The 13 Best Dollhouse Gift Ideas Kids Will Love 2024

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Looking for the best dollhouse gift ideas? Check out these options that the little person on your list will love!

If you’re looking for the best dollhouse gift ideas for little ones this round-up is for you! Each one is unique and will encourage hours of endless play.

The best part is there’s one no matter your budget. They’re available at both high and low price points.

When I was little one of my FAVORITE gifts I received was a wooden dollhouse my Uncle Tommy Joe made for me.

To this day it has a special place in my heart. I can remember playing for hours at a time and creating wonderful stories in my head.

The power of make-believe and visualization is like no other. I’m sure any child on your list who receives one of these dollhouses will be over the moon with gratitude and excitement!

These playhouses make fabulous gift ideas for holidays, birthdays, or to just show your love.

This post is all about the best dollhouse gift ideas.

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best doll house collage

What is the best age to get a doll house?

Most of the doll house styles from this round-up are recommended for ages 3 years and up. This is a good guideline to follow but you can also base your decision on the individual child.

If you notice the child still puts things in their mouth or loves to break things maybe wait a bit to gift a wooden dollhouse. If on the other hand, they love dressing up and imagination then now could be the perfect time for this gift.

You can always ask the parents what they think especially if you’re looking at some of the higher-priced options. Every child is unique so be mindful of their interests and abilities before you invest in a play house.

If you decide the time is right then a doll house is awesome for hours of play and imagination. You just might have a future interior designer on your hands when they discover the fun decorating!

What age do kids stop playing with doll houses?

Most kids stop playing with doll houses when they get into their pre-teen years. This tends to be a time when peer pressure is in full effect and they may start to feel like it’s no longer cool.

Other factors that may change their interests are how much time they spend on technology and screen time. If they’re involved with sports or other extracurricular activities they may not have time for pretend.

If you notice this with your child it’s normal and a part of growing up. Store it away and let them know where it is for the future.

Sometimes interests will change from pretending to collecting. They may also transition to decorating with wallpaper and paint as they get older.

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Best Dollhouse Styles of 2023

Here are the best dollhouse styles of 2023:

Best Overall: Black And White Dollhouse // Pottery Barn Kids

This black and white dollhouse fits right in with the current home trend.

Best Budget: Toy Doll Townhouse // Target

At just under $80 this toy doll townhouse will encourage hours of fun.

Best Splurge: Painted Wood Dollhouse // Pottery Barn Kids

This painted wood dollhouse is great to pass down from one child to the next.

Best Kit: Wood Dollhouse Kit // Amazon

Create memories that last a lifetime with this wood dollhouse kit.

Best Design: Treehouse Play Set // Crate & Barrel

Little girls and boys will love playing pretend with this treehouse play set.

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best doll house collage

Best Dollhouse Ideas For Any Budget

These are the best dollhouse ideas you can shop online.

1. Painted Wood Dollhouse

best dollhouse pink wood

There’s a reason this dollhouse is a best seller. It has two floors, 12 rooms and one storage drawer.

When not in use it hinges shut and can be stored away. The durable construction will allow for hours of uninterrupted playtime.

Dollhouse accessories can be purchased separately over time. Any child who receives this wonderful gift will be entertained for years to come.

This one is recommended for ages 3 years and up. Adult assembly is required.

2. Black And White Dollhouse

best black and white dollhouse

Obsessed with this black and white dollhouse! It has a realistic-looking front porch, white wood finish, black shutters, and a shingled roof.

The back is open to reveal five rooms and a spiral staircase. Black and white is currently trending in home interiors and exteriors so this one feels like a miniature version of the real deal.

Matching accessories and doll families are sold separately. They’ll be fantastic for future gift-giving as well!

3. Painted Doll House

best painted dollhouse

This super cute 4-story doll house will provide hours of entertainment and fun. Each room has a unique design and decoration.

The windows have functioning shutters for a realistic vibe. It also had chimney stacks and staircases with banisters.

Dolls and furniture are sold separately and adult assembly is required.

4. White And Blue Dollhouse

white and blue best dollhouse with blue shutters

If you prefer a gender-neutral colors color palette this one is perfect. It has a realistic-looking exterior with shutters, greenery, and a covered entry.

The front panels swing open to reveal six rooms ready to be decorated and styled. As with the others furniture and dolls are sold separately.

This one is also for ages 3 and up with some assembly required.

5. Affordable Toy Doll Townhouse

best black and white dollhouse with green door

If you’re looking for a stylish but affordable toy dollhouse this is it. It’s currently on sale for just under $80 which is amazing.

The old-fashioned wooden dollhouse features a black-and-white color palette with green accents. Unlike the others, this one comes with awesome furniture!

It’s the perfect to keep any little one entertained for hours right out of the gate or box. Haha!

6. Two Story Wood Dollhouse

two story wood best dollhouse with blue roof

Here’s another girly wood dollhouse with a pink and blue color scheme. It has cute white shutters with a front door that can open and close.

This two-story doll house has a lift-back roof for access to the loft with doors that open to reveal the rooms.

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7. Pink Wood Dollhouse

best pink wood dollhouse

Little girls (and me) love pink so here’s another pink and white dollhouse for your viewing pleasure. This one has scalloped details and a wainscotted roof.

There’s plenty of space for make-believe fun. The kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, nursery, and living room accessories can all be purchased separately.

They’ll all make awesome future gifts for any little one!

8. Wooden Kids Dollhouse

best wooden kids dollhouse with black roof and door

Love the look of this stylish dollhouse design. It’s the perfect gender-neutral color palette for both boys and girls.

It’s made of solid and engineered wood with two stories connected by a staircase. The four-pane windows, shutters, and bonus attic room are lovely details.

A 24-piece furniture set is included and can be stored away when playtime is over. The complete set is a fabulous gift idea for children ages 3 years and up.

9. Treehouse Play Set

treehouse play set

This treehouse design is one of my favorites of the group. It’s and best seller on the Crate&Kids site and it’s easy to see why.

The treehouse is handpainted and made from wood. On the inside, there’s plenty of room for small furniture and dolls.

It’s inspired by an actual treehouse at Camp Wandawega, WI. This one is a great gift idea for boys and girls.

10. Affordable Wooden Dollhouse

best wooden doll house

At just under $100 this affordable dollhouse is a wonderful gift idea! It’s over four feet tall with four levels of play.

There are six rooms, a carport, 30 pieces of doll furniture and accessories, a working elevator, a staircase, an attic, and more! The bright colors, lights, and sounds will encourage long-lasting play.

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11. Toy Doll Farmhouse

best toy doll farm house

This farmhouse-style dollhouse has a classic look that’s similar to the homes in this design style. It has a rustic vibe with natural and painted wood.

The open back makes it easy to add dollhouse accessories and furniture. It’s part of the Magnolia collection by Chip & Joanna Gaines so you know it’s made to last. At just under $90 (on sale) order your gift today!

12. Victorian Dollhouse

victorian dollhouse

This three-story dollhouse is sure to be a favorite gift during the holiday season. Each floor has panels that open to reveal the rooms.

Add a personal touch to the unfinished rooms with paint or wallpaper. This dollhouse will keep any little one entertained for hours.

13. Wood 2-Story Dollhouse

best wood two story doll house

The last two dollhouses are unfinished designs similar to the one my uncle made for me. This one has scalloped eaves, a ladder between floors, and two stories.

Decorate the house with stain, paint, wallpaper, and miniature furniture. At under $30, this is a super affordable gift.

14. Wood Dollhouse Kit

Wood Dollhouse Kit

If you have the time and energy this wood dollhouse kit is calling your name. Because it’ll take about 12 hours to assemble this is for a special child.

That would be me if we are keeping track haha. No, the one my uncle made had similar details to this from the roof to the inside rooms.

I likely got mine around the age of 9, and honestly, by 12, I was over it. If you want your gift to last longer go for one of the pre-assembled styles above.

I hope these dollhouse gift ideas help you finish your holiday shopping early this year.

This post is all about the best dollhouse gift ideas.

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