Zen Bedroom Design Inspiration (Shop The Look)

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Looking for zen bedroom ideas to update your living space? Check out my favorites that’ll make your home less stressful in 2023!

Creating a zen bedroom will bring calm and peace into your life. It’s a way to quiet the outside noise and let the good vibes in.

Not to mention it’s great for those who have anxiety, a stressful career, or chaos around them. The beauty of a zen bedroom is in the layers of textures, materials, and organic shapes.

Greenery is a characteristic of zen spaces that help purify the air in your home. There are also natural wood tones for added warmth and character.

If you’re looking for zen bedroom inspiration this post is for you! It’s full of resources that are lovely paired together or on their own.

This post is all about Zen bedroom ideas.

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zen bedroom with wood platform bed and white night tables

How can I make my bedroom feel zen?

To make your room feel zen you should first find three images to use as inspiration. Once you have an idea of how you want your room to feel the next step is to create a concept board.

Use a neutral color palette as the base with colors pulled from nature. These include ivory, beige, tan, taupe, and brown. Next add an accent color like green, blue, or rust for interest.

Texture, pattern, and mixed materials are also important design features. They’ll add dimension and interest to take your interior space to the next level.

When creating a zen bedroom things to include are soft textures, natural light fabrics, organic shapes, and clean lines. Eliminate clutter, excess, and electronic devices from your living space.

Layer in greenery, essential oils, candles, and fresh scents to create an environment that looks and smells fabulous. Crystals, beads, natural stones, pebbles, or terrariums with plants are awesome for creating a zen vibe.

What does zen room mean?

A zen room is a comfortable and relaxing environment free of distractions. It’s meant to be your go-to space to practice mindfulness and stillness.

Creating a sacred bedroom space will increase your productivity, lower your stress levels, and give you a restful night’s sleep. It’ll bring you joy in the morning, peace after a long day, and sweet dreams literally.

What are Zen colors?

Zen colors are neutral and earthy. Think beiges and browns with touches of greenery. White and black color schemes can be found in modern contemporary zen bedrooms.

The natural colors found in wood tones are popular in zen spaces for their warmth and organic element. These can include light to dark wood tones and everything in between.

What are the five elements of Zen?

The five elements of zen are earth, fire, water, wood, and metal. The goal is to add touches of each element to your bedroom for balance and flow.

For earth add things from nature such as plants, pebbles, and natural stones. Zen gardens and terrariums are awesome for this element.

Ideas for water elements include a fountain, fish bowl, or artwork. The art can feature a river, stream, or ocean scene.

A candle is great for adding the fire element to your bedroom design. If you have a fireplace that’s even better for creating a warm and cozy experience.

Wood can include furniture, decor, and wall art. If you have natural wood floors they’ll be an ideal representation of this element. It’ll add a sense of grounding and calm to your room.

The last element to include is metal which is super easy to add. Metal details can be found in lamps, decor, picture frames, furniture handles, and more! It can be shiny, matte, or polished. Colors include everything from silver to gold and copper.

Zen Bedroom Design Inspiration

zen bedroom with wood platform bed and white night tables

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Zen Bedroom Furniture Resources

Here you will find all the details you need to know to shop the look of this design inspiration for your home.

1. Acacia Wood Bed

zen bedroom wood platform bed frame

Add this mixed material platform bed to make a bold statement in your bedroom design. The sustainable acacia wood platform will add warmth and an organic vibe to any space.

It’s the perfect complement to the plush upholstered headboard. This modern bed is full of style and personality not to mention it’s just cool looking! Just saying!

Choose between the ivory or leather headboard when placing your order online. It’s available in four sizes depending on your floor plan and bedroom needs.

Here we have our wood material from the five zen elements above.

2. Shagreen Embossed Nightstand

shagreen nightstand with gold base and pulls

An ivory shagreen nightstand was added next to the acacia wood platform bed for contrast. It has a minimalist design with a frame completely wrapped in faux embossed sharkskin-like shagreen.

The gold brass frame and pulls are perfect for adding the metal element to this bedroom design. While the two deep drawers are awesome for all your storage needs.

3. Butterfly Table Lamp

butterfly accent lamp with gold base and white shade

Love this butterfly table lamp for adding style and personality. It has two asymmetrical glass butterflies attached to a luxe gold leaf base with a linen shade.

It’s great for adding whimsy and glamour to any room. We also have the metal element in this piece as well.

4. Organic Chandelier

zen bedroom beaded chandelier

By now you know Arteriors Lighting is one of my go-to vendors for cool unique lighting. This organic chandelier will be the star of the show in your bedroom design.

It has a light and airy vibe that’s perfect for large or small spaces. The neutral colorway has wood and coconut bead strands dangling from the metal frame.

This brings in both the wood and metal elements. There is also a dark gray wash finish available as well.

5. Flower Art I

flower artwork

6. Lush Flower Art II

flower artwork

Add in the earth element with this beautiful organic flower wall art. Each piece is printed on paper and hand-embellished with gold accents.

The champagne gold frame will add a touch of sophistication to any bedroom design. It’s perfect for over the bed or on any other blank wall needing some love.

There are two designs but you can also double up on one to create an arrangement with three pieces. The design rule of three says that combining decor in odd numbers is more interesting and appealing than just a pair.

The design rule of three says combining decor in odd numbers is more interesting and appealing than just a pair.

7. Neutral Area Rug

amber lewis x loloi rug in baise with geometric lines

Add this fabulous rug to your bedroom design for softness underfoot and added warmth. It’s great to elevate the look of any space.

There are long wavering lines that cross and intersect to create an oversized trellis pattern. The area rug is made of the finest wool yarns in a neutral color palette.

Choose from several sizes when placing your order online. Just remember to create a floor plan for your room so you know exactly what size you need.

8. Velvet Cushion Cover

Velvet Cushion Cover

Another way to add in the earth element is to bring in the colors of nature. This velvet sage green pillow will add a pop of color to the neutral backdrop for added interest.

At just under $20 for two it’s super affordable for any space in your home. The velvet pillow covers can be changed out later if you get bored with the look.

When purchasing your pillow fill remember to size up 2″ for the proper fullness. Since the sage pillow cover is 20″x20″ your pillow fill should be 22″x22″.

Design Tip: Your pillow fill should be 2″ larger than your pillow cover for the proper fullness.

xo Nicole

9. Tufted Curved Lumbar Pillow

zen bedroom curved line lumbar pillow

This lumbar pillow is great as a pair on the bed in from of the sage pillows for contrast, pattern, and texture. It would also look fabulous on the boucle chair as well.

It’s made of 100% cotton and has a removable polyester filling. The rich tufted and looped curved lines in beige and ivory will add a chic minimalist vibe.

10. Boucle Swivel Chair

ivory boucle swivel accent chair

The super-comfortable Fresno swivel comfy chair is great alone or as a pair with your favorite accent table in between. Its curved orb shape has a warm and inviting vibe that’ll make a statement in any contemporary bedroom design.

It features dense foam seat cushions, a solid reinforced hardwood frame, and a 360-degree rotation swivel mechanism.

The textural nubby boucle upholstery is fabulous for adding dimension and personality. It’s available in an assortment of trendy colors so there’s one perfect for you!

11. Travertine Side Table

zen bedroom travertine side table

Travertine marble is a great material for adding the earth element to your bedroom design. This stone side table has natural marbling for an organic vibe that’ll add originality to any room.

Place it next to the boucle chair for a spot to put home decor, a book, or a cup of tea. The simple design and silhouette are both practical and stylish

It features and geometric base with a smooth tabletop. It’s great for adding warmth and sophistication to any room in your home.

12. Gold Leaf Low Dresser

wood dresser

If you’re trying to recreate a designer look the best way to do so is to curate the furniture pieces in your bedroom. Gone are the days of walking into the designer showroom and buying the bedroom set.

Our goal is to be the unicorn in the field of horses, my friends. The only way to do that is by creating an original unique space that speaks to you!

This wood dresser has real gold leafing that’s hand-applied to the walnut veneers. There are four spacious drawers with brass details at the legs and handles.

It’s the perfect combination of wood and metal elements. The luxe dresser pairs beautifully with the Acadia platform bed and white shagreen night tables.

13. Rattan Arch Full-Length Mirror

arch full length mirror

Lean or hang this hand-crafted rattan floor mirror up against your bedroom wall. It’s fabulous to create a focal point and moment in your home.

The World Market mirror has a natural beauty and boho charm. It has a curved arch shape that adds an architectural element to take your room to the next level.

14. Birkin Plant in White Pot

birkin plant in white pot

Greenery is fabulous for adding the earth-zen element to your bedroom design. Plants are said to increase oxygen flow, productivity, and overall wellness.

If you don’t have a green thumb (like me) this fake plant was realistically handcrafted to look like the real deal. The modern striped pot will add style and texture to your living space.

15. Tall Vase with Bubbles

bubble vase

This glazed stoneware tall vase with bubbled finish would look awesome in your bedroom, living room, home office, and more. It’s full of texture and dimension that’ll add style and personality to your home.

Just add your favorite flowers to complete the look. It’s almost as good as that hand vase I’m obsessed with.

16. Mirror Waterfall Fountain with Stones

Mirror Waterfall Fountain with Stones

This was added after the concept board was complete for a reference of what the water element looks like. The mirror waterfall fountain with stones has a calming tranquil vibe to take your sanctuary to the next level.

17. Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Last but not least we have the fire element for warmth, style, and an overall cozy vibe. The wall-mount electric fireplace is the perfect alternative to the traditional wood or gas fireplace.

I hope this zen bedroom design helps you create a home retreat you love!!

This post is all about Zen bedroom ideas.

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