Dorm Bedding Essentials | 9+ For College At Hawai’i Pacific University

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Looking for dorm bedding essentials every college freshman needs? Check out our favorites that are super stylish and comfy!

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Dorm Bedding Essentials

With graduation season approaching that means college choices and then dorm decorating.

My daughter is now well into her first year at Hawai’i Pacific University so I wanted to do a recap of the things we found helpful. This way anyone going through a similar experience will have the resources to plan ahead.

For Bella, most of the dorm essentials she purchased were from Amazon but she did have the option of Target and Walmart too.

One of the first places to start dorm planning is bedding. That literally was the only thing she took with her from NY.

She took her bedding with her on the plane and the rest of the dorm essentials were shipped from Amazon after she arrived.

Check out all the bedding tips we found helpful in this post.

This post is all about dorm bedding essentials for Hawai’i Pacific University.


Dorm Bedding Essentials:

Based on all the research here is what we have narrowed the options down to:

  • 2 twin xl sheet sets
  • 2 extra fluffy machine-washable pillows
  • full-size comforter (you may want twin xl)
  • full-size duvet cover (you may want twin xl)
  • fuzzy throw/blanket
  • quilted mattress pad twin xl
  • egg crate pad twin xl
  • bed bug mattress protector twin xl
  • pillow protectors 


  • Bed Pillows (optional)
  • Backrest (optional)
  • Bed Skirt
  • Head Board
  • Bed Skirt
  • Clip Lamp & Light Bulbs
  • Fan
  • Bed Shelf

Dorm Bedding Essentials Roundup


1. twin xl sheet sets | 2. machine-washable pillows | 3. full-size comforter | 4. full-size duvet cover | 5. fuzzy throw/blanket | 6. quilted mattress pad | 7. egg crate pad | 8. bed bug mattress protector | 9. pillow protectors

1. (2) twin xl sheet sets


Both options here are 400 thread count and 100% cotton.

The sheets from Amazon have deep pockets so they stay on the bed. They also have a cell phone pocket which is perfect for anyone with a loft bed.

The Target sheets are the exact ones Bella has. We also have these in our Airbnb and they have held up perfectly after many washes.

2. (2) extra fluffy machine-washable pillows


The pillows from amazon are super comfy. Bella purchased these for her dorm. We also have them in the Airbnb. For more tips check out this post 25+ Airbnb Bedroom Essentials Guests Will Love.

The pillows from Target have good reviews and are a great budget option.

3. (1) full-size comforter


My daughter got the full-size comforter instead of the twin xl because it will hang over the bed, cover what’s underneath and last longer.

When students move off campus typically they upgrade their bed size to a full (in our experience).

Again the one from Amazon we have in the Airbnb and it’s super comfortable.

The Target comforter is another great option.

4. (1) full-size duvet cover (you may want twin xl)

This Target duvet is the exact college dorm bedding Bella has. She brought it on the plane with her so she could set up when she arrived at the dorm room.


She really wanted this one from Urban Outfitters but it wasn’t going to ship in time for her arrival.


I also love the Amazon Cotton Jacquard comforter which is a less expensive option than the one from Urban Outfitters.

There are a lot of great options for comforters and I would definitely think about the Full-size over the Twin XL so you get more use out of it.

So many colors to choose from but Bella liked the white. The duvet is much easier to clean than the traditional bulky comforter.

For our Airbnb we use this plain White Duvet Cover which has also been awesome!

5. (1) fuzzy throw/blanket


My daughter brought her fuzzy blanket from home but it is pretty much a version of these.

Even though Hawai’i is hot the plane and dorm are both air-conditioned so she loves her blanky.

6. (1) twin xl quilted mattress pad

This is a great option because it is an all in one thick pad.

You never know who has been in the dorm beds before your child.

This is a great form of protection and added comfort.

Make sure to select the Twin XL size when ordering.

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7. (1) twin xl egg crate pad


My son had the egg crate pad version of the foam topper but the Amazon one has great reviews so Bella got that instead.

You can never have too much comfort.

8. 1 twin xl bed bug mattress protector

This would be the first layer closest to the mattress to keep away any unwanted guests.

You can never be too safe!

9. pillow protectors

Bella has these on her pillows and we have them in the Airbnb.

They are great for protecting your pillows from getting nasty and they can be washed too!

Extra Dorm Bedding Essentials:

10. Bed Pillows

(optional) Pillows can help create the Look & Feel of your Dorm Room just be careful not to get too many that it becomes annoying to make the bed!

Bella purchased these pillow covers.

11. Backrest 

(optional) My son loved LOVED his backrest pillow and there are so many to choose from! Bella did not want one of these.

12. Bed Skirt

This is more of a girl thing because I don’t think my son would have wanted this.

Also if you decide on the full-size comforter it may be all the coverage you need since it will hang over the bed.

13. Head Board


We did not get this since the trend of the other members of the Acro & Tumbling team is to move off campus after the first year. It’s a super cute option if you plan to stay in a twin bed longer.

14. Clip Lamp & Light Bulbs

Great idea if your bed is too high to have a lamp close by. Bella did not want one.

15. Fan

Depending on the temperature level of the room this may be a great idea to have.

16. Bed Shelf

This is great to act as a side table to hold small items.

That is the roundup of all the dorm room bedding essentials we sourced. Hope this helps you in your journey.

Have an amazing day full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

xo Nicole

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