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13 Boucle Bed Frame Styles That’ll Make You Never Want To Leave Your Bedroom

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Looking for the best boucle bed frame that’s stylish and cozy? Check out my favorites that’ll make you never want to leave your bedroom!

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Boucle Bed Frame

If you’re looking to design a bedroom with style and comfort a boucle bed frame is perfect for you. It has a mid-century vibe with a modern twist that’ll update any dated bedroom design.

Boucle beds can be found in a variety of shapes, styles, and price points. They’re available tufted, with mixed materials, and in many silhouettes.

This style of bed has a cloud-like vibe that’ll add a cozy look to your bedroom interior design. The popular fabric has been around since the 1940s and is used in both furniture and clothing designs.

It’s great for adding sophistication and luxury to any room in your home. You’ll find boucle in everything from beds to sofas to accent chairs and more!

Check out the round-up of boucle beds for inspiration that’ll take your design to the next level.

This post is all about the best boucle bed frame styles.

modern boucle bed frame styles

What is a boucle bed?

Bouclé is a heavy textile that’s stylish and sophisticated. The fabric is made through a unique weaving process that creates a curly, knotted finish that is full of texture and a supremely soft feel. The twisted wool fibers are incredibly durable and versatile.

Traditionally made from wool, bouclé fabrics can also be constructed of other materials such as polyester, linen, cotton, or silk.

Bouclé is ideal for adding softness to beds, sofas, chairs, accent pillows, and more. The fabric’s unique look and feel contribute to the recent rise in popularity.

It’s also a staple in midcentury modern design bringing a cozy texture to upholstered furniture and accents in contemporary interiors.

Since Boucle is a woven loop fabric it looks bumpy from far away but is soft and comfortable from close up. You’ll never want to get out of bed with this material.

Can you clean Boucle?

Boucle wool upholstery is breathable, doesn’t wrinkle, and is moisture, mildew, and mold resistant. When your boucle bed first arrives you might notice some extra fibers coming out naturally. Don’t worry!

It’s perfectly normal since this is a natural fabric and over time it will stop. Vacuum your boucle fabric sofa often with a soft fabric brush on it to remove extra fibers.

In the event of wet spills clean those right away or it will be more difficult to get out. The best solution is mild soap and water but you MUST test it in a non-visible spot.

Use a clean microfiber cloth to rub the stain in a circular motion, always moving towards the center of the stain. Let it air-dry afterward.

If that doesn’t work have your bed cleaned by a professional ASAP!

Will Boucle go out of style?

Not likely! Boucle fabric has been used in home decor and furniture since the 1940s. It has a gorgeous visual texture and a super-soft feel.

This fabric helps soften the clean lines and hard edges of the mid-century modern design style.

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Best Boucle Bed Frame Styles Of 2023

Here are the best boucle bed styles of 2023:

Best Overall: Modern Upholstered Bed | Arhaus

This boucle upholstered bed has clean lines and a modern silhouette that’ll to your bedroom design to the next level.

Best Budget: Creme Boucle Bed | Walmart

At just under $800 this stylish bed is the most affordable of the roundup.

Best Splurge: Tufted Headboard Boucle Bed | McGee & Co

For those with unlimited funds, this tufted boucle bed is awesome!

Best Materials: Boucle Platform Bed | Pottery Barn

If you love the look of a wood bed but enjoy the soft cozy feel of boucle fabric this style is for you!

Best Shape: Curved Back Boucle Bed | Anthropologie

This curved back boucle bed will make a statement in any style of home.

Best Wingback: Boucle Upholstered Platform Bed | Lulu and Georgia

Add sophistication and style to your bedroom with this classic wingback boucle bed.

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Boucle Bed Shopping Tips

No matter which furniture you’re shopping for start with a floor plan of your space. I know I sound like a broken record but the floor plan will help you avoid costly mistakes.

Download your FREE how-to-measure guide today!

Once you have your measurements you’ll be able to order your furniture with confidence. This video will help you create a floor plan based on the measurements of your space.

Modern Boucle Bed Inspiration

modern boucle bed frame styles

1. Snow Channel Bed // 2. Channel Stitched Bed // 3. Creme Boucle Bed // 4. Wave Platform Bed // 5. Boucle Solid Oak Bed // 6. Modern Upholstered Bed // 7. White Upholstered Bed // 8. Natural Modern Bed // 9. Boucle Upholstered Platform Bed // 10. Curved Back Boucle Bed // 11. Tufted Headboard Boucle Bed // 12. Snow Low-Profile Bed // 13. Modern Upholstered Bed

Boucle Cloud Bed Resources

1. Snow Channel Bed

boucle bed

This boucle channel tufted platform bed will add texture, dimension, and coziness to your bedroom. Production time is 2 to 4 weeks making it a fabulous option if you’re on a tight timeline.

The Camilla bed has clean lines with a fully upholstered frame. Its low-profile silhouette is great for making your ceiling height appear higher.

Your mattress will fit snugly inside the platform frame without the need of a box spring. The fully upholstered back means it can be positioned in the center of the room or against a wall.

At just under $1800 it’s an affordable bed if you’re just starting out or on a tighter budget.

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2. Channel Stitched Bed

channel stitched bed

The classic wingback silhouette of this channel stitch bed will elevate the look of any space it’s in. It’s crafted by artisans in North Carolina and is available in queen or king size.

This stylish bed comes in multiple fabrics and colors depending on the vibe you’re after. No matter which you choose it’ll add style and comfort to your bedroom interior design.

Don’t forget to purchase the retreat 4″ platform boxspring when placing your order online.

3. Affordable Boucle Bed

round headboard bed

Walmart has an affordable boucle bed frame option that’s under $800! This style is sure to be the star of the show in your bedroom design.

It’s fully upholstered in a luxe creme boucle with acrylic legs for a touch of glam. The bed’s tall rounded headboard is perfect to add personality and create a focal point.

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Arched Headboard Platform Bed

arched headboard platform bed

This Lulu and Georgia version is at a higher price point but great for those who can afford to spend a bit more. It has a similar look and elevated shape that’ll make a statement in any room.

The curved back will add movement and flow to your interior design. It’s also a fabulous option if your bed will be centered between two windows.

It has soft edges, a welted border, and a plush profile for a sophisticated elevated vibe. Choose between four sizes and sixteen fabrics depending on the look and feel you’re after.

At just under $1800 it’s an affordable bed for anyone looking to upgrade the look of their bedroom interior design. Shipping is estimated at 3-5 weeks which is awesome!!

Enter the code INSPIREDDESIGNTALK15 for 15% off your Lulu and Georgia order! Happy shopping!

4. Wave Platform Bed

wave sculptural bed

Add style and personality to your master bedroom, guest room, or child’s room with this sculptural bed. It’s perfect to elevate the look of any dated space.

The tailored silhouette and wavy headboard design are sure to make a statement in any living space. This made-to-order bed will be ready to ship in 3-5 weeks which is awesome if you need it ASAP.

Aside from the white and ochre boucle upholstery, there are sixteen fabrics in total to choose from. There are also four sizes depending on the measurements of your floor plan.

Save 15% off at Lulu and Georgia with the discount code INSPIREDDESIGNTALK15. Sharing is caring, my friends!

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5. Boucle Solid Oak Bed

boucle-upholstered solid oak bed

Take your bedroom design to the next level with this boucle number. The white upholstery is contrasted by warm solid oak legs for an elevated vibe.

It has a plush texture and simple silhouette that’s fabulous for modern contemporary spaces. The padded back is great to lean against while reading a book or watching TV.

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6. Modern Upholstered Bed

curved upholstered bed

Make a statement with this awesome boucle bed from McGee & Co. It has a subtle curve on the headboard and footboard to take your design to the next level.

The light wood base adds an extra touch of elegance and sophistication. Choose between the queen or king size when placing your order.

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7. White Upholstered Bed

curved back boucle bed frame

The beauty of a low-profile bed is it’s great for making a space feel more expansive. Since the bed is the largest piece in the room you’ll want to be intentional with how much mass it takes up.

This boucle silhouette was inspired by the style of the 1930s Italian design with its shapely curves and cloud-like appearance. It’s available in white or camel boucle and in two sizes depending on your space.

8. Natural Modern Bed

natural bed with metal rail

Add originality and style to your bedroom with this floating platform bed designed by Mr. Lenny Kravitz for CB2. It’s inspired by the simple forms and luxe materials of the ’60s and ’70s.

The boucle upholstered frame has bent polished nickel railings up the sides and back for added interest. This bed will make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud.

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9. Boucle Upholstered Platform Bed

wing back upholstered bed

There’s so much to love about this wingback boucle bed frame from Target. At just over $1000 for the Queen size, it’s a great option for anyone on a budget.

It has a fully upholstered wooden frame that you can sit and lean back on in comfort. The neutral color boucle fabric will add texture and dimension to your bedroom makeover.

It’s available in multiple sizes, fabrics, and colors depending on the look and feel you’re after.

10. Curved Back Boucle Bed

curved back upholstered bed

Add a sophisticated vibe to your bedroom design with this stylish boucle bed. It has a sloped camelback headboard and a stunning fully upholstered frame.

The luxe silhouette will elevate the look of any bedroom space. It’s available in ivory, navy, pink, and teal boucle plus many more.

This timeless bed will create a focal point and last for many years to come.

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11. Tufted Headboard Boucle Bed

tufted upholstered bed

Add this cloud bed to your bedroom makeover for a simple but elegant look. The upholstered bed features a tufted headboard, a low frame, and wood block feet.

It’s available in ivory, flax, and pebble boucle colorways depending on the color palette of your design. The textured fabric is coated with water, oil, and stain repellency for durability.

12. Snow Low-Profile Bed

boucle snow low profile bed

Just a little obsessed with this snow boucle bed from Crate & Barrel! It also comes in grey, green, navy, and charcoal boucle if you prefer more contrast in your design.

In total, there are seventeen fabulous upholstery fabrics to choose from. This modern bed has an inviting silhouette and crisp tailoring that’ll take your design to the next level.

The upholstered platform bed features french seams, a padded headboard, and a fully upholstered back. Style this low-profile bed in any location in your room.

13. Modern Upholstered Bed

pillow back upholstered bed

If you catch this boucle bed frame style on sale it’ll be yours for just under $2500 which is fabulous! It has a pillow-back headboard that’s perfect for hours of relaxing in bed.

The comfortable style is awesome for getting a relaxing night of sleep which is a must-have in my opinion. It comes in both queen and king sizes depending on the floor plan of your living space.

By now do you know a bouclé bed is fabulous for adding texture and dimension to your bedroom makeover? I hope these stylish options help you design a tranquil space you love!

Have an amazing day full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

xo Nicole

This post is all about the best boucle bed frame styles.

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