Best Coca Cola Gift Ideas For The Holiday Season

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Looking for the best Coca Cola gift ideas this holiday season? Check out my favorites that are perfect for the Coke lover in your life!

These gift ideas are fabulous for the coca-cola lover in your life. You may be thinking they all have to do with beverages or soda but that’s not the case.

Coca-Cola gifts come in every style from popcorn makers to fridges, coolers, slushie machines, and so much more! The general color theme is in line with the red and white branding but silver accents are mixed in too.

No matter the age of the receiver there’s a coke-lover gift idea here for you. They’re available in a variety of price points from low to high.

If you’re looking for the perfect Coca-Cola gift for the holiday season, birthdays, or any special occasion this round-up is for you. Check out the resources and let me know which is your FAV!

This post is all about the best Coca-Cola gift ideas.

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coca cola gift ideas round up red and white decor

Best Coca Cola Gift Ideas Of 2023

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Here are the best coca cola gift ideas of 2023:

Best Overall: Retro Storage Cabinet | Wayfair

Inspired by the 1950s, this retro storage cabinet is great for displaying all your Coca-Cola collectibles and home decor.

Best Budget: Glass Straw Dispenser | Amazon

At just over $30 this affordable gift will make a great addition to any kitchen decor.

Best Ornament: Coke Ornaments | Amazon

This Coca-Cola ornament is awesome to update any Christmas tree this holiday season.

Best Splurge: Coca-Cola Refrigerator | Williams-Sonoma

For those with unlimited funds, this Coca-Cola refrigerator is great for a basement or rec room!

Best Mixing Bowls: Coca-Cola Enamel Mixing Bowls | Amazon

This set of Coca-Cola mixing bowls is fabulous for serving or prep work in the kitchen.

Best Popcorn Popper: Air Popcorn Maker | Best Buy

If you’re looking to level up your movie night experience this air popcorn maker is for you!

Best Cooler: Retro Ice Chest | Amazon

This retro ice cooler is a great gift idea for the coca-cola lover who’s always on the go!

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Coke Gifts For Christmas

coca cola gift ideas round up red and white decor

1. Coke Ornaments // 2. Coca-Cola Refrigerator // 3. Coke Refrigerator // 4. Beverage Tub Set // 5. Air Popcorn Maker // 6. Vintage Fridge // 7. Retro Slush Drink Maker // 8. Beverage Soda Maker // 9. Coca-Cola Can Handbag // 10. Popcorn Popper // 11. Retro Storage Cabinet // 12. Coke Cooler Ornament // 13. Ice Cold Cooler // 14. Ice Cream Scoop // 15. Retro Ice Chest // 16. Electric Shaved Ice // 17. Coca-Cola Tumbler // 18. Glass Straw Dispenser // 19. Salt & Pepper Shakers

1. Coke Ornaments

Coke Ornaments

For anyone on a budget, a coca cola ornament is an affordable way to show you care this holiday season. It’s perfect for anyone who loves a cold glass of Coke or Diet Coke on the regular.

You’ll want a set for your Christmas tree too. Just saying!!

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2. Coca-Cola Refrigerator

coca cola gift refrigerator

Ok so this is a splurge but it’ll be so worth the investment. The stylish Smeg Coca-Cola Fridge is for anyone with unlimited funds who is feeling extra generous this holiday season.

It’s perfect for any host who loves to entertain in style. This white and red fridge is sure to be the talk of the party.

3. Coke Refrigerator Gifts For Him

coke refrigerators

Gift this retro fridge freezer to the Coke lover who is always at the latest tailgate or outdoor adventure. The 2-1 one design is great for keeping drinks ice cold.

It has a lock & key, bottle opener, rolling feet, and removable basket. It’ll make a fabulous addition to any recreational room, home office, basement, and more!

4. Beverage Tub Set

coca cola gift beverage tub set

This Coca-Cola galvanized wash tub set would make a fabulous addition to any porch or patio. The design is inspired by vintage washtubs to be a stylish solution to hold ice-cold Coke.

Fill it with ice and your favorite Coke beverages and you’ll be ready to get the party started. The included plug will make it super easy to drain out at the end of the night.

5. Air Popcorn Maker Gifts Under $25

coca cola gift air popcorn popper

This popcorn maker will serve a dual purpose. It’s great to gift the Coca-Cola and/or popcorn lover in your life.

The red and white design will make an awesome addition at the next movie night. It’s awesome for any age loved one.

At just under $25 this affordable coke gift idea will help you stay on budget this holiday season. We all know how that list can add up as the years go by.

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6. Vintage Fridge Gifts Under $50

coke vintage fridge

Your family and friends are going to love this mini fridge cooler. It has a durable and stylish design that’s great for storing food, snacks, drinks, and more!

The vintage fridge can hold up to 4 liters and has a molded top handle for easy transportation. It’s perfect to add to any countertop, den, home office, dorm room, and more!

7. Retro Slush Drink Maker Gifts For Kids

Retro Slush Drink Maker

For just over $50 this fun slushie will put a smile on the face of your friends or family when they open their gift. It’s perfect for holiday parties and can hold up to 32 ounces of your preferred slushy drinks

Just add crushed ice and salt to freeze your favorite sugar-based drinks and juices. There’s an easy-flow spout that’ll dispense smooth frozen drinks all night long.

Clean-up is a breeze with the detachable drip tray and tank. This retro Coca-Cola slushie maker is sure to be a hit at the next family gathering.

8. Beverage Soda Maker

coke beverage soda maker

What a fantastic gift idea for the Coke lover in your life! This soda maker is perfect for slushie drinks, margaritas, daiquiris, smoothies, and more!

It has two shaving settings for making snow or slush ice textures. Just add regular ice cubes and you’ll be ready to get the party started in style.

9. Coca-Cola Can Handbag

coke can handbag

If you’re looking for a stylish stocking stuffer idea this Coca-Cola handbag is perfect. It’s great for anyone who loves cute accessories in the style of their drink of choice.

No matter the age of your friends or family this branded handbag will be appreciated. At just under $30 it won’t break the bank either!

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10. Popcorn Popper

coke popcorn popper

In case you missed the memo popcorn gifts are currently trending and it’s easy to see why. They’re perfect for bringing friends and family together for a fun movie-themed night.

This popcorn popper serves the dual function of making popcorn and serving it up in style. It’ll pop up to 8 cups of popcorn at a time for up to 24 cups of the popped treat!

This Coca-Cola gift idea is sure to be a fan favorite with any receiver.

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11. Retro Storage Cabinet

retro storage cabinet

If you’re going for more of a retro vibe this storage cabinet is fabulous. Inspired by the style of the 1950s it has a glass front window perfect for displaying any Coke collection.

The hand-painted wooden storage cabinet has four shelves behind the decorative door. At just under $130 this Coca-Cola gift is sure to be appreciated for many years to come.

12. Coke Cooler Ornament

Coke Cooler Ornament

Gift this Coke cooler ornament to your coworker, friend, or family member. It features the white trademark bear peaking over the side of a cooler full of Coke drinks.

It’ll help create memories and brighten up any Christmas tree decor. It’s great to give as a stocking stuffer too!

13. Ice Cold Cooler Gifts For Him

Ice Cold Cooler

If you have more in the budget this Coca-Cola cooler is a great gift idea for your dad, brother, or son. It has a stainless steel towel bar, a heavy-duty coke logo bottle opener, and a cap catcher.

The caster wheels make it super easy to move anywhere the action is and the brakes help it stay put. Choose between three colorways when placing your order online.

14. Ice Cream Scoop

Ice Cream Scoop

This fun Coke ice cream scooper is an affordable way to show you care. For just over $20 bucks it’s a stylish gift idea that won’t break the bank.

It’s perfect for the Coca-Cola and ice cream lover in your life. No matter the age this is an awesome gift idea.

15. Retro Ice Chest Coca-Cola Swag

Retro Ice Chest Coca Cola Swag

Gift this retro cooler to anyone who’s always on the go. It’s great for college students, tailgate parties, and BYOB occasions.

It will hold up to 18 cans or 12 bottles depending on your preference. There’s also a convenient bottle opener at the side so you’ll always have one close by.

16. Electric Shaved Ice

coke electric shaved ice

If you’re obsessed with the nostalgia of snow cones this gift idea is for you! The fun and easy electric shaved ice maker is great for the kid at heart or those with the little ones.

It makes soft, fluffy ice that’ll absorb the flavor of any liquid. Just fill the shaver bowl with ice, put your snow cone underneath, and press the on button.

Voila! Shaved ice on a hot summer day or any time of year! This Coca-Cola gift idea is sure to be the talk of the party.

17. Coca-Cola Tumbler Gifts Under $10

Coca Cola tumbler

This gift is perfect for anyone on a super tight budget or if you’re just looking to show you care this holiday season. The stainless steel Tumblr is awesome for hot or cold drinks and has a vacuum-insulated temperature control lining.

It’s dishwasher-safe and fabulous for anyone who’s always on the go.

18. Coca-Cola Gift Glass Straw Dispenser

Coca Cola Glass Straw Dispenser

Friends and family are going to love this retro Coca-Cola straw dispenser. The clear design is perfect for displaying decorative straws and makes them super accessible.

It has a metal lid that’s both stylish and durable. You going to want one for your countertop too!

19. Coca-Cola Gift Salt & Pepper Shakers Gifts Under $15

Coca Cola Salt and Pepper Shakers

Last up is the Coca-Cola salt and pepper shakers. At just under $15 they’re great for showing you care this holiday season.

The black and white decor will be the perfect complement to any style kitchen. Be sure to check out the other pieces in this collection like the bread box, small and large canisters, and butter dish.

As you can see there are so many Coca-Cola gift ideas to choose from. The abundance of products just goes to show you how many Coke fans there are. Happy shopping!

I hope these Coca Cola gift ideas help make your holiday season a little easier this year!

This post is all about the best Coca-Cola gift ideas.

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