Best Realistic Electric Fireplace Ideas To Keep You Warm

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Looking for the best realistic electric fireplace ideas to update your living space? Check out my favorites that’ll keep you warm and cozy!

Now that the weather is changing it’s time to talk about ways to stay warm! Since I’m always cold this is an obsession for me once September hits.

That’s when the weather tends to change in NY, but we have days that still feel like spring. Today is one of those days! It’s beautiful outside.

It’s better to be prepared for the cold weather, especially with rising heating costs. One way to add extra warmth to any home is with a realistic electric fireplace.

Not everyone can install a gas or wood-burning fireplace but the next best thing by far is electric. Many modern realistic fireplaces are trendy and functional.

They’re available in multiple wood finishes, materials, and styles that’ll take your home to the next level. If you’re looking to add extra warmth to your home then you’ll love this round-up of the best electric fireplaces.

This post is all about the best realistic electric fireplace ideas.

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realistic gas electric fireplace

Best Realistic Electric Fireplace Ideas Of 2024

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Here are the best realistic electric fireplace ideas of 2024:

Best Overall: White Electric Fireplace | Wayfair

This realistic electric fireplace looks just as good as the real deal and will keep you warm all winter long.

Best Budget: Marble Electric Fireplace | Overstock

At just under $500 this is the most affordable modern electric fireplace of the bunch.

Best Splurge: Faux Marble White Fireplace | Pottery Barn

For those with unlimited funds, this marble surround realistic electric fireplace is stunning!

Best Old World: Old-Fashioned Fireplace | Wayfair

This modern fireplace has the vibe of an old-fashioned wood-burning stove.

Best Style: Herringbone Tile Electric Fireplace | Wayfair

If you’re looking for a timeless vibe this herringbone tile surround electric fireplace is for you!

Best Modern: Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace | Wayfair

For a more modern look, this wall-mount electric fireplace will make a statement in any modern home.

Best Electric Fireplaces That Look Real

realistic electric fireplace roundup

1. Black With Wood Fireplace // 2. White Electric Fireplace // 3. Old-Fashioned Fireplace // 4. White Electric Fireplace // 5. Mirrored Fireplace // 6. Faux Marble White Fireplace // 7. Faux Stacked Stone Electric Fireplace // 8. Black Electric Fireplace // 9. Bone Electric Fireplace // 10. Herringbone Tile Electric Fireplace // 11. Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace

1. Black With Wood Fireplace

Black With Wood Fireplace

If you’re looking for a freestanding electric fireplace this one is calling your name. The two-tone design has a modern black surround with a natural wood top and trim.

It’s a great heating solution for smaller spaces up to 400 square feet. It features color-changing lights that bounce off the faux glass and add a touch of elevated sophistication.

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2. White Electric Fireplace

white electric fireplace

This modern electric fireplace is perfect for any style of home. It has a realistic vibe that looks just as good as the real deal.

It’s great for larger spaces that can handle the volume of the 75″ wide mantel. It comes with a remote so you can set the mood to your liking with the click of a button.

Just add your favorite festive decor and stockings to complete the look this holiday season.

3. Old-Fashioned Fireplace With Flue

old fashioned black fireplace

Love the look of this classic old fashion wood-burning stove. It even has a storage compartment at the bottom for decorative wood!

It’s perfect for smaller spaces and will provide heating for up to 1,000 square feet. The free-standing fireplace includes a flue, remote, adjustable thermostat, and blower.

Enjoy quality time with friends and family as you create memories by the fire. Grab the popcorn and enjoy the show as the saying goes!

Choose between black and white when placing your order.

Sidenote: It’s currently on sale for 35% off so order ASAP if you’re in love. This style is sure to sell out super fast!

4. White Realistic Electric Fireplace

white and black realistic electric fireplace

Add warmth and style to any room in your home with this modern electric fireplace. It has a white frame and mantel with a sleek black firebox and base.

It’ll provide supplemental heat in spaces up to 1000 square feet. The ultra-bright vivid LED flame can be controlled by the programmable thermostat.

This electric fireplace is sure to be a conversation starter!

5. Mirrored Fireplace

mirrored fireplaces

Add a touch of modern glam to your living space with the addition of this electric fireplace. It has mirrored panels around the marble surround and shimmering faux crystals with LED flames.

This fireplace is great for ambiance, warmth, and sophistication. You’ll level up the look of your home with this contemporary fireplace.

Finish the look with a faux throw rug and your favorite home decor. It’s sure to make a statement and command attention.

6. Faux Marble White Fireplace

marble surround fireplaces

For those with a higher budget, this realistic electric fireplace will be worth the investment. It’s available in both white and black depending on the vibe you’re after.

The sleek modern design features a faux marble surround, streamlined columns, and a traditional mantelpiece. It’s great for adding a timeless look that’ll be in style for many years to come.

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7. Faux Stacked Stone Electric Fireplace

stacked stone fireplace

Add texture and dimension to any living space with this stacked stone electric fireplace. It has a white surround, energy-efficient LED lights, and an extra wide firebox.

If you have little ones this fireplace has a child safety lock and the glass will stay cool to the touch. No need to worry about hot surfaces which will give you peace of mind for everyday use and when entertaining.

Just plug it in and you’ll have extra heating for up to 400 square feet of space. This freestanding electric fireplace will add a cozy vibe to any room it’s in.

8. Black Modern Electric Fireplace

grey realistic electric fireplace

At just over $1000 this wood electric fireplace will add a focal point to your interior design. It’s available in grey, white, or dark walnut depending on the look you’re after.

Features of this stylish fireplace include an adjustable thermostat, remote control, multi-color flame, and glass front firebox. This freestanding unit will provide ambiance and warmth for spaces up to 1,000 square feet.

Enjoy a game or movie night with friends and family as you relax by this cozy fireplace.

9. Bone Electric Fireplace With Mantel

bone realistic electric fireplace

This fireplace is perfect for neutral spaces where you want a softer white. The off-white finish will add a calm zen feeling to your interior design.

At almost 60″ wide this electric fireplace is ideal for larger rooms and will add additional heating to spaces up to 1,000 square feet. No matter the time of year this fireplace will add ambiance and a touch of sophistication.

10. Herringbone Tile Electric Fireplace

herringbone tile realistic electric fireplace

Herringbone tiles and floors are all the rage in interior design these days. This modern fireplace is great for updating any dated room in your home.

The Carrara marble patterned surround will add a modern touch to your living room, media room, bedroom, and more! It has glowing faux fire logs with flickering LED flames for ambiance and mood.

11. Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace

realistic electric fireplace wall mount

Last up is this fabulous wall-mount electric fireplace. It has realistic flames that flicker behind the brilliant bed of glass.

Not only is the flame multi-color but it also works without heat making it fabulous all year long. Just hang it on your wall, plug it in, and choose one of the multiple heat settings with the remote control.

This modern electric fireplace will add beauty and convenience to your life. It’ll also be the talk of the party and make your friends jelly. Haha, Just saying!

Sidenote: This fireplace can NOT be recessed into the wall.

When You Know Better You Do Better

Do electric fireplaces burn a lot of electricity?

An electric fireplace will burn the same amount of electricity as a typical space heater. Most styles can be plugged into a standard 120V outlet and will draw about 1500 watts of power.
If you still have oil adding an electric fireplace to your most used room will help keep your heating costs down this winter. It’s also a great option for renters who don’t have control of the thermostat situation.

Is an electric fireplace a good idea?

An electric fireplace is a stylish and convenient way to heat a room. They’ll warm a space faster and more efficiently than a traditional wood-burning stove.
Not to mention they’re safe to use and will improve the overall look of a room. Many electric fireplaces look so realistic that the average person will think it’s the real deal.
Another benefit of an electric fireplace is it’ll be cool to the touch which is awesome for anyone with pets or little ones.

Do electric fireplaces put off heat?

The average electric fireplace will put off enough heat for a 400-square-foot room. If you have it in your budget then go for the 240-volt fireplace.
You’ll need an electrician to install a new outlet but the larger size will heat a room as large as 1000 square feet. This is perfect for anyone who loves the warmth and ambiance of the traditional fireplace.

I hope this roundup of realistic electric fireplace ideas helps you to design your modern home!

This post is all about the best realistic electric fireplace ideas.

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