Living Room Vase Styling Ideas You’ll Want To Copy

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Looking for the best living room vase styling ideas? These are so good you’ll want to copy them in your home too!

When it comes to your interior design there are places to splurge and others to save. Not every piece has to be an investment especially if you get bored easily. The goal is to have a few timeless pieces that just make you happy.

In my opinion, your sofa and coffee table should be an investment and of the best quality. You can save on artwork, side tables, rugs, and accessories.

If you’re like me then you appreciate unique pieces that add style and personality to your home. That said the Arteriors gold hand vase is an investment but it’ll make you so freaking happy!

This living room vase is like no other! It can be styled with or without flowers or turned upside down. Just add your favorite decorative orbs and spheres in the center of the hands.

There’s something magical that happens when fuchsia pink flowers are in this vase. It’s like a ray of sunshine that’ll put a smile on anyone’s face.

Anytime you’re feeling blue or in need of a pick me up this gold hands vase will get you out of your funk. Check out the many ways to style it for your living room, bathroom, bedroom, home office, and more!

This post is all about the best living room vase styling ideas.

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living room vase with pink flowers, marble candles, and coffee table books

Best Living Room Vase

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Here is the star of the show in all her glory! Depending on your preference you can buy your Piedmont Gold vase at Bellacor or Saks Fifth Ave.

gold  hand vase pink flowers

I stalked this piece for quite some time because as I said it’s an investment. The trendy hand vase is timeless and its beauty will be enjoyed for many years to come.

If you love chic home decor like me then you need this gold vase in your life RIGHT NOW. With the holiday season coming it can be styled with red roses for a festive vibe.

For any men reading this blog (that would be awesome), this would make a fabulous gift styled with red and white roses for Valentine’s Day too. The possibilities are endless!

Sculptural furniture and decor are currently trending and this piece will help bring your place up to date. The porcelain vase has a metallic gold finish that’ll add a touch of glamour and sparkle to your cocktail table, side table, bookshelf, nightstand, and more!

Living Room Gold Vase With Flowers Styling Ideas

This quick video shows how you can arrange and style this unique vase. These are living room images but you can add them to your bedroom, bathroom, home office, kitchen, and more!

Add it to any living space where you need a touch of happiness and joy. It’s one of those investment pieces that you move around depending on your mood.

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Now let’s get into all the fun and inspiring styling ideas. This way you’ll be ready to go as soon as your gold vase arrives! haha

1. Coffee Table Centerpiece Living Room Decor

living room gold vase with pink flowers and coffee table books on marble table

Marble Coffee Table // Navy Sofa // Geometric Pillows // Gold Sconce

Your coffee table is the perfect spot to show off the beauty of this gold hand vase decor. Depending on the scale of your table you may want to place it in the center on top of a few coffee table books.

The vase looks awesome with flowers or flip it upside down for an equally stunning look. Below are images from the Arteriors sight for an idea of how to style the vase without flowers.

2. Coffee Table Vase With Flower

living room vase with pink flowers, marble candles, and coffee table books

Marble Candles // Grey Chaise Couch // Color Block Pillows

If you have a larger coffee table then you can add more decor to create a moment in your room. This round coffee table is large so the gold vase with flowers was added on top of three coffee table books.

At the side, there are two marble cables and a gold orb. When pairing home decor always remember the rule of threes. Groupings of three will make the arrangement more interesting than multiples of two or even numbers.

Also varying the heights creates balance and harmony in your decor. These design tips will go a long way if you use them in your living spaces.

3. Corner Moment With Vase On Table

living room gold vase with pink flowers, quote book set, and tall vase on white lacquer table

Round Lacquer Table // Velvet Tufted Ottoman // Quote Decorative Book Set

Create a moment in an empty corner of your home with a round table, ottomans, and accessories. The living room vase with pink flowers was styled with a tall gray vase, a stack of quote books, and cute silver glasses.

Use every area of a room when thinking of your decor. This spot would be a great place to eat or work from home in smaller spaces.

The white lacquer table is a dining table that can be pulled out when entertaining. Add a set of chairs and voila a table set for four!

4. Vase For Living Room Table

marble and gold side table with gold hand vase and pink flowers with grey velvet bench

Marble Side Table // Grey Tufted Velvet Bench // Velvet Pillow // Fur Pillow

A marble side table is another awesome spot to display your living room vase decor. The contrast of the pink flowers and gold vase adds a pop of interest and color to this otherwise neutral moment.

Again notice the rule of three applied in this area as well. There are two pink velvet pillows on the grey tufted bench and then the pink of the flowers.

Notice how it moves your eye through the space. Using the rule of repetition in your interior design will create a harmonious inviting space.

5. Acrylic Table With Living Room Vase Styling

acrylic table with gold vase and pink flowers

Navy Sofa // Area Rug // Wallpaper //Acrylic Table

Acrylic tables are a great option for making a smaller space appear larger. They visually take up less real estate since they’re transparent and essentially disappear into the background.

They give the appearance of an open airy space that’s clutter-free. Adding the gold vase with flowers to the above-clear side table makes it appear as if it is floating in the air.

It helps create a focal point and adds a pop of color to the room. Remember to create flow and movement in your design colors should be repeated throughout.

In this sitting room, the Fuschia pink is pulled from the artwork into the flowers, velvet pillows, and ottomans. The gold sconces, bar cabinet details, and home decor repeat the metallic finish throughout.

The result is a balanced design that’s pleasing to the eye and welcoming to anyone who steps into the space!

6. Black Accent Table With Living Room Vase Styling

gold vase with pink flowers on black side table in living room

Giza Side Table // Grey Chaise Couch // Color Block Pillows

Geometric tables are all the rage and this one will make a statement in any room it’s in! It has a square top with an angled base that combines function and style.

It’s the perfect spot to add the gold vase with flowers. Nothing else is needed just the vase and voila your table decor is good to go. The contrast of gold and pink against the black provides interest and personality.

Friends and family are sure to want a vase of their own when they see the ways you styled yours. Remember imitation is the highest form of flattery even though sometimes it may not feel that way.

Sharing is caring, my friends!

7. Bathroom Etagere With Gold Vase

living room gold vase with pink flowers on gold short etagere and white towels

Gold Etagere // White Towels // White Vanity // Quartz Countertop

Along with the living room, you can also make a statement and add interest to your bathroom decor. The gold vase is fabulous for your Airbnb bathroom design and will help guests feel welcomed.

Not to mention it’s just so freaking pretty!

The etagere above was styled with a gold vase with flowers, white rolled towels, and a black basket at the bottom. It’s perfect for small open bathrooms that don’t have the classic storage cabinet.

8. Console Table Decor With Gold Vase

Another place to add gold vase decor is on a console table. Style it with table lamps, books, and a gold sphere to complete the look.

Add a mirror above the console table and highlight the vase in its reflection. This look is great in a foyer, entryway, dining room, or behind your sofa.

9. Book Shelf Ideas With Gold Hand Vase

Styling a bookshelf can be difficult for many but the secret is to plan it out. You want to have different heights, colors, and textures for interest.

When I say colors this doesn’t have to mean pop colors but it can. Styling a bookshelf with black, white, gold, and greenery will make an impact in a space.

Some people prefer neutrals like creme, beige, grey, and terracotta. This has more of an earthy calming vibe for a timeless design.

The image above shows how the gold hand shelf can be styled with other decor items. Placed on the higher shelf she is the star of the show.

10. Gold Vase With Flowers Home Office Decor

Your desk is another place this gold vase would be fabulous. Style it with or without flowers to add a pretty moment to your home office.

It’s sure to make you feel happy and super productive as you go through your day. There’s nothing like fresh flowers to make your day a little brighter.

11. Entryway Vase Decor Styling Ideas

The entryway or foyer is another place to create a moment. Whether at a stair landing or a separate area, a table and your favorite home decor will add interest to the unused space.

Add a pair of ottomans under the table for a cozy spot to put your shoes on before leaving the house. Style the vase with or without flowers as shown above.

Living Room Vase With White Flowers

If all the pink is too much for you then style your gold living room vase with white flowers. I get it if it’s not your jam!

White flowers will add a pretty touch as well! In my opinion, every home needs pretty things and these gold vase decor ideas get the job done!

When You Know Better You Do Better

How to cut roses for a short vase?

Before you cut roses for a short vase you should first remove the bottom leaves from the stem. Just leave the top leaves that’ll be a part of your arrangement.
You can put on rubber gloves and run your hands down the stem for quick removal or individually remove each one.
Next using a sharp knife cut the stem at a strong slant and place the roses in a vase of water with plant food. Let them sit for two hours so they hydrate.
Fully hydrated roses will last longer. Then you just need to cut your roses to fit your arrangement.

How to arrange flowers in a vase?

Place the roses in a radial format with the stems crossing from one side of the vase to the other. This helps them stand upright and look beautiful.
For the Arteriors hand vase, hold the first rose at the side of the vase to gauge the height. Cut the rose stem at a sharp angle with a knife.
Place it inside the hand vase and check if you want it shorter. You can use this length as a guide as you cut down the rest of the roses.
Since the hand’s vase is not straight you’ll have to adjust the lengths as you go. Some will be shorter than others because of the shape and angle of the hands.

That’s a wrap…

I hope you’re inspired to design a home you love!

This post is all about the best living room vase styling ideas.

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