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Airbnb Amazon Living Room Furniture Ideas (Shop The Look)

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Looking for the best Amazon living room furniture to level up your Airbnb? Check out our favorites that are stylish and super affordable.

One of the hardest things about setting up a new Airbnb space is getting started. As an ambassador and super host, I have seen many people get halfway through the process and then drop the ball.

Not sure what’s holding them back but, for whatever reason, they don’t follow through. They start the application and then don’t finish the listing.

If this sounds like you I’m here to help! This post will help give you guidance on how you can design a neutral living room with furniture and decor all from Amazon.

If your rental space is located in the USA then most likely Amazon is accessible to you. It’s a great resource that has everything you need to complete your design.

Check out all the awesome resources and let me know in the comments what’s holding you back!

This post is all about Airbnb Amazon living room furniture.

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Airbnb Amazon Living Room Furniture Inspiration

The featured design is a version of what we just completed in Santiago, Dominican Republic. That project was a quick-turn design that had to be finished (for the most part) in a week.

A majority of the furniture and decor were purchased from Ikea since that is the best modern affordable resource in DR. The furniture was delivered and the host paid to have it put together by professionals.


Below is the link to that space which has had 7 guests with five-star reviews to date. Just need to get three more bookings and then it should have the super host badge.

Once you receive that honor the listing is moved up from the sea of spaces and shown to more travelers on the Airbnb site.

Check out the listing below. If you are interested in booking a vacation the price is discounted right now to speed up the super host status. Book now before the price goes up!

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase, I might make a small commission at no extra charge to you. Please read my full disclosure here. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

As you can see from the listing image this Airbnb design was inspired by that space. I mean it came out fabulous and the reviews show that the design is a hit!

It’s neutral and not personalized meaning it will appeal to the masses. When it comes to designing an Amazon Airbnb space you want to make sure the design is not cluttered or busy.

As tempting as it may be… do NOT fill up the space with Facebook market finds you got for FREE! Purchasing NEW and affordable furniture is the way to go.

The furniture will be used less depending on your booking rate so it will hold up. That has been my experience in our Airbnb listings.

Amazon Living Room Furniture Ideas

The living room is a space where guests like to relax and unwind. One way to attract more stays at your Airbnb is to appeal to the masses. The way you do this is by sticking to a neutral color palette and keeping your space clutter-free.

For both the Amazon bedroom design and the living room the main colors are black, white, and grey with pops of gold. This creates a cohesive elevated space that is sophisticated and inviting.

Before we get into the resources I want to remind you to measure your space before you purchase. You’ll want to create a floor plan using the measurements of your room so you know what Amazon furniture will fit. This will eliminate returns and disappointment.

Shop The Look Mood Board


1. Contemporary Wall Art // 2. Art Canvas Prints // 3. C Shaped // 4. Upholstered Sofa // 5. Coffee Table // 6. Cowhide Rug // 7. Round Ottoman // 8. Swivel Barrel Chair // 9. Side Table // 10. TV Console // 11. Fur Throw Pillow // 12. Lumbar Pillow

1. It Was All A Dream Home Dream- Amazon Artwork

dream artwork

You’ll want to have cool artwork in your designer Airbnb living room. The above art has a contemporary vibe with a pop of yellow that ties back to the gold accents of the design.

It is subtle and understated but packs a punch! A great place to start any interior design project is with your wall art. It can be used as a jumping-off point to create the color palette of your space.

You will want to use the 60-30-10 rule when choosing the colors for your living space.

The concept is that 60 percent is the main color of your room. This may include your walls, area rug, and sofa for example.

Then 30 percent would be your secondary color using half the amount of your primary color. This may be your side chair, draperies, and accent furniture.

The last 10 percent would be your accent or “pop color” as I like to call it. Think artwork, throw pillows, accessories, lamps, and other home decor items.

By following this design rule you will create a balanced look that is pleasing and calming.

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2. Art Canvas Prints

Art Canvas Prints

The second art print is another option for your living room design. You could use both of these in your space because they would work together.

The canvas artwork features an abstract design that works perfectly with the color palette of this space.

3. C-Shaped Table

C Shaped Table

I love a good C-table in a living room. This table is narrow which makes it the perfect option next to your sofa especially when you are tight on space. It’s also perfect to tuck under the chaise of your sectional sofa.

The lightness of the white marble top mixed with the gold trim works nicely off the grey sofa and black hide rug.

4. Amazon Living Room Sofa

amazon sofa

Guests will love relaxing on this super comfy chaise sofa sectional. This modern design will make your Airbnb look trendy and stylish. Pair this Amazon sofa with a few throw pillows and you are good to go.

The mid-century modern sofa design features tailored lines that have a retro vibe. This sofa is a fabulous update to a bland living room design.

This Amazon find is sure to upgrade the look of your modern Airbnb!

5. Amazon Living Room Coffee Table

amazon Coffee Table

The coffee table above is the exact one purchased for the Santiago, DR condo. It features mixed materials of glass and marble with brass trim.

The beauty of this light and airy coffee table is it will create a focal point on top of the black hide rug. If we had gone black on black it would have been too dark and the table would have blended into the rug.

The bottom shelf is great for storing books and home decor that can be seen through the glass top.

6. Amazon Living Room Cowhide Rug

Cowhide Rug

Cowhide rugs are great to add texture and interest to your design. Instead of the classic rectangular-shaped rug consider this instead. Since this is a natural product each one is unique and original.

7. Round Ottoman

Round Ottoman

Ottomans are perfect for extra seating, to rest your feet or as a coffee table with a tray on top. The simple style and design of the featured ottoman is an inexpensive way to level up your Airbnb.

Adding two will create balance and symmetry in your room. The velvet will add texture and a touch of luxury.

8. Swivel Barrel Chair

Swivel Barrel Chair

This super comfy swivel chair is great because no matter where the action is happening you can turn in that direction. Pair it with the simple side table below or add your favorite drink table.

The creme chair will lighten up your space and tie back to the marble tables. Add a cute grey lumbar pillow for flow and repetition in your design.

creme Barrel Chair

Here’s another option for the swivel chair that would look fabulous. It has a contemporary silhouette, corduroy upholstery, a curved barrel back design, and a high-density foam seat.

Choose between ivory or stone blue when ordering online. It’s available individually or as a set of two.

9. Living Room Side Table

Side Table

This cute side table is budget-friendly and a stylish addition next to the sofa or chair in this design. It is just the right size to place your cocktail or favorite home decor.

The beauty of this piece is it is indoor and outdoor so it is sure to hold up well in your living room.

10. Amazon Living Room TV Console

TV Console

Add a TV console to store the Airbnb electronics, board games, or even extra blankets. Guests will appreciate the thoughtful touches even if they don’t use what’s inside.

Again we want to keep the place clutter-free so the more hidden storage options there are the better.

11. Fur Throw Pillow

Fur Throw Pillow

This light-colored creme faux fur pillow will add texture and dimension to the tufted grey sofa above. Get a pair and place one on either end of your sofa for a cozy spot to place your head.

12. Lumbar Pillow

Lumbar Pillow

Add this lumbar pillow to the creme chair and another in front of one of the creme fur pillows. This will add pattern and texture to your living room.

Amazon Living Room Furniture Tips

When you are designing an Airbnb it’s important to remember the furniture will receive less wear and tear than average. That statement will be true if you are very selective with who you host.

Depending on your space and the location you will attract different types of guests.

In our local Airbnb, we are very specific about who we will host. When you have just a bedroom you may want to limit the number of guests to two, not host pets or children, and not allow parties or local guests.

It may seem mean but it’s your home so you make the rules. You get to decide who is allowed to stay in it. The above restrictions will limit both the noise and damage to your place. Your neighbors will also be happier which is super important.

If you have a condo like the one in Santiago, DR consider keeping a space locked off for when you visit. You will want to keep some personal items at the Airbnb if you are using it as well.

For example, if you separate the master bedroom you can store personal items there.

Just a thought. The beauty of becoming a host is you get to decide what works for you and can try different things as you go through the process.

How do I become a host on Airbnb?

If you’re interested in becoming a host head to the Airbnb site and check out all the details. Once you have your place set up you need to take amazing photos. You will also want to create an activity guidebook with what to do in the area plus your policies and procedures.

Being clear with your expectations of guests upon their arrival and departure will help you get those 5-star reviews and super host status.

Click the link below if you want to list a rental property or your home this year. As an Airbnb Ambassador, I can mentor you right on the Airbnb platform for free.

Adding passive income to your revenue stream is a great way to beat the current inflation situation. Just saying!!

I hope this Amazon living room furniture design inspiration and Airbnb tips are helpful!

This post is all about Airbnb Amazon living room furniture design inspiration.

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