Best Modern Brass Chandelier Fixtures

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Looking for the best modern brass chandelier to update your living space? Check out my favorites that are perfect for any room in your home!

A modern brass chandelier is great for adding sophistication and elegance to any living space. When it comes to chandeliers it’s definitely NOT one size fits all.

There are many different styles to choose from no matter your budget. Modern chandeliers can be added to your living room, bedroom, dining room, home office, and more!

Lighting is considered to be the jewelry of a room. They’re perfect for making a statement, creating a focal point, and drawing the eye up.

Chandelier styles include modern, geometric, minimalist, mixed materials, sputnik, industrial, art deco, organic, and clustered pendants. If you have high ceilings an oversized chandelier will add drama and make a bold statement.

LED lights will make the chandelier energy efficient while dimmable lights will set the mood and atmosphere. Lighting with adjustable arms or movable components allows you to create different shapes and a unique style.

If you’re looking to elevate the vibe of any living space this round-up is for you! No matter which one you choose it’ll make a fabulous addition to your next design project.

This post is all about the best modern brass chandelier ideas.

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modern brass chandelier in living room with border curtains, fireplace, and black accent wall

Best Modern Chandelier Fixtures Of 2024

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Here are the best modern chandelier fixtures of 2024:

Best Overall: Sputnik Chandelier | Jonathan Adler

It may be biased but since this is the chandelier we have in our living room design I’d rank this the best overall.

Best Budget: Crystal Sputnik Chandelier | Walmart

At just under $200 this affordable Walmart chandelier will make a big impact for a small investment.

Best Splurge: Kelly Wearstler Brass Chandelier | Lumens

For those with an unlimited budget this brass chandelier with be the star of the show in your living space.

Best Materials: Brass And Leather Chandelier | McGee & Co.

This mixed material brass and leather chandelier is sure to be a conversation starter.

Best Style: Bubbles Chandelier | Lumens

Add personality and a whimsical flair with the addition of this bubbles chandelier.

Best Linear: Linear Chandelier | Lulu and Georgia

This stunning linear chandelier will make a dramatic statement in any living space.

Modern Brass Chandelier Light Fixtures

modern brass chandelier collage

1. Modern Brass Chandelier

brass chandelier

At just under $1000 this modern gold chandelier is loaded with value. It has 9 serpentine arms with white bulbs in an artful arrangement.

Choose between brass or bronze when placing your order online. Either colorway would make a fabulous addition to any living space.

This light fixture is NOT suitable for bathroom use or outdoor spaces. However, it is dimmable and can be hung from a sloped ceiling.

Enter the code INSPIREDDESIGNTALK15 for 15% off your Lulu and Georgia order! Happy shopping!

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2. Drum Modern Brass Chandelier Dining Room

drum brass chandelier

Add an elevated look to your living room, dining room, or foyer with this antique-inspired brass chandelier. It has studded rivets and perforated metalwork for a look that’s both rustic and ornate.

This chandelier lighting will add a bright ambiance to any living space and is the perfect size to create a focal point. Friends and family are going to want the source for this sleek chandelier.

3. Multi-Arm Mid Century Modern Brass Chandelier

multi arm chandelier

Add warmth, drama, and interest to your living space with this mid-century modern brass chandelier. It has a decorative cut-out motif that’ll add drama over a table, nightstand, or double-height foyer.

Just in case the Jonathan Adler store version is sold out it’s also available at Horchow for 30% off at the time of this post. That’s an amazing deal so order ASAP if you love it like me!

4. Round Lily Chandelier

arhaus lily brass chandelier

Make a statement in any room of your home with this beautiful nature-inspired brass chandelier. It’s meant to resemble a lily in full bloom and has 10 points of illumination inside striking glass “petals”.

Make sure to double-check that the height and scale of this chandelier work in your space. Home lighting is like the jewelry of a room and this one will be the finishing touch you need.

arhaus pit sectional living room with chandelier and bar cabinet

Check out the above living room design that features this chandelier modern design for inspiration. As you can see it’s great for making a statement and will be the star of the show!

5. Sputnik Chandelier

jonathan adler brass chandelier

We have this exact brass chandelier in our living room and we LOVE it! Its oversized design makes a huge impact on our neutral living room.

The Sputnik Chandelier by Jonathan Adler was inspired by the look of a Parisian parlor. It has tiny stems with crystal accents and laser-cut crown cups that hold 24 candelabra bulbs.

This stunning chandelier is available in antiqued brass or polished nickel. Check out the feature image for an example of how to style this glamorous chandelier.

6. Kelly Wearstler Brass Chandelier

kelly wearstler visual comfort chandelier

If you’re looking for a simple yet updated chandelier that’ll make a statement this one is for you. It has metal tubes and cylindrical glass shades that’ll add interest and style to your bedroom makeover.

The shape and design of this Kelly Wearstler chandelier are identical to the RH hardware Rousseau chandelier. If you’re not a member order from Lumens for the discounted rate.

restoration hardware bedroom with upholstered bed, leather chair, and neutral rug

The above bedroom design is an example of how you can style this brass chandelier in your home. It features a neutral color palette for the perfect blend of zen meets modern.

7. Crystal Sputnik Chandelier

modern gold chandelier

A chandelier is a great way to make a statement in your contemporary living room design. As mentioned before lighting is referred to as the jewelry of a room and for good reason.

This modern gold chandelier lighting has an elevated design that’ll command attention. It has a gold brass body with glass bulbs for a sophisticated vibe.

Add this chandelier to your living room design or any space where you want to make a statement. There’s an $800 savings between this style and the designer Arhaus chandelier.

8. Bubbles Chandelier

bubble chandelier

The bubbles chandelier is perfect to add a fun whimsical vibe to any living space. It has a colorful layer of hand-blown glass globes on a metal frame.

This eye-catching chandelier has a unique silhouette that’ll command the attention of anyone who enters the room. Choose between three finishes when placing your order online.

9. Mid Century Modern Brass Chandelier

mid century brass chandelier

Lulu and Georgia have a plethora of awesome modern brass chandeliers to choose from. This one has five looping arms that hold white glass globes.

It has a mid-century charm with a touch of glamour. It’s the perfect size to add above your dining table, center of your living room, or bedroom design.

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10. Linear Chandelier

gold linear chandelier

This gold linear chandelier is perfect for creating a focal point in any space. It’s available in brass or white depending on your preference. The dramatic chandelier is damp-rated and has an adjustable height.

eny lee parker living room with modular sectional with boucle ottoman

Add this modern lighting to your living room, bedroom, or dining room. It’s sure to be the talk of the party in any space it’s in.

The above design features pieces from the Eny Lee Parker collection of furniture and home decor. If you’re looking to elevate your living room this one is perfect for you!

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11. Brass And Leather Chandelier


Lighting is similar to how a great pair of earrings and jewelry will complete an outfit. It’ll add a polished look and make your space feel complete.

The McGee & Co. chandelier features mixed materials and is full of originality. It has antique brass steel tubes, decorative walnut veneer tips, and brown top leather shades.

modern cozy living room with white sofa and rectangular coffee table

The overall vibe is modern meets contemporary making it the perfect look for this cozy living room design. This is an example of how stunning the mixed-material chandelier looks styled.

How do you update an outdated chandelier?

Aside from replacing your outdated chandelier with a new one, there are other ways to update the look. You can clean and paint or refinish your lighting fixture to give it a fresh look.

The bulbs and lampshades can be replaced for a more modern vibe. If it’s not on a dimmer adding one will add ambiance to your interior design.

It may also be possible to reconfigure or customize your chandelier. Lastly, the chain or canopy can be replaced for an updated look.

If all else fails replace the outdated chandelier completely with one of the stunning styles below.

Are chandeliers still in style?

Yes, chandeliers are still in style and are a timeless way to update any room in your home. They’ve adapted and evolved over the years.

There are many reasons why they continue to remain popular. Chandeliers evoke a sense of luxury and elegance.

They create a focal point and add personality to any living space. They’re great for expressing your unique style and design aesthetic.

Aside from the beauty aspect, they’re practical as well. A pretty chandelier will elevate a space while creating an inviting atmosphere.

What is the trend in chandeliers?

Chandelier trends adapt and change as design styles evolve. Gone are the days of the all-crystal chandelier being the only option.

The current trend in chandeliers is minimalist chandeliers that are sleek and modern. Nature-inspired designs with organic shapes, natural elements, and materials from the outdoors.

Mixed material chandeliers that combine metal, wood, leather, rattan, glass, and even fabric are trending. LED chandeliers with changing color temperatures and dimming features are eco-friendly and customizable.

Other trends include oversized, industrial, artistic, and sculptural chandeliers. As styles and trends evolve chandeliers will continue to adapt and be a part of the conversation.

Do people put chandeliers in living room?

Yes, adding a chandelier to your living room is great for making a statement and elevating the look of any living space. They’re also so much prettier than recessed lighting which can make your ceiling look like Swiss cheese.

They add height, drama, and luxury to any space they’re in. In open floor plans with the living room and dining room combined they help create a cohesive design that flows from one area to the other.

How much should you spend on a chandelier?

The amount you spend on a chandelier will depend on your budget and the look you’re after. On average you can expect to spend between $300 and $2500 depending on the style, quality, and brand you choose.

If you’re going for a high-end designer look the price range will be between $2500 and $5000 on average. Just remember your modern brass chandelier is an investment piece that’ll stand the test of time.

Many are even passed down from one generation to the next so going for quality is always a plus.

My father bought us our first chandelier and his father did the same for him. That’s a tradition I plan to continue when my children purchase their first home.

I hope these brass chandelier ideas inspire you to design a home you love!

This post is all about the best modern brass chandelier ideas.

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