Designer Home Look For Less: High-End Affordable Dupes

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There’s no better feeling than finding the perfect Designer Home look for less. My local HomeGoods is my favorite treasure trove of high-end furniture dupes.

If you’re like me you probably love to scroll through Pinterest and Instagram for interior design inspiration. The only problem is the price tag attached to the high-end furniture and decor used in the beautiful spaces.

That’s where HomeGoods comes in with its huge selection of unique finds and amazing high-end looks for less. It can be quite the treasure hunt but the secret is to educate yourself on the current interior design trends and designer brands.

That way you can spot a great deal when you see it! Unlike traditional furniture stores with set inventories, HomeGoods has a limited supply and one-off finds that are here today and gone tomorrow.

However, with a little planning and luck from the universe, you can get a high-end designer look without breaking the bank. Now let’s get into these amazing finds and create your Designer Home!

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover affordable high-end furniture look-alikes.
  • Learn to spot good deals and trendy pieces.
  • Explore stylish options for sofas and accent furniture.

This post is all about how to get a designer home look for less.

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designer home dupes dining room with arch floor mirrors

Where to Find Designer Home Dupes

Finding high-end furniture dupes from HomeGoods can be a game-changer for your design project. The budget-friendly styles create a sophisticated and stylish look without the high-end price tag.

Today, I’m sharing my favorites from a recent trip to HomeGoods plus where to shop for a similar look. Chances are your local store won’t have these in stock but depending on your budget there are high-end and low-end options. Mix and match hi and lo for a curated look.

How To Find Designer Dupes at HomeGoods

A Designer Home look for less is easy to find once you’ve trained your eye to spot the current trends and designer brand names. Here are some key elements to look for:

  • Materials: High-end furniture features quality materials like solid wood, genuine leather, boucle fabric, and natural stone accents. While HomeGoods might not have the exact match the trick is to look for pieces with a similar look and feel.
  • Construction: High-end furniture is built to last with solid joinery and smooth finishes. Pay attention to details like the weight of the piece, the tightness of the upholstery, and the overall craftsmanship.
  • Design Trends: Stay up to date with the latest interior design trends in furniture and decor. This knowledge will help you spot a good deal and get a designer look for less when shopping HomeGoods.
  • High-End Furniture Brands: Educate yourself on the name brands designers use to create beautiful spaces. HomeGoods carries a wide variety of trade furniture and decor, many of which are highlighted below.

Designer Home Sofa Dupes

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Since the average person shops for their living room sofa first we’ll start there. My local HomeGoods had three designer home sofa looks for less. These interior design tips and tricks will help you create a Designer Home:

1. Vegan Faux Leather Rachel Zoe Sofa

faux leather sofa high end designer home dupes

Design Home sofa look for less number 1 is the vegan or faux leather Rachel Zoe sofa. It’s selling for $999 and has a similar look to the CB2 high end sofas that are both over $3000.

It can be styled with contrasting black accents and a geometric rug for an updated look.

leather sofa high end designer home dupes

Chances are your local HomeGoods does not have this sofa in stock but Walmart has a similar version on sale right now for just under $1500! It has a mid century modern inspired silhouette and would look amazing in your living room, basement, man cave, or even a home office.

2. Linen Tufted Sofa

tufted seat and arms sofa Designer Home look for less

Designer Home look for less number 2 is the HomeGoods traditional living room tufted sofa for $999. It has clean lines with a tufted seat and arms for an elevated look.

The look is similar to the Jonathan Adler high-end sofa that costs $2730. The wood base, bench seat, and splayed arms add to the high-end look.

tufted sofa with wood frame Designer Home look for less

The Walmart sofa is not an exact dupe but it does have a wood base, sloped arms, and a two-seat cushion for a sophisticated vibe. It’s on sale for $548 and would be perfect for anyone starting out.

3. Boucle Storage Sofa

boucle sofa with storage Designer Home look for less

Designer Home sofa dupe number 3 the boucle storage sofa for $699.99. Boucle fabric is still going strong in furniture and home decor so this style is right on trend.

The fabric has a textured, looped surface typically made from wool, cotton, or a blend of both. It’s soft to the touch and has a plush feel that’ll add a cozy luxurious look to any room.

I didn’t find an exact match but the high end boucle sofa from Kathy Kue Home for $2399 has a similar vibe. It doesn’t have the storage but it has a modern silhouette, bench seat cushion, and curved arms.

The Casterly sofa has a two-seat cushion and curved silhouette for $1799.

curved boucle sofa collage

For a more affordable option, you can get a similar look for less with the Walmart boucle sofa that costs $1301.76 on sale. Any of these three options will add warmth and coziness to your design.

Practical Tips
When buying furniture, always measure your space and do a floor plan. This step will ensure your new piece fits perfectly and you’ll avoid returns. Download the How to Measure and Create a Floor Plan PDF below for a step-by-step detailed guide. 

Trending Furniture And Decor: Designer Home Look For Less

HomeGoods is a great resource for trending furniture and decor. Adding one piece can give your room a fresh look that feels updated.

Current trends to look out for include:

  • Boucle
  • Rattan
  • Arched Curves
  • Burl Wood
  • Organic Silhouettes

4. Bouclé Upholstered Bench

boucle bench with wood legs Designer Home look for less

Designer Home dupe number 4 is the boucle upholstered bench for $149.99. You can find boucle fabric in everything from sofas, chairs, ottomans, pillows, and benches.

They can be placed at the foot of a bed, in an entryway, or along an empty wall. The wood legs add warmth and an elevated touch.

I don’t have an exact match I did find similar looks for less with the same vibe. The first two are fully upholstered and have a curved silhouette.

upholstered boucle bench with wood base collage

They’ll add an elevated touch to your bedroom, stairway, or on an empty wall with artwork above. The Lulu and Georgia high-end bench goes for $1398 but you can get the same high-end look for less with the Walmart version for $344.62.

For added warmth, the next two styles have a wood base detail similar to the HomeGoods style. You can save with the Walmart boucle bench for $363.97 or splurge on the Perigold style that costs $540 on sale.

Burl Wood Furniture And Decor Look For Less

Burlwood is a type of wood with a unique, decorative grain pattern. The swirly growths form on trees and can be caused by fungus, bacteria, insect damage, or physical trauma.

It’s a rare and expensive material often used in high-end furniture pieces, like coffee tables, dining tables, and dressers. To my surprise and delight, HomeGoods had several burl wood styles to elevate the look of your home.

5. Burl Wood Side Table

burl wood side table with cement top

This burl wood table was on clearance for $199. It has a burl wood base with an organic cement top that will add a natural touch to your design.

It’s a similar look for less of the Crate and Barrel side table for $599. Organic furniture with curved silhouettes is having a moment in interior design and is perfect for modern contemporary spaces.

burl wood side table with cement top

For a similar look for less Walmart has a fabulous burl wood and white resin coffee table for $495.

burl wood c table with gold frame

My HomeGoods also had these burl wood c tables for $49.99 with a lacquer finish for added protection. C tables are great for small spaces because they can slide under a sofa or chair to maximize the square footage of a room.

6. Burl Wood Floor Mirror


burl wood floor mirror

Designer Home look for less number 6 is the Burlwood floor mirror for $249.99. William Sonoma has a high-end luxury version of this mirror for $1995 so the HomeGoods style is AMAZING!

burl wood floor mirror collage

Any time you see versions of a style in multiple stores at different price points you know it’s a popular trend. For example, Lulu and Georgia has a look for less at $998 and West Elm has an even better price of $599.

This mirror would look fabulous styled in a corner, closet, bedroom, or entryway.

Accent Chairs For A Designer Home Look For Less

Replace that dated loveseat sofa with a pair of accent chairs for an updated look. If you’ve already done that you can create a moment in an empty corner with a stylish accent chair, side table, and table lamp behind.

These unique finds are sure to make a statement in your next interior design project.

7. Tufted Swivel Chair

four hands upholstered swivel chair

Designer home look for less number 7 is the four hands tufted swivel chair for $599.99. I found the exact style for $1149 which is why it’s so important to educate yourself on the high-end designer furniture brands so you spot an amazing deal when you see one.

If you follow the super-talented Amber Lewis on Instagram then you probably saw her high-end furniture collection she just released with Four Hands. The pieces are stunning and this one is no different.

upholstered swivel chair designer home look for less

It has a timeless silhouette that will be a part of your home for many years. You can get a similar look for less from Walmart with the gold velvet upholstered chair that’s just over $500 or the beige swivel chair with a similar silhouette but tufting on the outside for $331.

8. Rattan And Scallop Edge Swivel Chair

rattan swivel chair with scallop edge

The scallop edge swivel chair for $499. HomeGoods has the best accent chairs in my opinion.

This one is right on trend with the swivel base, rattan surround, and scallop edge detail. This chair would look great in any style room from traditional to coastal and transitional. It’ll add texture and interest to your interior design.

ivory upholstered chair with rattan

The HomeGoods chair is a similar look for less to the Kathy Kuo Home chair that sells for $1599. Crate and Barrel also has a version for $1299. To get a similar look for less Target has a swivel chair with rattan at the sides for $625 or walmart has a version for $370.

9. Wicker Egg Chair

wicker egg chair with ivory cushions

Designer Home Look for Less number 9 is the Wicker egg chair for $299.99. This chair is an affordable dupe of the high-end Pottery Barn chair that costs $799.

For a more affordable option, the Wayfair wicker egg chair is almost identical for $299.98 or Walmart has a similar look for less at $189. This chair would look cute styled in a corner or with the back exposed to create a moment.

wicker egg chair with ivory cushions

It’s perfect to make a statement in Bohemian, Coastal, and eclectic design styles.

Ideal for creating a statement in Bohemian, Coastal, or eclectic styles.

Rattan And Raffia Furniture: Look For Less

Rattan furniture can bring a touch of nature and texture to your home. It’s really trendy now and can fit into many design styles. If you’re looking for some budget-friendly options, HomeGoods has some great finds.

10. Rattan Accent Cabinet

green cabinet with reeded front and rattan panel

Designer Home Look for Less number 9 the rattan accent cabinet for $199.99. This cabinet has texture and dimension with the reeded front and contrasting rattan panels.

It’s perfect to add a pop of color and add interest to a living room, entryway, or foyer. It has a similar vibe to the high-end Kathy Kuo Home cabinet that costs $1299 or you can get the dupe from walmart for $109.99.

Black cabinet with rattan panel

If you have the space for a larger piece Crate and Barrel has a wide cabinet for $2299 or you can snag the look for less from Walmart for $369.99.

I recently went on a model home tour and they had a console that looked almost identical to the Walmart console table.

11. Navy Raffia Chest

navy raffia chest

The raffia chest for $299.99. This piece would look great in a bedroom, living room, hallway, or foyer. It could be styled with a mirror or artwork up above.

The navy raffia surround will create a focal point while adding texture and interest. It’s a similar look for less of the Kathy Kuo Home raffia-wrapped nightstand.

navy raffia nighstand

The HomeGoods version is such a great deal that even the Walmart high-end furniture dupe costs more at $1173.98.

Home Decor: Designer Look For Less

HomeGoods is a fabulous resource for high-end decor for less. They have everything from stylish mirrors to elegant lighting and more!

12. Arched Mirror Trend

gold arched mirror

I’ve talked about how arches are trending before and these floor-length mirrors are an affordable way to add the look to your home. My HomeGoods had black or gold for $129.99.

arched mirror collage

No matter your budget there’s an affordable arch mirror style for you. It’s perfect for any design style and will make your space feel larger and more expansive.

13. Rattan Table Lamp


rattan lamp high end designer look for less

An affordable way to add a high end designer look to any room is with lighting. Aside from furniture rattan can also be found in decor like this table lamp with the scallop edge detail for $69.99.

rattan lamp high end designer look for less

It’s a similar look for less to the Serena and Lily lamp that costs $598 or the West Elm styles at just under $300. Add a pair on either side of nightstands in your bedroom, end tables in a living room, or add one to a console table for a designer touch.

The warm texture of the wicker lamp will add a touch of coastal charm to any room.

  • Price: $69.99
  • Comparable High-End Brand: Serena and Lily ($598)
  • Affordable Option: West Elm ($249) or ($298)


Creating your Designer Home does not have to cost a fortune if you know how to spot a great deal when you see one. By keeping up to date with the latest interior design trends and brand names you can save a fortune when compared to the full sticker price.

The best place to shop for a designer home look for less is HomeGoods but they sell out FAST. If you see something you love buy it right away because chances are it will be gone when you go back.

Remember you can always shop at the amazing Walmart finds above if you’re having trouble finding deals. As always Happy Designing, my friends!

This post is all about how to get a designer home look for less.

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