Walmart Bedroom Furniture (Shop The Look) Design Inspiration

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Looking for Walmart bedroom furniture ideas to update your home? Check out my favorites that’ll be super affordable and stylish!

My friends, you’re going to be shocked at how good this design is!! It was created using ONLY Walmart bedroom furniture and I have to say it’s FABULOUS.

It has a neutral color palette and sophisticated look that’ll upgrade any bedroom space in your home. You can use the pieces from this round-up in a guest room, Airbnb bedroom, master, and more!

This design has everything you need to get your bedroom makeover started today. The best part is it’s super affordable too!

If you were to purchase all the pieces of this design it would be an investment of $5550. That’s super affordable considering it includes the furniture AND accessories.

You just can’t beat Walmart prices! I’ve said it before and will say it again the prices are so low because Walmart buys so much VOLUME. Then they pass those savings on to you!

When it comes to the latest trends and styles they’re on top of their game. Many of the retailers they carry are shown at HPMKT which is a furniture and home decor trade show held twice a year.

Now that you know Walmart furniture is well-made and stylish let’s get into this modern contemporary design and all her glory.

This post is all about Walmart Bedroom Furniture Ideas.

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walmart bedroom furniture with tufted bed, chandelier, and shagreen night table

What pieces of furniture should be in a master bedroom?

The pieces of furniture and decor that should be in a master bedroom are:

  • Bed
  • Nightstands
  • Dresser
  • Area Rug
  • Chandelier
  • Lamps
  • Accent Chair or Chaise Lounge
  • Side Table
  • Artwork
  • Mirror
  • Curtains

This list will help you get started with your design. After you have an idea of the furniture and decor you can start to accessorize.

A great way to add style, color, and interest is with unique home decor. Bedding and pillows are also a way to show your personality as well.

How can I make my Walmart bedroom furniture look expensive on a budget?

The best way to make your Walmart bedroom furniture look expensive on a budget is with planning. To start download this bedroom budget worksheet.

Inside you’ll find a comparison chart of good, better, and best pricing. Using this as a guide you’ll be able to determine where to shop and how much to spend.

The best living spaces are a combination of high and low-priced furniture. A designer’s secret is to plan your design with no budget in mind.

Pull together the look and feel you’re after from a variety of sources for a curated look. Once you have the vibe calculate the pieces.

Chances are you’ll be way over budget but this is where the creativity comes in. Just swap out the expensive furniture for the same look at a lower price.

Trust me, there’s almost always a dupe of your favorite furniture and home decor. This is the best way to create a designer space without the high-end price tag.

Sharing is caring, my friends!

What makes a room look expensive?

A neutral color palette will make a room look expensive and sophisticated. Going for the less is more approach to design is another way to elevate your bedroom.

Since the bed is the largest piece in the room and used the most this should be your investment piece. Places to save money include side tables, curtains, area rugs, artwork, and decor.

Quality bedding and pillows will make a statement and add a luxurious look to your modern bedroom. Adding a statement chandelier or “star of the show” will create a focal point and make your design look expensive.

Best Walmart Bedroom Furniture Ideas

walmart bedroom furniture with tufted bed, chandelier, and shagreen night table

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Shop The Look Details

Here you will find all the details you need to know to shop the look of this design inspiration for your home.

1. Velvet Channel Tufted Wingback Platform Bed

walmart bedroom furniture channel tufted bed

The bed is the largest piece in a bedroom and where you spend the most amount of time. It’s also where you should invest the most amount of money.

You should not skimp on the quality of your bed or mattress. A good night’s sleep is super important so your body can reset and recharge.

This wingback bed has an upholstered channel tufted frame that’ll elevate the look of your living space. It’s upholstered in soft rich velvet and is available in five colorways depending on the vibe you’re after.

At just under $875 this king-size upholstered bed is stylish and super affordable. The beauty of going with a neutral color palette is it’ll be timeless and last many years to come.

Just change out your accent colors and accessories when you want a new look.

2. Velvet Square Throw Pillow Set

walmart bedroom furniture taupe velvet pillows

For this design, these neutral pillows add contrast to the off-white bed and tie back to the artwork. The taupe velvet pillow covers can be easily changed out when you get bored of them.

They’re sold as a set so you’ll need two if you want three pillows. The extra one can be stored away in case there’s an accident not that anyone should be eating in your sanctuary. Just saying!

If you’re on a budget adding a pair with a lumbar pillow in front will add interest to your design. It’s best to get the core pieces first. You can always add to the decor and accessories at a later date.

Pro Tip: Size up your pillow insert by 2″.

3. Lumbar Throw Pillow

lumbar pillow

Add a pair of lumbar pillows in front of the velvet square covers for interest and texture. The corded design is great for adding a subtle pattern as well.

4. Faux Shagreen Side Table

walmart bedroom furniture shagreen night table

Shagreen furniture is awesome for adding a sophisticated touch to your design. The neutral color is loaded with texture and interest.

This nightstand has a gold base and pulls that complement the color scheme of this Walmart bedroom furniture design. Add a pair to either side of the bed to complete the look.

What is faux shagreen?

Faux shagreen is a man-made replica of real stingray animal skin that’s commonly used in furniture. It’s made of synthetics and has a pebbled surface that mimics real shagreen.

If you’re looking to save money go for the faux shagreen. It’ll be hard for anyone to tell the difference and the overall look will be the same.

5. Table Lamp

walmart bedroom furniture glass and gold walmart lamp

Table lamps will add both task and accent lighting to your interior design. A pair on top of your nightstands will polish the look and add a luxe touch.

The glass base has a light and airy appearance that’ll make your bedroom appear larger. It’s great for smaller spaces where you need all the visual real estate you can get.

This lamp has a white contrasting shade and gold trim. It’s sold individually so purchase a pair to make an impact in your bedroom.

6. Abstract Art Painting

modern 3pc artwork

Let’s talk about this neutral artwork, shall we?! It’s available as a three-piece set for under $90 which is super affordable. For this design, I broke the artwork apart and put a piece above the night table behind the lamp.

You’ve probably seen mirrors above the nightstand but a great way to change it up is with contemporary artwork. You can always throw the third piece in a spare room, office, bathroom, or any room that needs a little love.

Each printed canvas piece is 36″ x 24″ which is great to make a statement. The subtle abstract composition has all the colors of the palette and will add movement.

7. Arch Floor Mirror

arched gold mirror walmart finds

A floor mirror is a must-have in any bedroom design in my opinion. Not only will it make the space appear larger but it’s great for all my fashion influencers following along.

The bedroom is a great place to style all your LTK outfits and flat lays. It’ll also inspire you to keep your room extra clean!

This arch floor mirror is large and in charge. It can be hung on the wall or leaned against one depending on the look you’re after.

8. Bubble Chandelier Pendant Light

bubble chandelier

Lighting is the jewelry of any room and this bubble chandelier pendant light will command attention. It’s the perfect balance between functionality and elegance.

The transparent glass bulbs are fully dimmable when used with compatible dimmer switches. It has black cords and gold accents for an elevated touch.

At just under $200 this affordable chandelier is perfect for the bedroom, living room, dining room, and more!

9. Boucle Bench

walmart bedroom furniture boucle bench with gold frame

There are many ways to style a modern bench in your bedroom design. You can add it at the foot of your bed for a stylish spot to get dressed in the morning.

Another look is to put it in front of the arched floor mirror with the fur throw rug in front. It’ll be a trendy spot to take those LTK mirror selfies.

If you have a blank wall needing some love add artwork above the bench at eye level for a dramatic statement. Any way you style this boucle bench it’s sure to create a focal point in your home.

10. Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug

taupe fur rug

If you’re looking to add warmth and texture to your home a fur throw rug will do the trick. This one is available in brown, grey, and ivory.

It’s the perfect size to add to the foot of your bed, at the side, or in front of a seating moment. For anyone with a fireplace, it’s perfect to add in front of there too!

11. Modern Area Rugs

abstract area rug

An area rug is perfect to ground and define any room in your home including your bedroom. Just be sure to throw it in your floor plan so you can visualize the best size.

The bedroom area rug should be pulled away from the wall and placed just in front of your nightstands for an up-to-date look. This way when you wake up in the morning you’ll step on the cozy warm rug and not the cold floor.

This rug is available in ten sizes making it great no matter the size of your room. The neutral color scheme and the subtle pattern will make a timeless addition and last for many years to come.

12. Vanity Wall Mount Mirror

gold round mirror

A round mirror is a staple in any bedroom design. It’s great to add over a dresser or bench depending on where you need an accent. This modern mirror has a brushed gold frame and studs around the perimeter.

For this Walmart bedroom furniture design, gold is the perfect complement. It’s also available in chrome if you need a vanity mirror in another room of your home.

13. Mid-Century Modern Dresser

walmart bedroom furniture dresser

Whenever possible DO. NOT. buy a matchy matchy bedroom set. It’ll date your space and scream showroom floor.

The best way to get a designer look is to curate the pieces so they work well together but are not an exact match. This wood mid-century modern dresser is a great complement to the shagreen nightstands and upholstered bed.

It features six draws, gold finish pulls, and a retro-chic silhouette that’ll update any boring bedroom space. For those with a large walk-in closet feel free to nix the dresser from your design completely.

Remember less is more especially when creating a zen bedroom design. If you do need storage options this wood dresser will make a great addition.

14. Boucle Accent Chair

walmart bedroom furniture tov boucle accent chair

For those following along you know one of my favorite trade furniture dealers is TOV! Their slogan is Don’t Be Boring and this chair is anything but!!

It has a curvy sculptural silhouette that’ll look amazing from any angle. The textural boucle upholstered chair is handcrafted by skilled furniture artisans.

At just under $700 this affordable accent chair will create a special moment in your bedroom design. Add the stylish ombre accent table below at the side to complete the look.

15. Side Table in Gold/Black Ombre

ombre side table

Let’s talk about this ombre side table and all her glory. If you have a small space you can just use a pair on either side of your bed instead of the nightstands.

For this design, the table was added next to the trendy Tov accent chair for an elevated look. It creates a moment in this design where you can sit with your favorite book and relax in style.

At 16.5″ W x 18.1″ H it’s the perfect size for small or large spaces. This is a great piece if you’re looking to add personality and make a statement in your design,

16. Gold Thai Buddha

buddha walmart finds

By now you know I have a thing for the Buddha although I still don’t have one in my own home. This one is a perfect size and would make a great gift for the holiday season too.

The neutral silver and gold finish is the perfect complement to this design. Not to mention it’ll make you feel good from the inside out.

17. Gold Flower Vase

walmart gold vase

Now let’s talk about the decor in this Walmart bedroom furniture design. This two-piece vase set is great to add to the dresser, bookshelf, or any blank space in your room.

Style them with or without flowers depending on the look you’re after. They have a gold base with natural distressing at the top for interest.

18. Modern Face Ceramic Vase

face vase

Unique home decor and accessories are perfect to add personality to your interior design. This fun tall vase has a face design that’s highlighted with gold plating.

It’s perfect for displaying your favorite flowers. Showcase it alone or with smaller decor to create a moment.

19. Orchid Greenery in Gold Ceramic Pot

orchid gold vase

There is something about adding real or faux flowers to any living space. They’ll put a smile on your face and make your day a little brighter.

This faux orchid has a modern look with a gold ceramic pot and tall white flowers. It’s the perfect piece to add to your bedroom decor all year long.

20. Abstract Face Candle Holder

face candle holder

Add this fun candle holder to your night table, dresser, vanity, and more. The abstract half-face is made of metal and is attached to a wood base.

This unique home decor is sure to put a smile on your face every time you pass by. It’s also fabulous for the living room, zen den, meditation room, yoga room, and bathroom.

21. Peace Hand Sign

peace hand decor

Peace out, my friends! Haha

Last up is this peace hand sign that’s awesome to layer with your other bedroom decor. It’s also perfect for any room in your home where you want to add a quirky vibe.

The ceramic decor will add a contemporary vibe and is sure to command attention. Every home needs a peace sign in my opinion!

I hope these Walmart bedroom furniture resources inspire you to design your modern home!

This post is all about Walmart Bedroom Furniture Ideas.

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