally be moved into your living room. They will make a fabulous addition no matter where they are in your bachelor pad design.

Pro Tip: Use a pillow fill that is 2″ larger than your pillow as a general rule.


10. Faux Fur Pillow Cover

grey fur pillow

Again we can never have too much texture in bachelor pad interior design.

Add this faux fur pillow in between two stripe pillows or just throw her on the brown suede side chair. Either will add interest and make a statement in your bedroom design.

Love the hi and lows of this faux fur pillow which is super cozy as well!

Bachelor Pad Furniture Ideas

This is the main furniture you will need in your bedroom design. A bed, nightstand, and accent chair are enough to get you started.

7. Upholstered Storage Bed

upholstered storage bed

If you’re bachelor pad decorating on a budget keep in mind you don’t want to skimp on your bed or mattress. You can cut costs in other areas of the bachelor pad design but not there.

Since the goal is to get a solid eight hours of sleep a night your bed situation is super important. If you are looking for a quality mattress that is budget-friendly check out the Nectar brand mattress.

You can even get a frame with your purchase if you prefer. If you are looking for small bachelor pad ideas then the West Elm bed above is for you!

It features a pull-out drawer at the bottom that is awesome for extra storage space. When you are just starting out you can never have enough storage.

The simple modern bed design will create a focal point in your bachelor pad bedroom design. Your special friend will love it too! Just saying haha.

11. Wood Tiled Nightstand

white nightstand

On either side of your new bed add two wood-tiled nightstands. Again when working with a neutral color palette we want to add interest in shades of color and texture.

The front textured detail of this modern nightstand will help add personality to your bedroom design. Whenever you want to create interest look for unique furniture that is special and stands out.

There is nothing worse than a showroom vibe with matchy matchy furniture pieces even for a bachelor room design. Just because you are a bachelor doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with your space.

12. Club Leather Chair

brown leather chair

This stylish leather club chair is the perfect accent for the modern bachelor pad. You may have a studio apartment or bedroom that has to serve multiple functions.

If you don’t have space for a desk a club chair may solve the problem giving you a comfy spot to work with your laptop.

So many people are STILL working from home and you may have to get creative on where you set up shop. For others adding this accent chair in a corner by a window would create a relaxing reading space.

No matter your situation adding the contrast of the leather is perfect for a masculine bachelor pad bedroom design.

Bedroom Decor And Accessories

These decor and accessory ideas will complete your design and add personality.

8. Fern Plant Tree

fern plant tree bachelor pad bedroom

To add color and a touch of the outdoors in your bachelor pad bedroom add a tall plant. Plants have many benefits that include bringing oxygen into a space as well as improved mood.

This fern plant from West Elm would look awesome in a corner or front of a window. The best part is it’s on sale now so don’t wait if you love it. It’s sure to sell out fast!

Once you have your plant chosen add interest with a fun planter that works with your bachelor pad decor. I love the Half-Dipped Planters or Mid-Century Turned Wood Leg style.

The black planter would look awesome and tie back to the graffiti artwork colors. Remember we want to repeat elements in a space a minimum of three places.

This is a design principle that will help move the eye throughout your bachelor pad interior design. It also creates a balanced design. There is nothing worse than a space that feels off and this will eliminate that problem.

9. Table Lamp

Table Lamp

Add a pair of these modern table lamps on the nightstand on either side of the bed. Remember task lighting is super important.

Along with layers of texture we also want to layer in lighting. Table lamps add interest and more ambiance lighting than just having that single obnoxious bright ceiling light.

How awesome is it when you are reading a book in bed and just switch off your table lamp on the nightstand?

13. California Art Print

california art print

Whether you have followed your dream and are living in California or you are trying to manifest it this print is for you! It screams Cali vibe. What better way to make dreams come true than to have a visual?

This print does not come with a frame so be sure to grab one that matches your bachelor pad decor.

14. Agate Stone Bookends

agate stone bookend

If you love to read then these are a bachelor pad must-have! There is nothing worse than a stack of books that constantly fall over because nothing is supporting them.

These agate stone bookends will get the job done and add interest, color, and texture to your bedroom. They are perfect for any bachelor pad living room as well.

No matter where you keep your favorite books you need. to. get. these!

15. Barrel Natural Basket

black basket

Since we want to add touches of black to the artwork through this design the natural barrel basket is another fabulous addition. The texture, dimension, and pop of black all work well with this design.

You can use this to store your blankets, pillows, or even your laundry. Whether you place it in a corner or next to the chair it’s a great addition to your bachelor room plan.

16. Decorative Box Ivory

decorative ivory box

Love this box to add to your nightstand next to the bed. Whether you need a creative place to store your remotes, jewelry, or small personal items this is for you.

17. Floor Mirror

floor mirror

When choosing your bachelor pad accessories don’t forget the floor-length mirror. This is a must-have when getting ready to go out for a night on the town.

Your significant other will appreciate you having this awesome mirror as well. The clean simple lines are perfect for the modern bachelor pad interior design.

18. Gallery Wall Frames

Gallery Wall Frames

Gallery walls are great for adding personality and creating a focal point in your interior space. Add pictures of friends and family or purchase original prints from Etsy.

If you need tips and tricks on how to create a gallery wall head to this post How To Create A Gallery Wall In 9 Easy Steps.

19. City Skyline Bookends

city skyline bookends

Last up are these bookends from Uncommon Goods. They feature the NYC skyline. Whether you want a reminder of where you are from or are trying to manifest a new life these will set the vibe.

How to Design a Neutral Bachelor Pad

Here are the Design Steps to create your Stylish Masculine Bachelor Bedroom:

Step 1

Choose no more than 3 images from Pinterest or online that will be your inspiration.

Step 2

Choose a jumping-off piece (artwork, fabric, pillow print, or a rug)

Step 3

Establish your color palette choose neutrals (white, black, ivory, gray, etc) and 1-2 pop colors.

Step 4

Choose your main statement furniture piece (the largest piece of furniture, your bed in this case)

Step 5 

Choose accent furniture (nightstand, dresser, accent chair, etc)

Step 6 

Choose pillows, rugs, accessories, lighting, etc

Step 7

Create a Concept board complete with the furniture and home decor you have chosen. Use the free version of Canva to create your concept board.

Step 8

Measure your space and create a floor plan. Use a free room planner tool online.

bachelor pad bedroom floor plan layout

Step 9

Once you have the “look and feel” concept board and your floor plan complete this will be the road map to follow for your room design.

Whether you are sourcing online or out and about, you will know the furniture, home decor, and size you need.

This takes out the guesswork and reduces the number of returns you will have.

Bachelor Pad Design Tips

Creating moments in your bachelor pad bedroom is the perfect way to add originality and interest to your space. Some of these are mentioned in the resource links above but just to drive the point home here they are again.

Create a Reading Area

If you are like me then you love a good book and have a favorite spot in your home to read.

When designing a bedroom it is always nice to have a reading nook or corner. You can create this using a loveseat, chaise, or chair as shown below.

bachelor pad bedroom with brown chair in corner

Create an Accent Wall

Another tip is to create an accent or feature wall in your bedroom.

There are many ways to create an accent. You can use wallpaper, a contrasting paint color, or create a floating shelf wall around the TV.

bachelor pad bedroom tv on wall with floating shelves
Floating shelf wall around the TV

A floating shelf wall helps minimize the large screen TV. The perspective drawing below shows the original floating wall concept design. To the right, is a gallery wall flaking a fold-down wall desk.

The fold-down desk functions for work during the day and folds up when not needed. Again we have to get creative these days in our work-from-home spaces.

bachelor pad view of bedroom with tv and floating shelves
Wall Mounted Table

Personalize with Artwork

The last tip is to incorporate artwork in your room. There are so many options to choose from in this category. You may love photography, canvas, abstract, or even graffiti art as shown below.

Adding artwork to your bachelor room design is a great way to create a focal point and add personality.

bachelor pad bedroom with graffiti art, grey pillows, and faux leather lumbar pillow

There is so much inspiration available on Pinterest to give you bachelor apartment ideas.

I hope this post gave you the confidence and tools to help you get started today.

Happy Designing!!

This post is all about bachelor pad bedroom ideas.

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