Pottery Barn Bedroom Ideas (Shop The Look) 2024

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Looking for the best Pottery Barn bedroom ideas? You’re going to love this design for your design makeover!

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Can you believe these Pottery Barn bedroom ideas are modern and contemporary? You may associate the retailer with classic traditional furniture and decor.

They have a mix of styles to elevate the look of your interior design. I have to admit at first I was skeptical too.

As much as I loved shopping at Pottery Barn Kids and Teen back in the day I never bought their furniture for the main house. To be honest I didn’t think the look fit my design style.

I was wrong because this bedroom design is elevated and on-trend. The furniture has clean lines and a modern vibe.

Check it out for ideas and inspiration for your next makeover. You’ll be shocked at how good it is!

This post is all about the best Pottery Barn bedroom ideas.

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pottery barn bedroom ideas with upholstered bed, black night tables and modern area rug

Pottery Barn Bedroom Ideas

First, let’s talk about the decorating style of Pottery Barn. The store has a classic traditional look and they’re known for timeless furniture and decor.

Often the color palette is neutral with shades of white, beige, gray, and earthy tones. Furniture is made from high-quality materials such as wood, leather, and natural fabrics.

Texture and pattern are used in pillows, rugs, curtains, upholstery, and more! Aside from the classic traditional pieces they do also have a selection of contemporary styles to choose from.

Pottery Barn is considered mid to upper price range in furniture and decor. The quality is well-made and accessible to a wide range of people.

Their target audience is middle to upper-class consumers who want quality pieces that work within their budget. They’re not considered high-end or luxury but designers may use a filler piece here or there.

Design Inspiration: Shop The Look

Pottery Barn is known for good quality furniture that’s durable and made to last for many years. Pieces tend to be classic and timeless making them perfect for most design styles.

Their furniture often features quality joinery, hardware, and finishes. There’s an attention to detail and craftsmanship that low-end products lack.

pottery barn bedroom ideas with upholstered bed, black night tables and modern area rug

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1. Platform Bed

pottery barn bedroom ideas upholstered bed with metal trim

It’s best to start with the largest piece of furniture when designing any space. In the case of the bedroom that would be the bed.

Once you have your color scheme and look decided you can source the furniture. This bed has clean lines and mid-century modern styling.

It’s accented with gold trim for the perfect complement to the white frame. Complete the look with a comfy mattress and your favorite bedding.

2. Black Nighttable

black nighttable with open bottom pottery barn bedroom ideas

This night table is great if you don’t need a lot of storage next to your bed. It has one drawer that’s perfect for holding a book, eyemask, and other nighttime accessories.

The sleek modern design has interesting angles and details for added interest. The English dovetail joinery and metal glides add to the quality of this unique night table.

3. Gold Metal Chandelier

gold chandelier pottery barn bedroom ideas

Create a focal point in your bedroom design with the addition of this gold chandelier. The sheets of metal are in the shape of flower petals.

This chandelier will add a warm soothing glow to your bedroom design. At just under $2500 it’s an investment piece that’ll be a part of your home for many years to come.

4. Metal Table Lamp

metal table lamp pottery barn bedroom ideas

Adding a pair of table lamps to your nightstands will elevate the look of your bedroom design. This lamp features a slim tumbled brass base, angled shade, and distinctive finial.

It’s perfect for adding a touch of luxury to any minimalist modern space. A simple trick to make any room look like you hired a designer is to add layered lighting.

You’ll want to have general, task, and accent lighting within your space. This table lamp is great for adding task lighting to your bedroom.

5. Gold Sconce

gold sconce

Along with task lighting, you’ll want to have accent lighting as well. A pair of sconces on either side of oversized artwork or at the entrance to a connecting space will add a designer touch.

This gold sconce has modern lines, intricate etched details, and frosted glass. It’s available in three finishes but the gold is fabulous in this bedroom design.

6. Hand Painted Wall Art

hand painted wall art

Artwork is awesome for adding personality and interest to your interior design. This handpainted wall art can be ordered individually or as a set.

The geometric shapes and abstract design are great for adding movement and flow. Each original piece is hand-made using tone-on-tone brush strokes.

It’s perfect for adding texture and dimension to a neutral color palette.

7. Modern Wall Art

modern wall art pottery barn bedroom ideas

When designing any space it’s best to begin with a jumping-off point. This can be a piece of art, an area rug, or printed fabric.

In the case of this design, the above artwork has all the colors of the space. It helps to pull the elements together creating balance and harmony.

The neutral color palette is made up of layered strokes of white paint over contrasting graphite linework. It’s full of movement, depth, and texture.

Choose from 2 sizes depending on the needs of your space.

8. Textured Performance Rug

textured performance rug pottery barn bedroom ideas

An area rug is great for dividing an open floor plan and defining seating areas. This rug is made of ultradurable PET sourced from recycled plastic bottles.

It’s fabulous for high-traffic areas and should be used with a rug pad for added protection. It’s available in four sizes making it awesome for small and large spaces.

9. Upholstered Swivel Armchair

upholstered swivel armchair pottery barn bedroom ideas

Create a moment in an empty corner of your bedroom with this comfortable swivel chair. It has a curved barrel back with tailored channel stitching.

The textured fabric will add dimension and interest. Pair it with the stylish accent table below to complete the look.

10. Round Side Table

black and white bone round side table pottery barn bedroom ideas

Add pattern and interest to your bedroom with this stunning side table. It’s inspired by the geometric lines of the Art Deco style.

This table is handcrafted of camel bone and resin in a black and creme color story. The top features a dramatic chevron motif that’ll make a statement and be a conversation starter.

11. Gold Floor Mirror

gold floor mirror

Aside from the functional characteristics, a floor-length mirror is fabulous for making small spaces appear larger. It’ll add drama and make an impact with the large oversized scale.

This mirror has a simple chic silhouette with a slender gold frame. It’s awesome to elevate the look of any minimalist design.

12. Suede Throw Pillow

suede throw pillow

Layering pillows on your bed is another way to create flow in a space. It helps to carry the eye through the room while adding support and comfort.

This pillow is made of pieced suede and has a decorative topstitch. The contrasting solid back has a button closure for function and interest.

There are eight neutral earthy colors to choose from but I love the gold in this design! You can purchase this pillow with or without the fill.

If you prefer choppable pillows then go for the down feather insert. The down alternative is better if you have allergies but tends to be stiffer.

Order your pillow fill 2″ larger than your cover for a plush designer look.

13. Textured Lumbar Pillow Cover

textured lumbar pillow cover

Layering colors, patterns, and texture with pillows is another way to add depth and interest. Whether on your sofa or bed, this lumbar pillow is awesome to add in front of the square suede pillow above.

When creating a pillowscape you’ll want to use different sizes, shapes, colors, textures, and patterns. For example, pairing this lumbar pillow with a square pillow or two square pillows in different sizes.

This hand-tufted lumbar pillow has a soft geometric pattern in contrasting neutral colors. I went back and forth between the black colorway or ivory but in the end, the black looks fabulous.

And that’s a wrap, my friends. I hope these Pottery Barn bedroom ideas inspire you to design a home you love!

This post is all about the best Pottery Barn bedroom ideas.

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