19 Hand Vase And Face Vase Home Decor Ideas

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Looking for hand vase and face vase ideas that’ll be the talk of the party? Check out this trendy home decor that’s super fun!

A fabulous way to add style and personality to your interior design is with fun accessories. If you’re on top of the newest home decor trends then you probably noticed the body parts trend.

You can find stylish vases made in the shape of a hand, face, bust, torso, and feet. No matter your body part fetish there’s a trendy home accessory for you!

Check out all the cool hand vase and body part ideas I’ve rounded up to help you add originality to your interior design.

This post is all about face, hand vase, and body part home decor.

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Best Hand Vase, Face Vase & Body Parts

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Here are the best face, hand, and body part vases of 2023:

Face And Hand Home Decor Newness


Back when I designed children’s clothes the key phrase on repeat was “What’s the Newness?”. We had to do weekly reports on what the new trends of the season were.

Though it was annoying to do on command, I must say, that I now enjoy finding newness in home decor and furniture. It makes my heart skip a beat when I find cool unique home decor that I can share with my readers.

That said let’s get into all the trendy vases and pottery that will add originality to your interior design.

Hand Vase Decor


1. Gold Hand Vase // 2. Hand Jewelry Holder // 3. Brass Hand Ring Holder // 4. Ice Cream Hand Vase // 5. Silver Hand Sculpture // 6. Peace Hand

So hand vases in home decor are definitely in demand. There are so many to choose from that’ll add a ton of personality to your living room, bedroom, home office, and any other living space.

We have the exact Gold Hand Vase (#1) above and it is fabulous. I have displayed it both as a vase and flipped it as a sculpture. It is a focal point and always has admirers when we have company over.

Here’s a visual of just how stunning the gold hand vase looks with flowers. I stalked this piece for quite some time and still love the look. This trendy home decor is timeless because you’ll enjoy its beauty for many years.

The gold hand decor is also a fabulous housewarming gift for family and friends!


If you like this style but are not a fan of gold check out this white ceramic hand vase from Etsy instead.

Ceramic Hand Sculpture

Numbers 2, 5, and 6 above are all awesome hand decor that can be added to your interior design.

The ice creme cone hand vase from Jonathan Adler (#4) is another show-stopper piece that’s sure to be the talk of the party.

While I’m a fan of the white peace hand decor (#6) another popular version is this gold piece sign hand figurine (#8). Either option is an awesome way to update your home design.

The smaller gold hand is cute to display on top of a stack of books on your coffee table. You can also display it with candles (as shown) on your side table.


If you’re looking for a fun accent piece to level up your Airbnb design the hand ring holder (#3) will do the trick. This stylish piece will add personality to your Airbnb bedroom or bathroom interior design.

For those with a book collection, you’ll love the antique hands’ bookend set to display your collection.

Hand Home Decor


7. Black Decorative Hands // 8. Brass Peace Sign Hand // 9. Hands Holder // 10. Hand Object on Stand // 11. White Fist Vase // 12. Pink Hand Dish // 13. Hand Wall Sconce

The hand sculptures (#7 and #8) are great pieces to update the look and feel of your interior design. If you have a lot of gold in your design the black hand decor is a great alternative.

I love the look of #9 and #12 for next to the bed or on the bathroom vanity. Number 10 is cute to display on a bookshelf or in your office.

Lighting is considered the jewelry of a room and this hand decor sconce is fabulous! It’s available from Shades Of Light, a great lighting resource for modern contemporary homes.

This hand sconce will add a fun and quirky vibe to any space it’s in. It also makes for a great conversation starter.

Make a statement by mounting the sconce up, down, sideways, or in a group of multiples. No matter how you display the lighting it’ll add interest and create a focal point.

Choose between bronze, gold, or silver when placing your order. Friends and family are sure to ask where they can get one for their homes.

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Face Vase & Body Vase


14. Female Bust Statue // 15. White Body Bust // 16. Gold Foot Paperweight // 17. Grecian Bust Pot // 18. Face Urn Vase // 18. Female Body Vase // 19. Gold Place Card Holder

This last grouping is the face vase pottery, bust, and body parts home decor.

The black Grecian bust (#14) from CB2 is perfect for adding to a console table, bookshelf, or even your desk. I love it because it has a fashion vibe which I’ve always been a fan of.

The Grecian head pot (#17) from Anthropologie is another good one perfect for displaying your favorite greenery.

If you need a stylish paperweight the gold foot (#16) is super cute! It will add a quirky vibe to your interior space.

Jonathan Adler is known for his pottery and the face urn vase (#18) will look awesome with or without flowers. Head over to his site to check out all the other face and body part pottery options.

The stylish designs are fittingly called the Muse Collection. He has so many original styles to choose from like the Dora Maar Planter for your outdoor space.

I’m also obsessed with the Edie Vase which is a little risque but who says you can’t have fun in your own home!

And then there are the Mr. & Mrs. Muse Place Card Holders which are super cute! They also make a fabulous bridal party gift too!

They’re available in both gold and silver depending on the look you’re after. The set of four includes two mustaches and two lips with slotted tops.

Let your guests know exactly where you want them to sit for your next dinner party!

That’s a wrap…

I hope you enjoyed all these unique home decor ideas and were inspired you add a little personality to your modern home.

This post is all about face, hand vase, and body part home decor.

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