Bedroom Makeover Before And After (Shop The Look)

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Looking for bedroom makeover before and after ideas? Learn how to recreate a room that everyone will think was professionally designed!

Have you been stalking  Instagram and Pinterest looking for bedroom inspiration from your favorite designers? If this sounds like you then I have the perfect bedroom makeover before and after for you!

This bedroom makeover went from being a purple girly girl room to a sophisticated neutral design. The color palette and design details make this space look like it was professionally designed. Which BTW it technically was since I’m a professional Interior Designer. ; )

There are key elements that designers use when designing a space. This includes measuring the space, creating a scaled floor plan, and determining the look and feel.

The design principles of unity, balance, rhythm, scale and proportion, contrast, emphasis, and harmony are also used. If you’re not familiar with these no worries I’ll be your design bestie here to help you get that designer touch!

This post is all about bedroom makeover before and after inspiration.

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grey bedroom makeover before and after

Bedroom Makeover Before…

The below purple bedroom was designed when my daughter was a preteen. At the time she was obsessed with purple and I was obsessed with painting techniques.

For a while, I couldn’t paint a room in a solid color. Everything had some technique from faux finish to Venetian plaster to stripes. The above room had purple walls in an ombre effect that went from light to dark.

before and after bedroom makeover

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Fast forward to today, my home is now Benjamin Moore Classic Gray OC-23 (a greige color) or Simply White OC-117. Everything is solid, light, and airy. I’m very much into calming zen interiors these days. I am also SO over the Tuscan trend, which I was stuck in for years.

So when my daughter showed me the inspirational pictures of the look and feel she was after for her bedroom makeover I was thrilled, to say the least.

Bedroom Inspiration

The walls are light in the inspiration bedrooms but to give her room dimension we chose Benjamin Moore Metallic Gray 2132-60. The color is stunning and was even used in this at-home gym project.

Instead of the white bedding, we went with a modern Boho motif that we picked up at Home Goods.

Pro Tip: Start your room design off with a jumping-off point. This can be your bedding, artwork, rug, or pillow combination.


We used the white, grey, and metallic silver comforter as the jumping-off point for the bedroom makeover.

Blush pink is the pop color even though my daughter could have done without it. I used it in four places for “repetition” in the room.

gray teen master bedroom with tufted headboard

For this post, I’ll share the links and inspiration to create this bedroom makeover.

Small Bedroom Makeover After…

gray teen master bedroom with gallery wall art

Before we get into the details I want to point out the special touches that help a space look designer quality.

No, it’s not expensive furniture because this room was completed using Home Goods and Ikea. It is the details that matter the most in any design project.

Here are some Bedroom Makeover Design Tips to help you out:

  • Determine the look and feel
  • Establish your budget
  • Choose your jumping-off point (bedding, art, rug, or pillows)
  • Decide on your color palette 3-4 neutrals
  • Choose 1-2 supporting (pop) colors
  • Use patterns at different scales
  • Layer in texture
  • Repeat accent color at least three times
  • Eliminate ALL clutter
  • Add cool lighting (chandelier, strip lights, lamps)
  • Create interest on the walls with art, gallery wall, or decor
  • Add architectural details like the cove lighting (shown above)
  • Finish the space with accessories to add personality

All of the above is going to help you design a beautiful space BUT remember to first do a floor plan. I repeat this all the time because it’s SUPER important to avoid returns and mistakes!

Once you have your measurements you’ll be able to order your furniture with confidence.

This video will help you create a floor plan based on the measurements of your space.

Bedroom Makeover On A Budget

Now we’re ready to talk about all the resources and details of this bedroom makeover before and after. The color palette was neutral with blush pink as the accent color.

That can be changed in the future if you want to update the space. This design is perfect for preteen, college students, and young adults. Honestly, a grown adult would love this space as well!

That said let’s discuss all the design elements and resources that make this bedroom makeover extra special!

bedroom makeover before and after

1. Crystal Fandelier // 2. Tufted Upholstered Bed // 3. White Floating Shelves // 4. White Drapes // 5. Pink Fur Throw // 6. Shadowbox Picture Frame // 7. White Frame // 8. Boho Bedding // 9. White Wood Closet System // 10. Quatrefoil Area Rug // 11. Crystal Table Lamp // 12. White Nightstand // 13. Rhinestone Drawer Pulls // 14. White Dresser // 15. Velvet Upholstered Ottoman

1. Bedroom Crystal Fandolier

Crystal Fandolier

If you’re trying to be practical in your design like me then you probably want a bedroom fan for the warmer months. Most fans are not very pretty unless you are looking at the Fandoliers!

If you love the look of a chandelier but the function of a fan then the Fandolier is for you! The crystals give the fan an elevated glam vibe but the retractable clear blades keep the room cool.

This is by far one of my favorite details in the room! It truly is the star of the show or the “jewelry” of the room.

2. Tufted Upholstered Bed

Tufted Upholstered Bed

The tufted upholstered headboard we purchased from Home Goods looks very similar to this. The beauty of the one above is it has an upholstered frame so there is no need for a bed skirt or box spring.

The bed features a button-tufted headboard, nail trim, a low-profile base, and an open design. The tufting detail and nailhead trim add a glamorous touch to the design.

3. White Floating Shelf

White Floating Shelf

Floating shelves are awesome to display your favorite artwork or decor pieces. We used them to anchor the shadow boxes and make the wall more interesting.

These shelves are perfect for displaying your favorite artwork which can be layered to create a focal point.

Adding frames in different sizes creates interest and dimension in your space. We combined the shelves with the shadow boxes which would have otherwise stuck out past the bedroom wall art.

As you can see below we used all these elements to tell a story and add personality. It’s also an awesome way to display medals and memorabilia.

gallery wall with shadow box
bedroom makeover with grey bedding

The lip on the shelves is perfect for making sure nothing falls off.

4. White Bedroom Drapes

white drapes with grey border

The original drapes we had were from Pottery Barn Teen but the ribbon was in purple. I repurposed them by changing the ribbon to grey to tie back to the neutral color palette.

These drapes from Overstock have a similar vibe to the ones in the feature image. If you have white drapes already you can always add the ribbon detail to save a bit of dinero!

5. Fur Throw For Bed

Fur Throw For Bed

Adding texture to your space will add dimension and interest.

This blush pink faux fur throw is perfect to drape at the end of the bed in an organic pattern. If you like a clean polished look fold and lay it across the foot of your bed.

Pro Tip: Layer texture into your design for interest and dimension.


It’s also great for those chilly nights when you want to keep extra warm and cozy.

6. Shadow Box

Shadow Box

If you or your child is into sports and have metals to display a shadow box is awesome for that. They can be overpowering alone which is why we camouflaged them with the floating shelves and artwork shown above.

Pro Tip: Use shadow boxes to display photos and memorabilia.


The white shadow box display case is 11×14. It features a deep wood & glass shadowbox picture frame with a linen-backed board. They are awesome to display keepsake art, graduation, baby, or wedding photos.

We used straight pins to attach the metals to the felt.

7. Gallery Wall Picture Frames

Gallery Wall Picture Frames

Another designer touch in this room is the gallery wall which has inspiration from California. Gallery walls are awesome for displaying family photos or adding personality to your interior design.

Pro Tip: A gallery wall will create interest and add your personality into your design.


If you need help creating your gallery wall head here How To Create A Gallery Wall In 9 Easy Steps.

gallery art wall
grey bedroom design

We used multiple-size frames to create the gallery wall in Bella’s room.

8. Boho Bedding

Boho Bedding

As I mentioned above a great “jumping off” point is your bedding. This neutral bedding paired perfectly with the grey tufted headboard and rug. It also brought in a pattern that was on a smaller scale than the other items in the room.

The 3 piece set features a Grey Boho Chic Mandala Indian Medallion motif that adds an ethnic touch to the room. It pairs nicely with grey or white sheets. We have a set of both that we switch back and forth.

9. Bedroom Makeover Closet System

white closet unit

This closet system is fabulous!

I made an entire walk-in closet with this and it is in three other rooms in our house. The white wood closet system fits closets 48″ – 96″ wide with cut-to-width closet rods.

white closet unit

Adding this closet system was the best thing we did. It helps keep everything organized. We removed the sliding doors so the closet is now completely open.

tv in closet with white drapery panels

10. Bedroom Rug

bedroom grey rug

The Safavieh shag grey and ivory Moroccan geometric quatrefoil area rug will add warmth and texture to your design. Home Goods is an amazing resource for rugs but this one from Amazon is as close as it gets to the real deal!

Don’t forget to add the rug pad underneath to protect your hardwood floors.

11. Crystal Table Lamp

Crystal Table Lamp

Another designer touch in the bedroom makeover is to add two lamps on either side of your nightstands. This adds a touch of symmetry and balance to your design.

These cool lamps feature 2 USB Charging Ports which are perfect to charge your electronic devices. This set of two is available on Amazon for an awesome price that will fit your budget.

12. White Nightstand

White Nightstand

Add a pair of these functional nightstands for an elevated look. They will look fabulous with the above crystal lamps. The featured image white nightstands are from Joss & Main but they are sold out.

This bedroom nightstand has two drawers, an open shelf, and silver nickel handles. You should know by now I LOVE gold home decor but my daughter not so much.

night table with lamp
night table with lamp

One of the jobs of a designer is to showcase your client’s personality NOT yours. That said all the accents in this design are silver but you could change them out for gold!

13. Rhinestone Knob

Rhinestone Knob

The dresser in the feature image came with black knobs which did not go with the decor at all. To glam it up we added these rhinestone knobs that gave the dresser an elevated look.

Our dresser is from Ikea and we added a glass top for protection. This was one of the BEST decisions since my daughter can be a bit careless at times.

14. White Six Draw Dresser

White Six Draw Dresser

The Amazon dresser is very similar to the one in the feature image. As I mentioned we added the rhinestone knobs that took it to the next level.

white ikea dresser with crystal knobs and mirror

The dresser resource above features a contemporary design with clean lines. It has profiled draw fronts and smooth draw glides that make it both timeless and durable.

Here is another option from Amazon that is almost identical to the one from Ikea. It has 6 drawers with eight pulls so there will be plenty of storage space for all your clothes.

White Six Draw Dresser

It’s made with solid pine and high-grade MDF with a minimalist design. This mid-century dresser is perfect for any modern bedroom design.

It has tapered legs with an open bottom for easy cleaning. It’s both practical and stylish.

15. Tufted Ottoman Bench

Tufted Ottoman Bench

Last up is this fabulous tufted ottoman bench from TOV. The fully tufted velvet bench is sure to add a sophisticated glam touch to your bedroom makeover.

This velvet ottoman is fabulous in person and will not disappoint!

When You Know Better You Do Better

How much does a bedroom makeover cost?

The average bedroom makeover will cost anywhere from $3000 to $5000 on average. This will depend on your budget and where you shop for your furniture.
It’s possible to save money at Ikea or Home Goods but it can be hit or miss. If you’re looking to create a timeless design that’ll last invest in a better mattress and bed at a minimum.
After that put your money into the dresser. You can save on the nightstands, area rug, and lighting. Artwork is another place you can save but still make an impact in your bedroom makeover.

How can I change the look of my bedroom?

The best way to change the look of your bedroom is to first find three images to inspire the vibe you’re after. You can find these on Pinterest or Instagram.
Once you have the look you are after you should create a concept board in Canva. This way you’ll have an idea of what you want your bedroom makeover to look like as a whole.
After you have the concept and idea of the pieces you can either make your purchases or look for lower-priced alternatives.

I hope this was helpful and gave you designer tips to add to your next interior design project.

This post is all about bedroom makeover before and after inspiration.

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