Traditional Living Room Design (Walmart Pottery Barn Dupes)

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Today I’m sharing a traditional living room design inspired by Pottery Barn, and how you can get a similar look for less from Walmart. In this post, you’ll learn the steps to take when designing a room, and how to make your home look expensive on a budget.

Decorating an affordable traditional living room might seem challenging, but it is possible to get a high-end look for less without breaking the bank! It’s just a matter of choosing the right furniture, colors, and decor for a timeless look.

You’ll learn to find inspiration with the look and feel you’re after and create a color palette from a jumping-off point. This can be a rug, piece of art, or fabric.

Step by step, you will piece together a room that is both elegant and inviting, with classic lines and rich fabrics. From sofas to coffee tables, each selection will bring you closer to your dream living room.

Now let’s get designing!

Key Takeaways:

  • Identify your design style and gather inspiration.
  • Start with a central piece and build your color palette around it.
  • Choose budget-friendly versions of high-end furniture to complete the look.

This post is all about traditional living room design ideas.

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traditional living room walmart

What is Traditional Living Room Design?

Traditional living rooms are all about creating a warm and inviting space that feels elegant and sophisticated. They’re characterized by:

  • High-quality furniture with classic lines
  • Rich fabrics like linen, velvet, and leather
  • Neutral color palettes with pops of color
  • Layered lighting for ambiance
  • Architectural details like crown molding, fireplaces, and built-in bookcases

Classic living room design focuses on timeless elegance and warmth. Spaces are full of character and history with rooms designed for conversation and comfortable gatherings.

The timeless design style does not follow the trends, making it classic and relevant for years.

Traditional Living Room Design Inspiration

Once you know your design style, the next step is to find inspiration for how you want your room to look and feel. For this design, I pulled a bunch of images and then narrowed them down to my top 3 favorites.

In the first living room image from Magnolia, I like the colorful rug used for the jumping-off point. It has a neutral base with blue chairs for a pop of color and interest. I also like the mixed materials and the layers of texture.

sectional sofa with nesting coffee tables

The inspiration from the next traditional living room is the ivory sofa with the traditional silhouette, the blue chairs, the symmetrical layout, the glass and metal coffee table, the fireplace with the mirror above, and the linen drapery panels.

In the last image, the inspiration is the layered lighting, trunk side table, glass coffee table, and neutral sofa. 

Even though the images are different they have common details like the neutral color palette, pop of blue, traditional silhouettes, and furniture with mixed materials.

Creating a Color Scheme

Now that we have our inspiration we need a jumping-off point to create the color scheme. This will be the starting point of the design and can be a piece of artwork, a rug, or any printed fabric.

From this piece, you’ll pull out different colors to create a cohesive color scheme for your room. Think of this as your foundation.

By starting with a central piece, you create a clear direction for your design. It simplifies the process of selecting pieces that complement each other and results in a harmonious space.

These interior design tips and tricks will help you create a Designer Home:

Color Palette From An Area Rug

For this design, I pulled a Pottery Barn area rug with a neutral base of ivory, beige, tan, and brown. It has touches of blue which will be pulled out to use for the accent color.

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neutral area rug with blue  accents

Pottery Barn Area Rug // Walmart Area Rug

It costs $1499 or you can get a similar look from Walmart for $519. Throughout this process, I’ll show you the original high-end version plus the affordable dupe from Walmart.

Sourcing Furniture

After choosing the jumping-off point and color palette, the next step is to source furniture.

We’ll start with the largest piece: the sofa. Here are some traditional sofas I considered and the one I chose for this design.

Sofa Options

  1. Classic Sock-Arm Sofa: The Pottery Barn version has a two-seat cushion for $2634, while the rolled arm style from Walmart is $273 on sale.
  2. English Arm Sofa: Another traditional silhouette seen in the first inspiration image. The Pottery Barn sofa is $1899, but you can get a similar look at Walmart for $858.
  3. Chesterfield Sofa: Featuring panel sock arms with button tufting at the back and sides. The high-end version costs $3399, while the Walmart dupe is $707 for a similar look.

In the end, I chose the thin slope track arm sofa, which is similar to the third inspiration image but with a more traditional feel. Both the high-end and low-end options have a similar look with two cushions at the seat and back.

slope arm sofa traditional living room design

Pottery Barn Sofa // Walmart Sofa

The Pottery Barn style is $3099, while the one at Walmart is $378. If you have it in your budget to mix high and low, investing in a quality sofa is where I’d put my money.

Since the average person keeps their sofa for 8-15 years, so it’s worth investing in one that will last.

Customizing the Sofa

Another reason I love the Pottery Barn style is the customization options. You can choose from four sizes, three different seat cushions, two back cushions, and multiple fabric options, including performance fabric.

Just make sure to measure and create a floor plan to choose the best size. It’s the only way to ensure your furniture will fit and avoid returns. Download the free step-by-step guide on how to measure and create a floor plan from the link in the description below.

Choosing the Perfect Coffee Table

Choosing the right coffee table will anchor your living room. The ideal piece will be a combination of function and style. Traditional designs often feature materials like glass, metal, or wood.

For this design, I also looked at several traditional styles. The first one was the nesting tables which have a similar vibe to the first inspiration image. They have a marble top and gold base with a sleek design.

Nesting tables are great for small spaces because you can stack the smaller table underneath and then pull it out when you have company. The Pottery Barn style is $999 while the Walmart nesting tables are $279.

In the end, I chose the glass and gold metal rectangle coffee table.

glass and gold frame coffee table  traditional living room design

Pottery Barn Coffee Table // Walmart Coffee Table

It has a similar look to the ones in the two inspo images. I like the light airy feel and how it will allow the rug pattern to show through.

Matching Side Tables to Your Coffee Table

Side tables should complement your coffee table and overall design. A trunk side table brings both style and utility to the space.

It offers storage for books, blankets, or other items you want to keep out of sight, adding a vintage touch to the decor.

black trunk end tables  traditional living room design

Pottery Barn Trunk Table // Walmart Trunk Table

For added functionality, a small accent table can serve as the perfect spot to place a drink or book. Depending on your room’s layout, it can be positioned between two accent chairs or beside one.

gold side table traditional living room design

Pottery Barn Accent Table // Walmart Accent Table

Choose materials and colors that harmonize with your coffee table to maintain a cohesive and polished look.

Living Room Seating

Now that we have the rug, sofa, coffee table, and end tables we’ll go to the accent chairs next.

For this liked the English roll armchair which is similar to what we just saw on the sofa. The one from Pottery Barn is $1699 and the Walmart chair is $306. I like the traditional silhouette but wanted to pull out the blue from the rug for a pop of color.

I like the look of the blue velvet swivel chairs because you can turn to face the action no matter where it’s at. The Pottery Barn style is $799 and Walmart swivel chair is $290.

These would work but in the end, I chose to add blue velvet chairs with a more traditional style. The velvet fabric adds a luxe texture and sophisticated vibe.

blue living room velvet chair

Pottery Barn Accent Chair // Walmart Accent Chair

It’s the perfect contrast to the linen slope arm sofa. The size and shape are similar with the Pottery Barn version coming in at $1149 and the Walmart chair for just under $300.

More Seating Options

For additional seating, I looked at a tufted stool. The Pottery Barn version is real leather for $449 but you can get the look for less from the Walmart faux leather ottoman for $59.99. 

ivory and blue ottoman

Pottery Barn Ottoman Pouf // Walmart Ottoman Pouf

For this design, I chose the round blue dash pouf which is on sale for $85. It’s perfect for extra seating, to put up your feet, or as a table with a small tray.

I love the texture and pattern of the multi-color pouf. It ties back to the neutral color palette and the blue accents of the area rug. Walmart has a similar style that’s 2” taller for $106.

This is a case where mixing high and low comes in because sometimes the sale price at the high-end store is better than the dupe. That’s why it’s so important to do your research and comparison shop before you buy. 

Traditional Fireplace Living Room Design

A central fireplace is a common architectural detail in traditional spaces. If you’re lucky enough to have one, that’s fabulous, but you can always add an electric fireplace.

white electric fireplace

Pottery Barn Fireplace // Walmart Fireplace

Pottery Barn is a great resource for realistic-looking fireplace options. The one I pulled has a classic wood surround and mantel for $1169.

For an affordable version, Walmart has a similar style for $239.99. The scale is smaller, but it will have the same visual impact.

Adding a Fireplace Mantel Mirror

Artwork above the fireplace would create a focal point, but for this design, I added an arched gold mirror. It has an updated silhouette that is currently trending in home decor.

gold arched mantel mirror

Pottery Barn Mantel Mirror // Walmart Arched Mirror

It will reflect light and make the room feel larger. The Pottery Barn arched mirror is $399, while the Walmart mirror is $65.

Again, the scale of the Walmart mirror is smaller, which works perfectly with the size of the fireplace.

Layered Lighting Design: Traditional Living Room

Next, we’ll add layered lighting to the design, which means having multiple sources for atmosphere and ambiance.

Ambient Lighting

Our general ambient lighting is this elegant chandelier. The Pottery Barn style has textured glass with a round black frame for $1399.

crystal chandelier

Pottery Barn Chandelier // Walmart Chandelier

The crystal chandelier from Walmart is a little smaller but priced at only $169. Either one will add an elevated look to your design.

Task Lighting

Table lamps add task lighting and ambiance to a room. In this design, I chose the gold adjustable table lamp from Pottery Barn for $299 on sale.

gold adjustable lamp

Pottery Barn Gold Lamp // Walmart Gold Lamp

The high-end dupe from Walmart has a similar look for only $59 for a set of two, which is fabulous! They’re sized perfectly to add on top of the trunk side tables.

Accent Lighting

Lastly, the black sconces on either side of the mirror add accent lighting to this living room. They can be installed on a dimmer switch to set the mood and atmosphere.

black wall sconce

Pottery Barn Black Sconce // Walmart Black Sconce

Traditional Living Room Window Treatments

Another element that will add a designer look to any room is floor-to-ceiling drapery panels.


  • Extend the rod 8-12” past the window frame so the curtains just cover it when open. This will allow more light in the room and make your windows appear larger.
  • To add height and draw your eyes up install your curtain rod 1-4” down from the ceiling or crown molding.

For this traditional living room design curtains for two windows at Pottery Barn would cost $790 but at Walmart it would only be $103.

black wall sconce

Pottery Barn Curtains // Drapery Rod // Walmart Curtains Panels // Drapery Rod

The beauty of the high-end version is they’re completely customizable which would normally cost a small fortune. You can choose the width and length within a few inches which is amazing.

Finishing Touches

To finish out this design we’ll add a few pillows. This is another place to add a pop of blue, pattern, and texture.

For this, I went with the printed throw pillow for $86 or the look for less for $43.99.

printed throw pillows

Pottery Barn Throw Pillows // Walmart Throw Pillows

Lastly, the textured lumbar pillow for $79.50 or $48.74 completes the look. They add contrast and dimension to the blue velvet accent chairs.

neutral lumbar pillows

Pottery Barn Lumbar Pillows // Walmart Lumbar Pillows

Traditional Living Room Budget

Now that we have the furniture sourced the next step is to determine our budget. For this I added all the pieces from the high and low designs to the budget calculator

traditional living room design with ivory sofa
Pottery Barn: $13566.50
traditional living room walmart
Walmart: $2700

The grand total for the Pottery Design is $13566.50. Here is the breakdown of all the pieces from this design:

pottery barn living room budget
Pottery Barn: $13566.50

I also added the Walmart styles to the calculator and that cost would be just over $2700 which is amazing.

walmart living room budget
Walmart: $2700

At this point you could mix and match between high and low if your budget allows. That way you can invest in quality pieces you plan to keep longer.

Make sure to grab a copy of the budget calculator for your next design project.

The first page has a breakdown of all the pieces you’d be shopping for when designing a living room. It also has a price reference for good, better, best so you know what to expect when planning out your budget.

That’s A Wrap!

As you can see from the completed design boards it’s totally possible to get the high end look for less. You just need to know how and where to shop to get the best deal.

I hope you enjoyed designing this traditional living room with me and are inspired to create your designer home. Remember good design takes time so don’t rush the process!

This post is all about traditional living room design ideas.

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