Bohemian Style Living Room: Essentials For A Chic Boho Vibe

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The Bohemian style living room is characterized by a unique blend of colors, patterns, and textures. It’s a reflection of carefree free-spirited individuals who occupy the space.

The signature look of this colorful design style is its eclectic and unconventional flair. It’s the perfect blend of mixed elements brought together to create a space that’s both vibrant and relaxing.

The aesthetic draws inspiration from global influences, with a focus on comfort and self-expression through decor. Designing a bohemian style living room involves the use of rich textiles, decor and artwork, and an assortment of plants for a touch of nature.

Furniture pieces combine comfort and character featuring plush seating, rustic wood, and a combination of vintage and handmade items. This style allows for your personality and individuality to shine through in the curated selection of accessories and furnishings.

Key Takeaways

  • Bohemian living rooms feature a relaxed, artistic environment.
  • Rich textiles and eclectic decor characterize the design style.
  • Plants are integral for adding life and character.

This post is all about Bohemian-style living room ideas.

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bohemian style living room with beige sofa, leather chair, and colorful pillows

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How to Design a Bohemian Style Living Room?

Designing a bohemian style living room involves a focus on rich, vibrant colors, and eclectic furniture selections. It features a mix of layered lighting and accessories that reflect a carefree, artistic lifestyle.

Design Tips

  • Start with a Neutral Canvas: Go for neutral tones like whites, creams, and soft grays. This sets the stage for the vibrant pops of color and pattern that will follow.
  • Layer on the Textures: Plush rugs, cozy throws, and an array of cushions in different shapes and sizes will add a cozy inviting vibe.
  • Mix and Match Patterns: Bohemian design embraces the eclectic, so mix florals with stripes, and geometric prints with paisleys. The key is to maintain a cohesive color palette to tie everything together.
  • Bring Nature Indoors: Add natural elements like plants, wooden furniture, and woven baskets for a sense of grounding and freshness.
  • Add Vintage Finds: Scour local flea markets or thrift stores for unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Vintage furniture and accessories add character and soul to your living room. Look for pieces that tell a story and reflect your personal style.
  • Lighting with Character: Add interesting lighting such as pendant lights with woven shades, eclectic floor lamps, or a macramé chandelier. Lighting is great to elevate the mood and ambiance of the room.
  • Create a Cozy Corner: No Bohemian living room is complete without a cozy corner to relax in. Place a comfortable reading chair, throw in a soft blanket, and add a side table for your favorite book or a cup of tea. It’ll be your favorite spot to meditate, relax, or unwind.

What Colors Are Used In Bohemian Design?

The bohemian color scheme is diverse and vibrant. It incorporates deep, saturated hues such as burgundy, navy blue, and mustard yellow with grounding earth tones for balance. Colors in this interior design style include:

Jewel Tones:

  • Emerald green: Rich color that pairs beautifully with gold accents.
  • Sapphire blue: Calming bold color that’ll add depth and drama.
  • Ruby red: Fiery pop of color that’s great in accents like pillows or artwork.

Earthy Neutrals:

bohemian living room with beige couch and decor
  • Terracotta: Warm and grounding
  • Burnt orange: Adds coziness and texture
  • Mustard yellow: Cheerful and sunny color that’ll add a touch of warmth
  • Cream: Calming neutral helps balance out bolder colors
living room with pit sectional with boho home decor

Other Bohemian Favorites:

  • Fuchsia pink: Playful color that adds a touch of whimsy.
  • Mint green: For a breath of fresh air.
  • Olive green: Versatile color that’s a cross between a jewel tone and neutral.
  • Charcoal grey: Use sparingly in accents for sophistication.
  • Gold: Metallic gold accents for a touch of glamour and luxury.

Tips for Creating a Bohemian Color Palette:

  • Choose a dominant color scheme: Pick two or three main colors that will be used throughout your space. Use artwork, a rug, or a colorful pillow as the jumping-off point.
  • Incorporate neutrals: Balance your bold colors with earthy neutrals to create a cohesive look.
  • Play with patterns: Bohemian style loves patterns! Mix and match different patterns in rugs, throws, and pillows. Paisleys, ikats, and floral prints add to the sense of global eclecticism.
  • Jewel Tones & Earthy Neutrals: Emerald green, sapphire blue, ochre yellow, terracotta.
  • Sun-Kissed & Breezy: Coral pink, peach, turmeric yellow, sky blue, mint green.
  • Global Fusion: Deep indigo, rich teal, terracotta, olive green, fuchsia pink.
  • Earthy Oasis: Taupe, sage green, burnt sienna, ochre yellow, rust.
  • Monochromatic Bohemian: Deep emerald green with variations in shades and textures.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Bohemian style is all about personal expression, so have fun and choose colors that you love!

Modern Boho Living Room Furniture

When selecting furniture, one should aim for pieces that evoke a sense of history and uniqueness. Vintage items and flea market finds can introduce a layer of personality.

boho green sofa with wood nesting coffee table

Comfort is also important in a bohemian living room, and furniture should invite relaxation, such as plush sofas with overflowing throw pillows. Ottomans are popular to function as both seating and extra surface areas.

Bohemian Style Furniture

Sofa Styles

When it comes to choosing a sofa for your Bohemian living room, go for styles that are comfortable, unique, and can serve as a focal point.

Coffee Tables

Choose handcrafted wooden tables with rustic finishes, reclaimed wood slabs, mixed materials, or vintage trunks serving as unexpected coffee tables.

Accent chairs

Rattan, wicker, and leather chairs draped with throws or colorful pillows add texture and interest to Bohemian living rooms.

Bohemian Furniture

pink tufted sofa with inlay coffee table
beige sofa with gold floor lamp

Popular Bohemian sofa styles include:

  1. Low-Profile Sectional:
    • Opt for a low-profile sectional sofa with deep seats in earthy tones, vibrant patterns, colors, textures, or bold patterns.
    • Look for plush cushions and soft, textured upholstery.
  2. Vintage Chesterfield Sofa:
    • A vintage Chesterfield sofa in distressed leather or fabric with unique patterns will add sophistication.
  3. Boho-Chic Sleeper Sofa:
    • If you need a versatile sofa for guests, consider a boho-chic sleeper sofa.
    • Look for one with a visually interesting design, and dress it up with colorful throws and cushions.
  4. Moroccan-Inspired Floor Seating:
    • Embrace the Moroccan vibe with floor seating arrangements.
    • Use low sofas, daybeds, or cushions in rich, warm colors and adorned with intricate patterns.
  5. Woven or Rattan Sofas:
    • Woven or rattan sofas bring a natural and textural element to the space.
    • Look for bohemian-inspired designs with unique shapes and patterns.
  6. Bohemian Modular Sofa:
    • Create a relaxed and customizable seating area with a modular sofa.
    • Mix and match different modules to achieve a unique and eclectic look.
  7. Vintage-Inspired Velvet Sofa:
    • Velvet sofas rich jewel tones with tufting or brass accents.
  8. Patterned Loveseat:
    • Consider florals, geometric shapes, or ethnic prints to infuse a boho aesthetic.
  9. Eclectic Mix of Sofas:
    • Combine a traditional sofa with a boho-chic daybed, or pair a leather couch with colorful accent chairs.
daybed in living room
armless couch with floor lamp and book shelf

Lighting and Accessories

Lighting in boho living rooms is warm and inviting. Lanterns, candles, and floor lamps with fabric shades give off a soft glow.

Accessories complete the look, including plants, which add a vibrant touch of greenery and life. Textiles such as throw blankets and tapestries highlight the handcrafted quality and texture.

A key element of this style is the artful mix of layering different textures and materials.

  • Layering is key: Combine overhead lighting with floor lamps, table lamps, and sconces for a warm and inviting ambiance.
  • Dimmable lights: Set the mood with adjustable lighting for cozy evenings or lively gatherings.
  • Candles galore: Don’t forget the flickering magic of candles! Arrange them on trays, in lanterns, or on vintage candlesticks for a touch of bohemian romance.

Lighting And Decor

Bohemian Style Living Room Textiles and Fabrics

In a bohemian-style living room, textiles and fabrics are the soul of the décor, bringing warmth, depth, and character. Key elements include a diverse mix of patterns, textures, and vibrant colors.

Cushions and Throws

Cushions and throws are essential for achieving a colorful boho living room vibe. They add comfort and layers with a variety of textures and patterns. When done well they’ll turn any space into a cozy living room haven.

green boho accent chair with white side table

Plush velvet cushions paired with wool or macramé throws invite relaxation and contribute to the eclectic charm.

Rugs and Drapery

Rugs help define and anchor spaces within the living room, while drapery provides a fluid backdrop that adds a touch of whimsy. Patterns range from Moroccan to Southwestern, often with tassels or fringe detailing.

For an added touch of bohemian flair, layering rugs or using handwoven tapestries as drapes can enhance the room’s visual interest.

Hammocks and Poufs For The Bohemian Style Living Room

No bohemian living room is complete without a hammock or a selection of poufs. These elements offer unique seating options that reflect a laid-back lifestyle. Hammocks in bold colors or with intricate patterns can serve as a room’s focal point.

Poufs, often covered in leather or bohemian print fabric, create extra seating and can also function as footrests or side tables.

Decor and Artwork

Bohemian living rooms embrace a mix of colors, patterns, and textures, with decor and artwork being pivotal to achieving an eclectic aesthetic. They often feature a variety of handcrafted items and vintage pieces that reflect a world-traveled flair.

Wall Decor

Bohemian wall decor typically includes a collage of artistic expressions. They may incorporate woven wall baskets made from materials like jute and sisal, adding a three-dimensional texture to the room.

Gallery walls with an assortment of paintings, photographs, and vintage prints add personality and style. They create a focal point and are the centerpiece of the boho-style living room.

The use of vibrant and patterned tapestry hangings are used to add a soft and inviting element.

Decorative Objects Bohemian Living Room Style

When it comes to decorative objects within a bohemian living room, one can expect an assortment of plant life—ranging from hanging plants to large potted greenery, which infuses life and a natural essence into the room.

Vintage books, ornate lanterns, and colorful throw pillows with eclectic patterns also play a significant role.


These items are strategically placed to create a casual and inviting ambiance. Intricately designed textiles and rugs with oversized patterns might be found underfoot or adorning furniture, contributing both comfort and artistry to the room.

Boho Style Living Room Plants

When one aims to infuse their living space with a bohemian flair, selecting the right plants is essential. The bohemian style decor is synonymous with a naturalistic and eclectic vibe. Plants play an important role in softening the space and adding an organic touch.

grey couch and plants with string lights

Strategic Placement:

  • Hanging Planters: To maximize floor space can be hung from the ceiling or high on walls. Cascading plants like English ivy or string of pearls provide a lush green canopy.
  • Floor Plants: Tall plants such as fiddle leaf figs or bird of paradise can make a statement in bohemian living rooms when placed in corners or beside furniture.

Mixing Textures and Sizes:
A bohemian living room benefits from a variety of leaf shapes and plant sizes. The broad leaves of a monstera paired with the delicate leaves of a fern create interest and contrast.

Containers and Baskets:
Boho living room décor features a mix of unique pots and woven baskets. They not only hold the plants but add to the aesthetic charm of the room. Rattan, bamboo, or ceramics with ethnic or geometric patterns are popular materials.

Botanical Variety:
Including a range of plants that thrive in different lighting conditions ensures greenery in all areas of the living room. Succulents and snake plants are great for areas with less natural light, while the majesty palm or peace lily would thrive in a sunny window.

Adding plant life throughout your bohemian living room will create an oasis of worldly charm and vibrant vitality.


The bohemian living room is a canvas of the soul, woven with vibrant threads of color, texture, and personality. It’s not about matching sets or perfect symmetry, but about embracing the eclectic, the untamed, and the joyful.

So throw caution to the wind, mix and match with confidence, let your travels and treasures whisper their stories, and revel in the warm glow of your handcrafted haven. Your bohemian spirit deserves a living room that sings its own unique song and is a symphony of self-expression!

This post is all about Bohemian-style living room ideas.

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