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Arhaus Pit Sectional Living Room Inspiration (Shop The Look)

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Looking at the Coburn Arhaus pit sectional to update your living room? This design inspiration has everything you need to shop the look.

One of the most well-received posts I have done to date is 13 Best Modular Pit Sectional Sofas You’ll Love. In that post, I highlighted the most popular pit sectional sofas.

When I was working as a design consultant at the furniture showroom I learned all about this bad boy.

The Beckham modular sectional was my favorite and best seller. The thing about this pit sofa is it is LARGE!

The Arhaus Coburn sofa measures 124″W X 81″ D X 28″H. Since it is so big many people do not know how to design a room around this piece.

That’s exactly what I’ll show you today. How to create a look and feel around your modular sectional.

This post is all about the Arhaus Pit Sectional living room design inspiration.

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arhaus pit sectional living room with chandelier and bar cabinet

Coburn Arhaus Pit Sectional Design Inspiration

The focal point of this design is the Arhaus modular pit sectional. All sources in this design are from Arhaus.

They are truly a one-stop shop so it wasn’t hard to pull the pieces together.

As I share the individual home decor and furniture I’ll also let you know my thoughts on the placement of each.

If you are NOT working with a design consultant you will want to measure your space to make sure everything fits.

This is a handy guide that will help you with the measurement process.

This video will help you put your measurements into the FREE floor plan program. That way you’ll know exactly what will fit in your living room space.

Now let’s get into the design, shall we?

Arhaus Pit Sectional Living Room Design

arhaus pit sectional living room design

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase, I might make a small commission at no extra charge to you. Please read my full disclosure here. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Before we get into all the products I’m going to share some info on the Coburn pit sectional. Here is a shot from above.

Arhaus Modular Pit Sectional Aerial View

arhaus coburn pit sectional arhaus

This image helps with a visual of how much floor space she will take up in your room.

I did a quick floor plan of how the sourced furniture can be placed in your living room. The space shown is 17′ x 20′ which is quite a large room.

Living Room Floor Plan

pit sectional arhaus floor plan

The ideal space for a traffic flow is 36″ which you can see shown around the sectional.

The area rug is 9′ x 13′ which will fit under the pit modular sofa and extend at the front and sides.

For the chandelier, you will need high ceilings because otherwise, you will hit your head. This chandelier is 32″ and a rule of thumb is to hang the fixture at least 7 feet from the floor.

Since this is a pit sectional you need to double-check the placement of the chandelier before installing it. You want to make sure no one will hit their head.

In this design, I have shown two end tables for drinks on both sides of the sectional. You can also use one with the martini table or just the sofa table.

For this design, I wanted to give a visual of how each would look.

I will share more thoughts as we go through each of the pieces below.

1. Lily Chandelier

arhaus pit sectional living room black lily chandelier

Create a focal point in your modern contemporary living room design with this 10-light round chandelier. It was originally available in gold but the finish is now black.

The unique design will make a fabulous statement in any living room, bedroom, or dining space.

1b. Dandelion Chandelier

arhaus dendelion round chandelier

If you prefer a gold chandelier the Dandelion round chandelier has a similar vibe.

As I mentioned above do check that this beautiful chandelier will fit in your space. Especially the height.

A chandelier is the jewelry of the room so if this one is too large look at your flush mount options instead.

2. Dawn Cylinder

cylinder candle

You’ll be reminded of deep grey skies at dawn and thick clouds with the moody ambiance of this candle holder. It’s made in India from hand-finished etched glass.

Each candle has unique tones and textures that’ll add interest to any room in your home.

This is a great accessory to add to your living room design. You can also use this in a bedroom, office, or sitting room. There’s nothing more relaxing than a burning candle especially one with a subtle scent.

3. Seated Blue Buddha

arhaus pit sectional living room blue seated buddha

Just a little obsessed with this meditating Buddha! He has a serene expression with his hands in his lap.

It’s made of blue and ivory stoneware in a reactive glaze that’s unique to each piece.

Meditation has changed my life. This beautiful home decor piece is a daily reminder to breathe, stay present, and be aware of your thoughts.

If you’re struggling try out the 1 Giant Mind app for guided meditations. It’ll explain the process and help you get started.

For me, the benefits of meditation are regulation in my body and not being reactive which has been huge.

Mindset is everything!

4. Malone Console Table

arhaus shagreen and gold console table

The Malone occasional table features an artisan-finished shagreen-embossed leather top. It has a chic, minimalist design that’s supported by a warm, brass-finished steel base.

This console table is sure to elevate any living space it’s in.

It’s the perfect sofa table to put behind the Arhaus Coburn sectional. This way you and your family or guests will have a place to put your drinks and snacks.

5. Blue Radial Wall Art

arhaus pit sectional living room blue round radial wall art

If you’re looking for original wall art to add to your collection this blue radial decor is for you. The circular design is encased inside a hand-welded iron frame.

The one-of-a-kind piece will look different depending on the light and time of day. It’s great for adding style and personality to any room.

Love the radial design and the monochromatic color palette. The center design reminds me of a cut tree stump.

6. Ahna Bottle Vase

arhaus vase

This vase features an organic texture with rich neutral tones. Each ceramic vase is carved and sculpted to create a one-of-a-kind abstract design.

The vase is finished with a semi-gloss glaze that highlights its unique characteristics. 

When adding a pop color into a neutral design it’s best to add the color in several places within the room. {Minimum of three}

In this design, the blue is in the artwork, pillow, and Buddha.

7. Eva Tall Vase in Gold

arhaus tall gold vase

This vase is perfect for adding texture to the design.

When you’re adding metallics in your room one way to balance the shine is to mix multiple textures.

8. Lotus Bud Arhaus Vase

arhaus bud vase

With flowers or without the Lotus vase will make a statement in your interior design. It’s made of cast aluminum in a brass finish.

This smooth antique brass vase paired with the textured vase above will create visual interest. It’s the perfect size to add anywhere you need a touch of warmth.

9. Coburn Six Piece Pit Sectional

coburn pit sectional modular sofa

Coburn has a casual-chic silhouette that is super comfy for your family and guests. It features an oversized frame and plush, down-filled pillows covered in relaxed, heavy stonewashed denim.

This sectional’s soft, modular design brings next-level comfort to any space. No matter whether your living space is small or spacious, you will be able to create any arrangement.

Coburn from Arhaus is modern and has a relaxed chill-out vibe. The Boho-inspired sofa pit sectional would be perfect in a suburban home or urban space. Think Soho loft or Brooklyn townhouse.

As you saw in the floor plan above Arhaus Coburn modular pit sectional is LARGE so do plan accordingly. Many people have no idea how to design such a large sofa but it does not have to be overwhelming.

The key is to make sure you measure all your pieces and plan the room before you purchase.

You can pull out the middle ottoman piece but the point of the pit is it’s like a huge bed. Perfect for lounging and movie nights.

10. Danyon End Table

arhaus stone and iron end table

Adding an end table next to your pit modular sectional is great for both entertaining and everyday living. This table is made of fossilized clam shells found in ancient tropical oceans.

The original design will be one-of-a-kind since every shell slice is hand-selected for its unique color and texture. It’s then buffed and polished to highlight the natural colors and patterns of the design.

The scale and size of this end table are perfect to place at the sides of the Coburn couch pit sectional.

A long rectangular table like this is best so it does not extend the width of the lounge area.

11. Laguna Hand-Knotted Rug

coburn pit sectional neutral area rug

The Laguna hand-knotted rug has a modern abstract design. There are tones of white, grey, and gold mixed in the mottled pattern. Made of viscose, linen, and wool this rug has exceptional quality.

It helps tie together the gold and silver of this living room design. Mixed metals are trending and this is a great way to pull both colors in.

If you purchase the Coburn Pit Sectional this area rug is the perfect complement. There’s also an amazing sale going on right now so be sure to take advantage.

12. Reflective Sunrise Framed Print

arhaus sunrise framed artwork

Add a calm vibe to your living room design with this stunning framed art print. It has abstract clouds, a serine sunrise, and a morning sky that’s sure to make an impact.

Adding artwork is great to pull a color palette together in a room.

This large piece is 60″W X 2″ D X 34″H which will add a focal point and set the mood in your space.

13. Beaufort Brass Martini Table

arhaus brass and marble martini table

This table features a chic black marble tabletop and cast aluminum base. It’ll add a contemporary modern vibe to your home.

Choose between the chic white or marble tabletop depending on which style complements your design best. This table will look fabulous no matter where it’s placed in your home.

I’ve featured this table before in the gold side table post. It’s super cute and I love the gray marble top with the gold base.

14. Livia Arhaus Pouf

arhaus hide pouf

Add a handcrafted look to any room with the addition of this mixed hide pouf. It’s great for extra seating or a place to put your feet up.

This is also a fabulous accent piece to soften the hard edges in any modern living space.

Love the use of the multi-color hide materials. It creates such an interesting pattern and design to add to a room.

This pouf is perfect to place in front of the fireplace or pull next to the sectional. You can never have too much seating especially when your family is large.

15. Living Room Chess Table

arhaus white chess table

What a stunning accent table! It has an hourglass silhouette with chic metal accents. The small table is awesome for drinks or playing a game of chess.

It has a chess board on top with hand-carved chess pieces. The timeless design of this game table will be a treasured favorite for many years to come.

If you prefer a darker finish check out the carbonized black chess table as well.

16. Xander Oak Bookcase

arhaus sectional x shape bookcase

The Xander bookcase Arhaus is perfect for the Contemporary home. It’s designed for both storage and display. This rustic, contemporary Xander bookcase features a minimal silhouette that’ll highlight your favorite home decor.

In love with the design of this bookcase. It’s perfect to add one or two behind the Arhaus pit sectional.

It’ll add interest and have your guests asking where you purchased it from.

17. Wine Chiller Bucket

arhaus gold bucket

Add antique styling to your tabletop and keep your favorite white wine perfectly chilled and close at hand. Crafted from aluminum in an antiqued brass finish it’s large enough to hold two bottles at once.

This is such a cute piece to add ice and display your wine for company.

18. Faux Fur Chinchilla Pillow

arhaus fur pillow

This pillow is soft enough to rival clouds and luxurious enough for a royal parlor. Nothing says comfort and style like a faux fur pillow.

It’ll make a fabulous addition to any living room or bedroom. This cozy accent will raise the cozy meter to new heights.

Love a good fur pillow.

So here is the thing with the Arhaus pit couch. It holds a ton of pillows. If you’re trying to be minimalistic less is more.

For those who like to cuddle up, you will want anywhere from 8-12 pillows depending on the patterns and colors you choose.

It seems like a lot but not for the scale of this pit sectional!

19. Knit Pom Pom Pillow Cover

arhaus blue pillow with tassels

This cozy cotton pillow is crafted by dedicated artisans in India to accentuate your space with warmth and subtle style. It features textured knit, tassels, and an incredibly soft hand feel.

Love the color of this pillow which ties back to the other touches of blue in the design. The tassels add a boho Scandinavian vibe to the design.

20. Stone Washed Velvet Pillow

arhaus taupe velvet pillow

This velvet pillow cover has a soft-washed finish that’ll add warmth and softness to your interior design. It’s available in multiple colorways if the taupe is not your jam.

You’ll elevate the look and feel of your living room design with this 22×22″ pillow.

Layer this velvet pillow with other styles to create stunning new looks in any setting. Mixing textures with your pillows is another way to add interest.

This living room design mixes fur, velvet, chunky knit, and hide.

21. Grenney Pillow

blue knit boho pillow

Add this contemporary accent for a chic boho vibe. The handwoven toss pillow is decorated with textural detailing and versatile, neutral colors to complement any palette.

Such a fun design with the different size chunky knit patterns throughout. This pillow will add texture, color, and dimension to your design.

22. Woven Hide Lumbar Pillow

blue hide pillow arhaus

Layer this pillow in front of any square style from this design to create a special one-of-a-kind moment. The stunning design is available in blue plus four other colorways.

It has a one-of-a-kind natural hide interlaced pattern that’s artisan-crafted. The stunning lumbar pillow is sure to be a conversation starter in any space it’s in.

Add this lumbar pillow in front of the multi-weave knit pillow to bring out more of the blue in the design. I’m totally in love with all the Arhaus pillows available.

23. Iron Bar Cabinet

arhaus bar cabinet

The Anwar industrial-chic iron bar is hand-forged by Indian artisans and inspired by vintage theater spotlights. Inside the tall cabinet is a glass shelf, wire wine rack, and mirrored back.

This stunning piece is sure to be a focal point in your living space.

Love the interesting design of this bar cabinet. It is sure to be a focal point.

Place it at the side or back of the sectional so you have easy access when your company stops by.

24. Leno Grasscloth Wallpaper

grasscloth wallpaper

Add texture and style to an entire room or accent wall with grasscloth wallpaper. This textured grasscloth features a sophisticated, crosshatched effect that showcases the artistry of woven fabric.

It’s available in four colorways so choose the neutral wallpaper that works best for your design. It’s also great for a foyer, bedroom, dining room, and more!

I added this to the feature image and love how it looks. Wallpaper is another trend that is coming back.

You can add a grasscloth feature wall or do the full room. Just make sure you love the pattern because it’s a lot more work to change than paint.

Just saying.

I hope this post was helpful and gave you inspiration on how to design around your modular pit sectional.

This post is all about the Arhaus Pit Sectional living room design inspiration.

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