Arhaus Living Room Design Inspiration (Shop The Look) 2024

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Looking for Arhaus living room inspiration? This design mood board has everything you’ll need to shop the look.

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By now you know I’m a BIG fan of Arhaus furniture. They have unique original pieces that are great for adding style and interest to your home.

That said I thought it would be fun to design an Arhaus living room using my favorite finds. This is a look you can duplicate in your own home.

It has a neutral color scheme that’s both calming and inviting. If you prefer a pop of color you can infuse that into this design as well.

I can’t stress enough the importance of making your home feel safe and peaceful. It should be your happy place where you start and end your day feeling grateful, blessed, and at ease.

This design will accomplish just that! It’s full of texture, mixed materials, and neutral patterns. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop makeover this design is for you!

This post is all about the best Arhaus living room inspiration.

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arhaus living room collage

Arhaus Living Room Inspiration 2024

Let’s first discuss the Arhaus furniture store and why I love them so much.

Arhaus specializes in high-quality, handcrafted, and sustainable furniture. They often use eco-friendly material that’s reclaimed and recycled.

Their production process is environmentally friendly which many people find appealing. They carry a wide range of comfortable and stylish furniture and decor.

Popular product offerings include sofas, sectionals, coffee tables, accent chairs, entertainment consoles, bookshelves, rugs, lighting, and decorative accessories. They focus on on craftsmanship and unique design which separates them from the average furniture store.

You also can customize your furniture fabric, layout, finish, and color to match your style. Arhaus furniture has attention to detail and is made with sustainably sourced quality materials.

I love them because they offer quality furniture and decor that’s made to last. They have unique original pieces that help you express your original styles.

The customization options will give you a designer look for an affordable price. Aside from that they have stain-resistant fabrics which by now you know I’m a HUGE fan of.

Shop The Look: Arhaus Living Room Design

arhaus living room collage

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase, I might make a small commission at no extra charge to you. Please read my full disclosure here. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Here you will find all the details you need to know to shop the look of this design inspiration for your home.

arhaus living room collage

See below for more details on each piece in the above Arhaus living room design. Whether you’re looking to do a complete makeover or just add a few pieces this space is for you!

1. Owen Four Piece Sectional

arhaus living room owen four piece sectional
Image by Arhaus

At the center of the design is this Scandinavian-inspired four-piece sectional. It’s great for the modern contemporary home and has a more casual appearance.

The deep seat cushions are wonderful for binge-watching your favorite Netflix shows in comfort. Not only is this modular sectional sofa durable but it’s built to stand the test of time.

There’s a reason this sofa is a fan favorite. Things I LOVE about the Owen four-piece sectional sofa:

  • Upholstered in a high-performance boucle fabric
  • Loose top stitched knife-edge cushion detail
  • Made in America of recycled steel and sustainable wood
  • The ottoman features caster wheels for easy movement
  • Can create any layout to fit your home

No matter if you have a small space or a large this beauty will look awesome in your home!

2. Black End Table

arhaus living room black round end table
Image by Arhaus

The Amira end table is perfect to add to either side of a sofa as shown above. It would look equally fabulous on either side of your bed to replace the traditional nightstands.

It’s handcrafted in India from nickel-plated cast aluminum. The minimalist silhouette and striking curves are great for adding interest to any space.

I went with the black colorway for this design but it’s also available in antique brass, nickel, or copper. Anyone you choose would make a lovely addition to your home.

3. Arched Glass Cabinet

arch glass cabinet
Image by Arhaus

Arched furniture and architecture are having a moment and this glass cabinet fits right in. It has plenty of storage for accessories and decor on the three shelves or inside the bottom cabinet.

Hide your media equipment and accessories out of sight behind the closed cabinet doors. There are holes at the back to help you with your cord management organization.

It’s made of solid oak and oak veneers with a hand-applied finish. Choose between 36″ and 46″ when placing your order online.

There’s one shown in the room above but a pair would look amazing on either side of a fireplace or long wall. It’ll add balance and symmetry for a pleasing design.

4. Ivory Hand-knotted Rug

ivory hand knotted area rug
Image by Arhaus

Area rugs are perfect to ground your sitting area and define the zones in an open floor plan. This neutral rug has a subtle pattern and texture to add dimension to your interior design.

It has a modern design that’s made with a traditional hand-knotted technique. It’s available in five sizes which makes it a great option for small or large spaces.

In the featured design this rug adds interest to the neutral color palette and grounds the furniture. Aside from that, it gives the room a cozy warm inviting vibe.

5. Coffee Table

organic coffee table
Image by Arhaus

Since many of the design elements are light this organic coffee table adds the perfect contrast to the neutral space. It has a natural vibe with table tops that are handcrafted of petrified wood.

The wood is hand-selected by artisans from volcanic grounds located in the Philippines. They arrange the veneers into an original inlaid mosaic pattern.

Due to the natural material, the colors and patterns of each piece are unique. The base is made of sculpted resin in the shape of a natural tree trunk.

This coffee table is sure to be the talk of the party and will command attention. There are 3 colorways and 2 sizes available when placing your order online.

6. Boucle Swivel Chair

ivory boucle swivel accent chair
Image by Arhaus

The super-comfortable Fresno swivel chair is great alone or as a pair with your favorite accent table in between. Its curved orb shape has a warm and inviting vibe that’ll make a statement in any contemporary home.

It features dense foam seat cushions, a solid reinforced hardwood frame, and a 360-degree rotation swivel mechanism.

The textural nubby boucle upholstery is fabulous for adding dimension and personality. Available in five trendy colors there’s a chair that’s perfect no matter your design style!

7. Martini Table

gold and black martini table
Image by Arhaus

Obsessed with this martini table and I’m sure you will be too! It’s fabulous to create a moment next to the swivel chair above.

The sexy silhouette was handcrafted by Indian artisans from black marble with an antique brass top and stem. At 9″ wide the top is the perfect size to hold your beverage of choice or favorite decor.

For this design, the gold and black colorway adds contrast to the neutral design. Depending on your space there’s also an all-black colorway available as well.

8. Fur Luxe Oversized Throw

faux fur throw blanket
Image by Arhaus

Okay, so I’m just a little obsessed with this faux fur throw blanket. It’s the perfect size to drape over the chaise ottoman or at the foot of a bed.

The soft plush blanket features knife-edge details and topstitching. It’s available in five colors but the ivory is fabulous for this design.

There’s also a pillow in the faux fur collection that’ll upgrade the look of any room in your home.

9. Gold Candle Stand

gold candle stand
Image by Arhaus

If you have ever walked into a space and it felt incomplete chances are it was missing accessories and decor. They’re the finishing touch that makes a space feel complete.

For example, a set of oversized candle stands in a corner or next to a fireplace will create a moment in your room.

Don’t be deceived by the picture above because these candle stands are large. There are two sizes available so be sure to measure and check that they’ll fit in your space.

10. Bubble Chandelier

arhaus living room bubble chandelier
Image by Arhaus

You’ve probably heard me say that lighting is the jewelry of a room and this chandelier is the perfect example. The beautiful design has a striking silhouette with mixed materials.

There are individual glass globes that form a bubble arrangement. It comes in two sizes so measure and choose the one that’s best for your room.

In the featured living room design, this chandelier is the star of the show. If you’re looking to make a statement in your living room, bedroom, dining room, and more this chandelier is awesome!

11. Velvet Square Pillow Cover

arhaus living room taupe velvet pillow
Image by Arhaus

Pillows are great for adding color, texture, pattern, and dimension to a neutral space. This taupe velvet pillow cover is stone-washed and has a worn-in vibe.

The color variation from the stone and enzyme-washed technique creates a unique original pattern. It’s available in thirteen colors so be sure to grab a few for the different rooms of your home.

12. Hide Lumbar Pillow Cover

lumbar hide pillow
Image by Arhaus

Even though this pillow is neutral it’s full of personality. The one-of-a-kind design is artisan-crafted to showcase natural, undyed hides in their truest form.

Due to the natural element, this beautiful pillow will vary in shading and texture, making each one unique.

In this design, it would look lovely layered in front of the square velvet pillow. It would also add back support when used on the boucle swivel chair.

13. Faux Fur Pouf

arhaus living room faux fur pouf
Image by Arhaus

This faux fur pouf is perfect if you’re looking to add extra seating or texture to your design. I love the look of a pair of poufs under a console table or in front of a fireplace.

They can also be used as a backless seat at a foyer table or vanity makeup table. Since they’re still not common in the average home you’ll add personality and style with the addition of a set in your living space.

14. Curved Floor Mirror

curved floor mirror
Image by Arhaus

Another trend in home design is the wavy mirror and this is a subtle take on that design. This mirror was inspired by the Italian modern style of the 1960s.

It’s the perfect blend of vintage meets modern simple curves and a slim brass frame. The timeless classic is stunning in this design and would look amazing in your home too!

15. Framed Linen Painting

arhaus living room modern linen art
Image by Arhaus

The last piece to complete the Arhaus living room design is this framed linen painting set. It can be arranged together or separately depending on your room.

It looks amazing behind the sofa to draw your eye in but can also be used on either side of a fireplace or entryway for balance and symmetry. The hand-painted bold, textural brushstrokes add movement to the natural linen background.

Neutrals are boring said no one who knows how to layer texture, pattern, and dimension in a room. This space is the perfect example of how to do just that.

When You Know Better You Do Better

Is Arhaus considered high-end?

When it comes to direct-to-consumer retailers Arhaus would be considered on the higher end. You can find deals and sales during holiday promotions that make prices more affordable.
Their furniture is high quality and handcrafted so they’re able to command higher prices. Remember the saying you get what you pay for!
My mother is famous for complaining that you can’t find quality furniture that’s made to last anymore.
That’s not true, Mom!
You can find good quality furniture you just have to be willing and able to pay for it. The average person shops for furniture every 7-15 years.
That said what you buy should be an investment piece since the odds of you replacing it anytime soon are very low.

Is Arhaus the same as Pottery Barn?

Arhaus and Pottery Barn offer similar furniture categories but they have different styles, products, and target markets.
Arhaus is known for unique and eclectic designs with an artisanal global-inspired aesthetic. Products have a rich texture, interesting finishes, and reclaimed materials.
A high-end retailer with a target audience who prefers original statement pieces that express their originality and style considers them.
Pottery Barn furniture has a more timeless classic look. They specialize in products that have a mainstream aesthetic and appeal.
Prices are in the mid to upper range and are affordable for a wider audience. Their ideal customer values well-designed, quality furniture in the classic American style.

Who competes with Arhaus?

Several brands compete with Arhaus for a similar market share. They target a similar audience that values unique quality furniture that’s made to last.

Arhaus’s top competitors in the high-end furniture space are:

The above list caters to customers looking for well-crafted furniture and unique home decor. They also offer customization which will help you get a designer look in your home.

Does Arhaus have discounts?

Yes! Arhaus offers discounts during seasonal sales, special events, and holidays. If you sign up for their newsletter you’ll get first-hand access to promotions, upcoming sales, promo codes, and coupons.

The best deals can be found in-store or online in the clearance section. This is where you’ll find the best savings on furniture they’re clearing out to make room for new items.

There’s also a trade program with discounts for interior designers, trade professionals, or businesses that purchase in larger quantities. Just sign up online to take advantage of the savings for your next design project.

Do Arhaus employees make commission?

Arhaus employees do make a commission so when you work with them keep this in mind. Having been a design consultant in a furniture store I know first hand the pros and cons of this.

At the end of the day, the associate is going to do their best to make you happy and help you design a home you love. They’ll go above and beyond to show you the options and add as many products to your design as possible.

If you’re looking for a complete design this is wonderful and you may want to take advantage of their buy now pay later option. Just be mindful of your budget and don’t get that shiny object syndrome where you buy things you don’t want or need.

Be intentional with your purchase because chances are they’ll be a part of your home for many years to come. Also please don’t waste your designer’s time!

Quite often they’ll create a floor plan of your space, a concept board, and calculate the total budget. Good design takes time and they should be compensated for their hard work.

If you’re not serious about making a purchase then be kind and don’t take advantage. Most of the time designers only get their commission AFTER delivery so if you don’t make a purchase they won’t be compensated for the extra effort, time, and hard work.

I hope this design inspires you to design the living room of your dreams.

This post is all about the best Arhaus living room finds.

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