CB2 Furniture Store Visit (Soho NYC) 2024

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Looking for the best CB2 furniture store looks to update your home? Check out my favorites straight from the showroom floor!

I recently visited the CB2 furniture store in NYC and was super impressed. They have unique original designs that are perfect to add style and personality to any room in your home.

If you’re looking to update your living room, bedroom, home office, or any other space this is for you. Their furniture and decor are at a variety of price points and they have fantastic sales especially when new merchandise is added to the store.

Products are made with durable and stylish materials that’ll make a statement in any room. They feature organic shapes that you won’t find in your average furniture store.

The novelty fabrics, mixed materials, and sculptural designs are great for adding a focal point to your interior design. Whether you’re designing an entire room or just updating a few pieces you should check them out!

Trust me you won’t be disappointed.

This post is all about the best CB2 furniture store looks in 2024.

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cb2 furniture boucle sofa and chair with white coffee table

CB2 Furniture Store Soho NYC 2024

All the images below were taken at the CB2 furniture store in Soho, NYC. The store is large and they have most of my favorite pieces from the website.

When you enter the store there’s a cool vibe of creativity and originality. If you love being the unicorn in the field of horses (an original) then you’ll love these finds.

Now let’s discuss the looks, shall we?

Does CB2 have physical locations?

Yes! Aside from being your go-to online resource CB2 furniture stores are located across the United States and Canada. Consider yourself lucky if you have one near you because they are only found in about half of the states.

They have two stores and four warehouse locations in Canada. In the US they have 22 warehouse locations.

Here in NY, I’m fortunate to have two locations to see the furniture in-store but they’re not around the corner. I’m located in Long Island, NY, and have to travel to NYC which is about an hour away.

Living Room Looks

CB2 Furniture has good-quality pieces that’ll make a great addition to your home. As with any other store, it all depends on the specific item and materials used.

They have affordable styles made to last for many years. If you’re looking to update your home with the current trends CB2 is a great place to shop.

Whenever possible visit your local store to see the products in person. This way you can ask a sales associate questions and express any concerns you may have.

Here are the Living Room Looks from the showroom floor:

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1. Ivory White Chenille Fabric Sofa With Concrete Coffee Table

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modern coffee table set with ivory sofa and area rug

Ivory White Chenille Fabric Sofa // Concrete Coffee Table Set // Ivory Area Rug // Round Fluted White Marble Bowl

First, we have this modern chenille fabric sofa with wide track arms and a sleek silhouette. It’s available in 25 fabrics so you can coordinate the look to any style.

They’ve combined it with a geometric concrete coffee table set. The high gloss finish and different heights create a focal point in this arrangement.

The space is defined by the ivory area rug that has a subtle texture and pattern. This neutral design is the perfect backdrop for adding the accent color of your choice.

Furniture Shopping Tips:

No matter which furniture you’re shopping for it’s important to always start with a floor plan. I know I sound like a broken record but the floor plan will help you avoid costly mistakes.

Once you have your measurements you’ll be able to order your furniture with confidence.

This video will help you create a floor plan based on the measurements of your space.

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2. Tufted Rust Velvet Sofa With Metal Coffee Table

orange tufted sofa velvet with black and white pillows with black coffee table

Tufted Rust Velvet Sofa // Cast Metal Coffee Table // Black Area Rug // Black Modern Throw Pillow // White Modern Throw Pillow // Black Aluminum Ribbon Table Sculpture

Add sophistication to your living room with this tufted rust velvet sofa. It’s available with 3 or 4 seats depending on the size of your space.

Make sure you do a floor plan so you know it’ll fit. It’s stocked in rust (shown) and olive but you can choose from 25 other fabrics when you order.

The elevated look is combined with a cast metal coffee table and black area rug. I’m a huge fan of the oversized ribbon table sculptures that complete the look.

3. Navy Velvet Sofa With Shearling Lounge Chair

navy velvet coffee table with organic coffee table

Navy Velvet Sofa // Black Area Rug // Merino Wool Area Rug // Cowhide Area Rug // Shearling Lounge Chair // Black Ceramic Pedestal Bowl // Suede Modern Throw Pillow // Boucle Throw Pillow

This performance fabric navy velvet sofa is sure to upgrade the look of your home. The bench seat cushion means you won’t need to worry about things falling through the cracks.

It has a streamlined design with wide track arms that are perfect for resting your arm while watching your favorite show. There’s one shearling lounge chair but a pair with an accent table between would look fabulous.

The layered rug look is still going strong as you can see from this space. Either rug would look awesome alone as well.

4. Performance Velvet Sofa With Marble Coffee Table

velvet couch bed

Performance Velvet Sleeper Sofa // Marble Coffee Table // Fluted White Marble Bowl // White Decorative Marble Chain // Woven Brown Throw Pillow // Brown Embossed Leather Throw Pillow // Silk Throw Pillow

Gone are the days of the classic sleeper sofa. Nowadays there are so many innovative styles to choose from like this brown velvet performance sofa.

It’s perfect when you have a guest for the night or a family movie night. Just unbuckle the leather straps to fold down the mattress.

The beauty of the performance fabric means it’ll resist stains and hold its color longer. Also in this modern design, there’s a marble coffee table with wood legs for added interest.

Finishing touches include the marble bowl, decorative chain, and novelty throw pillows. If you’re looking to create a cozy vibe in your living room this look is fabulous.

5. White Performance Sofa With Marble Coffee Table

cb2 furniture store white sofa

White Performance Sofa // Channeled Velvet Swivel Chair // Black Marble Coffee Table // Ivory Area Rug // Round Faux Fur Throw Pillow // Brass Mirror

This curved sofa stands out as one of my personal favorites. It’s upholstered in a white performance fabric for a sophisticated vibe.

CB2 paired the sofa with a green velvet swivel chair. The round black coffee table defines the traffic pattern and flow of the space.

Love the abstract ivory area rug which grounds the sitting area. The contrast of dark and light pieces creates a well-balanced design.

6. Faux Sheepskin Shearling Sofa With Waterfall Coffee Table

cb2 furniture boucle sofa and chair with white coffee table

Shearling Sofa // Camel Boucle Lounge Chair // Ivory Lacquered Linen Coffee Table // Patchwork Ivory Hide Area Rug // Round Black Marble Side Table // Camel Suede Modern Throw Pillow // Canvas Painting

This shearling sofa is awesome for adding a cozy vibe to your living room. The chair belongs to the Bacio wool collection. It’s upholstered in teddy camel boucle fabric.

Both the sofa and chair would make a fabulous addition to any room. A waterfall coffee table, ivory hide rug, and a black side table complete this look.

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7. Camel Velvet Sofa With Boucle Swivel Chair

channel sofa with swivel chair and bunching coffee table

Camel Velvet Sofa // Boucle Swivel Chair // Ivory Lacquered Linen Side Table // Modern Travertine Bench // Acrylic Chess Set

Make a statement in your living room with this elevated look. The camel velvet channel tufted sofa has a 70s-inspired design, sleek track arms, and a long silhouette.

Swivel chairs are trending but they’re also a timeless classic. Whether alone or as a pair with a drink table they’re perfect for updating any room in style.

A patterned area rug and lacquered linen side tables define the seating area. The bench is great for extra seating and would look fabulous in an entryway, hallway, or foyer as well.

8. CB2 Black Leather Sofa With Bunching Coffee Tables

black leather sofa with bunching coffee table

Black Leather Sofa // Marble Side Table Tall // Hand-Knotted Area Rug // Brass Floor Lamp // Velvet Modern Throw Pillow

Add a cool modern vibe to your living room or home office with this chic black leather sofa style. It has beautiful curves, dramatic pleating, and gathering.

There’s an ivory hand-knotted rug with a black contrasting abstract geometric pattern. On top of the rug is a pair of marble side tables at varying heights to create a focal point in the design.

9. Leather Tufted Sofa With Marble Coffee Table

camel leather sofa with round coffee table

Leather Tufted Sofa // Marble Coffee Table // Fluted White Marble Bowl // White Decorative Marble Chain // Suede Modern Throw Pillow // Handwoven Jute Area Rug

This look is great for a living room, home office, or man cave. It has a leather tufted sofa with a curved silhouette and rounded arms.

The rug is awesome for grounding the seating area and adding texture and pattern. At the center of the design is a natural organic coffee table with a marble top and contrasting wood legs.

10. Modular Performance Sofa With Abstract Wall Art

modular sofa with black coffee table

Modular Snow White Performance Sofa // Modern Abstract Oil Art // Travertine Floor Lamp // Modern White Floor Length Mirror

If you’ve been following along you know I have a thing for modular sofas. They’re awesome because the pieces can be moved and rearranged.

If you love to rearange your furniture (like me) then a modular sectional sofa is the way to go. For anyone who moves a lot, the smaller pieces make it easy to fit in tighter spaces.

In this vignette, the abstract artwork above the sofa is great for creating your color palette. They’ve pulled out neutral accents but blue would look awesome in the pillows and decor of this space.

11. L-Shaped Sectional With Round Wood Coffee Table

chaise sofa with coffee table

L-Shaped Sectional Velvet Sofa // Round Black Wood Coffee Table // Handknotted Black Area Rug // Modern Black Cane Table Lamp

This arrangement feels perfect for an urban apartment in NYC. One that’s on the larger size.

The L-shaped chaise sectional has slim track arms, bench seating, and thin tapered metal legs. Round coffee tables are great to pair with this style sofa.

This modern wood coffee table is deco-inspired and has antique finished quarter-circle legs. Special details like this can be found throughout the CB2 furniture store.

Bedroom Looks

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12. Boucle Bed With Storage Bench

curved headboard bed with channel tufted bench

White Boucle Bed // Ivory Storage Bench // Modern Table Lamp

The CB2 bedroom vignettes have a similar look to the living room designs. They have a neutral color palette that’s the perfect foundation to layer your favorite colors.

This bedroom features a white boucle bed with an ivory storage bench. It’s the perfect blench of style that meets function.

A simple way to elevate the look of your bedroom design is with two nightstands and table lamps. It’ll create a balanced symmetrical look that’s pleasing to the eye.

13. Channel Tufted Upholstered Bed With Modern Nightstand

channel tufted bed furniture store

Channeled White Bed // Black and White Oak Wood Nightstand // Agate and White Oak Wood Nightstand // Brown Leather Modern Throw Pillow

Love the vibe of this channel stitch bed for my bedroom makeover. It’s a classic timeless look that can be changed by adding artwork, color, or pattern.

This vignette has a choice of nightstands that work depending on the vibe you’re after. I love the look of the Black and White Oak Wood Nightstand.

14. Brown Velvet Upholstered Bed With Black Nightstands

brown velvet bed furniture store with two mirrors behind night table

Brown Velvet Upholstered Bed // Black Wood Nightstand // Jay Z Black & White Art Print // Beveled Floor Length Mirror // Polished Brass Modern Table // Handloomed Silk Area Rug

This is another fabulous look to duplicate in your bedroom. The brown velvet upholstered bed will add a sophisticated vibe to take your space to the next level.

It’s shown with two modern nightstands and a pair of table lamps with floor-length mirrors behind. If you’re going for a designer look this space is one to copy.

15. Cane Bed With Oak Nightstand

cb2 furniture bed with cane headboard

Wood and Cane Bed // Oak Nightstand with Drawer // Wood and Linen Modern Floor Lamp // Linen White Curtain Panels

If you like a more classic vibe this look is perfect. Cane furniture is trending and this wood cane bed is a great way to add the material to your home.

This design features an oak wood nightstand, linen curtains, and a statement wood floor lamp. The timeless styling is great if you love wood elements in your bedroom design.

When You Know Better You Do Better

Is CB2 more affordable than Crate and Barrel?

Yes, CB2 is more affordable and accessible than Crate & Barrel. Both companies are part of the same brand affiliation.
In my opinion, CB2 furniture is more stylish and unique. To me, they’re more creative with the shapes, materials, and fabrics which will make a bigger impact on your design.
They’ve also collaborated with well-known designers and celebrities like Lenny Kravitz, Kara Mann, Jennifer Fisher, Azeeza, and Mathew Williamson. Other collaborations include Goop, GQ, and Art Patron to name a few.
Depending on the current promotion or sale it’s possible to find amazing deals at both CB2 and Crate & Barrel.

Is CB2 the same as Crate and Barrel?

CB2 and Crate & Barrell are not the same but are under the same corporate umbrella. The Otto Group, a German retail company, owns them.
If you go to either website at the top of the page there’s a link to one another.
Crate & Barrel was founded in 1962 and CB2 in 2000. Both have unique designs but CB2 is more modern and contemporary with Crate being both modern and classic.
The CB2 customer loves trendy furniture and more affordable pieces. Crate & Barrel on the other hand appeals to those who appreciate both contemporary and traditional styles.

I hope these CB2 furniture store looks will inspire you to design the home of your dreams.

This post is all about the best CB2 furniture store looks.

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