15 Best Wine Cellar Rack Ideas To Organize Your Wine Collection

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Looking for the best wine cellar rack ideas for your home? Check out my favorites that are perfect for organizing your fabulous collection of fine wine!

Organizing your collection of fine wine can be quite a task. Fortunately, there are many solutions to help you with this dilemma.

If you have a small wine collection it can be stored in a kitchen wine fridge or bar cabinet. For many, this will be enough if you’re not an avid collector.

For those with a larger collection, it can be very overwhelming. To help you out I’ve pulled together this round-up of my favorite wine cellar rack styles.

They’re available in different shapes, finishes, and materials. Whether you’re looking for simple or something more elaborate there’s a style for you.

You can also create your design with some of the stackable wine racks. Check out all the options and let me know if you have a FAV!

This post is all about the wine cellar rack ideas.

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Best Wine Cellar Rack Ideas Of 2024

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Here are the best wine cellar rack styles of 2024:

Best Overall: Bottle Wine Cellar | Etsy

This wine cellar rack is perfect for displaying your collection in style.

Best Budget: Stackable Storage Wine Rack | Walmart

At just over $100 this is the most affordable wine storage solution of the bunch.

Best Splurge: Wide 210 Bottle Wine Cellar | Etsy

For those with unlimited funds, this five-foot wide bottle wine cellar is fabulous!

Best Under Stairs: Wall-Mounted Wine Bottle Rack | Wayfair

Get the most out of the unused space in your home with this under-the-stairs wine storage.

Best Style: Arch Wrought Iron Wine Rack | Home Depot

If you’re looking to group your wines for easy access this wine rack is for you!

Best Modern: Black Floor Wine Rack | Wayfair

This modern wine rack holds up to 384-bottles and will make a statement in any style of home.

No matter which furniture you’re shopping for start with a floor plan of your space. I know I sound like a broken record but the floor plan will help you avoid costly mistakes.

Once you have your measurements you’ll be able to order your furniture with confidence.

This video will help you create a floor plan based on the measurements of your space.

Shop The Home Wine Storage Ideas


wine cellar rack roundup

1. Tall Wine Cellar Kit

wood wine storage

Add this modern wood wine rack to any space in your home for easy access to your collection. The custom piece is available in a natural finish or in multiple stains.

If you’re a DIYer at heart you can get the unstained version in as little as 5-10 days. If you have the time to wait the stained wine cellar will take 3-4 weeks to ship out.

This wine rack has six columns which can easily store up to 9 cases of wine.

2. Wood Bottle Wine Cellar

wood wine cellar rack

There is so much to love about this handmade wine cellar. The stylish design will hold and organize 220 bottles of your finest wine.

You do need to be handy or have someone to help you assemble this piece on delivery. The racks are shipped knocked down which means you’ll need a nail gun and screwdriver to assemble the unit.

This wine cellar is available in pine, oak, mahogany, and black walnut depending on the vibe you’re after. The price will vary depending on the wood material you choose.

Friends and family are sure to admire your wine collection when they see it on display in this stunning wine rack.

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5. Wood Wine Holder

wood holder with metal and wood

For anyone with a small space, this nine-bottle wood wine holder is fabulous. Whether you need one or a few it’s perfect to organize your wine collection in style.

The contemporary design will add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen or dining room. It has a durable iron frame with two pieces of pine wood pieces that form an “X” in the center.

If you stack a few you’ll need to secure them to make sure they’re stable. The other option is a few next to each other in a row.

6. Waterfall Wine Shelf

wood rack with wine bottles

Make a statement in your living space with this cascading waterfall wine rack. It’s perfect for displaying your large collection of wine bottles.

This unit will store up to 144 wine bottles. It’s available in multiple finishes with unstained being the most affordable option.

7a. Wide 210 Bottle Wine Cellar

wood rack with wine bottles

If you’re looking to add a focal point to your living space this fabulous piece is for you! The 210-wood wine cellar is great for organizing, storing, and displaying your large collection.

It has a center arch area that’s perfect for serving or showcasing wine decor. This piece is both functional and decorative.

It’s available in four finishes depending on the vibe you’re after. This home wine cellar design is sure to be a conversation starter.

7b. Bottle Wine Cellar

wood storage with wine bottles

If you love the wine cellar above but have a smaller space this piece is for you. It’s similar in style but on a smaller scale.

The 148-bottle wine cellar is perfect for organizing and displaying all your favorite wines. This piece requires a minimum of 4 feet of space and is great for any empty corner.

Not only is this wine rack great for displaying wine but it’s also fabulous for all your decor as well. Display your favorite wine glasses and decanter at the center or on the side shelves.

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8. Stackable Storage Wine Rack

wood wine storage rack

For those on a tighter budget, this bamboo wine rack is calling your name! The 72-bottle stackable storage rack is available at Walmart for over $100.

This piece can be stacked to display four rows of wine or be displayed separately with two. It’s great for anyone just starting out with their wine collection.

9. Wine Storage Rack Kit

wood wine storage shelf

Etsy is a great resource for wine bottle racks. This one will display your eight best bottles of wine with the labels out plus organize the rest in the diamond bins or cubby shelves.

The stylish wine cellar design is available in multiple stains with the most affordable being the natural. If you’re an avid DIYer go for the unfinished option and stain it yourself.

There’s nothing better than the feeling you get from a good ole DIY project. Just saying!

10. Bottle Wine Cellar

wood wine storage

For those with larger spaces, this 5-foot wine cellar is a great option. The modern design can organize and display up to 204 bottles from your wine collection.

This one also comes in four finishes depending on the vibe you’re after. You’ll need a nail gun and screwdriver to assemble this wine cellar as well.

To check out all the different silhouettes available from this shop head to The Wine Rack Company on Etsy for all the options.

You may be overwhelmed by all the choices which is why I’ve narrowed them down for you. You’re welcome! Haha!

12. Wine Bottle Rack

black wood wine cellar rack

Whether you have a large or small space this floor wine bottle rack is great for organizing any size wine collection. At just under $65 each, you’ll be able to store as many as twelve bottles in each unit.

Stack as many as you need to organize your growing collection. It’s available in espresso, white, and black so there’s sure to be one perfect for your space.

13. Wall Mounted Wine Bottle Rack

wall wine cellar rack

Add this 126-bottle wall-mounted wine bottle rack at the side of your staircase to display your fabulous collection of wine. It has a modern contemporary vibe that’ll take any living space to the next level.

The multi-rack kit comes with a variety of racking heights that follow the slope of a traditional staircase. It’s a great way to make the most of every inch of wall space in your home.

Choose between five finishes when placing your order online. No matter which you choose it’s sure to be the talk of the party!

14. Amazon Wine Rack

Amazon Wine Rack

15. Wine Storage Rack

Wine Storage Rack

Last up are these options for anyone on a budget or living in a smaller space. We all have to start somewhere in our collection and these pieces will help you do just that.

Whether you have a tight spot and need an angled design or a straight one these wine storage racks are great starter pieces. They also make for an awesome gift idea for a housewarming party too!

I hope these wine cella rack styles help you organize your wine collection and design your modern home!

This post is all about the wine cellar rack ideas.

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