Cool Table Lamps (Splurge + Save)

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Looking for cool table lamps to update your living space? You’ll love them whether you want to splurge or save!

A fun way to add style, texture, and personality to your home is with a cool table lamp. No matter your budget there are so many to choose from in this category.

There are trendy silhouettes, mixed materials, and textures that will make a statement in your interior design. If you have been looking for the perfect accent piece these cool table lamps will do the trick.

They’re perfect to add to any room or style of table. Add them to your living room, bedroom, foyer, and more! Move them around to change the look of your living space throughout the year.

Unique table lamps are great for side tables, console tables, desks and so much more. The placement options are endless.

Check out this roundup of my favorites and let me know what you think.

This post is all about cool table lamps.

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cool table lamps in black, wood, white, gold, and fabric

Best Cool Table Lamps Of 2024

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Here are the best cool table lamps of 2024:

Best Overall: Linden Table Lamp | McGee & Co.

The popular Kelly Wearstler Linden lamp will look fabulous in any room it’s in!

Best Budget: Ceramic Table Lamp | CB2

At just under $200 this sculptural lamp is one of the most affordable styles of the bunch.

Best Splurge: Cleo Table Lamp | Lumens

If you are looking for a statement lamp that’s full of personality this one is perfect!

Best Material: Linen Table Lamp | Crate & Barrel

Add texture and dimension to your home with this linen-wrapped table lamp.

Best Silouhette: Contour Table Lamp | Lumens

This table lamp is sure to be a conversation starter with its curvaceous silhouette.

Best Design: Mariposa Table Lamp | Anthropologie

This fun butterfly-themed table lamp will make a statement in any style of home. Mariah Carey would totally LOVE this one!

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cool table lamps in black, wood, white, gold, and fabric

1. Franklin Table Lamp // 2. Contour Table Lamp // 3. Cleo Table Lamp // 4. Mira Table Lamp // 5. Oak Table Lamp // 6. Ceramic Table Lamp // 7. Scrunch Table Lamp // 8. Brass Table Lamp // 9. Mariposa Table Lamp // 10. Gold Table Lamp // 11. Glass and Brass Table Lamp // 12. Tall Table Lamp // 13. Stone Table Lamp // 14. Linen Table Lamp // 15. Teardrop Table Lamp // 16. Linden Table Lamp // 17. Terrazzo Table Lamp // 18. Lightbearer Table Lamp // 19. Lips Table Lamp

1. Franklin Table Lamp

cool table lamps gold base with white shade

One of my favorite designers is Kelly Wearstler and her line of lighting is stunning! This table lamp has a sculptural design that will create a focal point in your living space.

The slender base and telescoping stem are finished off with a linen shade and metal cap. This lamp would look awesome solo or as a pair.

2. Contour Table Lamp

cool table lamps black sculptural base with white shade

Add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your interior design with this cool modern lamp. It has a smooth ceramic body in an obelisk shape that sits on a metal base.

There is an LED lamp under the flared fabric shade. This lamp is perfect for any modern contemporary living space.

Choose from white or black when placing your order.

3. Cleo Table Lamp

white, gold, and black cool table lamps

This unique table lamp is perfect for anyone looking to add a statement piece to their living space. The sophisticated shape and mixed materials are full of style and originality.

It has an antique burnished brass rod, ornamental sphere, and adjustable shade with a metal interior. There are so many features to love about this trendy modern table lamp.

It’ll provide task lighting for desktops, nightstands, and side tables. This unique table lamp is sure to be a conversation starter in your home.

4. Mira Table Lamp

accent lamp with stone accents

Another fabulous table lamp from Kelly Wearstler that’s perfect to make a statement in your living space. This one has a flat base, mixed material body, and triangular-shaped shade.

Add this lamp to your foyer, living room, or bedroom for loads of texture and interest.

5. Oak Table Lamp

black oak table lamp with pleated base

This table lamp was inspired by Brazilian modernism. It has a solid oak base that was sandblasted and stained black.

The natural cotton rope shade is the perfect contrast against the black base. Add texture and dimension to your living space with the addition of this stunning table lamp.

It’s especially awesome for modern, boho, and contemporary spaces.

6. Ceramic Table Lamp

ceramic table lamp with sculptural base and white shade

Just a little obsessed with this unique table lamp from CB2. It’s named after the southernmost region of Portugal.

The organic ceramic base has the vibe of the cliff and rock formations overlooking sandy coves. Each lamp is handmade of locally-sourced clay. The neutral off-white linen shade completes the look.

7. Scrunch Table Lamp

black scrunch table lamp with pleated fabric base and shade

How unique and fun is this trendy table lamp?!

Personally, I LOVE it!

Designed by Kara Mann for CB2 the pleated table lamp was inspired by a vintage fabric and has a metal-weighted base.

The ’80s mod look features a pattern-on-pattern design that’ll add style and personality to your interior design.

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8. Brass Table Lamp

white and gold geometric cool table lamps

This brass table lamp will add sophistication to your home with its original silhouette. It has a white linen shade that compliments the brass base perfectly.

Add one to the side tables next to your sofa or a console table to create a focal point. This one is sure to be the talk of the party.

9. Mariposa Table Lamp

butterfly accent lamp with gold base and white shade

Love this butterfly table lamp for adding style and personality. It has two asymmetrical glass butterflies attached to a luxe gold leaf base with a linen shade.

It’s great for adding whimsy and glamour to any room.

10. Antique Brass Table Lamp

arteriors gold table lamp

The hourglass base of this modern table lamp reminds me of a fabulous dress silhouette. It’s great for adding a touch of glamour and style.

The dramatic form and golden color will add a regal touch to your living room lighting. Choose between antique brass or bronze depending on the vibe you’re after.

modern cozy living room with white sofa and rectangular coffee table

This living room design is a great example of how to use the gold Arteriors lamp. Add one to either side of your sofa accent tables for a balanced cohesive design.

11. Glass and Brass Table Lamp

glass and gold walmart lamp

This lamp has a white contrasting shade and gold trim. It’s sold individually so purchase a pair to make an impact in any living space.

The statement piece is a sculptural work of art that functions as a table lamp. It has a glass see-through base with brass accents that’ll definitely get the conversation started.

walmart bedroom furniture with tufted bed, chandelier, and shagreen night table

Table lamps will add both task and accent lighting to your interior design. A pair on top of your nightstands will polish the look and add a luxe touch.

The glass base of the Walmart lamp has a light and airy appearance that’ll make your bedroom appear larger. It’s great for smaller spaces where you need all the visual real estate you can get.

At just over $80 the affordable lamp is great for anyone just starting out or on a tight budget.

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12. Tall Table Lamp

cool table lamps with wood and gold base and natural shade

Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home with the addition of this mixed-material table lamp from Rejuvenation.

The tall table lamp is an updated version of a classic design that has a timeless vibe. It’s made of America Walnut or ash wood with brass accents and a parchment shade.

This table lamp is perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, foyers, and more!

13. Stone Table Lamp

stone table lamp with sculptural base

The curved cutouts in the taupe marble base of this modern lamp will add interest to your living space. It has a mid-century modern feel and a neutral color palette.

The beige drum shade, marble base, and brass accents will update your space with warmth and texture.

14. Linen Table Lamp 

linen table lamp with gold accents

This stylish table lamp has a base and shade that’s entirely covered in ivory linen. The brass accents add a touch of glam and sophistication that’ll look awesome in any space.

Add texture and softness to your home lighting with this table lamp. It’s available in natural (shown) or blue for contrast.

15. Teardrop Table Lamp

accent lamp with crystal base, gold accents, and black shade

Add glamour and decadence to your living space with this fabulous teardrop table lamp. It has a large faceted crystal attached to a steel brass base.

The black linen shade is the perfect contrast that will add a touch of mood and drama. This table lamp is sure to shine bright like a diamond, no pun intended!

16. Linden Table Lamp

linden lamp with sculptural base and gold accents

The star of the show is by far this winner from Kelly Wearstler. The fabulous Linden table lamp is a gorgeous display of form and function.

It’s crafted in white plaster with three-dimensional details that are sure to make a statement in your entryway, living room, or bedroom.

It has an elegant linen shade to complete the look. Choose from the white base (shown) or the black porcelain when placing your order.

modern contemporary bedroom design with black bed, abstract art, and boucle bench

The above modern contemporary bedroom concept features the fabulous Linden lamps on each nightstand. They add contrast to the black tables while the gold base ties back to the gold handles and elements of the design.

17. Terrazzo Table Lamp

terrazzo table lamp with teal shade

If you are looking for a pop of color in your design this terrazzo table lamp is for you. The fleck of color will add style and interest to any room it’s in.

This is a fabulous piece to pull a color story from as well. The bright teal hand-loomed shade will add a bold focal point to your living space.

18. Lightbearer Table Lamp

cool table lamps gold hand holding lightbulb

For those looking to add style and personality this fun Anthropologie table lamp is perfect. It’s available in black or gold and is the perfect balance of decorative and functional design.

The vintage-inspired novelty lamp has a stylish hand that holds a unique bulb base. This one is awesome for making a statement in your interior design.

19. Lips Table Lamp

white jonathan adler lamp with lips

Last up is this sculptural work of art from Jonathan Adler. The shapely modern base has an original silhouette with embossed moody lips to level up any modern contemporary design.

It has a white line shade and an unglazed porcelain base. At 30″ high this lamp will make a statement while adding personality.

I hope these cool table lamp resources bring you value and inspire you to design your modern home!

This post is all about cool table lamps.

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