11 Home Bar Gifts The Aspiring Bartender Will Love

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Looking for the best home bar gifts for friends and family? Check out these bar tools that you’ll totally want for your house too!

Whether you have a friend who aspires to be a bartender or just likes a cocktail now and then this post is for you. It’s perfect for those who love to entertain and are the life of the party.

These home bar gifts are not only functional but they look awesome too! They’ll make a great addition to the home decor of any living space.

These gifts are perfect to display on a bar cart, cabinet, or buffet table. They’re awesome to leave out on display in a living room, dining room, home office, and more!

Home bar gifts will be appreciated by both males and females. If you need a cool gift idea for Christmas, a housewarming, bridal, birthday, or any other special occasion then you’re going to LOVE these.

This post is all about the home bar gifts.

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home bar gifts gin, vodka, rum, boubin decanter

Best Home Bar Gifts Of 2024

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Here are the best home bar gifts of 2024:

Best Overall: Gold Bar Tool Set // Crate & Barrel

Probably a little biased since I have this in my home but it has all the bar tools you need plus it’s pretty too!

Best Budget: Cocktail Shaker Set // Amazon

At just under $25 this cocktail shaker set is essential for any home bar.

Best Splurge: Cocktail Shaker & Jigger Set // Frontgate

For those with unlimited funds, this cocktail shaker & jigger set will be loved by the receiver.

Best Barware: Barbell Barware Set // Jonathan Adler

Create a focal point in your living room, bedroom, home office, and more with this fabulous chandelier.

Best Extra:  Bartesian Cocktail Maker // Crate & Barrel

If you’re looking for that special extra for the bartender aficionado in your life this Bartesian cocktail maker is it!

Best Holiday Gift: Sleigh Bar Tools Set // Mark and Graham

This sleigh bar tools set will make an awesome home bar gift for the hostest with the mostest.

How do I set up a nice home bar?

Setting up a nice home bar will require research and planning. If you have a friend or family member going through the process these home bar gifts will help them set up shop.

Here are the steps to follow to set up a nice home bar:

  1. Determine the vibe you’re after (search Pinterest and Instagram)
  2. Decide on your budget
  3. Choose the location
  4. Create a supply list
  5. Order essentials if you can’t afford everything on the list
  6. Stock liquor based on your preference first
  7. Purchase mixers and garnishes
  8. Organize your home bar
  9. Take a class or read up on basic mixology
  10. Create a signature cocktail drink list
  11. Decorate and personalize your home bar
  12. Restock and maintain as you entertain
  13. Rinse and repeat

What items to have for a home bar?

The best items to have for a home bar are the following:

What do you get a wannabe bartender?

If you’re looking for the best home bar gifts for a bartender friend or family member it’s best to start with the essentials. The first thing anyone will need is a bar tool set and a cocktail recipe book.

If they already have these they’d probably LOVE a gift certificate for a mixology class or workshop. You could also sign them up for a membership for a cocktail subscription service.

That way they’ll get new and unique cocktail ingredients and recipes delivered to their door each month. This will inspire them to get out of their comfort zone and try new things.

What is the best gift for a bartender friend?

The best gift for a bartender friend would be anything unique and personalized. Since they probably have the essentials they’ll appreciate the time and thought you put into an original gift idea.

When it comes to personalized gifts these can include bar tools or merchandise. A sweatshirt or T-shirt with a witty bartender-related quote will go a long way to show you care.

Barware Gift Ideas

home bar gifts collage with gold bar tools

1. Gold Bar Tool Set

gold bar tool set

This is one of those gifts your friend or family member is not likely to purchase for themself. It’s also one they’re sure to LOVE! I have this gold toolset in my bar cabinet and it’s awesome.

We use it when our friends are over to make fancy cocktails and the rest of the time it makes for cute bar decor. If you or the bartender in your life love to entertain this cute accessory is perfect.

crate and barrel bridal registry gold bar tools

The set includes an ice bucket, bottle opener, jigger in two sizes, long spade-end spoon, classic spring coil strainer, handy ice scoop, and a modern-looking muddler.

This bar tool set is super popular and is available in three colorways. I’m a fan of the gold but I have to say the graphite is stunning.

2. Monogram Sleigh Bar Tools Set

gold and wood sleigh bar tools set

If you’re looking for the perfect holiday host gift this is it! This sleigh bar tools set is great for getting into the holiday spirit all year long.

It has everything your favorite home bartender needs to get started with their collection. Even if they only have this they’ll be able to make fabulous cocktails and mocktails.

For a personal touch add a custom monogram to the shaker. It can be a name or nickname depending on your preference.

3. Gold Beverage Dispenser

gold beverage dispenser

A beverage dispenser is a great gift for anyone who loves to host. They can premake their favorite cocktail and have it ready to go when guests arrive.

This gold dispenser will elevate the look of any tablescape. It’s made of a sturdy aluminum base and spout that makes it easy to set up a self-serve station.

Our hosting days are OVER but in the past, we’ve hosted MANY parties at our home. At one holiday party, my cousin brought a beverage dispenser and it was just what we needed.

She filled it with water and almost fell over with it from excitement. It’s so funny to watch everyone’s anxiety go through the roof when they show up at the family party.

It was also part of the baby shower buffet table shown above. It elevated the look and was functional too.

Guests can just help themselves a drink which is one less thing the host has to worry about. It also makes clean-up easier since there will be fewer cans and bottles.

4. Gold Bar Tools

gold bar tools

If you’re looking for a statement home bar gift idea this gold bar tools set is it. The bottom is made of a stunning block of mother-of-pearl and agate.

It’s awesome to add a luxe touch to a bar cabinet, console table, butler’s pantry, or kitchen counter. The set includes a gold stainless steel bottle opener, jigger, and strainer.

5. Rocket Vodka Decanter

vodka decanter in black, gold, and white home bar gifts

Calling all Vodka lovers! In my past life, this would’ve been my jam. These days I’m staying present and feeling the feels so I cut out alcohol completely.

This retro decanter design is both stylish and functional. The black, white, and gold color palette will make a statement on your bar cart, console table, or counter.

home bar gifts gin, vodka, rum, boubin decanter

Gin // Scotch // Vodka // Tequila // Bourbon // Whiskey // Rum

It’s part of a collection so if Vodka’s not your jam choose the Rum, Bourbon, Scotch, Tequila, Gin, or Whiskey instead. If you have unlimited funds the decanter bundle set would look super cool on display anywhere in your home.

6. Dog Wine Bottle Holder

gold dog wine bottle holder home bar gifts

This would be a fabulous gift for the dog and wine lover in your life. Add the host’s favorite wine and wrap it up for the perfect personalized gift.

It’ll add personality and style to any bar, kitchen, or dining room. Aside from that, it’s sure to be a conversation starter and make you top of mind anytime the receiver sees it.

7. Monogram Boat Bar Tool Set

silver boat bar tool set

If you have a fisher or boat lover on your gift list this boat bar tool set is perfect. The themed set includes essentials to mix, muddle, and strain delicious cocktails.

It has an eye-catching tugboat design that’s sure to be a conversation starter. You can also add a personal touch with a custom sandblasted monogram of your choice.

The set includes a Tugboat stand, shaker, stirrer, jigger, bottle opener, and 4 coasters. It’s made of stainless steel, brass, mango wood, and aluminum.

8. Cocktail Shaker & Jigger Set

cocktail shaker jigger set home bar gifts

This cocktail shaker and jigger set is great for the special drink connoisseur in your life. It features unique hand stitching on the leather wrapping.

The decorative detail and elevated design will add sophistication and style to the receiver’s home. It’s available in cedar or brown depending on your gift-giving needs.

9. Cocktail Shaker Set

Cocktail Shaker Set

If you’re looking for an awesome gift under $25 this cocktail shaker set it for you. It includes everything needed to get the cocktail party started.

The set includes a bamboo stand, a drink shaker with a lid and filter that’ll keep chunks and ice contained, a double size 1 / 0.5 oz measuring jigger, a 10-inch cocktail muddler and mixing spoon, 2 liquor pours, a corkscrew, cocktail recipes.

I think the best part is this set includes a recipe book to learn to make new drinks. I’m a lifelong learner so that part appeals to me. 😍

10. Bartesian Cocktail Maker

bartesian cocktail maker

For anyone with unlimited funds, this home bar gift idea is awesome! The Bartesian cocktail maker allows the user to make classic cocktails and mocktails with the push of a button.

The set includes five glass bottles to hold your go-to spirits. It’s an investment piece so anyone who receives this gift should know they are loved. Just saying!

11. Golden Bar Tools

home bar gifts gold bar tools

This elevated bar tool set is great for anyone who appreciates style and pretty things. It comes complete with all the essentials needed to get a home bar up and running.

The complete set includes a golden cocktail spoon, can opener, strainer, and jigger. Each piece has a contrasting red handle that’ll make a statement when on display.

I hope these home bar gifts make you’re holiday shopping a little easier this year!

This post is all about the home bar gifts.

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