Portable Island Ideas For More Kitchen Counter Space

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Looking for portable island ideas that’ll add more counter space to your kitchen? Check out our favorites that will solve your problem in style.

If you are struggling to prepare meals due to a lack of counter space a portable kitchen island is for you. Many smaller kitchens especially those in urban areas just do not have enough prep space.

You may not realize it but there are many portable island options available that will solve this problem.

When it comes to portable kitchen islands they come in a variety of sizes, materials, and colors. This is not something that you need to get made custom either.

While you do have the option of adding an island when you are designing a kitchen from scratch after the fact a portable kitchen island is a great solution.

Adding an island in your kitchen, providing you have the room, will make your food prep a more enjoyable experience. Since it’s not permanent you can always take it with you or sell it if you move.

That said check out all the awesome finds which are from a variety of retailers. No matter your budget or style there is one here for you.

This post is all about the best portable island to update your kitchen.

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Best Portable Kitchen Islands

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Best Function: Urban Outfitters Island 

Whether you are looking for more storage or seating this portable island has it all.

Best Style: Crate & Barrel French Kitchen Island

Super stylish mobile kitchen island features a timeless design and screams Old World pastry shop.

Best Overall: Anthropologie Fern Kitchen Island

This gorgeous portable island has glass doors perfect for displaying all your home decor.

Best Budget: Wayfair Kitchen Cart 

This portable kitchen island is not only stylish but it will help you keep your kitchen organized with the added drawers and shelves.

Best Seating: West Elm Marble Kitchen Island 

The perfect portable island for smaller spaces where additional seating and more work surfaces are needed.

Best Splurge: Williams-Sonoma Butcher Block Island 

Awesome space-saving design that features a butcher block prep area.

Best for Small Spaces: Rejuvenation Armin Kitchen Island 

The Armin kitchen island is perfect for smaller spaces. It will add storage and organization as well as extra space for prep.

How To Choose A Portable Island

There are many things to consider when choosing portable kitchen islands. Aside from the usual aesthetic features you also need to think about how you want the kitchen island to function. This will depend on whether you need storage, casters, draws, or seating.

Here are some commonly asked questions to help you choose your portable kitchen island.

How much space should there be around a kitchen island table?

The recommended space for adequate traffic flow is 42-48″ of open space around your island. If your kitchen is less than 8 feet deep by 12 feet long experts do NOT recommend adding an island.

If you have a smaller kitchen you can get away with 36″ at a minimum but space will be tight.

How much space do you need for stools at a portable kitchen island?

You should allow 28-30″ of space per seat at your portable island. This means you can divide the length of your countertop by 30″ to determine how many stools will comfortably fit.

For smaller spaces, the minimum seating space recommended is 24″ width per person.

How much does an island overhang?

At a minimum, you need 12″ of overhang for adequate knee space. This size overhang does require support to make it sturdy for eating and if a person leans on it.

Where space allows an overhang of 15-18″ will provide more comfort and space for a larger counter stool to push under.

How high should the portable island be?

The height of your moveable kitchen island is usually the same as the countertop at 36″. A portable kitchen island with a taller height for bar stool seating should be 42″ with a minimum overhang of 12″.

What are the benefits of a portable island?

The benefits of adding a portable kitchen island include:

  • Added Counter Space
  • Food Prep Space
  • Creates A Focal Point
  • Added Storage
  • Casual Seating
  • Help Include Kids In The Action

What should I look for in a portable kitchen island?

  • Countertop Material (stone, solid surface, butcher block, stainless)
  • Base Type (wood, metal, stone)
  • Color
  • Size
  • Function
  • Height
  • Wheels
  • Draws
  • Shelves
  • Handles
  • Towel Bar
  • Style (freestanding, movable, fixed, table)

Spacing Recommendations

Large Kitchen Example
Small Kitchen Example

The above floor plan images show a visual of the measurements discussed above.

Depending on the size of your kitchen will determine the size of your mobile kitchen island. The small kitchen measurements above are the minimum required if you are limited in space.

Portable Island For Kitchen Round-Up


1. West Elm Marble Kitchen Island // 2. Williams-Sonoma Marble Island // 3. Amazon Kitchen Cart // 4. CB2 Marble Top Island // 5. Slab Marble Kitchen Island // 6. Urban Outfitters Island // 7. Wayfair Kitchen Island // 8. Black Wayfair Kitchen Cart // 9. Crate & Barrel Kitchen Island // 10. Crate & Barrel French Kitchen Island // 11. Williams-Sonoma Island // 12. Amazon Kitchen Cart // 13. Anthropologie Fern Kitchen Island // 14. Rejuvenation Kitchen Island // 15. Pottery Barn Marble Kitchen Island

1. West Elm Marble Kitchen Island

west elm counter tables
Photo By West Elm

Love the style of this portable kitchen island. The face has two shelves with plenty of surface area. The backside has an overhang that’s perfect for adding extra seating to your kitchen.

Whether you prefer counter stools or backless either will fit perfectly underneath the 50″ opening.

The countertop is marble which means it can stain. Wipe up spills right away to ensure the longevity of your kitchen island.

2. Williams-Sonoma Marble Portable Island

modular kitchen island
Photo By Williams-Sonoma

This portable island is perfect for anyone looking for more surface area as they bake or cook. The Carrara marble top is great for rolling out dough and other prep work.

The steel base, white tempered glass shelf, and center metal rack add an industrial restaurant vibe. The two drawers provide storage space for utensils, linens, and more.

3. Amazon Kitchen Cart

Amazon Kitchen Cart

For those on a tighter budget, this kitchen cart is a great option. At just under $200 it has two drawers and shelves that provide plenty of storage.

There is a stainless steel countertop, adjustable shelf, and locking caster wheels. This is a great option for smaller spaces, apartments, or larger dorm room suites.

4. CB2 Marble Top Portable Island

marble top counter table

The Cb2 marble top island will make a statement in your kitchen design. It has a hi-gloss white lacquered wood frame with shelves, nooks, and cubbies.

Add your favorite wine to the diagonal cubbies with cookbooks and kitchen essentials on the shelves. The island has a large slab of honed white marble with grey veining.

The overhang at the side provides the perfect amount of space for counter-height stools.

5. Slab Marble Kitchen Island

slab marble kitchen island
Photo By CB2

Unlike the other kitchen islands with stone tops, this one is made entirely of marble for a modern contemporary look. It would look awesome in the center of your kitchen or pushed up against the wall.

The elevated piece will add a sophisticated touch to either an apartment or a large kitchen. This one is one of my favorites of the roundup!

6. Urban Outfitters Island

urban outfitters islands
Photo By Urban Outfitters

At just over $200 this is another great option for those on a tighter budget. There are two shelves where you can store pots, pans, plates, and more.

The handle makes moving the portable island in your kitchen or studio space a breeze. Assembly is required for this one so be sure to invite your bestie over to help you out!

7. Wayfair Kitchen Portable Island

kitchen counter table
Photo By Wayfair

Depending on the look you are after choose between the white or black kitchen island. Either colorway has a two-tone finish that will update the look of your kitchen.

The shelves will provide plenty of storage for kitchen accessories and essentials. At the backside, there’s an open design where you can add a stool to sit while you prepare your meals.

8. Black Wayfair Kitchen Cart

black islands
Photo By Wayfair

This kitchen island is great no matter your design style. It has plenty of storage space for hiding all your kitchen essentials.

The natural maple finished top has a drop leaf that lifts to extend your surface area. When not in use it can be dropped down to maximize the space in your kitchen.

Add a decorative towel to the bar at the side for function and style. This one is perfect for apartments or smaller kitchens in need of more prep space.

9. Crate & Barrel Kitchen Island

white kitchen counter table
Photo By Crate & Barrel

If you are looking for options this kitchen island is for you. It’s available in white (shown), black, or mint depending on the look you are after.

It has a retro vibe that’ll update the look of an apartment or small kitchen area. The sustainable solid rubberwood top has a food-safe oil finish that’s great for preparing your favorite meals.

The drop leaf provides extra surface space or room for stools to sit while you work. There’s also plenty of storage in the two drawers and on the adjustable shelves behind the sliding door cabinet.

10. Crate & Barrel French Kitchen Island

french kitchen islands
Photo By Crate & Barrel

The French kitchen island from Crate & Barrel was inspired by the timeless design of Old World pastry shops. the white marble top sits on a black metal base for a stylish modern vibe.

This one will add function and beauty to any space it’s in. It’s also fabulous for hosting cookie-baking parties with friends or family.

11. Williams-Sonoma Kitchen Island

kitchen island with marble top
Photo By Williams-Sonoma

Make a statement in the center of your kitchen with the addition of this large kitchen island. The spacious design offers plenty of room for friends and family to gather around.

This island is perfect for preparing food or displaying appetizers, drinks, or desserts when friends are over. There’s also plenty of space for storage in the drawers or on the open shelves.

12. Amazon Kitchen Cart

Amazon Kitchen Cart

Here’s another great option for those on a budget! At just over $300 this kitchen island has a stainless steel top, two drawers, and a slotted shelf for storage.

The middle shelf is great for displaying your favorite wine or home decor. It’s available in black (shown), white, or dark grey depending on the look you’re after.

13. Anthropologie Fern Kitchen Portable Island

anthropologie kitchen islands
Photo By Anthropologie

Level up the look of your interior design with this kitchen island. It has a polished Carrara marble top that extends past the cabinet to allow for extra seating.

There are two drawers and tempered glass cabinets that provide plenty of surface area for cooking essentials. The brass-finished hardware and balloon feet add a sophisticated vibe to the timeless piece.

14. Rejuvenation Kitchen Island

butcher block islands
Photo By Rejuvenation

This butcher block island will elevate the look of your kitchen. It has a 5″ thick top with a Beeswax protective finish.

The stainless steel base gives the island a commercial-grade look that’s fabulous for modern homes. This one is a bit of an investment but it’s worth it!!

15. Pottery Barn Marble Kitchen Island

marble kitchen islands
Photo By Pottery Barn

For those looking to add a rustic vibe to your kitchen design, this island is for you. It has a white marble top attached to the gunmetal iron frame with a weathered wood shelf below.

It’s the perfect blend of modern and industrial rolled into one stunning design. It’s also sure to be a conversation starter.

As you can see from this round up there are so many great portable kitchen islands to choose from. No matter your budget or style there’s one for you!

Whether you live in a house, condo, or apartment the solution to gaining more prep space is adding a portable kitchen island.

Keep coming back for more ideas and inspiration to help with your next interior design project.

This post is all about the best portable island to update your kitchen.

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