21 Gleaming Primrose Mirror Look Alikes That Are Even Better

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Are you obsessed with the gleaming primrose mirror from Anthropologie? Check out these fabulous look alikes before you place your order!

Are you OBSESSING over the gleaming primrose mirror from Anthropologie? If you are, trust me, you are not alone! There is just so much to LOVE about the vintage-inspired mirror.

This mirror can be found all over Pinterest, Instagram, and the LIKEtoKNOW.it app. There are so many ways it can be styled and used in your interior design.

It can be used in your entryway, living room, bedroom, and over the mantel to name a few. The ideas and possibilities are endless.

Whether your design style is contemporary, glam, modern, or transitional this fabulous mirror will fit right in. As much as I LOVE the style before I purchase anything I like to source all the options.

That said I’ve pulled together resources from a variety of vendors at multiple price points. No matter your style or budget I’ve got you covered.

Let me know which one is your favorite from the bunch!

This post is all about gleaming primrose mirror look alikes.

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Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror Dupes

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Since you found this post I’ll assume you are familiar with the gleaming primrose mirror and all her beauty. Just in case you’re not below is an image of this vintage gold mirror style.

If you head to the Anthropologie site you will find four sizes and finishes to choose from in this design.

The primrose mirror is the perfect accessory for smaller spaces as it will give the illusion of depth and space. It can be placed at an entryway console, leaned against a wall, or positioned over a fireplace mantel.

This mirror is made of resin, iron, engineered hardwood, and mirrored glass. If you are looking for an investment piece that will never go out of style the gleaming primrose mirror is it.

As you go through the stages of life this mirror is a piece that will go with you. It’ll always be by your side showing you how beautiful you are!

That may sound a little woo woo but mirror work is a thing and this piece is perfect for it.

Anthropologie Inspired Antique Mirror

gleaming primrose mirror collage

I broke this down into two sections. This first grouping is very similar to the original style. There are a variety of styles, shapes, and finishes to choose from.

Also no matter your budget you can get this look in your living space. Everyone from Walmart to Target and World Market has a look-alike of this bestseller.

Check out all the fabulous details below.

1. Anthropologie Primrose Mirror

The star of the show is the gleaming primrose mirror from Anthropologie. This vintage-inspired mirror is available in 3′, 5′, 6′ Floor, and 7′ Large.

There are also four finishes to choose from if gold is not your jam. The finishes are gold, silver, antique black, and verdegris. Each one is stunning so no matter the look you are after there is one perfect for your home.

Not every finish comes in four sizes so click the link to see your options. The prices range from $550-$1600. This list is approximate prices since they are subject to change.

  • 3′ is around $550
  • 5′ just under $900
  • 6′ Floor is a little over $1000
  • 7′ Floor is around $1600

How much does Primrose mirror weigh?

The largest Primrose mirror which is 7′ tall weighs 200 lbs! For that reason, anti-tip hardware is totally recommended (for all sizes).

The 6′ floor mirror weighs 88 lbs, the 5′ is 112.5 lbs and the 3′ is 31 lbs. Keep this in mind when placing your order online.

2. Ornate Filigree Mirror


This anthro-inspired mirror from Pottery Barn will save you a couple of hundred dollars. There is the size shown (24.75″x32.75″) that is perfect for over the dresser or a floor-length mirror (24″x60″) as well.

Both styles are made from mirrors, MDF, and polyurethane resin. The ornate filigree wall mirrors have a similar vibe to the Anthropologie style but at a more affordable price point.

3. Gold Decorative Mirror


Even Walmart has a trendy version of the primrose mirror for you to check out. This one is made from a durable pecan shell resin material that has the look of natural wood.

The price is just under $400 and the size is 32.5W x 37.25H. There’s only one size available.

4. Beaudry Decorative Wall Mirror


Ballard Designs has an Anthro-inspired mirror that’s available in two finishes brass or oil-rubbed bronze.

There are two sizes to choose from in this style 45×32″ and 64×31″. The prices range from about $550 for the smaller size and $800 for the larger,

The gold living room mirror features a beaded frame of hand-forged iron with flowing corner scrolls and an elegant shell crest. This mirror is great if you are looking for a timeless statement piece.

5. Vanity Mirror


This super cute vanity mirror is a smaller take on the best seller from Anthropologie. It would be awesome to give as a gift to your favorite fashionista.

There’s only one size and finish available. This trendy small mirror is priced to sell so do check her out.

6. Tulca Mirror


Lulu and Georgia have this fabulous vintage mirror look a like to check out. It would look great over your fireplace mantel.

Similar to the Anthropologie mirror it features a flat bottom edge and traditional scroll detailing at the apex of the metal frame. The size is large at 36″ H x 35.75″ W but will save you about $100.

This is the perfect accent piece to add to any style of home.

7. Amelie Grand Mirror


Arhaus got the memo that this luxe mirror is a best seller. There are seven pieces available in their version of the gleaming primrose mirror.

They have a gold finish or silver and multiple sizes in the Amelie mirror collection. Click the link for all the fabulous details on this beauty.

8. Decorative Gold Mirror

Decorative Gold Mirror

Amazon does not disappoint with this Anthropologie mirror look alike. It has a similar vibe as the Anthro Primrose mirror at a super affordable price.

At under $200, this mirror is perfect for anyone decorating on a tight budget. This mirror would look awesome in your bedroom, powder room, or office space.

9. Gold Wall Mirror

If you’re looking for a more ornate version of the Anthropologie style this gleaming primrose vanity mirror look-alike is just that. It has a champagne silver leaf finish that’s been antiqued so the dark undercoat shows through.

This gold mirror is sure to create a focal point in your interior design.

10. Ornate Wall Mirror


At just under $500 the One Kings Lane mirror is another great Anthropologie antique mirror look alike. The size is 28″W x 40″H making it a fabulous choice to add a timeless touch of elegance to any living space.

11. Contemporary Accent Mirror


Who knew Kelly Clarkson has a line of home decor? I had no idea!

This mirror is sold out at Wayfair which is where I saw who the designer is. Luckily for us, One Kings Lane also has the same gold mirror.

I should add that if you can add your email to the waitlist on Wayfair. If they get it in stock you’ll save about $200 which is huge!

Both mirrors are 24″W x 36″H and have the same details so I’m 99% sure they are exactly the same. This mirror would look awesome vertically or horizontally in any living space.

12. Silver Anthropologie Mirror Look Alike


You can only get this mirror in the silver finish as shown above. It’s not an exact Anthropologie mirror look alike but it has that vintage old-world vibe.

Anthropologie Mirror Look Alike

If you’re not convinced you want the ornate details of the primrose mirror I have even more resources for you. These are stylish simple options but they still have interest and will make a statement in your home.

For the modern contemporary at heart, you may gravitate more toward these mirror silhouettes instead. They’re just as pretty and many of them won’t break the bank.

gleaming primrose mirror

1. Anthropologie Mirror


The star of the show once again so you have a comparison to the other gold mirror styles. This mirror is perfect for any bedroom, living room, foyer, and more!

2. Mantel Mirror


For those looking for a simple clean gold mirror, this one is for you. The arch shape is perfect to update over a dresser or mantel.

Choose between the gold or black colorway for under $70 which is amazing!

3. Nouveau Floor Mirror


The CB2 vintage-inspired mirror is great if you are looking for an updated version of the Anthropologie gleaming primrose vanity mirror. This is for those who want to be the unicorn in the sea of horses.

It has an art deco vibe and simple lines making it perfect for the modern, contemporary, or glam style of home. This mirror features elegantly curved corners, a jeweled crown, and a brass lacquered iron frame.

The iron frame mirror is meant to lean against the wall and will visually open up any room it’s in.

4. Clare Gold Mirror


Here’s another option from Lulu and Georgia that will make a statement in your interior design. The arched wall mirror is 20″W x 38.5″H and will cost you just under $400.

It features a distressed metal frame with a built-in shelf making it a stylish and functional choice. This mirror would look fabulous in narrow entryways and bathrooms.

5. Rosamund Decorative Wall Mirror


This gold mirror is available as shown and in an oil-rubbed bronze finish. The price range is from $400-$800 and there are two sizes available.

It features a richly textured frame with flowing scrolls, ribbing, and notched details. Whether over the fireplace mantel or as a floor-length mirror either size will make a statement in your design.

6. Adelaide Mirror


Last up is this simple floor-length gold mirror from none other than Anthropologie. Add a feminine vibe to your space with this classic twist on the arched mirror.

This is a fabulous silhouette to add to your bedroom, boudoir, or powder room. You’ll make a statement with this stunning beauty.

7. Selene Floor Mirror


There are multiple sizes available in this gold mirror from Urban Outfitters. If you’re looking for clean lines and a simple silhouette this bad boy is for you.

This large floor mirror leans against the wall to create an illusion of depth and space in your room. It features curved corners along the top edge and tubular metal construction.

Choose from the gold or black colorway in one of the three sizes. You’ll make a statement on a budget with any one of these gold mirror options.

8. Heidi Floor Mirror


The Regal Floor Mirror from West Elm will make a sophisticated addition to your living room, bedroom, or entryway. The large size is perfect to double-check your outfit before heading out for a night on the town.

9. Whitley Floor Mirror


This gold mirror is a simple take on an Art Deco style. It features a gold-finish frame with an architectural arch and cutout corners.

The perfect finishing touch for making a statement in your luxe bedroom or bohemian dining room.

Ugg and that my friends is a wrap!! I know! Who knew there were so many alternatives to the Anthropologie gleaming primrose mirror?!

This was a super fun roundup and I enjoyed pulling these resources together for you. I hope this gives you ideas and inspiration for your next project.

If nothing else it may have just confirmed that you need the original Anthropologie mirror in your life. In which case Bravo! Now go place that order and do your mirror work.

If we don’t love ourselves when we look in the mirror no one else will love us on the outside. Just threw that in because in my head no one is reading this far into the post lol.

This post is all about gleaming primrose mirror look alikes.

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  1. You forgot the primrose dupe from Hobby Lobby!! And for $59.99 it’s a steal! Looks just like it! I got it and put It right next to my fireplace and everyone has something to say about it!

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