11 Best Halloween Home Decor Ideas

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Looking for the best Halloween home decor ideas? Check out my favorites that’ll get you in the holiday spirit!

Halloween is just around the corner so it’s time to start planning your home decor. For many, this is their FAVORITE holiday!

If you’re a lover of the color black (like me) it’s super easy to make Halloween decor fit right in. Gone of the days of having to add orange to your home to get into the spirit.

There are so many Halloween home decor ideas that are trendy, fun, and affordable. Some favorites are the festive wine glasses, scull candy bowl, and spooky black Halloween wreath.

This roundup is perfect for anyone looking for cool Halloween home decor ideas to get into the spirit.

This post is all about the best Halloween home decor ideas.

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Best places to shop for Halloween home decor ideas

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Many retailers carry modern Halloween home decor but naturally, I have my favorites. If you’re looking for cool decor check out these resources:

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roundup best halloween home decor ideas

1. Skull Candleabra Halloween Home Decor

skull candleabra halloween home decor ideas

Add this skull candelabra to the center of your coffee table or dining table for a subtle touch of the Halloween spirit. It’ll hold up to three tapered candles for a touch of drama and sophistication.

After the holiday season display it on a bookcase to enjoy its beauty all year round. It goes perfectly with your black and white living room decor.

2. Spooky Wreath

black wreath halloween home decor ideas

Your front door is the perfect place to show off your holiday spirit. This Halloween wreath is made of black twigs, wire, paper, and plastic.

If you prefer to keep it away from traffic areas hang it over a mirror or above your fireplace mantel. It’s also fabulous to use as a table centerpiece with candles in the center.

No matter how you display it you’ll make a statement in your interior design.

3. Halloween 3D Bats Home Decor

Halloween 3D Bats

These bat stickers come as a set in multiple sizes to create a special moment this holiday season. They’re perfect to attach to a mirror or wall in a scattered pattern.

Add them to your next Halloween party to set the mood or just display them for your own enjoyment. No need to impress anyone but yourself in my opinion!

4. Black Terracotta Skull

black skull halloween home decor ideas

The black terracotta skull from West Elm will add a timeless holiday vibe to your home decor. It’s perfect to decorate your mantel, table, bookcase, and more!

It’s made of hand-molded terracotta clay in a black finish that’ll add drama to any room in your home. If you have room in the budget scatter a few around your room to make a statement.

5. Metal Snake Glassware

metal snake glassware sets

This glassware is perfect to add to your next Halloween gathering with family or friends. It’ll totally add a sophisticated and elevated holiday vibe to your dinner party.

Whether for wine or cocktails they’ll be great to add to any modern bar cabinet. The double old fashion or stemless glasses are available individually, as a set of 4 or 8.

Depending on your budget and the size of your dinner party there’s a set perfect for you!

6. Ceramic Skull Mug Halloween Home Decor

silver ceramic skull mug halloween home decor ideas

Serve your favorite drinks in this Halloween skull mug. The festive design is perfect to enjoy during the season or all year if you want to extend your favorite holiday.

It’s microwave and dishwasher safe making it great for reheating coffee (yes people do that) or cleaning up. The black finish will compliment all your seasonal home decor.

7. Halloween String Lights

bat halloween string lights

These lights are great for adding a touch of the Halloween spirit to any space in your home. Add them to your living room, bedroom, dorm room, and more!

The string of lights has 20 LED bulbs with bats made of metal and iron. The on/off switch makes it super easy to set the mood.

8. Ceramic Ghost Light

ghost light halloween home decor ideas

Add this ceramic ghost to your console table, bookcase, or coffee table. The glazed white finish has a modern minimalist vibe perfect for contemporary homes.

Its LED lights cast a soft glow through the eyes and mouth. Add several around your room to get in the Halloween spirit.

At just under $10 it’s super affordable and won’t break the bank!

9. Skull Candy Bowl Halloween Home Decor

black skull candy bowl

The skull candy bowl from West Elm is great to add to the center of any table. Fill it with treats or fruits if you prefer to go the healthy route.

Either one will make a statement in your design.

10. Faux Black Pumpkins

black pumpkin with gold stem

Just a little obsessed with these super cute black pumpkins from West Elm. The gold stems add a touch of glam and sophistication.

Choose between the small or large size when placing your order. You can also purchase the set of two to add in front of your fireplace, on a console table, or as a centerpiece in your dining room.

11. Pumpkin Pillow

black and orange corduroy pumpkin

Another way to add a hint of the fall Halloween season is with these festive pumpkin pillows. They’re available in terracotta or black corduroy.

Buy them as a set or individually depending on the amount you want to add to your design. Just adding one will make a statement but more will have an even bigger impact.

11. Boo Doormat Halloween Home Decor

boo fall doormat

If you love to decorate for Halloween and welcome the Trick Or Treaters this doormat is for you. The simple but creative design features a festive BOO with a black and white decorative border.

Love an original design that’s not what everyone else has. West Elm does not disappoint when it comes to cool Halloween home decor.

How can I decorate my house for Halloween?

There are many ways to decorate your house for Halloween. For a less is more approach add a doormat at the entrance to your home.

If you’re looking to create drama and set the vibe, add black pumpkins, a spooky wreath, festive candelabra, and bat string lights. You can decorate outside, inside, or a combination of both.

How can I decorate my house for Halloween cheap?

For those looking to decorate on a budget, Amazon is your friend. Unless you’re a Pinterest DIYer then Halloween is the perfect holiday to show off your crafting skills.

There are many ways to add the holiday spirit without breaking the bank. You can add festive string lights, 3D bat wall decor, a stretchy spider web, or spider decor.

If you already have a lot of black home decor bring it all to your living room with three Halloween-specific items. You’ll be so surprised how quickly it turns the vibe spooky and dark.

How do you tastefully decorate for Halloween?

There are many ways to tastefully decorate for Halloween. Just adding simple pumpkins in black or white will do the trick.

Another way is to add hanging bats, string lights, and a few mums. Trick-or-treaters will know exactly where to stop when they see your festive decorations.

When should you decorate your house for Halloween?

To get the most out of your hard work decorate your house for Halloween in late September. This is just before the typical early October time frame.

It may seem like you are eager for the holiday to start but I mean aren’t you? LOL

Not everyone is into Halloween ESPECIALLY when your kids are grown but others can’t get enough. You know those adults that throw the highly anticipated party every year.

Those are our people, my friends!

I hope this roundup of the best Halloween home decor ideas helps you get into the holiday spirit!

This post is all about the best Halloween home decor ideas.

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